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Maybelline Lash Expansion Mascara

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Brand: Maybelline / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      04.04.2010 11:38
      Very helpful



      worth a try if you need a basic mascara

      I wouldn't be seen dead without any mascara on my lashes as without any it looks like I don't have any. They are very pale & as I've grown older they seem to diminish by the day!

      I've tried loads of different brands over the years & although I have a few favourites I'm not particularly loyal to any brand so when I saw this Maybelline one reduced to £5.50 (instead of around £7 I think) I bought it at my local pharmacy.

      The actual tube measures approximately 5" & the brush is about 1" - I think it's important to have a good-sized brush - the tiny ones are more difficult for me to use without poking myself in the eye.

      I chose black, although there were a few shades to choose from. The packaging is nice & stylish & doesn't look like a cheap mascara because of the dark colouring & silver writing.

      It states it will 'wrap, thicken & lengthen' lashes so all I had to do was put it to the test...

      I wondered what it meant by 'wrap' but the way the brush is designed it seems to catch & cover the lashes with very little effort. After a couple of coats my lashes did seem longer & thicker I have to say & they didn't feel sticky or heavy.

      I have quite sensitive eyes but I had no problem after using this product & my eyes didn't feel at all dry. It doesn't seem to clog either in the tube or when applied - a problem I've had with some other brands.

      I've bought a few mascaras in the past which I've had to bin because of their bad smell but this Maybelline is fragrance-free & although I've used it for a couple of months now the brush still does the job & I think I've still got a few more weeks from it.

      I wouldn't say it was an extra special mascara but it does the job for me - I just need colour & length really & one that's easy to remove - this ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned.

      If you want a product that makes your lashes really thick & glamourous then this probably isn't for you but otherwise I'd recommend giving this a try if you see it on offer.


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        16.03.2006 09:15
        Very helpful



        Easy to apply mascara

        My last few mascaras have been Maybelline; in actual fact, I am becoming quite fascinated by the number and range of Maybelline mascaras. It's a minefield.

        Still searching for and never quite finding that "perfect" mascara, this is the latest in a long line of mascaras. I was actually tempted by the offer at my local chemist- £6.17 reduced to £3.10. This, I thought, was quite a bargain for Maybelline because usually they sell for around the £7 mark.

        **The Promise**

        • "Look at me lashes"
        • Thicker, longer lashes
        • Lasts all day
        • No clumps or globs (it does say that!)

        **How does it DO that?**

        Apparently, this is a very impressive mascara, and can perform these mini miracles because it has a revolutionary brush which wraps itself around each lash. So, that means I think, that somehow, the brush will be able to cover the top, bottom and sides of each individual eye lash.

        **What does it look like?**

        The mascara is in a single ended mascara case- usual type. I say single ended because so many of the "super" mascaras now come as double ended little packages with a white brush and coloured brush.
        This has a screw off top and when I have a look at the brush, it really does not look any different to any other mascara brush I have seen. I can't imagine that this is going to actually wrap itself round each lash to create a "captivating expanse of lashes".

        **Other bits of information**

        The mascara is opthamologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive, so I think it's probably ok for most people.

        For people with sensitivity to any ingredients regularly found in mascaras, I would suggest you check out the ingredients.

        **Made by…**

        New York



        This website is, if you like make up, quite interesting. There is information about all the Maybelline products, as well as competitions and tips on how to apply make up.

        **Customer Advise**

        0845 3990304 (UK)
        1850 604304 (ROI)

        **So, does it work?**

        As I said, the brush looks no different to the average and "normal" mascara brush- same size, same shape.

        I applied the mascara using my common sense- I had to know how to apply it because there are no instructions!

        The mascara is easy to apply and feels quite dry; I often find that there is a lot of liquid which sometimes gives the illusion of great coverage. I bought the black (it is available in brown) and it did make my eyelashes look very black, but they are black anyway so that was no real improvement. I didn't actually notice any difference at all when compared with mascaras which don't have this revolutionary brush. My eyelashes looked no thicker although at a push I would say they may have looked a bit longer but this could be wishful thinking.

        It does manage to stay on all day and doesn't smudge, although had there been some weeping going on, I don't fancy its chances because it was easy to remove using normal eye make up remover. That is an advantage for me because I dislike the feeling of hardened mascara. This requires no scrubbing to remove it, so big plus. It also doesn't clump, and does separate lashes as it is applied.

        Put it big style through its paces with a Saturday night on the quayside…freezing cold outside, making my eyes water and boiling hot inside every bar, meaning that any make up not worth its salt is going to have a fair chance of failure. The easy to apply, no clumping mascara was great at the start of the night, but having trip trapped across the bridge in sub zero temperatures, my next inspection in the mirror convinced me that I had "lost" it somewhere over the river. There was definitely not a lot of mascara on my eye lashes; the very fact that it can be removed easily means that if your eyes stream, then the mascara streams. No matter- by that time of the night I was convinced I looked fabulous anyway, and it also meant that there would be no anti panda in the morning!

        It definitely doesn't have the "wow" factor which was promised and again, is good for an every day mascara, but not for "look at me" lashes, and certainly not for hot/cold changes in temperature.

        So, my quest for the perfect mascara continues and while I seem to be constantly buying Maybelline at the moment, I will try another.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela x


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        Expands, extends and enhances your lashes /

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