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Max Factor Age Renew Foundation

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9 Reviews

Brand: Max Factor / Type: Anti-Ageing / Subcategory: Foundation / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    9 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 17:29



      Professional looking foundation that does exactly what it says on the bottle!

      I've been using Max Factor Age Renew foundation in light ivory for about 2 years now. Occasionally I've bought cheaper products to try as foundation but every time I find myself going back to it!

      People tell me I look young for my age and to be honest, I put a lot of this down to MF Age Renew. I also have very few wrinkles or creases in my skin which I think can only be down to this!

      I am fair skinned with fair hair (not blonde though) and the light ivory is just right for me, although it does come in lots of other different shades. I tend to buy it from Boots to make sure I'm getting the correct product and not one of the many fakes that are on the market today. But because it is £12 I do wait for their 3 for 2 offers to get value for money. I use it most days when I'm doing my make-up and it does last for ages. Obviously it is a matter of choice how much of it you apply, but I find five small blobs(!) on a makeup sponge then dabbed on my face gives me total coverage.

      One of the great things is that it isn't claggy. It allows you to put powder and your full make up over the top without feeling you've over done it! It looks natural and lasts all day without any touch ups.


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      16.08.2013 12:24
      Very helpful
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      A quality foundation which looks, feels and smells nice

      I bought this 30ml foundation about 18 months ago and I still have a 1/3 left. I don't use foundation very often although I should do because it makes such a difference to my appearance!

      As an artist, I know how important it is to use the correct primer prior to painting. For me, this is what a good foundation is - it covers imperfections on the skin to give a 'blank canvas' to create something gorgeous.

      I chose the neutral colour because I am very fair skinned. It was just over £8 at the time but I have seen it as cheap as £6.50 and as expensive as nearly £13! I don't mind paying around £8 for 30 ml of product but I don't think I'd have gone to £13.

      The tube is a handy size for keeping in my handbag - approx 11 cm ong and approx 3 cm diameter. There is an ingenious little pump at the top which dispenses the foundation but you do have to be careful not to push it right down otherwise you can pump out too much. As you use the foundation you can see how much is left through the semi-transparent tube.

      The tube itself has a partial gold and navy blue design on it which is actually rather stylish.

      The feel of the foundation is nice - not too heavy and certainly doesn't feel greasy like some (which I hate) and it does have a good coverage. Covers all my nasty blemishes and although it's not a miracle worker - I think it does make my skin look a little younger. I find it long lasting so I feel confident applying it before an evening out as I know it will look good all night.

      The colour, for me, is a little darker than I prefer, but then I really am VERY pale and I suppose a bonus is that it gives me a slighly healthy tan look though it is not orange in the slightest (I hasten to add!)


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        03.10.2011 14:04
        Very helpful



        A good quality reasonably priced foundation

        This is my current foundation, I'm not normally particularly brand loyal with regards to make up and have yet to find a foundation costing under about £15 that is just the right shade for my pale skin. However as I can't afford a pricey foundation I tend to gravitate towards Max Factor because although it's not the cheapest, nor does it have the precise match for my skin it's the best for me of a bad bunch, so with foundation I guess I do have a sort of feduciary loyalty to the brand as it's reliable and I can usually afford it.

        The Age Renew foundation is designed with older skins in mind, aiming to "smooth away the appearance of fine lines, hide dark shadows and leave your skin illuminated" and claims to make you look up to five years younger in a flash. The main way it does this is by use of "light enrichers" which create a flattering 'warm light effect', how it achieves this goodness only knows. Does it live up to these claims? Well sort of.

        You get 30mls of product in a pump action bottle, with a disk that lifts inside the bottle as you pump, so lots of product doesn't get left smeared all around the bottom of the bottle. It also ensures that the foundation is kept fairly airtight, so gives it better longevity and less chance for any nasties to set up home in the product. The bottle is clear apart from the writing and decoration so you can see how much is left.

        The pump action is nice and firm, it delivers a decent amount of product, usually about right for my face, jaw line and a little way down my neck to blend the foundation and skin colours together without a tide line. Depending on the condition of my skin at any given time I sometimes need a tiny bit more, and this is easy to release with careful soft press of the pump, it's very responsive and will give you tiny amount as well as a full splurge.

        The texture is quite creamy and sits on the finger (or wherever you dispense it to) without running all over the place.

        I apply this using different methods, but mainly with a brush and or fingers. When I use a brush I always pat the product into my skin further as it evens it up and reduces any risk of leaving 'brush strokes' or uneven patches. Although the formulation isn't overly oily I usually press a piece of tissue to my skin to absorb any excess, this helps to stop the foundation 'sliding' off during the day on oily skin and doesn't take any of the slight 'dewy' finish away.

        It really does cover up skin discolouration very well, even under eyes where I would normally use a concealer specifically for this area this foundation works well, but I only use it very lightly here to avoid accentuating any fine lines, I wouldn't say it makes them disappear, but it gives a nice clean look. When using this it reduces the need for so much concealer, though doesn't do away with it altogether, if I have particularly dark circles under the eyes, or a red blemish then they can need a little extra help, a dark mark such as a 'sun' spot will also need extra concealer if you want to obliterate it completely. I'm quite happy with some of my freckles showing through as it gives a more natural finish.

        I like the finish this foundation gives it's slightly dewy without being overly moist or sparkly, this may the the 'warm light effect', though I see no luminescent glow emanating from my face, thankfully. It's a full to medium coverage foundation, it's highly pigmented so does the job well without looking heavy or cakey. It will eventually settle into any obvious expression lines, not dramatically or terribly noticeably but it does. Despite claims to the contrary anything that remains moist and sits on the skin will eventually migrate a bit in this way. However it doesn't budge as easily as some, and it's a problem more linked with oily skin than dry. It's easily remedied just by blotting with a tissue or stroking a finger across the offending area.

        I like the fact that although this is designed for older skins it isn't sold as being highly moisturising and it's nice to buy a brand where the age appropriate product really is appropriate for my skin, which isn't dry at all (occasionally combination but never dry). The website says a little more about the formultion and claims that it contains "an advanced skin care complex, with vitamins B5 B3 and E, green tea extract and pent-peptide" these are indeed good skin care ingredients, but I'm not sure how effective they would be for my skin as I usually wear primer under foundation, so the foundation doesn't have such direct contact with the skin. Though I'm sure some seeps through. While it is comfortable and light feeling on my skin I haven't noticed any improvement in the condition of my skin to back up the skin care benefit claims; then again specific age treatment creams often have no effect either.

        There is a faint characteristic foundation scent to this, almost a teeny bit fruity, but it's very subtle and disappears quickly when settled.

        I usually apply powder to set foundation as I think on oily skin it helps to keep the make up looking fresh for longer, particularly on oily skin. However I do feel that powder can spoil the finish of a foundation as it literally covers it up and you are left with the finish the powder gives. So lately I have been using just a light dusting of translucent powder and only on the T zone and over concealer if I've used any. I think on my skin this give the nicest look.

        The foundation lasts well, I don't have to touch it up during the day, and it doesn't transfer either - unless you are prone to grinding your face into pale fabrics.

        I don't use foundation every day, even when I go out I sometimes use only concealer or tinted moisturiser, so this doesn't get heavy use, which could explain why I have had my bottle for over a year and still have about half left. I haven't been able to find suggestions for shelf life of the product, but it's probably not a year or two. I hope I don't get to the point where I have to throw it out, but it seems fine at the moment, and doesn't ever cause any breakouts, and smells as fresh as the day I bought it. So despite having it for quite while I'm quite confident to carry on using it.

        One thing I think could improve this foundation is the range of shades, there are six of them but they all seem quite close in tone. It doesn't cover the very palest or darkest skin tones. The Creamy Ivory which is the lightest is only just pale enough for me. In the winter I often mix this with any foundation I can find that's paler, and it seems to combine quite well with all sorts of other textures, while this isn't ideal it's better than forking out £25 or more for a new suitably pale foundation just for winter - as mentioned above I've not found a cheap one that does pasty.

        The foundation comes off very easily with every cleanser I have used.

        While at £12.99 (on average on the high street, it can be found more cheaply on the internet at about £8-9) it's not the cheapest foundation, but for me Max factor in general are the best mid range affordable foundations out there, which give a reliable quality finish. Sadly I am still looking for an ethically produced foundation that can live up to other more mainstream products, as this is owned by Proctor and Gamble who do test on animals. If they live up to the new regulations and stop testing I will continue to buy it.


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          02.06.2011 12:29



          A great foundation providing good coverage and gives an amazing and flawless complexion

          I have been using this foundation for months now and I'm glad to have purchased it. It provides medium to heavy coverage evens out the skin tone and considerably covers flaws such as facial lines or blemishes. You can skip the concealer as age renew conceals the dark circles and redness on the skin, if any. The formula is very light weight and easily blends on the skin. The consistency is somewhere between a mousse and liquid. It gives and instant glow and does not look a bit patchy or cakey. It almost gives the face a flawless look. The finish is a little dewy, not at all oily. It has tiny sparkles which are almost invisible to the eye, but reflect light to give a glowing and bright appearance. Staying power is good, at it stays on the face for good 5-6 hours and if applied under loose powder or a compact powder, it stays on longer. It does not break me out and the formula is not drying at all, hence i don't feel the need for a moisturizer before applying the foundation. Overall i think it's a great product for that flawless yet natural look, a must try. The quantity is good compared to the price, and a little goes a long way.


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          02.04.2010 13:15
          Very helpful



          A foundation I've grown to love


          Foundation is a complete must as I will not go out without at least foundation, mascara and lip gloss on. I change the foundation that I use fairly regularly as I like to test the new ones on the market. Max Factor Age Renew Foundation is the one that I tend to come back to time and time again, especially when I buy a foundation that doesn't give you a great coverage on spots and blemishes.

          *The Claim*

          Max Factor Age Renew Foundation claims to be a foundation that combines an advanced skincare complex with flawless coverage.

          *About the Product*

          This foundation gives full coverage that diminishes the appearance of fine lines for an instantly younger look. It can take five years off the appearance of the face by creating a warm light effect around the skin, restoring its inner warmth and deep translucency.


          When you first squeeze a pump of this foundation onto your fingers, it doesn't look like it will cover blemishes and even out your skin but it does this superbly so don't let this put you off the foundation before you have even tried it.

          The application of this foundation is relatively simple. The packaging means that in order to dispense the product, you simply use the pump action and the appropriate amount is released. This is a little larger than the size of a pea and is sufficient enough for one use. I apply the foundation to my face as well as my neck to ensure that it doesn't have a 'fake' look. I have always found that the best way to apply this foundation is after moisturising as it goes onto your skin a lot smoother.

          *Price and Availability*

          Max Factor Age Renew Foundation can be found in a number of shops including Boots, Superdrug and also some smaller chemists. Alternatively, you can visit www.Boots.com and buy it online.

          This product can be bought for the price of £12.99 for a 30ml bottle. I do think that this product is a little on the expensive side considering it isn't a premium brand but its coverage is very good therefore I tend to buy it when I have a voucher or if I see it as part of an offer if I can.

          *My Opinion*

          The packaging: This foundation is packaged in a cylinder bottle with a pump action dispenser. To cover this, there is a clear lid that pulls on and off to allow you access. It is very simple to use: you simple push down on the pump and it dispenses the amount that you will need. I'm actually not very impressed with the design of this product. Not a job well done by Max Factor on this in my opinion. It is clear on the top part and gold towards the bottom. I find the packaging is practical although looks a bit clinical and boring to look cool so it is one that will stay firmly in my make up bag.

          Colour and consistency: The colour of this foundation is evident through the bottle and appears on your skin almost the same colour therefore you won't find that you need to buy a shade darker or lighter than your skin tone to compensate.

          I have found the texture to be almost perfect: not too thin and not too thick. It glides nicely onto your skin and I have found the texture to be soft and smooth. It is a fairly light consistency and this is good for me as I can suffer from spots but this foundation doesn't add to my problems.

          Does it combine an advanced skincare complex with flawless coverage? I would probably say that it fulfils this claim. I do feel like I have a flawless(ish) look when I am wearing this foundation in comparison to others.

          Does this foundation give full coverage that diminishes the appearance of fine lines for an instantly younger look? I don't actually have any lines yet...but I do find that it smoothens your skin for an even look and feel.

          Range of colours: Max Factor Age Renew Foundation is available in 6 different colours (creamy ivory, warm almond, blushing beige, natural, golden and bronze). The range is fairly limited but as I have found a colour that matches my skin pretty much perfectly, I'm happy. Hopefully you will find that this is the case for you as well.

          Staying power: I have found that the staying power of this foundation is actually pretty impressive. When applied in the morning, you face still looks freshly applied for several hours afterwards. It covers excellently any spots and blemishes that you have although a little concealer will cover any mountains that it can't quite hide.

          Longevity of the product: I have found that a 30ml bottle of this foundation will last me approximately 5 months, perhaps a little longer. Only one pump of the product is needed per use and I find that if you pump any more than this, you'll usually see very little difference or that the product is wasted as you wipe it on a tissue because you realise you have too much.

          *Would I Recommend This Product?*

          I would Recommend Max Factor Age Renew Foundation without a shadow of a doubt as it is one that my skin agrees with. I think it is a foundation that will satisfy those who like to wear make up with it looking like you have a lot of make up on. It isn't an overly thick foundation that clogs up your pores therefore good for those like me who don't have the best skin.


          Max Factor Age Renew Foundation is a fairly expensive foundation although it is very effective as evenly your skin. I found it easy to apply and it isn't a foundation that gives you lines around your face when applied well. If you aren't sure before you buy, try the testers that you can get in Boots on your hand and I think you'll be convinced to at least give it a whirl. You won't regret it if it works as well with your skin as it does with mine.


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            19.06.2009 16:39
            Very helpful



            One for the natural look

            Max Factor Age Renew Foundation, that name has a promising ring to it. Read the details and Max Factor claim that the foundation can `make your skin look up to five years younger in a flash`.
            Issuing that statement to the owner of mature skin is tempting to say the very least.
            I am often found pounding the beat in our local Boots the chemist, usually browsing around taking a good look at the latest cosmetics, I really love trying out the testers - after all a test run is free !

            Getting the right type of foundation cream can be trying, when you sample a new product in the chemist you are often led astray by the artificial lighting and end up going home with a shade that is totally wrong for you.
            I must have tried countless foundation creams, some liquid, some solid, our age old favourite the pan stick, the mousse and then Max Factor come along with this lightweight foundation that comes out of a pump action bottle.

            Ten out of ten to Max Factor for giving us an attractive and well designed bottle. The 30 ml gold and pink bottle is good looking and it is the perfect size to carry with you if needs be.
            The Max Factor Age Renew comes in a range of six shades, creamy ivory, warm almond, blushing beige, natural, golden and bronze.
            My mature skin objects to being coated with anything too strongly coloured so after having a good think about it, plus a chat with an immaculately made up counter assistant I went for the blushing beige. I have pale skin which I like to highlight with a small amount of blusher so I prefer to use a pale foundation that I can heighten to gain the effect that I want.

            The Age Renew foundation has been dermatalogically tested and it contains an SPF OF 10.
            Max Factor have blended the foundation cream so that it is lightweight and it will cover without looking like you have ladled it on.
            As we get older our moisturising routine is all important and before I even think about taking the lid off of the foundation bottle I apply a good layer of moisturising cream. The everyday moisturising creams like Nivea or Astral are fine by me, the greasy formula suits my skin type.
            Once I have left the moisturiser to sink into the skin for a few moments then I am ready to apply my foundation cream. My motto is less is more, there is nothing worse than being able to see where you have started and finished, the foundation is supposed to blend in and up to a point be invisible.

            The pump on the Max factor Age Renew is easy to press, you only need to press the top of the pump lightly and you have a good sized blob on the palm of your hand.
            The light silky liquid has a soft fragrance which goes towards helping your skin feel even better.
            When you start to apply the foundation to your skin even a small amount seems as though it is going to be too much, you need to lightly work the silky lotion into your facial skin, which does take a minute or two. You could easily enrol the help of a make up sponge if you wanted too.
            Max Factor say that the formula offers full cover, that includes covering skin blemishes and fine lines.
            Whenever I apply any new foundation cream the first thing that I will look for is to see if the cream starts to sit in my creases underneath my eyes, with some foundation creams I apply a much lighter layer in the under eye area.
            Because the Age Renew foundation is so light anyway I have applied the same amount of cream as normal and I have had no problem with creases forming.
            I have two tiny brown patches that I prefer to cover, the Age Renew semi- covers them but I will still need to use my normal concealer stick underneath the foundation cream.

            Once the Age Renew has been applied and blended the overall result is a pleasing one, I am not going to kid myself that I look any younger but the finished effect is light, soft and gentle so it certainly isn't powdery or ageing.
            Heavier foundation creams can put years on you, this Max Factor offering steers you in the right direction and reinforces that less is more.

            The cream contains Vitamins B3, B5 and E. Penta peptide and green tea extract and Max Factor say that continued use will improve and enhance your skin over time.
            That caked on look is not for me, I love light bright foundation creams that you can wear without feeling that every skin pore is clogged to bursting.
            I personally think that Max Factor have made a good product to offer to their more mature customers, take into account that Age Renew is so lightweight, it is easy to apply, it smells good and it lasts well.
            At the end of the day the light layer of foundation cleans away easily too.
            I paid around £12 from Boots the chemist for my bottle, if you are thinking about buying some Age Renew foundation then take time to look around on the Internet it seems to be cheaper than that on a lot of the beauty sites.


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              18.06.2009 20:36
              Very helpful
              1 Comment




              Max Factor Age Renew Foundation is a foundation designed for more mature skins and you can but it from any leading chemists or drug stores. It is fairly expensive at £12.00 (approx) and comes in various shades. It is supposed to cover wrinkes and even claimes to reduce your age by 10 years. The liquid in the 30ml bottle is creamy and has a light fragrant smell. It smooths on the skin easily and does not streak.
              I bought a bottle last week as I thought I would try something different from my usual No 7 Protect and Perfect. I thought the max factor covered blemishes brilliantly but there is one big problem - the colour - I chose Golden which was the darkest I could find. I am fair skinned but like a bit of colour. I looked as though I had covered my face with talcum powder and looked positively ill. You critics out there will say I was stupid not to test the colour first but in my defence 'Golden' usually means brown????
              I would recommend that you check out the colour via a tester first; I wish I had done this. I am now selling it on Ebay for a snip of the price.


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                16.03.2007 17:45
                Very helpful



                A nice creamy long lasting foundation

                I have always had trouble finding a good foundation to suit me. Even when i was working in Boot's ( many moon's ago! ) I would find one and then it would be discontinued. These days i only wear make up when i'm out for the night but i still have the same trouble.
                I also get annoyed when i buy a new one to get it home and realise that it doesn't live up to it's claims and it doesn't make me look like a model!
                I recieved a free sample of this foundation and decided to give it a go. I liked the idea of not having to buy the full size product, if i don't like it i have not wasted any money!
                The idea of a foundation that makes me look 5 years younger also appealed. Especially as my son had commented about the amount of lines around my eyes, I explained that they were my laughter lines, to which he replied "you don't laugh that much mum!"

                PRODUCT STATEMENT

                Max factor claims that this is an advance new technology that takes up to five years off the appearance of the face by creating a light effect and deep translucency while still giving overall coverage. Reguardless of what lighting enviroment you are in.

                HERE COMES THE SCIENCE BIT!!

                If the last bit was double dutch you're going to love this bit!
                OK this foundation contains microscopic particles that act as light enrichers, so basically it covers the skin in warm light instead of reflecting it away from the face. It is supposed to give the same effect as being in warm light.
                It is also supposed to minamise shadows around the eyes ( which i really need especially this time of year! ) and cover fine lines without drying out the skin. And has a advance skincare mix including aminopeptides, vitamins B3, B5 & E and also green tea extracts to help diminish the signs of aging over time. It also contains SPF10.
                All this is supposed to make the skin look younger and more flawless.


                The foundation comes in a 30ml bottle. The top has a round plastic lid and it has a white push sort of pump to dispense the product. The top half of the bottle is see through and you can see what colour you are using. This also has Max factor Age renew foundation written on it.
                The second half is a light brown and gold colour.
                The foundation comes in a range of colours:
                40 Cream ivory
                45 warm almond
                55 Blushing beige
                70 natural. my colour
                75 Golden
                80 Bronze

                I first used the sample which came in a small sachet. I was impressed so i bought the full size.
                The dispenser is easy to use and it doesn't come out too quickly which is good as you do not need to use a lot at a time. The foundation is nice and creamy and spreads on very well, whether you use a sponge or just your fingers, it also smells nice.
                I found it absorbed very well and i had no blotchy or dark patches. I also noticed that i don't need to use a moisturiser before i use it as it doesn't dry my skin.
                It also lasted until i got home and still looked good even after being in a hot enviroment.

                £11.95 for 30ml.
                For me it's a bit expensive but it is lasting well and i don't wear make up every day so it will last me a while. And i think i deserve a treat every now and then!

                TIPS FOR APPLYING

                When choosing your colour try to choose lighter instead of darker.
                Use your fingers to apply rather than a sponge for better coverage and absorbtion.
                Ensure the skin is cleansed before applying, make sure the bits around the eyes, nose and under the chin are rubbed in as it can looked a bit caked.
                Apply conceler after the foundation if you need to use it.


                If you want to try the sample you can do this on-line from the max factor website or there a few free stuff websites you can try. Just google free stuff.You only really get enough for one application but it should give you a good idea before you buy.

                DID IT WORK?
                Well for that price it better had! And i am happy to say YES for once i think i have found a winner. Even the other half noticed!
                As for looking 5 years younger, it did make my skin look smoother and my laughter lines looked smaller. But to be honest after 2 kids and a full time job i can't really remember what my skin looked like 5 years ago!
                I would recommend this product especially if you laugh as much as me!!!

                Property of madmum71 & lisa 8871


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                  22.02.2007 14:23
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Non powdery foundation gives skin a radiant glow

                  Most of us like to look our best and if we aren't natural beauties then a little help from a bottle is needed- or a lot in my case!

                  *Why did I buy it?*

                  I had received an email as I had joined the Max Factor club online and saw I could apply for a sample, (which came quickly,) it contained a good amount of make up, which lasted me about a week and I was very happy with it. I then searched the internet for the best price and got a great bargain!

                  *Vital statistics*

                  Pump type bottle measuring 11.5 cm high by about 3cm wide. The actual depth of foundation is probably about 7cm. There is a clear pull-off top and part of the bottle label is clear so you can see the contents. The remainder is in a gold colour, with the name Max Factor in small letters and "AGE RENEW" Foundation in the centre of the label. The colour on my bottle is 70 natural. In all it looks fairly classy and is small enough to fit in a handbag if needed to touch up throughout the day.

                  *Who makes it?*

                  Max Factor - a well known makeup manufacturer and part of the proctor Gamble group.

                  *What does it do?*

                  It claims to create a youthful radiance! Because it has a non-powdery texture and gives a silky finish, it claims to minimise shadows, hide blemishes, diminish fine lines and give the skin luminosity. It contains a SPF 10 to help protect the skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Most of us work under harsh lights, which make us look older, whereas warm lighting makes us look younger, using Age Renew gives the skin a warm glow and is said to make us look up to 5 years younger whatever lighting we may be in!

                  I have read that it can help disguise skin problems, but I am unable to comment as my skin is fairly blemish free.


                  Use fingers to massage the foundation into your skin as you would a moisturiser or a cosmetic sponge can be used to blend it on evenly.

                  *What's in it?*

                  It contains amino-peptides whatever they are! And vitamins B3, B5 and E plus green tea extracts and of course as mentioned before the SPF of 10.

                  *Is it in any other colours?*

                  Yes there is a choice from Creamy Ivory, Warm Almond, Blushing Beige, Natural, Golden and Bronze.


                  Well as I said I got a bargain on ebay (£6.00 plus 1.50 postage) but it sells at £11.95 at Boots and £8.95 at Superdrug.

                  *Does it work?*

                  Well I certainly like it. You only need a little and that is easy to achieve with the pump bottle and saves wastage- my last tube had more in the top than on my face! I squirt out a tiny amount and spread it over my face. I have lots of freckles and if I use pale makeup I look really ill, the natural colour blends in well and my skin feels really soft and silky smooth. I once applied too much from the sample and was afraid I'd have to wipe it off and start again, but I kept on blending it in and within minutes it looked much better. I can't vouch for the SPF as we've had no sun since I've used it, only rain and snow!

                  It also lifts my mood as there is a lovely light perfume, which smells expensive, and I feel good as I apply it. This only happens with a few foundations , so is an added bonus!

                  I find it lasts really well and apply it in a morning and it lasts all day. If I am going out at night, I just cleanse in the usual way and reapply, it is easy to remove with cleanser and cotton wool. I am pleased to say it hardly a trace comes off when I blow my nose on a tissue!

                  *Do I look youthful?*

                  Who am I trying to kid? Of course I don't look youthful! But I have been off work after an accident and just returned , everyone thinks I look really well and that I can't possibly be ready to retire in a few weeks- should I tell them my secret? It all comes out of a bottle!


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                • Product Details

                  Age Renew is a new advance in anti-ageing foundation with a patented formula, which instantly makes skin look up to five years younger /

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