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Maybelline Master Smoky Pencil

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3 Reviews
  • Nice pigmentation
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    3 Reviews
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      14.07.2014 00:10
      Very helpful


      • "Nice pigmentation"


      Where's there's smoke, there isn't always fire...?

      I bought the MASTER SMOKEY on a 3 for 2 in Boots, after reading/hearing loads of good things about the product. Was it a good buy?

      I found the MASTER SMOKEY is easy to apply, as it doesn''t drag across my eyelid or scratch the sensitive skin and the line applies with a even colour in one stroke. It is also easy to smudge the colour out. This is where my problems start, as it is too easy to smoke out - the smudger works more like an eraser for me.

      Rather then this being a fast and easy alternative to using eyeshadow, I find myself having to take ten minutes blending, shaping and layering my MASTER SMOKEY until I get a nice, wearable look. Then comes problem two; this is NOT ''long lasting''. I''ll look in the mirror after about six hours and there will just be a little colour in my crease, the rest of the liner will have vanished. My skin is dry and setting the liner with powder makes no difference. I can set it with eyeshadow, but that defeats the purpose of using this for creating a smokey look in the first place.

      To be a bit positive; the feel of the ''lead'' of the pencil itself during application is very nice; not too hard, not too soft.

      As well as the feel of the pencil I love the product''s colours [I have black, grey and navy] and think that the pigmentation of the product is great - really vivid. It''s especially nice to find a black pencil liner that truly applies as black, rather then charcoal.

      At the end of the day I think that the size of the pencil, and the price (6 GBP) of it is pretty bad for using MASTER SMOKY purely as a liner when there are so many cheaper alternatives available, so that sort of cancels out the plus points.

      I do still use my MASTER SMOKY liners since I spent my money on them, but they''ve not grown on me during the year that I''ve had them. To other people I''d recommend trying Rimmel''s kohl pencils over these; they are cheaper, and can be smudged out across your lids better, if that''s the look you want.


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      15.09.2013 19:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very effective eye liner.

      I don't use eye liner very often as I've never really been able to perfect the technique of applying it well and it therefore takes me a long time to get the look right. When I saw this Maybelline Master Smoky eye pencil I thought it looked ideal for me for a number of reasons. It was larger than most pencils I've used before so I imagined the size would help me to steady my hand and apply it more effectively. The pencil is also specifically designed to create a 'smoky eye' look which generally fashions a less severe appearance than fine pencils do and is also more forgiving of mistakes when applying!

      The pencil is available in five different shades: smoky black, navy, grey, violet and chocolate. I am reviewing the smoky black shade. The pencil is made by the brand Maybelline. I use this brand from time to time and I've often been impressed with their innovative products. This eye pencil is fairly different and unique to any other eye pencil I've had before. The brand state that this is a "longwearing Shadow-pencil" which comprises of "ultra-saturated pigments in a rich creamy liner".

      The pencil is much thicker than other eye pencils I've use before. It's like a child's chunky crayon. The diameter of the pencil is about 1 1/2 centimetres although the actual nib is only 7-8 millimetres in diameter. Although the pencil is large it feels lightweight and it's bigger size means that it's easier to hold than thinner pencils. The pencil is designed so that on one end you have your liner nib and on the other is a sponge head which you can use to create the smoky eyes look.

      The pencil is actually printed with helpful diagrams and textual instructions about how to create the perfect look. Basically, you draw a line near to the lash line and then use the sponge end of the pencil to smudge and soften the line. Although not mentioned on the pencil I've found out you can also use the pencil for other things such as filling in patches in eyebrows. You can also use it in a similar way to an eye shadow using the smudged lines to create shadow or contour highlights, with it being especially effective on the upper lid around the eye socket area.

      I find the pencil very easy to use and that surprises me given my terrible history with eye liner pencils! The actual substance of the liner feels soft and creamy. It transfers onto the skin easily and evenly. It glides across my skin and does not stick or gather at any point. It is possible to vary the pressure when you apply the liner and this creates different looks. It is still easy to apply the liner even when the most pressure is applied.

      When a lot of pressure is applied during application then the line is deep, slinky black. It looks almost like it has been a liquid liner as it's quite glossy and so slick. Less pressure during application makes the colour of the liner look more charcoal grey and dusty. The sponge end on the pencil is quite stiff but spongy at the same time. It is very absorbent and I've found that it's easy to over-smudge your lines and even smudge your lines away to nothing when using the sponge. Very gentle dabbing is the best way to use the sponge. I found that practise using the sponge is helpful before the real application. Once smudged the lines hold their main shape but look like they are bleeding colour and shadow into the surrounding area. You can graduate the intensity of the shade the further away you smudge from the main line. It is a very pretty and sexy look and it's a professional make-up finish that is so easy to achieve using this pencil.

      The liner is hard wearing and doesn't smudge or fade throughout a period wearing it. When I want to remove this I find that some eye make-up remover tonic on a cotton pad doe the trick or a make-up remover wipe followed by a facial wash.

      I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to ladies who enjoy being creative with their eye make-up and who want a no-fuss application method for the smoky eyes look! This pencil cost me £5.99 and is available at places like Boots and Superdrug.

      This review is also on Ciao!


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        23.10.2012 11:01
        Very helpful



        Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow Eye Pencil.

        The Product
        = = = = = = =
        This product is new to the Maybelline range and creates beautiful smoky eyes in just 2 simple steps. The product is a long wearing eye shadow pencil with ultra saturated pigments to form a rich creamy liner. The eye shadow pencil has the coloured pencil on one end and the foam smudge tip on the other end. Each end is protected by a plastic cap which simply pulls off so you can use the product. On the pencil it tells you how to use the product in 2 simple, easy steps. Simply draw a thick line with the pencil and then smudge outwards using the smudge tip. The pencil is a lot thicker than a standard eye liner pencil but it's not too thick and can be held comfortably when using the product. I love creating Smokey eyes and have experimented with many different eye-shadow kits and eyeliners. I recently purchased a really good eye-shadow kit that was brilliant but I thought this product sounded much easier and was good if I didn't have as much time to apply the eye-shadow. This product would also fit into the small pocket in my bag so would be perfect for on the go or for keeping in my bag in case I need to top it up.

        The product is available to buy in Smoky Black, Smoky Violet & Smoky Navy. These cost £5.99 each, how-ever I purchased mine from Superdrug where all products in the Maybelline range is on 3 for 2, so I actually purchased all 3 colours as I also loved he look of the Violet and the Navy colour as well. These were all the colours they had in my local Superdrug store but when looking on the Maybelline website at the product I noticed they actually have this product in Smoky Chocolate and Smoky Grey.

        Using the Product
        = = = = = = = = =
        According to the instructions on the pencil: Draw a thick line and then smudge out. For the ultimate look it recommends using Maybelline Colossal Smoky Eye Mascara which is also a new product in the range.

        I took the cap off the end of the pencil and held it in my hand ready to draw a thick line as they suggest. The pencil was comfortable to hold and was easier to hold than a normal eye liner pencil as it was slightly chunkier. I drew a line on my eyelid close to the lash line; this went on fairly easy without having to apply too much pressure. I did how-ever think the colour was too light so I went over the line again to make it a big darker. I also drew a line as close to my lower lash line as possible. I replaced the cap on the pencil tip and then took the cap off the smudge tip. The smudge tip is black and feels soft but firm. I used this to smudge the line I had drawn beneath the lower lash liner. This blended quite easy and created a softer looking line. I then used the smudge tip to smudge out the top line. The smudge tip was soft and didn't feel scratchy against my eyelid when using it. As I smudged the line outwards the colour lightened a little and didn't look as dark. The line definitely was smudging out but not very much, so I thought the best thing to do would be apply a little more of the liner. I drew another thick line along the upper lash line again and made this much thicker than last time. I then used the smudge tip again to blend outwards. The liner blends outwards easily and does appear to make the lines softer and not as harsh looking. I applied my normal mascara to my lashes and didn't use their mascara as recommended.

        = = = =
        Smoky Violet - When using the product for the first time I used the Smoky Violet colour. This looked quite a dark colour when applying it and once it had been smudged out it wasn't as dark as it first looked. It wasn't until I looked in a mirror in a brightly lit room that I would really see the violet colour to the liner. I really liked the look of the colour and it made my eyes a little different from wearing black all the time.

        Smoky Navy - I was a little worried about using this product at first as I have blue eyes so I wasn't really sure that this would look any good around my eyes. As it was a dark blue I decided to try the product anyway. I applied the product exactly the same way as before and used the smudge tip to blend the colour outwards. Again it wasn't until I was in a brightly lit room with a mirror that I could actually see the blue colour. As the blue was navy it was quite dark but actually looked quite nice around my eyes and I liked the look of it. It was nice to have a different colour round my eyes rather than black all the time.

        Smoky Black -I was more used to having a black liner around my eyes, which was good as I could compare it to other eye liner and products I have used in the past. I again applied the product as before and smudged the thick line I had drawn near my lash line. The colour lightened slightly so I applied some more to make it darker and I smudged this colour slightly more than the other to really create a really good Smokey effect. To do this I had to draw 2-3 thick lines and then keep smudging it to create this look. This was a little time consuming but it did look great after I had finished.

        Throughout the day & night when wearing the liner it didn't irritate my eyes or make them sore which was good as I find some products can easily do this especially as I do often suffer from sensitive eyes. I decided to check my eyes in the mirror whilst at work to see how the liner was looking. I checked my eyes approximately 5 hours after I had first applied the product. The liner was still there and still looked as good as it had when I had first applied it in the morning. You could still see the colour of the liner and it still had a smoky effect to it. I again checked my eyes in the evening before taking my make up off and the liner still looked great although I think it had worn off a little, but not much. I still had a good amount of liner around my eyes and it still looked good.

        Removing the product
        = = = = = = = = = = =
        To remove the product I used a Simple facial wipe and found that with a gentle wipe or two the liner remover very easily without the need to rub at my eyes. I think eye make-up remover would also easily remove the liner from your eyes as well.

        Overall Opinion
        = = = = = = = =
        The product comes in a great range of colours, which I love. I particularly like the Navy and the Violet colours as it makes a nice change from wearing black liner all the time. The pencil is comfortable to hold and is easy to apply. You may find that after smudging the first thick line you may need to apply another thick line in order to make the smoky look better or to make your eyes slightly darker as when you smudge the colour out from your lash line the colour does tend to go much lighter. The liner is really long lasting, and lasted all day whilst at work and into the early hours of the evening without me needing to re-apply the liner at any point during the day. If you want a really dramatic smoky look then I do think you would need to apply a very thick line, over at least half of your eye-lid to create a really good smoky look but if you want something more subtle then a thick line along the upper lash-line is enough to smudge the colour out slightly to the lines and liner appears softer. In terms of value I don't think the product is badly priced and would expect to pay this for an eye liner pencil with a smudge tip on the end of it. I wouldn't pay more than £5.99 for this product as I think you may be able to get similar products to this one by different brands. The liner is particularly good for people who aren't very good at creating different make up looks and want to achieve the look of smoky eyes as the liner is really easy to use and only takes a few minutes to apply and smudge outwards. I probably would buy this product again when I have run out, how-ever I think I would probably go for the Navy or the Violet colour again as I have lots of black eye liner pencils already. I recommend this product and think it deserves the full 5 stars as it's easy to apply, smudges easily and is long lasting through-out the day with no need to apply. It was also kind to my eyes and really easy to remove at the end of the day/evening.

        (review also on ciao)


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