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MeMeMe Blusher No 4

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Brand: MeMeMe / Type: Blushers

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    2 Reviews
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      28.03.2008 18:38
      Very helpful



      A blusher that does's at it promises but doesn't rock your world!

      I am addicted to blusher! Us girls usually state in our reviews that we cant live without a certain product and for me it's blusher. I'm a very pale person all year round. I look like a clown if I use fake tan, if I do sunbeds etc they don't work no matter how many sessions I have or tan activators I use. I have to be careful with foundations (even the palest) and having black hair doesn't help my plight any either. People comment on how unhealthy I look quite often so blusher is needed more than anything! Getting the right shade of blusher is also hard work! I don't want anything too shiny or with too much glitter in it at my grand age of 33. I want something natural to fake a natural glow.

      Recently I took some advice from Missixty and went to look at this range of products in Superdrug as she was impressed at a few of their copycat products and I invested in an item of that is fantastic. It's a rip off Benetint by Benefit called MeMeMe Pussycat Lip and Cheek tint that is fabulous and I use loads.

      Late one night I was sat on here bored and was on Ebay and I bid on a collection of 5 colours, duplicated 4 times for a silly price! I won them all!

      Now like Missixty I am not writing a review on the shade given at the top of this review. It's very hard to get a link on Mememe blushers by Superdrug and there isn't alot of information on this range at present as it doesn't seem that popular yet....

      The Packaging....

      All of the blushers in the range have the same packaging. No size is stated. They are little round compacts and the front is see through plastic with pink me me me written on it. The top flips open and the bottom is silver with pink writing on it that tells me it is 'beautifully you blusher' then the product number, the colour, and tells me its 'moist - excel for up to 8 hours wear'. Then there's a black bar code and I'm told its made in England and that its recyclable packaging.

      So the colours I have....

      1) Lush
      2) Glow
      3) Nectar
      4) Blush
      5) Nectar

      To Use....

      Apply over the top of foundation and pressed/loose powder with a big swishy brush! Build up colour slowly to get the colour you want.

      Let me go through the colours....

      1) Lush

      This is a bright pinkish colour in the packaging and at first glance sort of put me off making me think I'd end up looking like Aunt Sally! However when applied it really is a lot more sheer than that and I found I went on my cheeks with it cautiously and found myself adding quite a bit more and still not looking like a clown! It has glitter in it but not big lumps that go everywhere and your cheeks subtly twinkle rather than in your face Christmas time left over fairy off the tree look.

      2) Glow

      Is really best described by the name. It reminds me of summer and the Arabian glow collection in Avon. It's a pale peachy shimmery tan colour. It twinkles in the compact it's contained in. It's very subtle and like the first blusher is very twinkly as it contains glitter. This one is although twinkly perfect for daytime use for a little hint of tan on the cheeks without looking 'fake'. It just looks healthy. Now as I said I like this one for day time and with all these blushers any one of them that contain glitter can be calmed down alot my gently brushing on a little pressed or loose powder but don't be put off by me using the term glitter, it's very small and ingrained into the blushers and create a healthy look rather than evening.

      3) Nectar

      A very very pale pink. Matte and no glitter it is best used as a highlighter although can be used on its own as well. Now I have no need to calm my rosy cheeks down as I never have them but this could be used to contour the face and probably help with shiny red cheeks (only guessing on that). For me personally the colour washes me out unless I draw a line almost from temple down which I do with this colour as it slims my face down. Now although these are blushers they do say they last up to 8 hours (I'll come on to that), but just cos it says blushers doesn't mean you can't use them on your eyes, which I have been doing as I have so many compacts hanging about! This is great for under eyebrows! Makes eyes appear larger. For a blusher that I first looked at and thought I would never use it's a clever little blusher with a multitude of uses! You just have to play with it girls!

      4) Blush

      The darkest of my range of blushers. This is a reddish brown and it's got matte finish to it. When you swish it on your cheeks it actually goes on more pink than you would expect it to. Personally my favourite colour. Although it looks dark in it's packaging you can control the amount you put on. You can apply a small swish to really adding more colour as you go. Bare in mind I'm pale this really does suit me! I love it!

      5) Spiced....

      Put this one against Blush (4) there isn't much colour difference though this is slightly more bronzy and again contains tiny particles of glitter giving it a shimmery look when applied. Very summery feel to it and again like the other shimmery colours it's still not too much. It gives a sun kissed glow to the skin.


      Ok blushers, decent colours suitable for any age but I feel aimed more at the young as they lack sophistication and the packaging isn't great. Good used together or alone. They do last the 8 hours (more in my case as I use a foundation primer) and they stay on me till I remove them. They don't transfer and there is nothing fake looking about them but they are all very light. It's actually quite hard to apply them wrongly so is fool proof! They're not the best blushers I've ever used but where they do win out is that the colours are nice and they're apparently adding more to the range soon. They are economical and a small compact of your chosen colour will last ages!

      Would I deliberately buy them again?...

      To be honest no I wouldn't. Only cos I prefer Revlon Blushers, Elizabeth Arden and my Pussycat Lip & Cheek Tint from this same range. I wouldn't deliberetly buy anything containing glitter so in a way good I got these as it's made me more confident in experimenting in this area.

      What about removal?

      Easy peasy to remove cos its only powder on the skin and it doesn't sink in or anything they are really gentle. Use wipes/cleanser/toner whatever it just comes off simply. Also no where does it say that's is hypo allergenic and I never purchase anything knowingly without that and/or dermatologically tested on it as I have sensitive skin. However this doesn't make me spotty or dry out my skin or anything like that.

      Basically I think this range of products is aimed at the very young and my one complaint is about the plastic cheap looking packaging. Don't get me wrong it's pleasant enough but it looks cheap in my make up bag and the only bonus? It lasts over 8 hours so I don't have to stick it in my handbag and take it out with me and find out that the lid cracks or anything lol

      £4.49 per item (not all 5, these are just the colours that are currently available and I own them all lol).

      Sold on Ebay in job-lots I bout 20 compacts for about 5.00 all inclusive! So keep your eyes peeled!


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        19.03.2008 15:10
        Very helpful



        Good blushers!

        Firstly I would like to say when I requested for this product to be added, I didn't particularly mean for shade number 4, as is stated now in the title, I meant for all these blushes on the whole (although admittedly the link I sent was probably to the one that was shade number 4).

        This review is of all five shades in the blusher range (if there are more shades I am unaware of them so forgive me if I am wrong - it's hard to find out much info on this brand on the net!)

        MeMeMe is a brand which I have actually sampled quite a lot of over the last year. I absolutely love their Benefit copy cats of High Beam and Moon Beam, and their eyeshadows are of fairly good quality (although for me I do prefer my loose pigments), as is their nailvarnish, and even their lipstick is good despite me not being a lipstick girl. Of the products I've tried, the only ones I actually bought were the High Beam/Moon Beam copies. I don't very often get 'free' make up, but got everything else in a set that was donated to someone I know.

        Recently, ironically, I got the chance to try out even more for free, when someone very kindly offered to send me some surplus blusher's they had. I wouldn't have necessarily bought these blushers originally as I am currently obsessed with using my Benetint and High Beam, but hey I'm never going to say no to free make up and at the very least I thought it was a reviewing opportunity.

        When the blushers arrived I was actually very happy with the selection of colours. There were no deep pinks like some blushers which are really almost impossible to create a natural colour with.

        No whilst nothing will ever compare to Benetint for a rosy glow (well actually MeMeMe's copy of Benetint may but I've so much Benetint left it's a long while before I discover if it does) blusher in the right shades does have it uses. Namely, for sculpturing, highlighting, and actually almost changing the shape of your face.

        The selection of colours from MeMeMe were perfect for this.

        Shade 1, named Lush (which may make some of you instantly drawn to it, is perhaps the most 'blusher'-y colour. It's a sort of pinky peach colour that is perfect for adding a little colour to the apples of the cheeks. It is quite light and natural when applied, it doesn't give rosy cheeks, just a hint of colour. It also has a shimmery aspect to it so it so adds just a subtle twinkle to your cheeks.

        Shade 2 is named Glow and is a light tan colour. This shade also has shimmer. This one is the perfect shade for adding a little highlight and shimmer to a bronzed look. It can give the glow to a sunkissed look, so the title is very accurate.

        Shade 3 is named Nectar and is the palest of the blushes. It is a very very pale pinky peach, much like the crayon you would choose as a youngster to colour your skin on a picture. This one has a matt finish and on the skin it is very pale. It works excellently as a very natural, very subtle highlighter, that highlights without giving shimmer or sheen. It therefore shapes without giving a dewy appearance, so it is perfect for matte looks, where your face still needs that bit of a lift.

        Shade 4 is named Blush, although the colour it is perhaps not the one that would come into your mind from that title. It is the deepest brown of the range which makes it perfect for shading. Darker skin tones may find it helps for a sun kissed matt look, but for me I would use it purely as a shader to help contour and shape my face.

        Finally Shade 5 is called Spiced and is a slightly lighter brown than Blush, but darker than Glow and has the subtlest of shimmers to it. It would be perfect either used as a bronzer, or to shade and contour the face.

        I think individually had I tried just one of these blushers it may not have blown me completely away. That said, as a set they are absolutely invaluable and can be used to create so many looks.

        Blush (4) is perfect for contouring, which is an almost invaluable part of making up the face. It really does make a huge difference it makes. A few of the things I like to do are;
        - A line from my ear diagonally towards my lips, to help create fake cheek bones
        - A tiny bit rubbed just under the centre of the bottom lip, to make the lip appear to protrude more and therefore appear fuller
        - Some brushed under the chin (the area from your chin to your neck if that makes sense) to eliminate an double chins
        - Around the side of the face to make the face appear slimmer
        - Down the side of the nose, to make it appear thinner if you have a wide nose, or a bit on the tip of the nose if you have a particularly long nose.

        Basically, wherever you want to look smaller or deeper apply shading. Now, this really does work excellently but don't go over board. Remember you can always apply more, and you don't want big obvious patches of brown all over your face.

        What makes this work even better is if you couple it with Nectar (3), to highlight areas you want to stand out, or protrude more. A few tricks I like to do are;

        - A sort of 'C' shape from the top of my cheek bones to just above my eyebrows, to lift and highlight the face and help create fake cheek bones
        - Down the bridge of the nose if you want to slim a wide nose or to slim down the face
        - A small bit on the cupids bow above the top lip to make the lips look fuller

        Used together these two blushers really can change your whole face shape and make you look great. Remember to apply sparingly and build up, and don't be scared to experiment.

        Similarly, Spiced (5) could replace Blush (4) and Glow (2) could replace Nectar (3), and be used in the same ways as described above to create face shape, contours and highlights, but with a sunkissed glow to the look.

        That leaves us just with Lush (1) which very simply should go on the apples of the cheek and be blended out. This just adds a little colour to the face, which it's important not to forget. A little subtle pink glow makes everyone look a little healthier and eliminates grey dull skin.

        The blushers were easy to apply and not too heavy, but a decent amount of strength can be built up to your liking through layering. They claim to have "Moist-Excel" which, to be honest I feel may be a made up word, and I'm afraid I can't enlighten you as to what it's supposed to be, but they claim the blushers last eight hours. To be honest I'm not sure that they will last that long, but I do think they are as long lasting as any other powder blush.

        Annoyingly enough, I can't tell you exactly how much these are as the Superdrug sight (the store that MeMeMe is sold in) is pretty much useless and doesn't list everything they sell - the blushers being one of the things not listed. I can't find out elsewhere on the net, I didn't pay for mine, and Superdrug is too far away from me for me to nip out and check how much they are for you. Annoying I know but what I will tell you is the rest of the range is very reasonably priced with most products retailing at around the £3-£5 range so I would expect this to be priced within that.

        I think they will last an average amount of time for a powder blusher - I've yet to actually ever use a blusher up, so they'll probably last me forever! The packaging is very simple, with a silver base and clear see through flip top. It looks nice and also it's great because you can actually see which colour it is through the lid.

        All in all I think these are great if used in conjunction with each other to create a more defined look to the face, but for an actual cheek colour/glow, nothing will ever compare to my Benetint.


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