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Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Max Factor / - Serum / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Serum / Anti-Ageing / What it does: Rejuvenates, / Gender: Ladies Cosmetics

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    6 Reviews
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      29.01.2012 16:03
      Very helpful



      I am glad I tried this but it is slightly too dark a shade

      I had been reading some fairly good reviews about the new Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 foundation. I'd just like to make it clear at this stage that I am not yet in my mid-thirties so I wasn't looking for something which was going to eradicate a load of deep wrinkles or make me look ten years younger, or anything like that. I simply thought it sounded like a good idea in that it this product boasts a serum and foundation on one, which gives "an instantly younger look". As I use a serum anyway, I thought this product sounded like a timesaver and as it's been advertised in all my magazines lately, I thought I would give it a try. It sounded pretty innovative and I like to try out new cosmetics, it's a hobby of mine. I bought it from Boots for £12.99 and used my Advantage Card to accrue my points.

      At first I couldn't decide which colour to go for. The lightest shade was Light Ivory but as my skin has a slightly warm hue to it, it was a toss up between Natural and Warm Almond. After testing a few of the tester pots on the inside of my wrists for ages (and getting a few funny looks from the sales lady) I finally decided on the lighter shade - Natural. This 2 in 1 foundation also has an SPF of 15 and I do think that is important that face creams and particularly a foundation has some form of SPF as the skin on our face, more than any other part of our body, is exposed to the elements and daylight almost all the time.

      My previous foundation came in a tube but I liked the fact that this one comes in a rather classy looking black and gold pump dispenser. It's very easy to use and not difficult to get exactly the right amount you want out of the container, without any going to waste. I usually get a little nervous when trying out a new foundation as they don't come cheap and although I like to try new products on the market, it can sometimes mean that I have bought totally the wrong thing for my skin and I live to regret it later. I first used this on a weekend to go shopping as I decided I'd rather try it out before I used it for work, just to make sure I could apply it properly and it looked 'right' on my skin.

      I pumped a small amount out onto the tip of my ring finger and I was quite shocked as it looked a lot darker than it had in the shop. I think this must have been due to the artificial lights. The consistency was thick but I knew this anyway as I'd tested it beforehand. I lightly applied it to my face and gently smothered it out with my fingertips - I never use a foundation sponge for applying a foundation as I just cannot get it to 'sit' right on my skin.

      The coverage was good and it felt smooth and looked nice once applied, however, I have to say it was a little darker than I had hoped. I don't have a particularly pale complexion but this was definitely darker than my previous shade of foundation. On the plus side, I could definitely detect the addition of a serum in this foundation. The way it felt as I smoothed it on was noticeably different to my usual foundation. My skin looked more even out wand sign of small blemishes had vanished without making me look too 'overdone'. I still wish the shade had been ever so slightly lighter however.

      I have used this foundation for work and colleagues have actually commend that I 'look well' (which makes me think I may have looked unwell before) and I must admit my skin does feel smoother since I have been using this product. I cannot say whether it lives up to its claims of eliminating wrinkles or age spots (as I have none) but the coverage is good and the product lasts me well throughout a whole day of work without me having to touch it up.

      I am pleased with this foundation. I am glad I tried it and it is lovely to wear. The only tiny negative for me personally is that I wish it had been a shade lighter but having said that, I think the lightest shade would definitely have been too light for my skin tone, so maybe something in between would have been a little better.

      My review may also be posted on Ciao! as DawnieG


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        21.10.2011 22:13
        Very helpful



        Really good foundation

        Right. Ladies, you know I'm sure that nothing makes you feel worse than getting ill. Not only do you feel wretched, but your skin and hair look terrible. On top of this, if you're anything like me, when you're laid up with nothing to do for hours on end other than be force fed daytime TV, nothing makes you feel even more rubbish about yourself than seeing the likes of America's Next Top Model packed with beautiful, thin females.

        So while recently laid off work with flu, I found myself re-evaluating my "look". With my 27th birthday looming, I'm starting to put more thought into upping the ante with my skin care and changing some products. By all accounts I'm weathering well (!) but even so there are some fine lines when I laugh and smile and whilst they look fine now I'd like to make sure they do that for as long as they can. So, as soon as I felt well enough, I toddled out to Boots and grabbed a basket.

        One thing I've been keen to try lately is the new crazy for lip stain pens, and a promotional display caught my eye involving the latest ones from Max Factor. Now, I've never bought a Max Factor product before and hadn't intended to, but saw that they had an offer of a free lip stain (review to follow...!) with every purchase of one of their of their foundations. One was the Ageless Elixir 2-in-1 Foundation and Serum; as a single homeowner in her 20s normally I find Max Factor products to be too expensive but given the offer I thought it was worth taking a chance on something to see if it could match the performance of my Maybelline Mousse Foundation but also offer some ageing prevention benefits, so I went for it.

        ***The Product***

        I paid the full price for this - £12.99. Normally I would go for something under £10 but as I'm talking about the long term investment in my skin condition here and benefitted from the offer, I thought I'd try it.

        The colour I chose was Light Ivory.

        The product offers both a full-coverage level foundation reputed to cover the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. "For an instantly younger look".

        The serum qualities are advertised as also having SPF 15 coverage when used daily, as well as helping protect against age spots and discoloration, again advertised as " with daily use".

        The foundation comes in a vertical tube with a pump dispenser, in understated black and gold packaging.

        Now, when I change my foundations I tend to think I've made a huge mistake - because I am quite insecure I always note the big differences between my pre-existing foundation and the new one. As a result, I decided to use this product for a week as I was off work on holiday after being ill anyway, and see how I got on before reviewing it.

        The product is quite thick in consistency and the dispenser does not produce too much - I use it fairly generously, around two generous pushes on the pump offers good coverage. The coverage is not as flawless as the Maybelline product I used before, but having spent some time getting used to it, I have come to realise and also been told by others that it is a more natural finish. It levels out my skin tone and the only criticism of coverage is that maybe for my skin tone it could be slightly lighter.

        Having been using this for a week whilst recovering from being ill I would of course expect my complexion to improve as my health does. However, I have noticed a few things about my skin since using this product.

        Firstly, I can be prone to pimples, and have virtually none at the moment. Also I have noticed that, whilst this product does not mask my laughter lines and fine lines entirely, it does reduce their appearance. Also, I always first start my application with moisturiser and finish with powder; to this I would say that I do not require much moisturiser (I am still using one with SPF in case I take a few days off of foundation, but still require full SPF cover), and despite powder this product does start to show a shine (my skin always develops a shine) more quickly than with the Maybelline Mousse but I've noticed that it is only a light sheen, does not get heavily oily and also looks very natural and healthy - something I've actually come to like. I do still top up on powder but I do feel this foundation gives me a really healthy look.

        I've had a few patches of dry skin and this product has covered that well - it'll always be noticable under foundation but this product's texture does handle it well and didn't draw undue attention to it.

        ***My Opinion***

        I love that this product will offer SPF cover but this is advertised as being a result of daily use. Obviously as the mention of age spots and discoloration is in a preventative capacity I can't say for sure whether that claim is true, but I do think that my skin looks and feels better for using this foundation. I have been using the same moisturiser as before and I genuinely do feel that the serum qualities in this product have helped this change. In short I will be continuing to use it as I feel that the price is justified by the performance.

        So far I think that the product is lasting well as I am using it daily and the consistency offers strong enough coverage to make it financially worthwhile. I'm very pleased to have tried something new and have come across this foundation as not only is it a strong product on a daily, aesthetic basis but if it can contribute to the long-term health of my skin then I can't ask for much more from a foundation! My only worry is that due to the packing it will be hard to tell when the product is running low - not a good thing when you use something that requires daily use for the serum effects!


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        20.10.2011 10:12
        Very helpful



        I would not personally buy this again as the revlon colourstay is a lot better for my very dry skin

        MaxFactor Ageless Elixir 2-in-1 foundation and serum

        I have really dry skin so finding a foundation is a bit difficult as a lot of foundations I have tried tend to emphasize my dry skin and make my skin look flakey or caky. The foundation is fairly new, it was released a couple of months ago I think and I bought it almost as soon as it came out, as it did sound like a foundation that would be perfect for my skin.

        - About the product and the MaxFactor description

        The foundation comes in a pump bottle which is really handy as you can dispense the exact about of the foundation that you want - this is the only problem with the Revlon colour stay foundation. The bottle contains 30ml of product and the bottle is fairly light weight and small so it would be good for traveling. The packaging is simple, metallic in colour and the text on the bottle is very easy to read. And it also has an SPF of 15.

        "The silky-soft fluid formula gives effortless coverage of fine lines and wrinkles whilst the the serum with SPF 15 works to protect against daily UV damage. The result? A beautiful finish today. A naturally flawless skin for tomorrow."

        - Claims of the product

        The main selling point of this foundation is that it is a foundation mixed with a serum; this is what attracted me to this foundation as I have really dry skin and I thought that the addition of the serum would make the foundation quite moisturising. Another claim of the product is that it protects your skin against daily UV damage and also that it covers fine lines and wrinkles for "naturally flawless skin tomorrow".

        - Shade

        There are seven shades of the foundation which is quite good as a few brands only make a limited range of shades - which is not good for individuals with really pale or dark skin tones. The shade of the foundation is the lightest shade called 'Light Ivory 40', which is a really good match for my skin. I think this foundation shade is the closest match to my skin of any foundation I have ever used - and I have tried a lot of foundations! The lightest shade is quite pale and I think it would be great for people who have really quite pale skin. One thing I find with this foundation is that in the store the tester foundation shades looked different to the shade in the bottle - I think this may be due to the bottle slightly distorting the foundation shade, so I would go to the store and try the tester on your skin to make sure you get the best match to your skin tone. I was going to buy this foundation online but as I did not know which shade would be best I went to a Superdrug store to see what the shades actually looked like and even in the store it was a little difficult due to the difference in the appearance of the foundation in the bottle and in the tester. Overall, there are quite a few shades available and this shade (Light Ivory 40) is a fantastic match for my skin.

        - Texture, consistency and scent of the foundation

        The foundation has a really thick consistency, it is a lot thicker than my revlon colourstay which is really runny - the consistency is that of a very thick cream. The texture of the product is fantastic, the foundation has an amazingly smooth creamy texture which makes it very nice and easy to apply to my skin. This foundation has a scent, like the bourjois foundations, so if you do not like scented cosmetics/face products then I would not get this product as it does have a fairly strong scent. The scent is fairly pleasant, it is a powdery floral scent and it is quite strong when I apply it to my skin. Overall, this foundation is very thick, it has a really nice smooth texture and it also has a fairly strong, heavy floral scent, which is fairly nice in my opinion (but I would prefer the foundation to be unscented).

        - Applying the foundation

        To apply this foundation I first cleanse my skin, I sometimes then apply a toner and I apply my moisturiser - my moisturiser at the moment is the simple rich moisturiser which is the only moisturiser right now that is not irritating my eczema. I then mix about two pumps of the foundation with my simple moisturiser as it is unfortunately not as moisturising as I thought it would be. It does not take long to mix the foundation and my moisturiser on the back of my hand but I have to do this every time I apply any foundation - as my skin is really dry and flaky (due to the eczema). I find that with this foundation I have to use more of the actual foundation than I would with any other, I don't know why but I tend to need to dispense more of the foundation.

        I have been applying this foundation with my cosmopolitan blend perfection sponge - I use this sponge to apply any foundation (whether it is this one or my Revloncolour stay). This sponge is fantastic for applying all foundation and it is fantastic with this one. I just dab the sponge in the foundation and then dot the foundation on my skin and to blend to foundation into my skin I just dab the sponge around my face. This foundation works really well when I use it with this sponge and using this method I get an even, streak free, medium coverage finish. I have tried using this foundation with my ELF (eyes, lips and face) studio angled foundation brush but I find that when I apply this foundation with a brush I get a bit of a streaky finish which I obviously do not like. I have also tried applying this foundation with my finger tips and it does work well using this application method but you do get less coverage. Once I have applied the foundation with the sponge I then take a very small amount of the foundation and i pat it with my finger under my eyes, as a concealer and I find that this foundation covers my dark circles really well - it does not cover them completely but it does reduce their appearance quite a lot. After I have applied the foundation all over my skin and under my eyes I then just run my hands over my face (or I just press my hands over my face) very gently to make sure than there are no lines/streaks at all.

        Overall, this foundation applies fantastically well with the cosmopolitan sponge (I am on my second one now) and it feels really nice on my skin. The foundation is very nice to apply but I find that when applied with a foundation brush it makes my foundation look a bit streaky and not too natural.

        - Results

        After the application of this foundation I find that I do experience a little bit of tingling or a slight itchy sensation, this does not last very long through and it does not reoccur during the day - this may be due to my eczema. Once applied the foundation gives my skin a semi matte finish whereby my skin is not completely matte and it does not have a dewy finish. I like the finish of this foundation as it makes my skin look healthy and it also makes my skin tone look a lot more even. This foundation does let my skins oils come through during the course of the day, which is great for me as it makes the foundation look a tiny bit more dewy and it stops my skin from looking flaky. This effect my not be very good for individuals who have oily skin or combination skin, so if you have these skin types then this is probably not the foundation for you but if you have normal/dry skin I think this foundation would be fantastic.

        The coverage of this foundation, in my opinion, is a medium to buildable coverage - if I didn't mix this foundation with my moisturiser it would be close to full coverage. This foundation covers my redness fairly well and it evens out my skin tones very well, this foundation provides a good level of coverage but at the same time it does let some of my skin show through so it does look fairly natural (this foundation also reduce my dark circles but it does not really cover up the pores on my nose very well). After I have applied the foundation I sometimes apply a setting powder/translucent powder over the top on the areas that can get a little bit oily (such as my nose, china and forehead - my T-zone) and the products that I apply over the foundation work well with the foundation and do not make it look cakey. The foundations does last on my skin for quite a long time, I find that this product lasts on my skin for about seven hours (If I use a powder over the top of the foundation it tends to last a little longer). The revlon colourstay foundation lasts a bit longer on my skin than this foundation but they both last really well on my skin.

        Overall, I like the finish of this foundation on my skin, it makes my skin look more even and it reduces my skins red undertones (and it also reduces the appearance of my dark circles). The foundation work well with other products I put on over it and it give a good amount of coverage - medium to buildable coverage. The foundation lasts for about seven hours on my skin which is less than the revlon colourstay but it is still great.

        - Additional information

        I find that with this foundation my skin does react with it in a negative way - I have eczema so my skin is constantly dry and sensitive and with this product my skin does become a bit irritated (a bit tingly/itchy) but this is only when my eczema flares up and even then the irritation does not last very long. Also I find that it is difficult to decide whether this foundation has lived up to its claims as the results of the claims will not be immediate. Overall, I think that his foundation has not really met its claims as I find it does not really cover fine lines (I only have a couple of very fine lines) and I also find that it is not very moisturising and it does not give a flawless coverage.

        - Overall positives

        The overall positive points in my opinion are as follows: the bottle has a pump dispenser so that you can dispense a very controlled amount of product (so you are not wasting any foundation). The foundation has a really nice, smooth texture which means that it applies really easily. The best application method I have found for this foundation is the cosmopolitan sponge and it gives a great finish and coverage. The foundation evens out my skin tone, reduces the appearance of my dark circles and it also lasts on my skin for about seven hours or so.

        - Overall negatives

        The overall negative points in my opinion are as follows: the foundation is no where near as moisturising as I though it would be, the product does irritate my skin slightly when my eczema flares up and the fact that the product is scented may be viewed as a negative point - I personally do not mind the scent but it would be better if the foundation was unscented.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this foundation from Superdrug about a month or so ago and it was priced at £9.99, which I think is an average price for foundation - the introductory price is cheaper than my Revlon colour stay foundation but the normal price of the foundation is about the same as my revlon colourstay. This foundation can be purchased from the following (as well as on ebay):

        Asda: £9.98
        Superdrug and Boots: £12.99



        *Easy to apply with the cosmopolitan sponge and it is also really easy and quick to remove with a face wipe
        *The shade is fantastic for my pale skin and it has a fairly good shade range - especially for paler skin tones
        *The texture of the product is really smooth and therefore it is really nice and easy to apply
        *Pump dispenser makes it very easy to control how much foundation you dispense so you are not wasting any foundation
        *Reasonable price and it is quite widely available
        *Good coverage - medium to buildable coverage in my opinion
        *Lasts for a good seven hours or so on my skin, which is a little less than the revlon colourstay but it is still very good


        *Not as moisturising as I thought it would be and I still have to mix the foundation with my normal simple moisturiser
        *Very slight irritation when my eczema flares up
        *Scent, although it is quite a nice scent, it would be better in my opinion if the product was unscented

        Overall rating:

        Shade match: 5/5
        Application: 5/5
        Longevity: 4/5
        Results: 4/5
        Price: 3/5

        For more information: http://maxfactor.co.uk/uk/products/Face/Foundations/helix/detail.aspx

        Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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          12.10.2011 10:38
          Very helpful



          One of the best foundations I've ever used

          Max Factor have created a wonderfully innovative cosmetic product, a brilliant mixture of make-up and skincare, that I have been wearing for a few weeks now. It's the first foundation they have produced that also contains a serum. Because this provides a moisturising effect, it means that the foundation can be applied very easily and quickly. It normally takes me a little while to get my foundation just as I like it, but the proof of the pudding for me was on Saturday afternoon. I'd been resting, and was then in a hurry as I decided to do my make-up just before leaving for a family get-together. I managed to do the whole lot - foundation, blusher, eyebrows, two shades of eyeshadow, three coats of mascara and some lipgloss in just ten minutes!

          It's available in Boots at £12.99 for a 30ml bottle, and comes in a number of shades: Light Ivory, Warm Almond, Natural, Beige, Golden and Bronze. Boots currently (12th October) have an offer of a free gift when you buy selected Max Factor products. eBay has some shades from about £7.40. The bottle is wrapped in a gold label, with a clear strip at the bottom of the bottle so you can see the shade inside. It has a black lid, which you pull off to reveal the pump-action applicator. The front label describes this product as a 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum, which has an SPF of 15. The back of the label states that this is a 'Full Coverage Foundation: covers appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an instantly younger look.' It isn't the smartest foundation bottle I've ever seen, but it fits handily into my make-up bag and so is forgiven for its lack of elegance.

          I always apply moisturiser a little while before putting on my foundation (in fact, Max Factor recommend that you do this), but I have experimented on a few occasions just using the Ageless Elixir, and my skin felt perfectly comfortable. I don't wear foundation every day, but when I apply this, my skin looks really good. My wrinkles don't disappear completely, but they certainly seem less noticeable.

          I dispense a small amount to the back of my hand (you only need a very small amount), then apply to my face using my fingers. I have tried using a foundation brush with this product, but have found it easier to apply with my fingers. The texture of the foundation is beautifully smooth. I would say that it has a medium consistency, not too runny and not too thick. I start with my T-zone, then apply out across my cheeks and down, so that I blend below my jawbone. I would describe the effect of this foundation as giving a soft 'veil' of cover to my face. I was lucky with my choice of shade, and Light Ivory is a perfect match for my skin tone. Although I have freckles, and have a few broken thread veins on my cheeks (which are also prone to flushing quite easily), I generally have a fair complexion (perhaps from the Celtic ancestors on both sides of my family). I've also found that the foundation works well, dabbed on lightly, to help conceal dark circles under my eyes, and is very effective at hiding the blemishes on my face - notably a dark brown sunspot on my cheekbone, the redness of my cheeks, and a scar on my nose after the removal of a skin cancer.

          With long-term use, the hydrating elements of this foundation and serum are alleged to work to help improve your skin tone. In the short term, it gives a medium to high coverage, and contains pigments that reflect light, thus helping to disguise fine lines and wrinkles. I find that the coverage gives a soft, matte effect that looks perfectly natural. It leaves my skin looking wonderful, and it feels soft to the touch. I'm 56 now, and have dry and maturing skin. This foundation leaves my skin feeling very comfortable all day, and with no sense of wearing a heavy foundation.

          During our family gathering on Saturday evening, I spent some time sitting on the settee next to my Mum. When we spoke yesterday, she commented - unprompted - on how 'flawless' my complexion had looked. I was delighted by the compliment, especially as it came a few days after I turned 56. I told her about my new foundation, and have decanted some into a little pot so that she can try it for herself.

          I have found that Ageless Elixir's coverage lasts all day, and I'm afraid to say that on one occasion it nearly lasted all night too. I was so tired after our family meal that I toppled into bed like a felled tree, and ended up taking my make-up off at about 4 in the morning. I was able to remove it quickly and easily with some of my favourite No7 facial wipes, and was very pleased to see that it had not transferred to my pillowcase!

          I think Max Factor have created a wonderful product. Ageless Elixir really does make my skin look younger, and having just had a birthday, that's something that makes me feel very happy! I would have no hesitation in purchasing this again, and in fact I'm just off to order a 'spare'. Is there any chance of giving this six stars, Dooyoo? OK, well, it's certainly in the high fives!

          (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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            18.09.2011 23:31
            Very helpful



            A light foundation with serum and sun protection

            Max factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum

            I was recently chosen trot rake part in a Supersavvy circle project for this new foundation. By being chosen I received a full sized bottle of the product and about twenty samples as well as about 20 vouchers for £2 off a full price product. The idea of the project is that you share your experience, tell people about the product and hand them samples and vouchers if interested.

            The project stuff arrived carefully packed through the post and I duly began talking to friends and relatives about the project and handing out my samples and vouchers. This part didn't take long as everyone was keen to try the samples and everyone loves money off vouchers so this was a very painless task.

            THE PRODUCT
            This is a really great product in that is is not only a light foundation but as it contains serum it also feeds your skin and on top of that it contains a sun protection of factor 15. Now I realise that is not a high sun protection but it helps to protect your face daily, if you are planning on sunbathing then go for a stronger factor for sure.

            This product is quite a light foundation but seems to work well at covering fine lines and wrinkles and the addition of both the serum and sun protection helps to protect the skin on your face against the appearance of ageing signs such as age spots and uneven skin tone.

            Because it is such a light product it doesn't clog in the lines and wrinkles but is designed to blurr the edges of these imperfections. It does seem to glide nicely over my skin and diminish my fine lines as well as helping reduce any uneven skin tone without the caking that some foundations cause.
            Apparently there are ingredients within the product that help reflect light which is how the uneven skin tone is balanced.

            MY EXPERIENCE
            As part of the project we are asked to do mini surveys with the people we talk to, then go beyond this and ask they if they liked the product, what they liked and what they didn't and feed all this back to the people running the project. Throughout the project we are asked to be honest and report back on what people have said or experienced honestly.

            I have had no trouble at all finding people to survey, I have talked to family, friends, neighbours and my daughters have also passed on samples and fed back surveys and conversations they have had with their friends. I have asked a wide range of women of different ages and backgrounds and have received a lot of feedback from them. I will share some of the pros and cons that my 'team' of samplers have experienced.

            Every single person I talked to commented on the fact that it smelled very pleasant, light and slightly fruity sweet and fresh.

            Everyone liked the idea of the sun protection as even in our climate faces are exposed to sun far more than we think and the sun does age us sadly.

            Again everyone liked the idea of the serum to feed and moisturise the skin while also wearing foundation as some foundation is very dry and most need a moisturiser on first.

            The price is pretty reasonable at £12.50 from Boots and with a £2 voucher it comes down to £10.50. At the present time Boots are doing a buy two get third free offer too so if you get together with a couple of friends it becomes even cheaper.

            It comes in a good range of skin tone colours, six in all which blend to suit most skin tones but not sure about dark Asian and African tones they would have to go and try in a store I think.

            Applying the product is really easy as it is very light and glides on evenly without needing any great expertise.


            For those with greasy skin it did make their skin feel even greasier.

            The sun protection is not strong enough for a very sunny day or using when ion holiday somewhere really hot.

            It is a very light foundation and some found it rather too light and wanted a thicker covering.
            Because of the serum I found that sometimes I needed a bit of face powder to fix the product on my nose as it could be a bit 'wet' in that area.

            Some found the sample tone of natural 50 a bit light but there are darker tones if you choose to buy the product you can test the tones in store.

            MY FEELINGS
            I have enjoying trying the product and sharing experiences with friends and family. I had a friend from Australia staying with me and she liked it so much that we went into Derby specially to buy some from Boots for her to take back to Australia with her.

            I really love the way this is such a light easy to apply product. It is easy for even a fairly useless person at make up like me to apply and get an even coverage. It is a touch light so I just use a bit of bronzer or a tiny bit of Lush's 'Charlotte Island' to give me a little colour.

            It doesn't cake at all even after a whole day and it is easy to remove with a light make up remover. Sometimes I have forgotten I have had it on and washed my face at night and my face has felt nice and moist at the time which I thought was really good.

            It is such a nice product that I think I might take advantage of the voucher and buy another to keep to use when this one finishes as it is a product I have worn daily since having it and it seems to give me a nice natural look but an even tone and my lines are not quite as obvious.

            WOULD I RECOMMEND?
            Yes I think I would but I do think I would try it as it doesn't suit all skin types and anyone with a greasy skin might have to be a bit careful as it can be a touch greasy.

            I am not sure that i would stop using any moisturiser with this. I have put my moisturiser on after my bath then put this on after breakfast so that my skin has had time to absorb the goodness of the moisturiser before i apply the foundation with serum.

            I would say go and give it a try and see what you think. It is not a thick foundation but I like the coverage I have with it.

            Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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              16.09.2011 21:54
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              An overall decent foundation with the benefit of serum and SPF 15.

              This foundation is new, it is a 2 in 1. As well as having foundation it contains serum. This is SPF 15 also. It is claimed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles instantly. Also it claims to help against the signs of ageing.

              These are bold claims to make, so it was only right I tried it.

              As I am very pale, I chose the natural shade. As always before applying make up, I cleansed my face with a foaming face wash. Then I dried it thoroughly.

              On application I found it relatively easy to apply. The shade was perfect for my skin tone and it applied evenly. It gave a nice natural finish.

              It felt light and I felt confident wearing it. As it was a new foundation, I did take to checking the mirror numerous times throughout the day to make sure it looked okay.

              By the end of the day came, it did look as good as when i first applied it in the morning.

              When I came to wash it off, it removed easily with minimal fuss. I can honestly say my skin felt soft afterwards, whereas some foundations have left my skin feeling dry.

              Overall I was very impressed with the product and will be buying again.

              The RRP is £12.99 and the size is 30ml.


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            • Product Details

              Full coverage foundation covers appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an instantly younger look. Serum and SPF15 help protect against ageing signs like discolouration and age spots, with daily use.

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