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Max Factor Loose Powder

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4 Reviews

Brand: Max Factor / Type: Powder

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    4 Reviews
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      19.10.2013 17:41
      Very helpful



      Not one I will be buying again!

      My current favourite brand of cosmetics is Max Factor. Up until a few years ago and in my early 30's I felt I could still get away with cheaper make up and bought myself whatever caught my eye. Hurtling towards 40 (next year) I don't believe that I can any longer. I am getting lines, I am ageing and I'm ok with that, we all face the same ageing issues as we get older and I'm quite confident in my own skin however I do want a quality make up that stays put and enhances what I have got.

      I now buy what I think of as quality and functional make up. I used to buy make up for fun resulting in me having more than my now local Boots store has on sale, now I make considered purchases, that cost a bit more and are of higher quality so I expect alot from my make up I guess!

      What I like about Max Factor is everything really. I bought this in my local Boots store on offer from £7.99 a tub down to £5.99 a tub after going to look at what Max Factor had in the way of loose/pressed powders and once again Max Factor have come up with quality and nice looking packaging and plenty of product for your money. I grant you that you buy a pressed powder from other make up ranges that are considerably cheaper than this one but again my experience with Max factor is that it suits my sensitive skin and gives good results which is why I don't really deviate from the range now.

      The packaging to this is rather nice. The powder is housed in a black plastic round tub to which the lid twists on/off then on the bottom half you get the loose powder, over that there is white meshing to help control how much powder you get out at a time and over that a white handy puff. On the lid in gold writing we are told it MF, on the base ingredients and the size is stated (which is 15g) and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Sleek and strong packaging this is.

      Using It:

      This is only available in one colour which is translucent so one colour is meant to suit all. The powder is thickish and I prefer to use a face brush opposed to the white puff that comes with this, that's not because I don't believe it is any good but just cos I prefer to use a brush basically and its what I'm used to using.

      Applying this though I find rather tricky. Although the mesh cover over the powder does help to stop getting too much out, it still is very powdery and flakes all over the place as i am trying to use it. I apply this over the top of my primer, concealer, foundation and blusher to 'set' my look into place and although powdery I can blend it to be fair to it. It has a really nice smell to it this one, a bit sweet and a bit like a talc fragrance....its very nice!

      I find that I don't need too much of this but it does take time and patience to blend it but once on my skin it does look smoother and more polished and in a none caked on way. However I suffer with a really greasy t-zone and it takes a lot of time and product to concentrate on that area to get it looking matt and shine free but I find that with this my grease breaks through within half an hour and so I feel the need with this one to keep reapplying it which I don't do. This sits on my dressing table at home and I wouldn't take this out with me because of the time and mess I can get into when applying it so if I go out I take Max Factors pressed powder with me (also in translucent) and I have to admit that I find that easier to use and that it gives me a better look.

      This isn't an awful product but one that I simply find messy to use. Apart from it not really suiting my oily t-zone area though it is fine everywhere else on my face and stays put and seems to really give a softer and smoother look to my face so its not all bad with this one and because it is a loose powder you seem to get alot of product for your money so my tub will last me ages.

      I don't hate this product but it isn't one I would buy again simply due to how messy it is to apply it and that it doesn't help with areas on my face that I worry about!

      Available from all good chemists etc and if not on offer expect to pay about £7.99 a tub.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        28.09.2013 14:57
        Very helpful



        A very good "high street" loose powder - just be careful when you take it on holiday!

        I am not the most confident woman alive.

        When I was younger I had terrible skin; so much so that I ended up having to use a medically-prescribed solution to combat acne well into my early twenties. Then, one day, it just went away. For a few years I had a decent complexion, albeit a very pale one which shows any tiredness.

        And now it is ageing. As I career towards the last birthday of my twenties, I am seeing fine lines, again emphasised by tiredness. Throw in a massive commute, a long summer, no holiday yet so far this year, and you have a dull, tired complexion that does nothing for one's self-esteem.

        So I always wear make up when leaving the house. I would use it every day even when I didn't leave the house but I have learnt that if I can get away with not going out, I can also get away with not looking in mirrors and thus can avoid that soul-destorying feeling that I am a hideous failure as a woman (feminists, you might want to read something else).

        Usually it is liquid foundation followed by a powder; I used to love a Clinique fine loose powder but the morons in power at that firm discontinued that little pot of light-manipulating sorcery and thus condemned me forever to trying to find a replacement. Or witchcraft, but anyone who has seen me try to follow a recipe could tell you that finely-balanced spells and I would not be happy bedfellowes.

        When the sniffy Clinique counter guard dog - sorry, I mean helpful assistant - had done looking down her perma-tanned nose at me after delivering the news of the discontinued product with a mix of disdain and apparent pleasure at my disappointment (who hires these people?!), I toddled back to the "high street" brands section of Boots where I clearly was considered to belong.

        At the time I was getting on well with the Max Factor range, and they had a three-for-two offer which would allow me to pick up my liquid foundation of choice along, try one of their powder offerings and a little treat on the side. I selected the only loose powder available, in its only shade - translucent. Even Peaky McPaleasheck here couldn't go too far wrong with a powder apparently devoid of colour, surely?

        ***THE DETAILS***
        This powder comes in a black screw-top pot about an inch in height. If you shop at Boots, you will currently pay £7.99 for a pot. It should have a plastic wrap seal, and inside the pot you will find a white puff and a plastic mesh which lies over the powder.

        As I mentioned, this is only available in the one shade - translucent. So this is not a powder foundation, but a powder that is used to set a look. Indeed, the maxfactor.com website advises that you apply after foundation, concealer and blusher to "set your look and smooth away fine lines". It will not give you full coverage on its own.

        The same website supplies the following directions for application: apply loose powder to the back of your hand with a large powder brush, tap off the excess and dust over your skin in downward strokes. No instructions are provided with the pot. The website advises that the puff is best used to blend, and claims that the "clever mesh sieve dispenses the perfect amount of powder", that the product "suits all skin tones and blends with any foundation". Also the claim is that the "ultra fine formula doesn't feel dry on the skin" and that it is dermatologically tested.

        Talc, Mica, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour, Zinc Stearate, Calcium Silicate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Methicone, Stearic Acid, Aqua, BHT, Methylparaben, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Propylparaben, Quaternium-15, +/- [CI 77891, CI 77007, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499]

        ***SO, ANY GOOD?***
        Let's address this from a variety of angles.

        First of all, application. The mesh is indeed helpful at restricting the amount of powder that your brush picks up. I use a fairly large powder brush from the Cosmopolitan range, and it picks up a sufficient amount of powder. Indeed, when some powder makes its way around the edges of the sieve, the brush can easily pick up too much. Frequently I find myself tapping the brush to knock off the excess, and usually a few stray bits of powder will find their way to my neck and bustline as I apply. However, these blow away quite easily as the powder is very light.

        This goes on over my foundation nicely. It doesn't make my skin look dry nor does it feel so. However, it doesn't completely "blur out" the appearance of my fine lines, however, although I wouldn't go so far as to accuse it of emphasising them as some drier formulas might.

        This does balance out my annoyingly shiny T-zone well. I work a very long day and experience the joys of temperature change outside, inside, on the underground, on trains and air conditioning, so I am impressed that I only feel that I need a light top-up during the working day and then often a third application as I get towards home having usually experienced more shine because of the heat of rush-hour tube travel. So in terms of longevity and repeated application, this does very well.

        The colour is very neutral. Here I must give the product a strong positive word; I have, as I have tried to give my skin a break when I am at home all day, even got enough bravery to pop to the shops with just a dusting of this without foundation beneath - and it performed very well. It softened the appearance of flaws, mattified the skin and didn't leave me feeling massively self-conscious, so that's a big plus if I really do not want to clog my skin up for a day and need to pop out briefly.

        ***DOES IT LAST?***
        Yes. It occurs to me now that I have been using this product for well over a year and I am only on my second pot - and have at least half of it left after many months of use on an almost daily basis. So good value for money here, when high-range products that offer the same benefits can easily be twice the price.

        Shortly after I first purchased this I was sent on a work jaunt to Jersey which involved a flight. Not thinking too far ahead, I chucked the pot in my make up back with my other products and packed them for the trip. When I got to Jersey, in transit the movement this pot of product experienced led to the powder largely working around and then on top of the mesh, and being a healthily-packed pot of loose powder this meant that when I unscrewed the lid a fair bit escaped and worked into the thread of the lid mechanism. So beware. Being so light, as I tried to rectify this, more escaped and floated away or on to my clothes. The same happens which this travels as lightly as in a suitcase in a car, so be careful with it.

        Because of this I would not carry a recently purchased pot for day-time top-up applications. Instead I have kept my old pot and tap a little from my new one in to it, replace the sieve and the limited amount of product, combined with careful opening and handling, means I can reapply.

        My previous product of choice, the Clinique option, had a firmly-attached plastic top to the pot below the lid with a series of dispensing holes - as the sieve is independent and thus can move in this product, it would be perfect if it had a similar mechanism within the packaging. If you weren't ready for it, this could ruin an outfit if the product has travelled even lightly.

        ***SO OVERALL?***
        It's a great product - the packaging lets it down. For that, I feel like I am being harsh but I am tempted to remove a star. There's no point having a great product that offers fantastic value for money and completes your make up look if you lose half of it down the sink or drop half a pot of it on a guestroom carpet - or your little black dress.

        But I can't fault it as a finishing powder and the fact that it performs well enough at deflecting light and softening the skin tone without a foundation below it is a massive plus. It has no notable scent and has never stained my clothes, it doesn't dry the skin and whilst it is not powerful enough to totally hide fine lines, it does overall soften the complexion. Put that with the sheer length of time that a pot will last you and for the price tag this is a very strong product which must rival some of the high-end equivalents for less money. So, frankly, those white-uniform garbed haughty harridans from the "elite" make up stands in Boots can shove their opinion of whether or not I'm worthy of their products - when it comes to a loose finishing powder, I think their products might not be worthy of me.


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          17.05.2013 16:01
          Very helpful



          This is very bad face powder

          WHAT IS IT?

          Loose face powder for setting your make up and giving you a matt skin tone.  

          HOW DO YOU USE IT?

          This powder comes with a powder puff in the tub and you dip that into the powder.  To apply you pat and sweep the puff across your skin, there is a mesh on the top of the tub but I think that dispenses too much of the powder in one go so I always do shake my brush before I apply it.  

          WHAT I THINK

          I do not like this powder because it looks like it is caked on my skin and it always feels like it is heavy even though I use it only sparing and do not use heavy or thick foundation.  You can use this powder over your foundation or just on your bare skin if the weather is warm and you want only to avoid your skin looking shiny.  It works very well at that and I do not get any shine but I do not have very shiny skin any way.

          I look very pale and sickly when I use this powder and it sets uneven so that my skin looks in bad condition, it has got too much of a matt effect I think and that makes it looked caked on also and I do not like that.  I wore it to go out last week and I was caught in rain, I was not happy when I looked in a mirror because where the powder had got damp it looked like it was stuck to my skin and it dried again with a very horrible scaled appearance.  

          I would not recommend this face powder because it makes you look worse and does not give my skin a healthy appearance or make it look like I care for my skin.  It has got a funny powdery smell also that I do not like and that lasts for a long time after I have applied the powder.


          This loose powder costs about £7 and that is not value because it does not work very well and I have used cheaper brands that are better.

          1 Dooyoo Star.


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          01.05.2013 12:53



          Great product, but not for me

          Im not usually a Max Factor Fan at all, but I actually liked this powder.

          I didn't LOVE it, and the reason was I found it a bit heavy for my skin. I tried it on 3 separate occasions, as I thought I had maybe used a bit too much product. However I found the same issue. It definitely gave great coverage, and mattified my shiny skin, but it made it feel slightly dry and I this resulted it the "caked on look" that I usually try and avoid. People who prefer a heavier look from their powder will probably love it.

          it gives a flawless look to your skin tone and looks natural... from a distance. Upon closer inspection was when I found it looked quick caked on.

          Very reasonable price, and you only need a small amount.

          I just put it on with a regular powder brush, but if I was going to use it again I'd maybe just use a small brush to dust it lightly over my nose.Maybe more suitable for someone with very oily skin, or only used on oily patches of skin.

          Stays on the brush quite well, some powders I feel fall off before you even get the brush up to your face, but that wasn't the case with this powder.

          Downside - only available in 1 colour.

          Generally a good product.

          Price + availability

          £7.99. Available from most Boots stores.

          Detailed product information

          Max Factor Loose Powder fights shine, blends perfectly with your skin tone, stays in place throughout the day and gives a soft, groomed complexion.
          Max Factor Loose Powder ticks all the boxes for a totally trustworthy face powder, which is why its so in demand with professionals! Make-up artists love the way its clever mesh sieve dispenses the perfect amount of powder every time you use it so there is no risk of 'over powdering'. It's totally 'foolproof'!


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