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Marks & Spencers All Day Foundation

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Foundation

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    2 Reviews
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      12.01.2009 13:48
      Very helpful



      Does exactly what it says on the tin

      This is a thick covering foundation which comes in four shades at a very affordable price.

      I am a strong supporter of the M&S brand of cosmetics and toiletries as they have recently become BUAV approved (which means it is guaranteed no ingredients or product has been tested on animals).

      M&S sell two ranges of cosmetics - this basic sector (prices start at a good value of 99p) and the Per Una sector (more expensive).

      This foundation does stay on all day but the shade turned slightly orangey over the course of the day and as it is so thick it can leave you looking slightly 'unreal' or 'plastic' so you have to be careful to put on blusher or bronzer on too to help make the look more natural. Again, because of the thickness you should also be wary of 'tide-marks' where you can see the start of the cover around your neck.

      The thickness is a problem, however most all day foundations are thick in nature. If M&S are going to stick with the formulation then more varity in shading is needed because if it doesn't perfectly match your face tone then it leads to the problems I listed above (tidemarks, etc).

      However it is a bargain price of £3.00 so great if your on a tight budget. If you mix it with moisturiser it might give a lighter and more natural coverage. It is also available to buy on-line.


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        24.05.2008 16:56
        Very helpful



        A cheap foundation from Marks & Spencers.

        If you've read many of my previous reviews you'll see I've become quite a loyal fan of Clinique make up, however every now and then I'm persuaded to buy something from any brand or range. Back when I was a student and money was tight I had to decide what was more important - food or make up. Although it was a hard decision food won eventually, as if I didn't eat I'd die and wouldn't be able to wear the expensive make up I'd squandered all my money on anyway!

        During this period I ventured into Marks and Spencers, somewhere a student should never go to buy food as what you'll spend on one meal would have been enough to practically buy a week's shopping at a cheaper supermarket. However I find myself browsing around the make up counters, after bypassing the food hall for fear of bankruptcy, and found their Outstanding Value make up range which was actually remarkably very cheap, even if I say so myself!

        The Range

        The Marks and Spencers Outstanding Value range contains all the products you'd really need for your daily make up regime. It contains tinted moisturisers, foundations, powders, blushers, lip sticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eye liners, eye shadows, concealers and nail varnish. The packaging for all the products is quite plain and seems to consist of black, clear and white plastic which does give the range a slightly cheap look in a way. All the products are very competitively priced and seem to all be priced at around £2.50 - it's arguably one of the cheapest make up ranges ever.

        The Product

        The foundation itself comes in a white tube with the words "all day foundation" written on in black small letters. There's a small circular sticker at the top of every tube showing the particular shade. The foundation has a black lid which can be screwed on and off; as it's got a flat bottom the lid is perfect for allowing the foundation to stand upright on any flat surface. Overall the packaging is a little cheap looking in my opinion, but this is reflected by the price.

        The foundation comes in four different shades; sand, fair, blonde and porcelain with sand being quite a dark beige almost light brown colour for darker skins and porcelain being a very pale, almost creamy beige colour for lighter skins. The foundation itself is a little thicker than normal foundations which tend to just run out of the bottle like a liquid, it's a little thicker than that, and there's no real smell to the foundation either.

        To apply the foundation simply dispense a little either onto a brush, your hand or a sponge depending on your favourite method. I tend to use a sponge and simply apply a little of the foundation to both my cheeks and my forehead and then blend it in evenly using the sponge. The foundation is absorbed into my skin easily and dries instantly, there's no greasy or sticky residue left behind and after a mere minute I can continue to apply blusher and bronzer on top.

        The overall effect is that it does create quite an even coverage over my face, I do need to watch if I have any dry skin as it's not the best at blending over dry skin and can clump or flake off slightly in these areas. If I apply it in the morning I do find that I touch it up normally at lunch time when I touch up all my make up, but it does provide quite good coverage all day long.


        + Easier to squeeze the right amount out of a tube like this - with a bottle it can all run out too fast.

        + Great value for money, at £2.50 for 30ml it'll easily last about 2 months with daily application.

        + It doesn't dry out my skin at all, although it can flake off slightly on any dry patches.


        - Doesn't give quite the same amount of coverage that a more expensive foundation often does.

        - Doesn't blend in quite as effortlessly or evenly as a more liquid based foundation can do.


        I tend to use a lighter shade of this foundation to mix in with my more expensive and somewhat darker Clinique foundation. By mixing the two I get the best of both worlds - I save money as I don't need to buy my Clinique version as often and I can also lighten the colour of it slightly yet I get a better coverage from using the Clinique foundation as well.

        I bought a new tube of this about a week ago and once I've finished it I'm not sure I'll replace it now I'm earning decent money. My advice would be if you're looking for a cheap foundation to provide minimum coverage, which is often ideal in the summer, then look no further - but don't go expecting miracles!

        Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Foundation / Light to medium coverage formulated so it is lightweight and moisturising /

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