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Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamond Lip Gloss

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7 Reviews

Brand: Maybelline / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    7 Reviews
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      04.09.2012 21:33



      Nice lip gloss

      Water shine liquid diamond by Maybelline are a range of super shiny pretty lip glosses! There are twelve shimmering colours to choose from, pink to roughe to peach (and a few shades in between!). As advertised they have a high gloss finish and are made up of loads of little glimmery shiny particles. The wand allows for easy application and colour glides nicely onto the lips. There is a slightly fruity smell from the lip gloss and no chemical taste which I have found common with cheaper lip glosses. Once applied the gloss gives quite a light colour but a high shine finish. The only problem is that you need to reapply regularly -as in every few hours - as both the colour and the shimmer fades quickly. Again I have found this to be a common problem with lip glosses no matter what the price. A bonus though is that the gloss is not overly sticky so no worries about fly away hair strands getting stuck! There seems to be a bit of variety in price for this product - from a few pounds online to £8 in a chemist - looks like online shopping wins again! I would recommend this product so long as you don't expect it to last all day!


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      26.04.2012 20:01
      Very helpful



      Overall a good lip gloss

      Maybelline is one of the more expensive high street brands out there, but then it has a reputation for good products. Below are my views on the Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamond Lip Gloss.


      This is obtainable from most cosmetic retailers such as Boots and Superdrug; however, I usually buy this on Amazon where cosmetics and make up products are generally much cheaper. At the present you can purchase this for under £3 which I think is a fantastic bargain, especially since it is from Maybelline. I do remember buying this for £7.99 a year ago from either Boots or Superdrug; quite a lot for a simple one function lip gloss, but not unexpected from a major retailer like Maybelline. Buying from Amazon, I find, saves quite a bit of money.


      This product is available in 12 shades- and I find that the red shade is perfect for both dramatic occasions and for looking classy and sophisticated on a night out. As Maybelline intended it to be, all the colours available appear very shiny and sparkling, like it is actually made out of liquid diamonds (as mentioned in the name of the lip gloss). However, this makes it very dramatic and over the top, so I would not use it for casual occasions and general topping up- but by using tissue or a make up pad you can tone this down a bit.


      The quality of this product is not bad; it is not too sticky and it has no defects of which I can sufficiently complain about. However, please do take note that this is easily smudged after application, so don't be putting this on in a hurry!


      I am pleased with this product; however it is not quite worth paying the high street price for it so I would recommend purchasing it off Amazon.


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      21.08.2010 18:32
      Very helpful



      I love glitter more than lip gloss

      I found one of these on a make-up store in a car boot and they were only selling them for one pound, so I bought two one was a deep purple and the other was an orange looking one, but luckily it wasn't orange, it was a peach color which was very nice.

      One thing that I really love about this gloss is that light shades of gloss are glittery but don't look heavy, whereas if you buy a dark shade that is even more glittery but it does look heavy. But the shine of the gloss really does stand out and if you get a dark colored one the color whereas lightly colored ones don't. But light ones do give a nice natural look to your look which is lovely for day wear, and I personally think that the dark shades are better for evening wear more than day wear.

      They come in a huge range of colors including pink, red, coral, clear so there's something for every skin tone. They are quite difficult to find these days, but you ever go to a car boot which has a make-up store or a market stall in your local town or nearest to you you're quite likely to find this gloss and yes, it is sold for about one pound.

      I love this lip gloss cause they are excellent for day and night wear and there is a nice color range to the glosses too! five out of five!


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      14.06.2010 01:38
      Very helpful
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      I love it and its a keeper!

      Glosses that are great looking on your lips are hard to come by. I dont tend to buy cheap one pound glosses as they end up looking as cheap as they cost and I'm a girl who likes a bargin but also good quality in make up.

      These water shine diamond glosses are so beautiful on the lips and really transform them from dull looking to very classy and full looking!
      I dont always believe in the rubbish on tv I try whatever I think could be good quality not whats in or out in the make up world. I believe in classics and that I mean you can still get those old lipsticks and they still look amazing. Its whatever you feel suits your lips the best in my opinion.

      The price:
      I got mine for the price of £2.99 from a website online. You can still pick these up in certain shops or chemists as they are not old yet.
      I would say if you have picked it up for anything from 3 to 4 pounds you have got a good deal.

      The Lip Gloss:
      Watershine is the key factor here with this gloss the shine and its dazzle of diamond is what it is trying to achieve and as I have tryed it and regularly use it I would say thats perfect in its description. It has a watershine that looks like a sparkled wet look and a sheer dazzle thats diamond on your lips looking.
      I enjoy the shade peach pearl diamonds its my best one. Its fresh looking and perfect for any occasion you are at.
      After I applyed it I felt the gloss set and it did not dribble or smudge easy which is a bonus! It has a great moisturizing feel on your lips so the dry lips are no more even after it has been removed!
      Though some people tend to use the word glitter to describe this maybelline gloss I would use the word sheer because glitter reminds me of a young little girls make up set which lookks awful on adults.This stuff completely does not.

      Sheer gloss is what I would of called it but hey I'm only the reviewer, glitter isnt the look the lipgloss gives you.
      Apply it:
      Appling the gloss very slowly use a firm press with the stick on the lips as this really dispenses most of it onto the lips giving it a better look. Light pressure will make your lips too shiny and less colourful. Give it a good shake after use as some glosses tend to stick to the sides of the tube and end up looking not even when coming to the next application.
      There are plenty of lovely shades and a stunning looking shines, here are some of the shades:
      Purple sapphire and peach perl.
      I will use this one always as I do like it alot and it looks fresh on my lips whatever the shade.


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        18.12.2009 13:02
        Very helpful
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        Excellent lipgloss for a night out

        I ordered this Maybelline lipgloss online, and although I knew the colour of it would be "Orange Diamonds" I really had no idea exactly how orange it would be! I'm not overly familiar with Maybelline. I lean towards other brands usually. I always have seen Maybelline as a brand that my mother likes. But on this occassion it was an orangey / browny gloss that I was after to tone into an outfit I had in mind, and I wanted something that was going to stand out from the crowd. And I certainly got it!

        The Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds Liquid (Now there's a name and a half) comes in a fairly standard round tube. The lid is silver and screws off to reveal the wand inside. The applicator is your typical lip gloss sponge, angled at one end to allow easy application. There is 5ml of product per tube, which sounds like a small amount but it is ample really.

        I think at this stage it is important for me to note that the colour of the gloss is very bright indeed while still inside the tube. As this is the Diamonds rnage there are golden flecks of sparkle highly visible in the gloss product. I would certainly suggest that its not a gloss for the faint hearted. If you are going to wear this colour then people are going to notice. It was exactly the effect that I personally wanted.

        Applying it is easy, but because it is so densely pigmented with colour it is important to be very careful or it ends up everywhere. However a little goes a long way and after one light swoosh of the applicator I have quite intensely orange lips. My first thought on trying this was perhaps I should have went for something a little more subtle, it wasnt that it didn't suit me, more that it was so bright it was a shock! But I got over it and was delighted with the gloss. I was only purchasing it for a one off wear, but I have used it since, and am seriously considering ordering some different shades in it.

        I wouldn't particularly recommend it for day time use, as it really is very sparkly indeed, and after some rubbing you may find little glittery flecks around your lips. Not a huge issue, but a little bit ungroomed looking at the end of the night. It would be much more suitable for an evening event than a day time.

        It lasts quite well. I have tried better, but I have also tried much worse brands for staying power.

        All in all, a good performer, great colour, reasonable staying power. I would definitely recommend to a friend, and I would certainly consider buying it again. It has an RRP of £4.99, but if you shop around will almost certainly find a better price than that for it.

        lulu2004 (c)


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          21.05.2008 18:26
          Very helpful



          Maybelline Watershine Diamonds gloss

          I used to really love lip gloss and wear it all the time, but I have started to find it more and more annoying over the years, with strands of my hair frequently getting stuck to the gloss, and it wearing off very quickly, so I switched back to lippy, as some make-up artist on the TV said lipgloss was out!

          About a year ago, I got a couple of vouchers for money off the Maybelline range, and for some reason I don't remember, decided to buy a couple of their watershine lip glosses. Strange, given my aversion to it, but I recently found them, and decided to use them up.


          The lip gloss comes in a tube with a silver lid to which the wand is attached. The glosses are only 5ml, which is relatively small. The wand has a sponge applicator with an angled tip to make application easier.

          ~Using it~

          The gloss is easy to apply, you can simply apply straight from the wand. The gloss is quite smooth and glides over the lips. I like the consistency, it isn't watery as some of the ones in the squeezy tubes tend to be, but it isn't so thick that you really have to drag it over the lips either.

          The glosses have a slightly fruity smell to them, although it doesn't mention anywhere that they have specifically been fragranced.

          The gloss doesn't feel as sticky as some others I have used. They don't really dry though, so if you go out in anything more than a gentle breeze you will probably still end up with your hair sticking to it, but it's certainly not the worst one I've used.


          These lip glosses contain small glittery particles to give the 'diamond' finish. I think the overall finish is quite nice. They don't look too over the top, as I suspect they could have done. The colours I have are berry mauve and café latte. The colour is pretty much the same as it looks in the tube and is not too intense.

          They are very shiny and I can understand why the are referred to as 'watershine' because they really do give a lovely wet look to the lips.

          Unfortunately I found that they didn't last too long, and they wear off quite quickly, which is a shame, but all too common with gloss - I think there is too much temptation to keep pressing your lips together when you're wearing it, which results in that awful gloss line around the outside of your lips.


          Having done a quick search online, I think this product may have been discontinued as I cannot find it on the Maybelline site. I seem to vaguely recall these being around £4 each, but I have found them online for as little as £1.49 - just do a Google search, and of course you could try Ebay too.


          These are OK, they give a nice colour and nice finish, but unfortunately they wear off quickly, so you need to re-apply quite frequently.


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            09.03.2006 14:42
            Very helpful



            A moisturising lip gloss which sparkles


            As is always the case, I ran out of lip gloss just when I was away and not near any large chemists or supermarkets, and so unable to buy "my ususal" So, a brief foray in the hotel chemist resulted in this, and what a good buy it turned out to be…

            **The Promise**

            This lip gloss promised that it would give my lips a diamond shine and that it would at the same time, moisturize my lips.
            I like it already but don't they all promise much the same?


            The lip gloss comes in a plastic cover backed by cardboard and shows the Maybelline logo with full details and instructions on the back.

            **The Lip gloss**

            Open the packet and this is a very small 5ml lip gloss-less than 9cm "high" bottle, and most of this is taken up with the screw off silver lid.
            Work out that this cost me the best part of a fiver, and I wondered if I was going to be getting good value for money.
            The lipgloss itself goes on really smoothly and is more moisturizing than many I have tried.
            There are indeed little sparkly bits, which is great until they fall off!
            No matter, this was an excellent idea for me as it saved me putting on two layers of lip gloss, which is what I usually do- one normal colour and one sparkly gloss layer.
            This gave me the same look in one application, so it could be working out cheaper


            New York


            Consumer Adnisory Numbers:

            UK 0845 3990304
            ROI 1850604304



            Lots of product information, which is quite interesting if you like Maybelline and want to try out the new products.

            **What I thought of it**

            I got the Crystal Amethyst colour,and this lip gloss certainly exceeded my expectations. I had never used it before and was pleasantly surprised.
            The colour went n easily and gave colour without being too "in your face".
            It is definitely a sparkly lip gloss, but although it looks like glitter, the gloss doesn't feel rough at all, rather very smooth and moisturizing.
            So, it does live up to its promise, giving a sparkly wet look, although as as far as the crushed diamond look is concerned, I would have to reserve judgement, never having seen wet diamonds.
            When the lip gloss has been applied, it doesn't leave that gritty feeling which is sometimes the case with less moisturizing products, but there again, it doesn't last very long. A down side is the number of re applications it requires to maintain the colour…definitely NOT a "lasts for 12 hours" kind of product.

            I have now had this lip gloss about a month and it hasn't run out or dried up; I did expect it to run out very quickly because it's such a small little bottle. However, saying that, I use it only at night, when I go out.
            It has been a good buy up to now, and I will definitely buy it again.
            I don't think it's the kind of lip gloss I would wear though the day as it is definitely a bit too sparkly, and apart from anything else, the sparkle bits come off.

            As an aside…some of the other 12 colours in the range seem to be worth trying.

            Thanks for reading.



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            In twelve sparkling shades for glistening lips /