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Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation

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2 Reviews
  • can be used for every day or special effects
  • available in pure white
  • not available in high street stores
  • oily
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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2016 19:49
      Very helpful


      • "can be used for every day or special effects"
      • "available in pure white"
      • "true to colour"


      • "not available in high street stores"
      • oily

      an ideal brand that caters for extremely pale skin!

      Mehron Celebre pro HD foundation came to my attention after spending hours of searching for the perfect foundation for ridiculously pale skin. I find it a nightmare to find a suitable shade that doesn't make me look orange and even though I am using dream matte mousse in their lightest shade (light porcelain) which has fantastic pink undertones and suitable for me, I wanted something just a little bit whiter and striking so that I could use these for contouring. I use my dream matte mousse as my base foundation and then I use mehron pro hd in pure white to contour and highlight other areas of my face such as under my eyes, cheekbones and jawline and my nose.

      I apply it using a foundation brush and then blend it all in with a blending sponge. It is a cream-style foundation type however it is rather oily (despite them claiming it to actually be oil free?) which can be problematic for people who already have oily skin, which I do, but I overcome this issue by using a pressed powder.

      Which brings me onto the next part, when using pressed powders, some foundations are prone to blotting and becoming rather 'cakey' in texture after a short amount of time. I didn't experience this until five hours later (which generally, I end up taking my make-up off by then anyway so I didn't mind so much) however if you wish for it to be longer wearing and have oily skin, I do recommend a re-touch/re-powder after a handful of hours.

      The formulation is great with blending also, perhaps the oiliness actually contributes to this effect as I've personally found it easier to blend and achieve certain effects with this foundation rather than my other one. It leaves a smooth finish and covers quite well.

      I have in fact used this as a pure white stand alone foundation without my matte mousse when trying out some harley quinn inspired makeup. I would say that the coverage is medium, I wouldn't recommend just using it and expecting it to completely cover everything and make you look airbrushed, a concealer beforehand would definitely help create a more flawless finish with the pro hd foundation and setting it with a pressed or loose powder afterwards.

      As far as I am aware, unless small make-up shops specifically order them in, mehron isn't at all widely available in high street stores, particularly here in the UK. I did however find it online with the lowest price of about £7.50, which is roughly around the same price as what I'd pay for the dream matte mousse, so a very reasonable price. This was on amazon, but there are many alternatives online such as ebay and other make-up stores, google is your friend here!

      The foundation itself is in a small black tub with a clear lid so you can see which product it is, which is useful because it seems the majority of products lose their labelling after being handled x amount of times, saves you having to open it up and find out for yourself.

      It also is fragrance free, which for me personally is a great bonus because I hate perfumed products on my face due to irritation and personal preference on scents. So no overpowering floral undertones or sickly fruity scents hidden in the formula!

      I've never had an issue with products containing SPF however there is no sun protection factor in this foundation, so bare that in mind if you are conscious about requiring SPF in your daily beauty routine and consider a primer or additional foundation that does contain some.

      I would highly recommend this product to anyone, but especially those who are super pale and struggle with finding suitable foundation for their ghostly shade of pale like myself. They do have a whole range of different colours, however I cannot comment on the accuracy and consistency of the other tones.


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      15.05.2012 18:07
      Very helpful



      Well worth trying and really good value for money.

      Mehron Celebre HD Pro Foundation

      I am always looking for new foundations, and have several real gems in my collection. In particular I like products that travel well and are compact, as I make frequent journeys away from home. My most recent discovery, which I feel is probably going to become my all time favourite foundation, is the Mehron HD Pro Celebre Foundation which I came across when watching a YouTube make up tutorial several months ago. Mehron is not a make that you will find on the shelves of the high street. It is a specialist producer that makes products for the theatre profession, and it dates back to 1927 when it was founded by Mehron Melik. You have to go to a few select places to order this, but the beauty of it is that it is excellent value for money, and you are not going to break the bank in pursuit of an unusual product.

      My Quest For Mehron!

      The first thing that I did was to try to obtain samples as I really dislike purchasing foundations without trying them first. This is even more critical when purchasing items online, because you can't go to a store to look at shades or use testers. This did involve an international transaction as the company I used is based in the US, as to date this foundation is only available through one UK outlet which does not supply samples.

      I used Camera Ready Cosmetics - web address is www.camerareadycosmetics.com to order the samples. I actually ordered four as I was so unsure of the shade that I would be from the chart. This cost £16 including shipping, and the samples were delivered in small pots which are excellent as they can also be used in the future as travel containers. Furthermore this product is a cream foundation, and so little is required to obtain full coverage that a small pot actually lasts for weeks! There are 20 shades that cover all the spectrum of colours, and I decided that I was going to be somewhere between the light and the medium. I actually purchased light 4 in the end, but I will probably purchase medium 1 as the summer comes as these shades were very similar with the latter having slightly more colour. I am NW 20 in MAC so hopefully this should guide you if you wish to purchase and know your current MAC shade. Medium 2 was slightly too beige for me and light 3 was too pale. To give you an idea there are 4 light shades, 4 medium, 4 medium dark, 4 dark and 4 Eurasia.

      The foundation can then be purchased either from this website at Camera Ready Cosmetics, or what I preferred to do was to use a theatre website at www.treasurehouseofmakeup.co.uk. The only problem I found was the high shipping charge of £5, but I did find that they also sell on Amazon and here the postage was a more reasonable £3. Here's the great thing though - the product retails for only £8.23 for a giant 25g pot that will last for ages. I am sure that this product is going to save me a small fortune over the year, as I have still to finish the tester pot that I started over 2 months ago! I have recently seen the company also selling on Ebay.

      All About The product

      The foundation is said to be an oil free and fragrance free cream that has a satin finish and which can be built up to give full coverage for all skin types. It can be applied with a light touch to just impart a light coverage if you prefer. It also contains antioxidants which include vitamin E pomegranate and aloe vera that have soothing properties. An added bonus is that this foundation is free from parabens, so although not marketed in this category it is actually a natural product. You can visit the website of the company over at www.mehron.com. Also I believe they too will send samples even to the UK.

      To use the foundation is really simple. I dot it in all areas of the face, I then use a stippling brush to work it into the skin and I then finish off by blending softly with a damp sponge. It is effortless to apply, it looks so natural but at the same time it covers everything and creates a flawless canvas on which to apply the rest of your make-up. In my opinion this product outshines everything I have ever used before. I am 52 have normal skin and this works beautifully, but reading many reviews before purchasing, I have discovered many younger women with oily skin have this product and really love it as it soothes their skin and reduces redness. I wouldn't say this has a unanimous vote though. I always look at makeupalley to read the reviews there before committing to purchase, and overall 61% would repurchase, with an overall opinion score of 3.7 out of 5. Some have issues with various problems including lack of longevity of wear, looking too dry, and having less than ideal shade ranges. So to get an overall balanced view I would strongly suggest reading these reviews alongside mine at www.makeupalley.com.

      I don't use powder over it on most days. I simply apply cream blush and a cheek highlighter, and this lifts the complexion, and if I feel I do want to add bronzer I lightly powder the t zone avoiding the cheeks, and then apply a matte bronzer to the jawline. I then contour the hollows of the cheeks and sweep it up onto the hairline to create warmth. The foundation stays in place all day with or without powder and I love this as I dislike having to touch up.

      Just One Negative
      In my opinion there is only one negative to this product and that would be the lack of a substantial sunscreen. In the summer I am planning to use this with a sunscreen underneath, which I have already tried and this is excellent. I use Sunsense facial moisturiser in factor 50. You do need a good moisturiser with this product anyway as it is oil free.

      Final Thoughts
      I just love the simple way the product is presented and the transportability of it. It is so easy to use and it takes up so little space in my bag. I think the natural look this foundation gives is lovely. I really dislike that highly made up cakey look, and prefer to be as natural as I can be whilst still covering up imperfections, and this foundation is so easy to use and imparts this look with ease. I love the way that it is paraben free, and that it is so inexpensive. Furthermore it is easy to remove at the end of the day with the product of your choice.

      I would never have thought of looking to a theatre company to provide my daily foundation, but it seems there are many makes of cosmetics aimed at this market that are being discovered by individuals and which are turning out to be real gems. I prefer this to all my MAC foundations and I love them all too, and it even outshines my all time favourites by Lily Lolo and Bourjois so for me this is a turning point. I think I will be trying some other makes in this theatre category in the near future and will present my findings on Dooyoo. In the meantime this foundation will be my product of choice and it is certainly going to help my budget!

      This review was previously published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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