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Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation

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Brand: Maybelline / Powders / Type: Foundation

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    6 Reviews
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      25.02.2012 14:31
      Very helpful



      Maybe it's Maybelline...Maybe it's Photoshop!

      I am yet to find my 'perfect' foundation and although some have come very close, their price may be a little off putting or they may become heavy on the skin, so whilst out looking for my latest foundation I came across this one by Maybelline. The thing I thought looked good about this one in particular was that it was priced very reasonably and looked like it would be light on the skin due to it being a powder/ mineral type of foundation; the two very things I had been struggling to find in a foundation.

      ~~What is it/ What are mineral Foundations~~
      This is a mineral foundation by Maybelline, named Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation. I have used some Maybelline foundations in the past, such as dreame matte mousse and satin liquid and although they were good, they also had their faults so I felt a little dubious about trying this one.
      Mineral Foundations have been becoming increasingly popular by make up brands over the past couple of years, with almost every brand having their own 'mineral' foundation. Despite this, I don't feel that they have ever really taken off and have not heard too many amazing things about the, nonetheless I figured it was worth a go. The idea behind mineral foundations is that they are gentler on your skin, due to them having less 'chemicals' in them; which in effect leaves your skin in a better condition allowing your foundation to look more even/ better once applied. They also supposedly contain more natural ingredients, which again is better for the skin as it means you will get less breakouts / blemishes, alongside achieving a flawless, matte coverage.

      ~~Why did I buy it?~~
      Recentley, many mineral foundations have been on TV and as I am still on the look out for the 'perfect' foundation I decided to give this one ago. I liked the idea of it being light on the skin, yet at the same time having a coverage of a foundation. Also, after seeing it on TV, giving models flawless looking skin, with a matte finish I decided it was worth a try. I am not usually persuaded by adverts on TV, however, after thinking about buying a mineral foundation for a while, I decided that this one seemes as good as any other.

      ~~Price and Avaliability~~
      This particular product cost me around £8 from Boots. Personally, I think this is a very good price for a mineral foundation as some other similar brands price them in the region of £12-£14 and some more established brands price them at anything from £17 and above! At the time I was happy with paying this for my foundation, as my previous one had cost me £15 and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. At the time Boots also had a 3 for 2 across make up in the store, which meant that my foundation was even cheaper, though they do often have these offers on so I could look out for one!
      As said, it is purchasable in Boots along with Superdrug and some other larger supermarket stores such as Tesco and Asda. You may also be able to find it online for cheaper at the likes of Amazon and eBay.

      ~~Applying / Using the product~~
      The product came with its own little brush, it is a similar style to that of a kookai brush, however on a much smaller scale. I tried applying the foundation both with this brush and with my normal brush and I found that one way was much harder to apply and blend in than the other.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      With the brush it came with
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      The brush it came with was very small to hold. It was very hard to find a comfortable to position to hold it in and therefore I found the foundation hard to apply. The bristles on the brush were very coarse and did not move across the face well. I found that when using this brush, the bristles picked up a lot of foundation, probably too much as I had to keep removing the excess. When using this brush to apply I found it very difficult, there was not a large enough surface area of bristles in order to apply it to the whole of the face evenly. I found that where ever the brush first touched the skin it seemed to leave an orange like circle there, which was then very hard to blend out. The bristles were ever so slightly 'scratchy' on the face when trying to blend the foundation, which made it almost impossible to blend the foundation in evenly.
      I found this brush to be of very poor quality and it proved to be almost impossible to use. The foundation did not apply smoothly as a powder form foundation should and instead of feeling light on my skin, my skin felt 'overworked' from continuously trying to blend the foundation in.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      When using my own brush
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      I personally found it so much easier to apply when using my own brushes. To apply 'powder' form foundations I usually use a mixture of a fan style brush, along with a larger kookai brush and this is exactly what I did here. Here, I found appyling the foundation to be a much more pleasant and easier experience. The bristles on my brushes seemed a lot more softer and seemed to 'move' better across the face. This not only allowed me to pick up a decent amount of foundation, without having too much excess or fallout, it also allowed me to blend the foundation in so much easier.
      When using my own brushes the foundation felt light on my skin and although it was easier to blend, I still had some slight difficulties. This is due to the fact that where I had any dry patches it seemed to catch onto these, meaning it was harder to blend.

      I definitley noticed the difference in using the two different brushes and believe the brush it came with to be of very poor quality. Though it is a nice idea that it comes with its own brush, which may be nice if you are carrying the item around with you and don't want to waste space with your normal size brushes, I personally found this brush near impossible to use and found it felt harsh on my skin, which is definitley not the idea of a mineral foundation.

      ~~Overall Look~~
      The overall look of the foundation is not at all what I expected. It did not have the 'flawless' finish I expected and I don't think the coverage was that good at all. It looked similar to as if I was just wearing a normal powder, which is just enough to even out the skin tone and give a little coverage, however was no way near enough the coverage I was expecting from a 'foundation'. Though, it did manage to even out my skin tone a little and also managed to cover some minor blemishes. The overall look was fairly matte, however, it did seem to have that obvious 'powder' look where it hadn't blended into my skin completley. I believe that the shade of foundation suited my skin well and it did not look too pale, nor did it look to orange, however it failed to add any depth to my face and it definitley did not 'lift' the colour of my face.
      Over the time of wearing the foundation I became increasingly dissapointed, it made my skin appear shiny and did not have the 'matte' finish. It also seemed to exaggarated any fine lines, or blemishes rather than trying to hide them, I think this may be due to the fact that it does not have the 'depth' to it, which a normal foundation would. I also found that over time it made any dry patches look slighlty orange in colour and noticed that the foundation seemed to wear off unevenly. Nonetheless, the foundation did feel light on my skin throughout the day and did not begin to feel heavy, or cloggy as some others do. I decided not to apply throughout the day, this was mainly because I didn't like the look of the foundation, however if you wanted to keep the foundation looking fresh and newly applied I think you would have to reapply two to three times throughout the day due to the fact it did wear off rather quickly.
      I was very unimpressed with the overall look of this foundation as it didn't do what a normal 'foundation' would. I think it would be much better if this was infact a powder to wear over foundation in order to set the face, rather than to be used alone as foundation.

      ~~How long will it last/ Is it good value for money?~~
      I can not see this lasting me too long. This is due to the fact that I feel you need to apply rather a lot (a stupid amount!) in order to try and get the coverage of a foundation. I also found that due to it being a loose powder form there was rather a lot of excess foundation on the brush, or a lot of fall out when applying it which meant that a lot was getting wasted and not being used. I can only see it lasting me 2-3 months, whereas most foundations last me around 5 months, though I am quite glad as I don't want to be using it for much longer than I have to! Therefore, although it is cheap, I do not think it is good value for money. It fails to do the basics of a foundation and will run out far too quickly to be counted as good value for money.

      ~~Did I notice any difference to the appearance of my skin / did the 'mineral' foundation do anything~~
      As far as the 'mineral' foundation goes, I believe this is just a fad. I noticed no improvement to the appearance of my skin, it certainly did not help with any breakouts or making my skin feel or look smoother. I do not believe that using a mineral foundation gave me better looking skin or a more 'flawless' finish and believe that much better finishes can be achieved with other foundations. I did like the fact that it felt light and delicate on my skin and my skin did not have the same 'weighty' feeling, though I cannot say that it particuarly felt 'gentler' and as far as having less 'chemicals' go I can firmly say that I did not notice the difference is using the 'natural ingredients' of a mineral foundation to that a normal foundation. Perhaps I expected too much of a mineral foundation, though personally I think they are a complete fad and cannot notice or comment on any difference or improvement in my skin.

      *Feels light to wear
      *Cheap to buy
      *Comes with own brush which MAY be handy when going out
      *Fairly easy to blend when using own brush
      *Widely avaliable
      *Shade suited my skin tone

      *Brush it comes with is very poor quality
      *Can be hard to apply
      *Wears off unevely
      *Catches onto dry parts of the skin - can make them look orange
      *Begins to make face look shiny - does not have 'matte' finish
      *Poor coverage
      *Will not last long - is not good value for money
      *Seemed better suited as a powder to set a foundation, rather than a foundation itself
      *Did not hide / cover blemishes very well
      *Noticed no difference in using a 'mineral' foundation'

      ~~Final Thoughts / Would I recommend~~
      Overall, I am very dissapointed with this item. It failed to give me an ever coverage and the coverage in itself was very poor. The mineral aspect of this foundation was perhaps the most dissapointing and although I wasn't expecting miracles from it, I was expecting some difference, however, none was to be noted. I think the quality of the item was extremley poor, especially the quality of the brush, which I completley gave up with in the end! The foundation itself would have been much better suited to be called a 'mineral powder' than a 'mineral foundation' as the properties of a foundation were just not there,
      I would not reccomend this item, although it did have some pro's, which can be seen above, I believe that the con's far out wayed these and is a product that I will definitley not be buying again!


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        05.07.2011 19:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A really brilliant foundation!

        I have very pale skin so I use the lightest shade of this foundation which is 'Ivory Rose'. I have used it for at least a year now and I love it! I think it gives a great coverage and the Kabuki brush that comes with it is really soft and seems to be an effective applicator. I also really like the natural aspect of it as it's made from "pure" minerals so I like to think that it is better for my skin than applying a load of man-made chemicals!

        However, it does seem to have been discontinued in many highstreet stores which, in my opinion, is a real shame as it is probably the first foundation that I have found that didn't make my pores feel clogged up or my skin feel greasy and horrible. My mum also really likes it and we both recently stocked up on it, just in case it disappears completely!


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          05.05.2011 17:46
          Very helpful



          This is an amazing product for flawless skin, but too expensive so I wouldn't buy it for full price.

          I'd tried various products by Maybelline and after trying the Dream Matte Mousse foundation I thought that I should try out another of their foundations. At Tesco in the reduced items basket I found this foundation for £5 - it's originally £10 so I was quite happy!
          It came with a little kabuki brush which I thought was quite nice, though I knew I would just use a normal powder brush for it.


          The foundation comes in a little plastic pot, quite simple. It's see through but the lid is coloured blue and there's writing on the lid.
          Inside, there's a little sieve like most loose powder foundations, pressed powders, blushers, etc.

          -The Actual Product-

          I tested this product on two different criteria: how long the foundation stayed on for and how comfortable it felt on my face. I massaged a moisturiser into one half of my face and then I blended the foundation in all over my face. To be quite honest, it felt stiffer and heavier on the half of my face that had moisturiser on it.
          After the day had gone I got a makeup wipe and wiped away the makeup on the half of my face which had only foundation on it. There was neither a lot nor not much product on the wipe, so this left me thinking that the foundation did stay on but a bit of it had come off.
          I wiped the other half of my face and there was quite a lot of product on my face. I came to the conclusion that using a moisturiser under the foundation helps it stick better so not much of it comes off.

          -How To Get The Most Out Of This Product-

          Apply a moisturiser to your face (not too much or you'll look too shiny!) and then apply your concealer and whatever (do NOT put on pressed powder, foundation takes that place). Make sure your pot of foundation is tightly closed, then tip it upside down to get some of the product into the lid.
          Open the pot and then swirl your brush in the lid. Blend the foundation into your face and make sure there are no streaks, and make sure it's all blended into your neck and hairline.
          If you want, you can also apply a matifying gel to your face (I use the one from Lancome).


          I really really love this product and I love how it doesn't make my face feel sweaty or cakey or stiff and overall I think it's an amazing product for flawless skin. I would recommend this to a friend and I'm telling you now to go and buy this!
          The only bad thing is that I don't think it's worth a whole £10 even though I got it for £5.


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          17.03.2011 00:30



          Its a must have.

          Oh My God!

          This is my most favourite item of makeup in my makeup bag!!

          I dont wear foundation everyday as I feel it clogs up my skin and I really dont feel like wearing anything to heavy to work anyway so I only wear it when I go out somewhere I can get dressed up abit more then just general everyday. But now i found this stuff I dont know where i would be without it!! Its not to heavy and it gives you a really light feeling it doesnt turn you a funny colour just gives you a natuarl glow. It stays on nice aswell I used to find when I went out clubbing my foundation would all be gone by the end of the night but since wearing this one I can honestly say its stayed on pretty well. I like the brush it comes with although its brissels do come out alot unfortunatly thats the only bad thing I have to say about it but thats easily fixed... just use another brush. Its nice that you dont need alot on either as with just a light dusting it makes you look and feel amazing. Im a huge fan of not leaving the house with no makeup and if someone told me I had to go to work with no eye liner or mascara on I would laugh in their faces. But aslong as they said I could only wear this foundation I would go in with no other makeup on, theres just something about it that gives you a flawless look im that confident about it, I would go to work with no makeup on apart from this!


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          11.11.2010 14:35



          A good foundation to wear on holiday

          I Love Maybelline products and this is a really good foundation if you want something a bit lighter.

          I paid about £7 for it which is about average for this type of foundation. It was not great value for money though as I find it doesn't last me as long as a bottle of liquid foundation but it is nice for a change.

          I think mineral foundations provider a lighter coverage so if your looking for something that is going to give your skin a good thick coverage then this is not the product for you. I think this type of foundation has its place though and I think it is a good foundation for light day use occassionally and is the perfect foundation to take on holiday.

          This foundation is a poweder and it is very quick and simple to use as you just sweep it across your face. it is convenient to use because you don't need to use a powder on top of it. It feels nice to apply and definately feels like it lets me skin breathe. It leaves my skin nice and soft but doesn't give a thick coverage but rather a very light cover. I think it is just what you want to use when it is hot because you don't want something heavy on your skin. I really like the fact that this is a very matte foundation so it doesn't leave me with any shiny patches. It matches my skin tone really well and doesn't look like I am wearing foundation.

          I don't think this foundation is something I would use every day as it is just not thick enough for my skin but if you have good skin and only need a light coverage then I think this would be perfect. I would recommend it for holidays though and will definately be buying it next time I go away.


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          22.07.2010 11:01
          Very helpful



          Use It As A Face Powder & You Wont Be Disappointed!

          Ive only got one Maybelline product review to go after this so I thought Id start on them nice and early as my aim is to get every beauty review I have left done by the end of the month! Its going to eb a big task let me tell you! Anyway this is another product I managed to pick up quite cheaply when I was in town about a week ago and Im not really sure why I did as Ive never been a fan of mineral foundations. Even though I dont have bad skin on my face and rarely suffer with spots I need something that offers me more coverage as Id feel naked without my foundation on but Im always up for trying new things make-up wise so I decided to give this "Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation" a chance. I dont think its done too much to change my opinion in all honesty!

          Useful Information:
          Price: Around £6
          Stockists: Superdrug, Boots & Amazon
          Shades: Rose Ivory, Vanilla Rose, Dune, Golden Sand & Sienna. That might not seem like a wide choice there but they do have something for everyone and include both ends of the skintone spectrum. I personally chose the Dune shade as I thought that would be about average and would suit my skintone best without being too light or too dark.

          You do get a small applicator brush when you buy this powder but I find it is too small and chunky for me to use properly so I just use the bigger powder brush I already own and I advise others to do the same if you have one. I dont recommend applying this with a flat powder puff as the end results wont be as good and with loose powder I find a brush to eb much easier and less messy. Less in more in the case of this powder as using too much does make your skin look dead flaky and really unatural but if you use just a little bit it still covers your whole face but evenly and without any flaking. Pretty easy to apply as you wont get any lines or marks from this - not that Ive experienced anyway - and it covers your face quickly and evenly so its pretty good for some things I guess.

          My problem is though this doesnt really offer any kind of coverage for my skin personally. As I mentioned I dot have bad skin at all but when I apply this alone it looks exactly the same and you cant even tell Im wearing make-up which I know is kind of the point but I want something between looking natural and looking good and this just didnt deliver that for me so I dread to think what people who do suffer from bad skin and spots will make of this because it certainly wont cover and blemishes your hoping to hide! Ive started using this as a face powder over my proper foundation and it works so well for that because it is really lightweight and feels proper natural so I think they should sell this as a face powder rather than a proper foundation as I think many people will be disappointed when using this alone.

          I dont recommend this as a foundation because this coverage isnt great but as a face powder I think everyone should use it. 3 out of 5 from me.

          Thanks For Reading

          x0 Salz 0x


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