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MeMeMe Advance Wear Eyeshadow

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Brand: MeMeMe / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      02.06.2011 16:28
      Very helpful



      Doesn't cover to well, but other than that it's a fab eyeshadow!!

      Today I'm reviewing the "Advanced Weear" eyeshadow me MeMeMe. I bought it at Superdrug and have used it for quite a while now, so I can really provide some long-time experiences!

      Shopper's appeal
      The first time I tried out MeMeMe cosmetics, I bought them because there were always vouchers for them in a girl's magazine (I think it was Bliss). There was always a voucher you could cut out on some pages. Then you just had to take it to Superdrug and choose the colour you'd like and you'd get it for free!
      The vouchers were always for a item, like a small nail varnish or a single eyeshadow, but you'd still get to choose the colour yourself.
      Never to turn down something for free, I always rushed to Superdrug to get it. ;) This way I got to try out at leats three MeMeMe products.

      The Packaging
      The eyeshadow's container is round and flat. The bottom part is made of silver plastic while the lid is see-through. In a metallic pink colour the brand's name is given on the lid. Further informations are on a sticker that is placed on the underside of the container. On the sticker it says that the eyeshadow is called "Advanced Wear Eyeshadow" and contains the patent "Moist-Excel", which is supposed to last eight hours after you have applied it.
      The colour is a warm brown called "8 Mocha". A barcode and the manufacturer's address are also given. There is no further information on the ingredients or how much it contains, but I would see it can be compared to other eyeshadows in that price range regarding how much is in it.

      My experiences

      ...with the packaging
      The round container is quite nice and practical asi it's slim and can be out into your bag easily in case you want to re-apply it on the go! There is no applicator inside, but I would recommend using a proper brush anyway. If you use an applicator, you might as well just use your fingers.

      The texture
      The eyeshadow is quite solid, but it is easy to get on your brush and apply to your eyelids. When the packaging said it contained "Moist-Excel", I thought the eyeshadow itself would be slightly creamy, but it wasn't. Nevertheless, it's easy to apply!

      The colour
      The colour I chose is a somewhat smoky brown. I think it loos nice and I like to use it for a more "mysterious" look. Sometimes I combine it with red and black if I go for a goth/punk look where I want to look slightly dead and rough. ;)
      You see, the colour is quite versatile. You can use it for ellegant smokey eyes or a rough look.

      How long does it last?
      The promised eight hours are a bit overestimated. The colour doesn't sting to my skin that well and you can't go eight hours withouth it fading a little. But I think you can go at leats four hours without having to reapply at all, which is alright I think.

      How well does it cover?
      Sadly, it doesn't cover that well. I'd wish it was a little more intensive. I even tried to use it with an eyeshadows base I applied before, but I never got a result as intensive as I'd like it to be. You really have to put on a lot of eyeshadow so it covers well.

      Skin's reaction
      My skin was absolutely fine with it - no allergies or anything.

      The ingredients
      I couldn't find a list of the ingredients anywhere - but on the packaging it said that it's supposed to be "natural and nourishing".

      The price
      Right now, this exact eyeshadows doesn't seem to me available, but there are other products by MeMeMe stil available at Superdrug.
      At http://www.buycosmeticsonline.co.uk yu can get the eyeshadow for 99pence. I think the original price was about two pounds.

      I quite like this eyeshadow and will defenitely use it up. It has lasted me for years now, honestly! I think I could it with a voucher five years ago and it still works as good as on the first day.
      I'll substract one star because it doesn't cover too well and because the endurance of eight hours that is listed on the packaging is a bit "over".
      But other than that I'm happy with the eyeshadow and would recommend it if you don't want totallly sparkly bright eyeshadows.


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        20.03.2009 15:02
        Very helpful



        Decent eye shadow but I've used better

        I picked up a couple of these eye shadows from Superdrug a while ago. The two shades that I have are 15 and 25. These may have changed by now as it has been a while since I bought them, but the latter is a grey-purple shimmery shade and the former is a brighter lilac shade.

        I usually use an eye shadow brush to apply my eye make-up as using my fingers does not tend to achieve a good enough colour or coverage. However, I will often use my fingers to apply this eye shadow as it lends itself to this. I do have to spend longer building up a good amount of colour but it is easy enough to apply with just one finger. It blends well across the whole of my eyelid. As the lilac shade is quite bright anyway, I find that applying it with an eye shadow brush actually gives too much colour and it looks a bit garish. Using my fingers mutes the colour a bit to make it less traffic-stopping. If you are actually going for the traffic-stopping look, applying it wet gives an even more intense colour for the bolder shades.

        In terms of lasting, it does not seem to last for longer than a couple of hours before at least one area needs touching up. I found this quite disappointing given that I had paid over £4 for each eye shadow. I have used far cheaper eye shadows that have lasted for the same amount of time or longer and did expect it to last longer than it did as it was not overly cheap.

        The colours in the range are quite fun and you can spend time creating interesting and eye catching looks but there are better eye shadows out there when it comes to staying on for hours at a time. This really let the product down for me as it does not seem to be the right kind if you need your eye shadow to last all day (or night).


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        01.02.2008 13:22
        Very helpful



        It's just okay

        A little while ago I managed to get my hands on a little bag of MeMeMe goodies completely for free. I didn't get to choose what was in it but what was included amongst other things were three MeMeMe Advance Wear Eyeshadows. I was already a fan of MeMeMe due to their Beat the Blues highlighter but I would have under normal circumstances never have considered buying their eyeshadows. This is simply because you can get such good results from Barry M Dazzle Dusts and GOSH Effect Powders that I wouldn't have thought they even compared, as most eye shadows don't even come close in any way.

        However, here I was with three eye shadows. There are many shades in the range, well over twenty, I'm not sure exactly how many as MeMeMe unfortunately don't have a website, and the Superdrug site doesn't seem to show all the products. The colours I have are a charcoal grey/black, a very light whitey cream colour and sort of pinky purpely greyish colour! They have everything from bright funky greens, turquoises and purples, to dark smouldering navy, pretty pastels and basic neutrals. There really is a shade for you no matter what your eye make up style is.

        I decided to keep these at the boyfriends for those emergency moments when I need make up and mine has been left at home. This meant the first time, and most of the time, I used these I applied the eye shadow with my finger due to not having a brush there. The product felt quite powdery and applied smoothly and evenly. I was surprised really at how good it looked and at the strength of the colour. Whilst the colour is not nearly as strong as the Barry M or GOSH products, they also aren't as feeble and pale as those of say Rimmel or other similar brands.

        I've since applied these with a brush and also tried applying them wet as well as dry. As always, applying wet does bring out more colour, but not so vividly with these products as some others. They are easy enough to apply though, give a good even coverage and have a fair amount of colour.

        I would say that these aren't particularly long lasting and would fade throughout the day. They didn't crease or flake onto my face though it was just a gradual fade.

        At £4.25 for an eye shadow that will last the average amount of time of most high street eye shadows I don't believe these are particularly 'bad' value but I definitely wouldn't class them as good value as you can get Barry M or GOSH for a similar price and they are far superior in every single way.

        I am quite happy to use these eye shadows when my others aren't there, and because I got them free but I wouldn't actually recommend buying them as there are much better products within the same price range that produce excellent results, whereas these just produce okay results. There was nothing I particularly disliked about them but they definitely aren't a 'wow' product. Whilst this, after Bourjois Little Round Pot, is probably one of the best pressed eye shadows I have used, there is simply better stuff on the market.


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