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MeMeMe Advance Wear Nail Polish

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Brand: MeMeMe / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2008 15:06
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      One of the best out there

      A little while back someone I know got a little selection of MeMeMe products, I'm not entirely sure why or how top secret it was so I won't elaborate much other than to say it was through their work and they were free and the person who got them was male. Luckily for me, that means I got given this little bag of treats, containing three eyeshadows, a lipstick and two nail varnishes.

      MeMeMe is a funky little brand, that is almost a Benefit copy in many ways - they do GREAT copy Benetint and Moon Beam and High Beam, below the £5 bracket - excellent! They are currently only available from Superdrug stores, don't have a website, and are hard to find out much about at all really. I really do like their products so I do hope they become a huge brand (but still keep their cheap prices!).

      The Superdrug site sells a selection of their products but not nearly as big as the selection in the shop so it is hard for me to tell you how many shades this is available in but there are over twenty shades on the Superdrug site and I suspect there will be more than that in the shop. They come in plenty of pale natural colours, and also more bright daring looks, or even in black!

      The colours I got were Champagne and Scarlet. They look very much as you would expect them too. The Champagne is a very light shimmery (not glittery) pale gold colour, basically champagne colour! The Scarlet is, well it is scarlet red - very bright, very shiny and sleek looking. Both are really nice.

      I'm yet to find a nail varnish that doesn't chip. Really honestly, nothing I've ever tried has ever lasted out the seven days, or whatever other ridiculous time amount they claim without so much as a chip. On that note, nothing has ever dried in 60 seconds either. In comparison to other nail varnishes, bearing in mind I'm yet to find a 'perfect' one, this is good. I found that after about three days of wear it would start to chip a little, and then gradually get worse (if not removed/touched up - hey what can I say I'm quite lazy when it comes to my nails). To be honest, this is about the best I've achieved with any nail varnish, I'm sure if there was one out there that had lasted longer it would have stuck in my mind as a miracle product! I've even wore nail varnishes that have chipped the same day I've applied them (so annoying!). All in all, I'm happy with how long this lasts, although obviously I would prefer one that really does last seven days!

      As with most nail varnishes, it is recommended to apply 2-3 thin coats, for best results. I always go for three, I don't know why, but after the second coat there is definitely enough of a good colour to leave it at that if you wish.

      The two colours are quite different in how they appear on the nails. Obviously the biggie is that they are different colours, but no, I'm not silly enough to be commenting on that! What I mean is the champagne colour is kind of shimmery but doesn't have a sleek shiny look, whereas the Scarlet has a more vinyl glossy look. I feel that the different finishes actually fit in with the colour and look each one is going for.

      Now, my personal bad habit, and reason I am quite lazy with my nails is I am SO impatient! I don't mind actually painting my nails, I'm not even adverse to a bit of nail art if I'm feeling creative, but my huge problem is, once done, I can not sit still and let it dry. I don't know what it is, it's like when they tell you to stand still while you have an x-ray and all of a sudden you have huge urges to move, or when someone says don't look now, so the first thing you do is look immediately. It must be a psychological thing, I know that I can't move my hands, so I suddenly need to itch my face/go and get a drink/wash my hair/change the channel etc. I'm terrible really. What I will say, although I've never gone so far as to time it, it dries quickly. If I do all ten nails with one coat, and then return to the first nail I painted for the next, that first coat will be pretty much dry by then. Even with my impatience, I've yet to smudge or put a finger print/nail mark etc into these while they are drying.

      The bottle is fairly standard, it's quite a wide, short bottle, it looks fine but nothing spectacular, it does look quite modern. It is £4.25 for a fairly standard size bottle (£5.31 per 10ml), so it won't break the bank and is competitive compared to some other brands that don't produce as good results.

      So far, all is sounding pretty good right? Quite long lasting, good range of colours, good finish, and quick drying and fairly cheap. So why isn't this product five star? Well...about a month ago I noticed a mysterious red stain on my bath. Hmmm, I've not used any red bath products, how strange, I mused and continued to use the shower/bath for a few weeks slightly puzzled. I then had another bath sometime later and when I got out I noticed red ALL over the bath. By this time, I was really confused, as I definitely didn't have any red bath products. I then looked at my Scarlet toes and all became clear. When I had been knelt up in the bath, to run the tap, my toes had been on the bottom and the nail varnish had transferred from my toes, to the bath. A good scrubbing with Flash later (and I mean a good scrubbing - not what you want to do after a relaxing bath - hmmppfff) and it did all come off but really, you shouldn't be having to worry about your bath getting stained from your nail varnish.

      Other than this it is a great product, but one that I would recommend taking off or being very careful as to not letting your toe nails touch the bath when in it!


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