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Max Factor Line Maker Eyeliner

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Brand: Max Factor / Type: Eyeliners / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2010 17:45
      Very helpful



      If the brush was different then it would be great, but you cannot do anything with this.

      Max Factor, ah dear.
      How I loved you until I thought I would give this a try.
      I do believe that this is no longer being sold through Max Factor productions but I came across the product whilst browsing the internet and felt it necessary to inform you all!

      The colours 9/10
      ...are good. Bright and bold which is generally what you are looking for with liquid eyeliner. I had the black one and it had a shiney, glossy finish which was impressive.

      Application 0/10
      Yes I know, 0 seems harsh, especially because this is max factor. But it is true.
      I like the spongey type brushes with liquid eyeliners, they always seem to work better and you have much more control over the direction of the line you are attempting to draw.
      I say attempting because with this brush you will be trying for a long time.

      In fact...it is not a brush. It is a few bristles...really.

      I have a steady hand and good eye sight and I couldn't do anything with it.
      Now I don't mind shorter brushes, but this bristle brush doesn't have enough length for the liquid to manipulate it into a point at all...in short, you will have fun (or not fun as the case may be) trying to apply this in a manner that doesn't make you look like you have had paint thrown at you.

      During 6/10
      If it didn't look so awful then I would have enjoyed the quick drying liquid. It certainly stayed put and didn't feel clumpy or heavy like some liquids tend to. No smudging either :)

      Removal 7/10
      I had no issues taking the product off, I was certainly quick to do it and thats how it will be staying.
      I would have had more luck with a paintbrush and that is no word of a lie.


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      26.06.2008 15:10
      Very helpful



      Don't buy this it simply doesn't work! You have been warned!

      Being a fan of Max Factor the brand came into my mind when I met up with one of my closest friends, Karen. She always wears impeccable looking make up and when I looked at her eyes I just thought how wonderful and like Amy Winehouse they looked (not the vacant look though lol) She had managed to draw (with a liquid eyeliner cos I asked what she had used) a really fantastic thick winged eye line that made her peepers really stand out. The line was so straight and black and looked so professional looking and I thought hmmm me thinks I'm going to get some black liquid eyeliner pronto I want to be a copy cat!

      I went into my town centre knowing I wanted a decent brand. Something that wouldn't upset my sensitive eyes and a brand I new I could trust and I was willing to spend the amount needed for what I wanted with no quibbles, I just wanted the best to help me achieve this look! I just wanted the perfect liquid eyeliner! So as I say when I saw her eyes I thought hmmm I bet Max factor sells this type of product it is one of my preffered brands along with Boot's No7 and Urban Decay.

      I found mine these at £6.00 each in a market. I say each because I bought two at once. I bought one in black and one in brown cos I trust the brand so much. I couldn't see what the applicator was like as both of them were sealed in plastic tubing and no testers were out on display but hey it's Max Factor... I can't go wrong.... can I?

      The Packaging....

      Dark blue tube in 5ml size. It's long and thin. In gold writing on the front I'm told it is Linemaker, Eyeliner (traceur). Around the back I'm told it is waterproof eyeliner and some stuff in a foreign language I don't understand. Im then told it's made in the USA, told it's a Procter & Gamble product (the manufacturers of Max Factor) and the size (as I've stated already). On the lid in gold lettering embossed are the initials MF and the lid unscrews and a thin black brush type applicator is situated at the end of a long plastic wand. Nice, sophisticated packaging but I was concerned about the 'brush'.

      Using It....

      I was right to be concerned! The 'brush' is made up of straight, short hairs and when you apply you get a really thin line. The 'brush' just isn't that long and is not sturdy or thick. So when you apply you have no control when trying to draw a line over or under your lids. I have tried time after time with this to draw a line thinking practice makes perfect but it's impossible.

      I mean the colours are great and there's loads of product in the tube. Both of my colours are glossy and vibrant and when applied take a couple of seconds to dry and the colour is just so vivid. If you could draw a line on the eyes with this it would be fabulous.

      I can't express what a terrible product this is and I can't get my head around why an earth Max Factor made such a booby with this it's just dreadful. A steady hand doesn't help, nothing does. You just have no control over what your doing. I couldn't possibly go out wearing this as I cant make it look good enough but I did get it on and ask my Mother what she thought and she said it looked terrible and what was it cos she'd avoid it like the plague!

      The only good thing about it is when I put it on to show my Mum that it never felt heavy, dried out and it didn't smudge once applied. I got it off easy enough with some cotton wool and some eye make up remover, removal wasn't any problem at all and no hard scrubbing was required.


      Seriously one of the worse products I have ever had the misfortune of wasting my money on. I'm embarrassed for Max Factor with this offering and to be fair they usually do brilliant make up. I just can't get along with this and try I really have as I'm not into wasting my money. I never did get a bat-winged look just a clumpy, thick mess that because it's a liquid I couldn't correct as I went along with a cotton wool bud as it dried so quick.

      I simply cant recommend it to anyone. I don't get the applicator that is provided and why give me a few hairs on the bottom of a wand rather than something with a little substance to it I just don't know. Dreadful, I hate it with a passion and actually feel cheated and a bit cross to be honest and am considering writing to Max Factor to complain about this product. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and if I can't get on with it I don't know who could. Waste of time, money and effort. Do not buy! There are easier products to use out there that give much better results!


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