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Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara

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5 Reviews
  • Easy to apply
  • Separates lashes
  • Doesn't lengthen as promised
  • Absolute nightmare to remove
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    5 Reviews
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      28.01.2015 04:32
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to apply"
      • "Separates lashes "


      • "Massive brush "
      • "Bulky packaging"
      • "Absolute nightmare to remove"
      • "Doesn't lengthen as promised"

      Not great! Okay results however like WW3 trying to remove.

      I've subscribed to an absolutely fabulous monthly box called Pink Parcel that offers some top quality treats alongside your monthly provisions to make your monthly period more bearable. This month I received Max Factor False Lash Effect, a product that I've never tried out. I don't tend to venture outside of the Rimmell make up range, I find this my 'comfort zone' because the products are cheap, good quality and suit my sensitive skin but since Max Factor is 'the make up of make up artists' I was quite excited to give it a try.

      First things first, the packaging is bulky and a bit boring. The brush is massive and the bristles are tiny, I don't really know what this is supposed to achieve but when using it I found it hard to navigate around all of my lashes, missing out the tiny wee ones at the edges of my eyes. Having said that I found the brush was good at separating the long ones and providing a nice frame for my eyes. The applicator took a while to get used to, and I had to position my hand in a weird angle to get used to using it!

      The results were good, I didn't have to use my eye lash curler to give my lashes an extra boost as they stayed curled for most of the day with this mascara. I tried it out before a shift and I didn't get much of that annoying (seemingly inevitable) smudging under my eyes that I've gotten with even my trusty Rimmel mascaras, but the true battle is yet to come! I stumbled into my room armed with my face wipes ready to take my make up off and climb into bed, but this mascara just would not budge. I rubbed and rubbed until my eyes were swollen but nothing would wipe it off! I soaked my eyes in hot water and eventually after several tries I got most of it off, however some was still on my lashes and I woke up with enormous panda eyes from rubbing my poor peepers in my sleep.

      Unfortunately this experience made me avoid using it again, but I feel that I should invest in a good eye make up remover to win the war against this apparently solid product. I ended up giving this to my sister who is a make up fanatic, and she wasn't as impressed either. So It's a 1 star from me, I won't be in a rush to buy this and I probably wouldn't recommend it either! The results were alright, not great and removing it was a total nightmare!


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      21.09.2012 15:24
      Very helpful



      Creates full, long, lifted lashes that last all day

      I love Max Factor products and after using the False Lash Effect I was intrigued to see if the 24 hour version was an improvement. The mascara costs around £11.

      The mascara tube itself is curved, smooth and solid. It feels great in your palm and looks lovely in your make up bag. It has a chunky quality which makes it feel more robust and matches the maximising, thickening effect it has on your lashes. The tube also features purple lettering and a purple banner which is attractive and sleek.

      As a previous user of the orginial False Lash Effect mascara, I expected a lot from this mascara and it delivered. It created thick looking lashes and gave my lashes a real 'oomph't. The mascara also made my lashes look long and lush, whilst lifting them in a light curl - perfect! Too much of the product can cause slight clumps, so I'd avise being careful if putting multiple layers of mascara on.

      Well, I never actually leave my mascara on for that length of time but it did last me from my morning make up routine at around 8am to going to bed at 11pm. The mascara has not rubbed at all, though there were few a specks of mascara flakes (very very small - I was being picky!) under my eyes. I can definitely imagine this mascara lasting for the full 24 hours if you wanted it to last that long. As a tube, the mascara lasts for a good few months if not more.

      With water alone, I was left with panda eyes when trying to remove my mascara, but with make up wipes or make up remover the mascara came off very easily and efficiently.

      * Quite expensive (though works very well)


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      22.07.2012 21:49
      Very helpful



      Not the best from Max Factor

      A while back I was in need of a new mascara and normally I will head right over to the No7 or Benefit counter. However I was sucked into a promotional add from Max Factor on their new mascara at that time.

      Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara:

      'Introducing new 24 from False Lash Effect delivering bold volume that lasts as long as you do. Now unstoppable girls can get unstoppable lashes; bold and beautifully separated lashes that are smudge resistant and water resistant for up to 24 hours!'

      - www.maxfactor.co.uk

      My Findings:

      I've never had a Max Factor mascara before this one and if I'm honest I don't really think I would purchase it again. I got drawn into the special offer at the time and even the free gift isn't all that! Max Factor has a large range of different mascaras and I've not really heard much positive about them but if you don't try you never know so I took a chance.

      For me I always like the more of a rubber brush and I like it to be on the thickish side, which this mascara certainly did offer. At the time looking at the brush head on the applicator I thought that the bristles were rather short compared to others, but I still took the chance and purchased it.

      Mascara is my last item of make up I apply and on my first time use I got a little over my eye lids! As the bristles are short I had to go closer so I was able to coat my lashes from top to bottom, this brush I found to be a little tricky. After a few goes it does get a little easier in applying.

      I found it coated my eyelashes well and thick so I didn't need to add a few coats to deepen the intensity at all which I have had to do in the past. The mascara I think is a little to heavy and thick as normally my lashes curl naturally when adding mascara, but when using this I have to use an eye lash curler too.

      Another item I have to use is an eye lash brush to separate my lashes due to the bristles on the applicator being so short it does a poor job at separating them. For me normally I just use the mascara on its own and jobs done, but with this one I'm having to use another brush and a curler which is a little more time consuming on my part.

      Now the staying power of this mascara is the plus side and once on it really does not want to budge what so ever. I don't experience any flaking, panda eyes or smudging which from a mascara is fantastic but! Removing this product can be a nightmare, if you try and use a normal cleansing wipe well you will be there all night. I had to use eye make up remover to get rid of this product from my eyes.

      With the packaging I personally think it is dull but after all it is just mascara, it is a little on the wide side but that does make it easier to hold. When still in wet form before it dries on my lashes I find it to have a slight paint scent.

      Price and Availability:

      At the time I paid £9.99 from Boots which also came with a free eye shadow. Currently there are a few offers at the moment Boots have 3 for 2 on Max Factor products. This mascara is available in two shades black and brown/black.


      For me the staying power is good, but the rest is just a let down. Lashes get stuck together unless you use another brush and the product also weighs the lashes down a little so you really need to use an eye lash curler to give your lashes some bounce.

      I personally don't recommend this mascara as there is far better ones on the market.

      Two out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:




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        15.07.2012 11:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A product which should be a miracle is instead an overpriced disappointment. Difficult to remove.

        Recently my ever-faithful Benefit mascara ran out whilst I was back home, no where near a stockist. So I ventured to my nearest Superdrug and picked up Max Factor's False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara. In the past i'd used to tradition False Lash Effect product, and found it to be amazing value for money! So when I saw the new twist on the ingenious product on offer for £7.99 I thought i'd bagged myself a bargain.

        The mascara comes in the tradition chunky tube, with its short, stubby application brush. At 13.1ml it contains a generous amount of product. It is distinguishable from the rest of the range by the metallic purple strip around the top of the tube. It is available in black, black/brown and brown. For myself I purchased the black.

        Max Factor describe the mascara as providing an effect which is similar, and more realistic, to false eyelashes. It also comes with the accolade "waterproof for up to 24 hours". This seemed great to me - i'm notorious for smudging my mascara, especially at work where I handle liquids all day. However, in reality it isn't necessary at all for a mascara to last 24 hours. I found this to be a negative, in fact, as removal was awfully difficult. Make up wipes alone were not successful, and after applying a generous amount of eye make-up remover it finally began to budge. Afterwards I was left with very red eyes for the vigorous removal.

        In hind sight I was incredibly disappointed in my purchase. I could have dealt with the near impossible removal if the mascara itself had been great. Whilst is promised volume, all it succeeded in doing was making my eyelashes clump together. After application my eyelashes felt heavy, and the mascara had a tendency to run downwards towards the lash line, providing an unwanted excess on my eyelid. Whilst it did give a 'false lash effect' of some description, it in no way looked natural. False lashes themselves would have provided a more desirable result. I even resorted to using the mascara with another Max Factor brush, just to test if it was the applicator itself which was causing this disaster - but to no avail.

        In comparison to other False Lash Effect mascaras, the brush is incredibly smooth. I have found with others it is almost painful to apply near the lash line due to the harsh, plasticky feel of the brush. For this I give Max Factor credit.

        Also it does live up to is expectations in that it remains waterproof (and removal proof!) for 24 hours. However if this is a good or bad thing depends on the user and situation.

        For almost a week I persevered with this mascara, convinced I would 'grow to like it', or at least find a way of successfully applying it. Ultimately though I was disappointed and it soon got discarded into a drawer of other 'products i'd wished were good but weren't'. Had I parted with more the £7.99 I would have been furious, and therefore I am grateful I bought it when it was on offer.

        Currently the product is priced at £12.99 in both Superdrug and Boots, although it can be purchased on sites such as Amazon for around £5. In no way would I advise anyone to pay full R.R.P for this product unless they are willing to part with cash for a substandard product. If you are still wanting to see for yourself I would suggest you purchase it as part of an offer - Superdrug frequently run 3 for 2 offers, whilst Boots currently offer a free Max Factor gift bag with a purchase of £15 or more.

        Because of my disappointment in this product I will only give it 1/5, and would advice Max Factor fans to stick to the tradition False Lash Effect products.


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          02.07.2012 17:36
          Very helpful



          A mascara that eventually delivers full, dark volume, but which is impossible to remove

          I recently won this mascara in a competition run by Glamour magazine. I was delighted, as I consider mascara to be one of the prime features of my make-up routine - I love my lashes to look thick and full. Although I have never worn false eyelashes, the prospect of a mascara that delivered the same sort of effect was very appealing.

          The black container is huge - big and chunky (approx 12cm long and 2cm in diameter), with a sloping end to the top. It has a broad, shiny purple stripe around the middle, which shows '24' in big type, and the body of the bottle features the words 'False Lash Effect Mascara, Bold Volume for up to 24 Hours'.

          This mascara from Max Factor promises full dark lashes that last all day long, and claims to be smudge- and water-resistant for up to 24 hours. According to Max Factor's website, the mascara 'contains a built-in primer, which surrounds your lashes and attracts volumising particles to each individual lash, creating an intimate bond. So the mascara particles stick to your lashes, not to each other'. One of the other noticeable aspects is the broad, rigid brush, which is covered by tiny bristles. The brush is described as being 'big and bold', and I would certainly agree with that. It is apparently designed to enable 'a larger area of contact with the lashes'. I initially found the brush quite difficult to use, although I got the hang of it after a while, and was able to reach all my lashes.

          After applying the first coat of this 'False Lash Effect' mascara, I was very disappointed. My eyelashes felt heavier, but they barely looked any different. However, I persevered, and my efforts really paid off. I like lots of dark volume from my mascaras, and it took me four coats to achieve the desired effect . I had paid special attention to my outer lashes, as this effect is what seems to add the glamorous 'false lash' volume that I like so much. My lashes were nicely curled and separated, looked beautifully full - and really did look as if a make-up artist had been working their magic on me.

          However, that is where my satisfaction with this mascara ended. Within the '24 Hour' name of this product comes its claim to be 'smudge-resistant, and water resistant for up to 24 hours', but it falls down badly on this account. I began noticing dark smudges on my upper eyelids after a few hours, and I was also irritated by tiny bits of mascara breaking off and falling onto my cheeks and into my eyes.

          It does, however, fulfil its claim of being a mascara that will stay on your lashes for at least 24 hours. It would probably stay on for about a month if you did not put serious effort into removing it. It is advised that this product is best removed with an oil-based make-up remover. Because the mascara claims to be water-resistant rather than waterproof, I first began by trying a make-up removal wipe. This had absolutely no effect at all. Then I used my trusty Lancome's Bifacil Eye Make-Up Remover, which I have been a devoted fan of for over twenty years, and which I have found wonderfully effective in removing any waterproof mascara. This had virtually no effect either. Eventually - after some time, and fearing that I would lose all my eyelashes in the process - I managed to get most of the mascara off. I gave up on the last few remaining bits, as I genuinely did fear that I would pull too many eyelashes out. I did not apply any fresh make-up for a few days after this, and those stubborn black remnants took days to finally make their departure.

          Because I was so frustrated by this product - I loved the false-lash effect, but simply would not tolerate the removal process again - I decided to look at reviews of Max Factor's 'standard' False Lash Effect Mascara. I'm glad I did, because I discovered a truly fabulous review by missrarr, and then made my purchase. I use this mascara quite regularly, and think it's brilliant. Because each layer goes on thinly, it still takes as many as four coats to get the desired effect, but for me it's worth the time and effort to get such a fabulous result. I haven't had any problems with smudging, or with tiny flakes dropping away.

          If you really want to buy the 24 Hour mascara, it costs £11.99 at Superdrug and Boots (which currently has an offer of a free gift when you spend £15 on selected Max Factor products), although it can be bought cheaper elsewhere. I have seen it on eBay today for £5.95. It comes in two colours - Black, and Black/brown.

          I'm so relieved that I won this mascara rather than parting with any money for it. Since joining the review sites, I am now always careful to see what other people have said about my potential purchases - unless it's one of my long-standing, tried-and-tested favourites - so I'm sure I would have been alerted to this product's downfalls. If you're tempted by this mascara, take a look at the product page on Boots' website, and read the resoundingly bad reviews. One review mentions the useful tip that the mascara can only be removed with baby oil.

          I would normally try a product more than once before reviewing it, but on this occasion once was more than enough. I'm a great hoarder of cosmetics, and if I find something I'm not particularly fond of, I will see if my mum would like it. However, this mascara is going straight in the bin now that I've written my review. I cannot recommend this product, which gets only one star from me, and that's because it does - eventually - give that lovely false lash effect. But only at the expense of the eyelashes beneath!

          And don't forget to read missrarr's review of Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara - it is both informative and wonderfully entertaining.


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        • Product Details

          24 hour mascara from False Lash Effect delivers bold volume that lasts as long as you do. Now unstoppable girls can get unstoppable lashes, bold and beautifully separated lashes that are smudge and water resistant

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