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Maybelline Expert Eyelashes

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Brand: Maybelline / Type: Eyelash extensions / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2009 13:05
      Very helpful



      Great for adding length and achieving a natural long lash look, the glue that comes with the lashes

      It comes to a suprise to many of my friends that I wear false eyelashes as I am very lucky that my natural eyelashes are long and fluttery and with being naturally dark very black. About a year ago I fancied a change to my usual make up look and I thought that I would emphasise my eyes further by wearing false eyelashes. After wearing false lashes once I was converted and wear regularly on special occasions. I love to try new products so have found some really good lashes, some really bad and those which fall somewhere in between. My lashes are long so I have found with some false lashes they claim to add volume and length but are actually shorter in length than my natural lashes. So when purchasing lashes I have to go for quite long thick lashes.

      I was browsing the aisles of Superdrug when I came across Maybelline Expert Eyelashes. The lashes in the pack looked quite long and reasonably thick. These were priced at £3.99 on special offer and are usually priced at £4.99. Included in the pack is a small tube of eyelash glue.


      When I apply lashes I ensure the area firstly is dry. Some people apply false lashes as a last step when applying make up however I find that applying before is easier and if you do make a mess you don't have to apply all of your eye make up again. . You will need extra time if applying lashes first to ensure the lashes are fully affixed and dry before applying your eyeliner and eye shadow.

      I have never had this problem as the lashes fit my eyes perfectly but ensure the lash is the same size of your eye. If it is not trim it from the inner edge so it will fit on your lash line.
      Ensure you have plenty of cotton buds to hand. The cotton buds should not be too fluffy as bits will get stuck in the glue. Apply the glue to the lash on the strip on the top edge of the false lash. Ensure that no glue gets onto the lash as the lashes will stick together. Allow the glue to dry for about 30 seconds to 1 minute so it goes tacky.

      When the glue is tacky hold the inner edge of the lash with a pair of tweezers and press the lash strip down as close to your natural lash line as possible. Use the thin end of two cotton buds and hold down onto the lash line. Press the lash down so the lash does not lift. Apply pressure for around 1 minute until the lash is affixed.

      The lashes from Maybelline were not too difficult to apply. The lashes are quite strong and less flimsy than some other brands. When I applied the lash it stayed in shape but was also flexible to bend to the shape of my eye. This made attaching the lash easy as it did not bend or bits fall off which has happened with some brands.

      The glue is not as effective as some glue available and the lashes require quite a lot of glue to ensure that they are secured firmly in place. When pressing the lashes down on my lash line in order to ensure the lashes were securely in place I had to press down harder than usual with the cotton bud. When I first wore these the lashes were secure for the 8 hours but did take a lot more work than other brands of lashes and glue to get them in place properly.


      The look I went for was dark eyes and lots of eyeliner. The lashes looked quite long, but not as long as some lashes I have purchased. Thickness wise I was not that impressed and felt that the lashes needed more volume. I added a light touch of mascara but I still felt the lashes would have looked too heavy if I had put anymore mascara on. Against my smoky eyes I did not feel my lashes looked particularly noticeable. I like eyelashes to look subtle but the Maybelline eyelashes even with mascara on just looked too light and thin.

      Taking the lashes off was painless and easy. I got hold of the inner edge of the lash and pulled gently and the false lashes peeled off. A small amount of glue was left of my eye/ lashes but this was easily removed with a make up wipe.

      When I tried the Maybelline Expert lashes with MAC eyelash glue the lashes were attached much easier and only took about 1 minute per eye as opposed about 6 minutes per eye with the Maybelline glue. I needed to lose less glue and as a result overspill of glue was not visible on my eye.

      If I was to wear these lashes again from Maybelline, I feel they are more suited to a more natural look, rather than a smoky dark look as they are long and fluttery but not particularly thick, so would look lost against dark eye shadow and liner. Adding mascara to these lashes looks fine as long as not too much is added or quite light consistency mascara is used. I used Boujois Clubbing XXL to add greater thickness and this overloaded the lashes making them look to heavy. A nude natural tone eye shadow with a very thin line of eyeliner, if you need to hide overspill of glue. If there is no overspill of glue then the lashes from Maybelline would look great with just eye shadow alone.


      These are reasonably easy to apply however the glue that comes with the lashes it makes the application more difficult. The look achieved is fine for a more natural day time look but not so great if you are trying a smoky dark eyed look as volume wise these lashes are too thin and light. The lashes last more than one wear but after two wears I noticed that some of the lashes had fallen out. I would say you could wear these lashes a maximum of 5 times before needed to throw these away.

      After trying these lashes I bought some from MAC along with glue. The MAC lashes are 10 times better in terms of look and ease of use. Despite costing £12 for the lashes and the glue the MAC lashes last for about 10 wears and do not require mascara adding to the lashes. When it comes to false eyelashes Maybelline Expert Eyelashes are not the worst that you can buy but certainly they are not the best. They are priced quite cheaply so your initial outlay is low, but investing in a more expensive pair means you do not need to replace as often if you wear false lashes regularly and overall get nicer look. Simply average.


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      19.02.2008 14:26
      Very helpful



      Great for when you want to look even better than your best!

      False lashes had been something that I had never really experimented with in my life before, which may seem a little odd considering how experimental I do like to get with my eye make up. However I am blessed with what some people would call "cow flappers" - which in other words means thick, long, black eyelashes.

      Because of this to be honest I never really felt the need to wear falsies, and to be honest had always been a little worried incase one ended up on my cheek half way through the night and decided since this wasn't an essential item for me it wasn't worth the risk.

      So how then, did I come to buy Maybellines Expert Eyelashes? Well it comes back to the old experimental thing. A while back, before I discovered the Barry M Glitter stacking pots, I used to glue actual glitter to my eyelids, and this required...eyelash glue! Being that I couldn't find any on it's own in the shops, I saw these eyelashes for £1.99 in Savers and decided to buy them purely for the glue.

      For a long time my eyelashes sat alone and lonely in there box, while me and their glue partied many a night away. Then came a fancy dress night. I went as a 60s girl and whilst buying my outfit I also bought some fancy dress blue and silver eyelashes. The first time I tried applying these involved a huge screaming tantrum (which the other half got caught in the cross fire of) and me being entirely peed off that everyone else was already sat outside in the sun, laughing drinking and having fun, whilst I was having the most stressful time of my life, trying to apply these stupid 60s lashes, and subsequently glueing my fingers, but not the lashes to my face. Eventually they went on, and they stayed there all night. This gave me the faith to try my Maybelline lashes, although I was, dreading the application and no doubt everyone else who lives in the same house probably was too.

      Now the event I decided to try these on may seem a little silly as a first attempt at using them but never fear, it all ended well. I decided to wear these when I was bridesmaid at the fella's sister's wedding. My reasoning behind this was that you are somewhat limited as to what you can do eye make up wise on someone else's wedding day - you can't really go too extreme, but I knew I was going to be on a lot of photos and wanted to look good. At the time I hadn't yet discovered BADgal lash, and I thought that my Maybelline XXL didn't look classy enough for a wedding, but that my Max Factor Masterpiece perhaps needed a little extra oomph as I wanted to look nicer than normal.

      These eyelashes from Maybelline are very natural looking and will not look tacky or too bold but will make your eyelashes look thicker in a very fluttery way. No mascara can add volume like adding a whole extra set of eyelashes can do.

      So onto applying them. After all my make up was done other than mascara and eyeliner I curled my lashes and then applied these. I had done a little on line research into tips for applying falsies before this attempt, after the fiasco that was the time before. This paid off big style as I actually had no problem applying these.

      The first thing to do is measure the lashes near your eye and if the strip is too long, cut it to the size of your eye. Luckily for me, my eye is standard false eye lash size so that saves a job for me. Next take the strip and flex it back and forth a little bit to just make the strip more bendy and flexible for applying. Then take the eyelash glue and apply a thin layer to the strip, making sure if any is going to spill over the strip so to speak that it is towards the top rather than the bottom as at least then you can hide it a little with eye liner. Let the glue start to dry a little until it goes tacky, and then you apply them as close to your lashes as possible.

      I found the easiest way to do this was to hold the lash strip with a pair of tweezers and then push them onto the lid just above the natural lash line but as close as possible and then before the glue completely dries make sure both the ends are pushed down as close to the natural lashes as possible also. If needed apply a tiny bit extra glue to the ends.The best way to stick them down was to take a cocktail stick to push them down with. This is also great for getting in between the lashes and pushing the strip down firmly all the way along. This avoids your fingers getting glue on them, which can happen when pushing them down using your fingers, which can then result with the lashes glued to your fingers instead of your eyes, or your fingers glues to your face etc and it all just getting very messy and frustrating.

      Once applied the lashes look really thick and fluttery and natural, only better than natural if that makes sense. How natural would look if we all looked perfect. After they have been applied and the glue has dried you can take your fingers and press your natural lashes and the falsies together, although they don't look separated to begin with this can just help blend them together even better for a flawless look.

      If you want to apply mascara too then you should apply it at this stage. I used Max Factor's Master Piece Max which just made the eye lashes look more made up, although they would have been fine with out it. It does blend the lashes together even better so that you can't tell at all which ones are false.

      The over all look is amazing. You look like you have twice as many lashes but they still look very natural. You just look like you have the most amazing natural lashes. Despite there claims, no mascaras can even emulate the effect of falsies, because falsies actually ADD more lashes whereas all a mascara can do it add volume to the ones you already have.
      If you have applied a little too much glue don't worry, it does dry clear. I like to apply a thin layer of eye liner. I like to first get right in there with a pencil and then go over the top with liquid liner for a smooth fluid look. If you can't apply liquid liner it would be fine just drawing a thin line with a pencil. For me I wasn't going for a smokey look so I kept the line thin which just tidied up where the lashes were glued on and made it impossible to tell they were glued on. Obviously you can go for whatever look you like but I was going for classy due to it being a wedding. They would also work well for more dramatic smokey looks though.

      So the real test, and my main worry is that they would:

      a) Lift at either corner during the day
      b) Last from when I applied them at 11am, till over 12 hours later when we would be partying the night away
      c) End up on my cheek

      I can safely say that at 1am they were still looking as perfect as when I applied them over 14 hours before. They probably would have lasted through the night if I'd not taken them off before bed! They didn't lift at all, definitely didn't come off and they didn't look like I was wearing tacky false lashes. On the photographs they looked natural but so much better than how my lashes normally look. During the course of the day I rushed around like crazy getting my daughter (a flower girl) ready, helping the other bridesmaids get ready and of course the bride. We drank all day, stood outside in the freezing cold wind for a long time waiting for a taxi and even had a crying spell when I thought my camera had been lost. They lasted unaffected through all these things and they didn't even need a touch up. The glue however was small enough to fit in the tiny bridesmaid bag I had and didn't leak or spill so I was able to take it with me just in case, although I didn't need it.

      The lashes are re useable and I think you could get quite a few uses out of them. Mine still look like new although I have only worn them that once. I think I will take to wearing them on any big nights out though, and if just used occasionally like this then they should last months. If you naturally have very sparse lashes and need something for every day wear then these would look natural enough to do so. Obviously the thickness of your lashes whilst wearing these will depend on what you had to begin with as it simply adds to them. If you were wearing them every day then they may last a week or two but with proper care (ie, clean them with eye make up remover after wearing them) they could last even longer.

      They did not feel uncomfortable to wear, although I was aware of them at first I soon got used to them and they did not cause any discomfort or irritation to the eye.

      I would definitely recommend trying a pair of these, no matter what your normal lashes are like, even if you don't think you need them they will still make your lashes look even better!


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