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Maybelline Superstay PowerGloss 12hr Lipgloss

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Brand: Maybelline / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    3 Reviews
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      21.06.2013 15:36
      Very helpful



      Very poor quality, lasts less than a regular lipstick or gloss.

      I usually always wear lip gloss however for a treat bought this lip colour hoping that as it was long lasting I could apply it once in the morning and have colour on all day.

      Item: Maybelline Super Stay 12Hour Dual Ended Lip Colour
      Description/Claims: Meet the 12HR lipcolour that stretches our limits of longwear.
      Colour: Rose Dusk 185
      Price: £8.99
      Bought in: Superdrug

      Half of this package is lip balm the other half is the lip colour. I have looked all over the packaging and can't actually see the "ml" quantities of either part of the product. Plus the Writing on the white part of the tune is silver and very reflective so can hardly read what it does say.

      Packaging, design, contents and size:
      The full item is 13cm long. The tube appears to be separated in to 3 sections. One part has the lip balm in it. The lip balm part can actually fully unwinds from the tube and can be used the same way you would use a "chapstick", once used it then can be screwed securely back in the packaging. End with the lip colour comes away from the packaging and only holds the lip colour. The ends of the package taper towards the end so even though you can sit the lip colour on its end it would need to be on a very stable surface although it doesn't look like the contents would come out, I would be careful just in case. The middle section is actually the top "lid" part of the lip balm and the wand for the lip colour. If you keep the lip balm screwed in to the package while using the lip colour brush it gives you a 9cm handle to use when applying the lip colour. The wand/applicator section is 2cm long and made of what looks like a velvety material. Which seems to catch a lot of the colour but is actually quite gloopy when you pull it out of the tube. So you actually have to drain off some of the colour by scraping it back in to the little pot by rubbing the brush over the edge of the tube. The package itself if 2 thirds white and the pot of colour is clear so you can actually see the exact colour through the end. The words on the packaging are in silver and bright red shimmer and are actually really hard to read as the light reflects off them a lot and they are quite "mirrored" so you tend to see reflection on them more than the words themselves. It was the claims of the item absolutely more than the packaging that lured me over to buy it. It looks quite cheap in comparison to other Maybelline products but wasn't cheap at £8.99

      Instructions for use and does it last the full 12 hours?
      You are advised to apply the lip colour to "Clean, bare lips. Allow a full two minutes to dry, then apply ultra-conditioning balm to seal in softness. Reapply balm as needed. Remove with an oil-based makeup remover." I followed these instructions to the letter and for the first 20 to 30 minutes the colour does look really strong and glossy. However after that (even when not eating and drinking and nothing touching my lips aside from my own lips meeting) it starts to somewhat "rub off" and I can feel a crumbly substance on the edges of my lips. I don't suffer from dry lips and have not applied this out with the exact instructions so I cannot understand why it would be coming off my lips after such a short period of time. When I tried the colour in the shop I applied it to the back of my hand and it was still on there the next day after being in a shower and trying to clean it off with soap and an exfoliating mitt, so I had high hopes of this colour lasting that long on my lips. But it just does not stay on. I then tried to apply it, wait 2 minutes and NOT apply the lip balm fearing that the lip balm may be the problem, but again within 30 mins the colour has started to flake off, starting at the edges of my lips. It feels so uncomfortable that I have to wipe the crumbly bits away and then the colour comes off too. I have tried this 3 times now and have just given up.

      The colour while in the tube and when used on the back of my hand looked great, a really deep pink colour. The colour on my lips at first is also very appealing, gives a great sheen off it and really flatters my skin tone, however the fact that it won't stay in is a real negative and basically warrants this item as useless. I don't even use the lip balm on its own as that is very light and somewhat greasy so wouldn't want to use it on my lips as it feels like it would dry them out. The lip colour has a smell that you would get it you walked in to a freshly painted room and the lip balm doesn't have any smell at all.

      Overall this looked like it was going to be a great addition to my makeup bag to be worn on nights out and for when I was getting my photo taken, however in reality it does not live up to its claims, doesn't last one hour never mind 12 and was a real disappointment.


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        30.08.2012 09:57
        Very helpful



        A lovely lip gloss which gives the lips a shiny finish and a splash of colour

        Everyone who knows me knows how much I love make up. And occasionally I will get the odd hand me down off someone who doesn't like something or sometimes as a gift. I was more than a little excited when my best friend handed me the Superstay Powergloss by Maybelline.

        What does the product do?
        The product is designed to give your lips a splash of delicious colour with a glossy finish in a two step process. It claims that the product will stay put for 12 hours and that you're lips will remain glossy and eye catching for the duration.

        How do you use the product?
        The product has two ends. One of the ends has your lip colour in it which you just apply to clean and dry lips. You then need to wait for the colour to dry completely and then you apply the clear gloss on top.

        Available Shades
        The product comes in a few different shades but most of them are reds and pinks. They have pretty names such as Rhinestone Ruby, Active Rose and Citrus Glow. I was giving Fresh Pink as that it the type of shade I would normally go for so I was more than happy with that.

        Price and Packaging
        The gloss has duel ending packaging and both ends of the tube are clear. They are labelled side one and side two and they are connected with a creamy white piece of plastic with the maybelline name on it. The colour side has a sponge applicator which is slanted and the clear side has a brush with soft bristles. The product costs around £5 and it can be bought from a variety of websites and department stores, although you'll find it for a bit cheaper on sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

        Application and Performance
        The colour side has a slightly fruity aroma but it is barely there. The sponge is soft on the lips and the applicator glides across the lip easily. The shape of the applicator allows me to be really precise with my application. It feels silky on the lips and the colour is largely sheer and you can see your natural lip colour through the product but it does give you a lovely enhancement. If your lips are dry however, the colour doesn't look good and it will make the flaky skin show up more so make sure your lips are in a good condition. It only takes the colour about half a minute to dry.

        The gloss is easy to apply using the brush and it feels really nice on the lips. It gives the lips an instant and extremely glossy shine that is completely comfortable and that has a stickiness that isn't too much. The product stays put through eating and drinking, and although I'd say 12 hours is a bit of a push, it's one of the most long lasting glosses I've ever worn. Your lips look really pretty and the colour doesn't fade away because it's protected by the gloss.

        All in all, this is a lovely dual product that gives the lips a sheer colour and a shiny glossy finish. It is long lasting and feels completely comfortable, making my lips look eye catching and pretty. I would definitely buy another one of these.


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        14.05.2012 14:47
        Very helpful



        A lovely lip gloss

        I have an endless amount of lip balms, lip glosses, lip sticks. - probably enough to sink a small ship. Depending on the time of year it is and also what colour hair I have means that I end up with a varying amount of shades ranging from a lovely deep raspberry colour to a completely minimal nude. My weakness happens to be when they are on sale, I seem to make myself believe that they are a bargain and must be bought despite the fact that I own quite a few that are unopened and brand spanking new! I am therefore, trying to use up what I have and have actually unearthed quite a few little gems in my mission!

        One lip gloss that I have recently started using is the Maybelline Superstay Power Gloss, now to point out that the only way you can buy this product is via an online store or Ebay just goes to show how long I have had it sat in my make up bag! Therefore, the reason why I bought it has long since disappeared but I can only assume it is because it claims to last 12 hours. There are plenty of lip glosses out there which claim they can last for hours and hours and most that I have come across actually can't so in a bid to find a lip gloss that actually delivered what it promised I guessed this was the reason why I bought it!

        Maybelline is a brand that is known nationally and globally. It is a brand easy to find on the high street and isn't over priced for what it offers and their range and collections is generally pretty good. The claim that their Superstay Power Gloss lasts for 12 hours and gives a high gloss shine that lasts and lasts. The lip gloss itself comes in two parts, one being the clear gloss. It comes in a long tube and at either end you will find the colour and the clear gloss each with their own applicator. What is nice is that you can clearly see the shade you have chosen. Each compartment is simply screwed on so when you unscrew you get the applicator ready with the colour or gloss to apply. The colour has a soft foam type applicator and the clear gloss has a soft brush applicator.

        The shade I bought is called 'Pink Icing' and is a lovely shade of a darker version of a candy pink with a subtle hue or purple almost a very pale magenta but not quite as purple. I was actually a little dubious when I first saw the shade lurking in my make up bag and I did wonder what on earth had possessed me to buy such a bright shade of pink compared to my current lip glosses. However, when you actually remove the applicator the pink isn't as bright and in your face as what you see in the tube which was a big relief! There are a lot more shades to choose from including ones such as 'Grape Glimmer', 'Satin Glow', 'Chestnut Glow' and 'Golden Toffee'. It simply depends on where you buy it from as to what shades you can buy.

        To apply you need to follow a two step process:-

        1. Apply the sheer glossy colour to your lips. Do not apply too much as it simply won't dry and you'll have far too much on. Then you need to wait at least two minutes for it to dry completely. You will know when it is dry when you touch your lips lightly and that they feel a little tight.
        2. After the two minute mark has passed and your lip colour has completely dried then you can apply the clear gloss as a top coat. Again, you only need to apply one coat of the gloss to achieve that sheer coverage and look.

        So applying it pretty simple and as long as you can patiently wait for the two minutes then you'll be fine. What you don't want to happen is to apply the colour and not wait long enough and then when you apply the clear gloss you applicator brush becomes stained with colour and you end up with your clear gloss going slightly coloured with the colour of your lip gloss! However, as long as you apply an thin but even coat of the colour then it does take around two minutes to dry, you can tell its dry when your lips start to feel a little tight almost like you have a facepack on!

        Now with most products that claim that they can last for hours and hours I was slightly dubious about this one! 12 hours is a long time for it to last and I wasn't expecting it to stay on that long and good job I didn't really as it doesn't last the full 12 hours. However, it does last for around 5 to 6 hours depending on how well you apply and of course depending on whether you are constantly eating or drinking. But what I did find was even when the sheer gloss had disappeared my lips were still a nice shade of pink so it still looked as though I had a lip colour on which was quite nice so it does have lasting power just not as long as it claims to have.

        Despite the lipgloss not living up to its 12 hours lasting time I really cannot fault it at all. As long as you leave the base colour to dry properly then the clear gloss stays clear and the overall look is nicely glossy without looking like you've just kissed a chip pan. I do like the fact that the base colour remains for quite a long time so you only need to apply the gloss again or like me I just apply a thin layer of Vaseline to get that glossy sheen back but I can't find fault with this whatsoever and I have bought several shades since all of which give the exact same result. Just a shame that it isn't made any more so I'm stocking up while I can!

        Overall, it may not deliver right up to the 12 hours but it stays for a long time and the colour is gorgeous. No complaints from me and my lips are kept moisturised and haven't been dried out whatsoever. Definitely a recommendation if you can get hold of it! If wanting to purchase best thing to do is do a Google search and no doubt the online stores will appear but the shades may vary due to it being a limited product. Definitely a 5 stars from me!

        ~ Useful Info ~

        Brand: Maybelline
        Price: From £1.99 upwards
        Availability: Limited
        Shades: Limited


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