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Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Disco Tech Top Coat

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Brand: Miss Sporty / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Coat

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2012 08:52
      Very helpful



      You'll be glowing with this!

      Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Disco Tech Top Coat

      **Firstly, I'm not too sure what Dooyoo's product picture is for this nail varnish!**

      My purchase of Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Disco Tech Top Coat nail varnish was actually an accidental purchase as I had set out to buy a simple clear varnish to offer a bit of protection to my nails, however being in a bit of a rush at the time of purchase I failed to notice that not only is this varnish not clear, but it is also UV reactive. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying a positive and slightly amusing experience with this varnish and I am pleased with my purchase.

      The Packaging
      Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Disco Tech Top Coat comes in a simple small round shaped 7ml glass bottle with a white thick plastic lid which has a brush attached to the end of it. The lid of the bottle had a label attached to it which I have since peeled off, but it contained information about the nail varnish as well as the product barcode and the wording 'Miss Sporty' and 'Disco Tech' printed in large metallic purple letters. I should have noticed from the name that this wasn't a simple clear varnish, but as I said I was in a rush! I'd say the bottle is simple but the nice colour 'Miss Sporty' logo makes it quite eye catching.

      Application of Miss Sporty Disco Tech top coat is really easy as you simply need to apply it directly to your nails or, as the name of the product suggests, you can apply it over an existing varnish to form a protective top coat. My personal use for this varnish has been direct application to my nails. I found this process to be mess free as the brush is nice and smooth with no rouge strands to spread the varnish to your skin.

      I have only ever needed to apply one coat of this varnish as I found the liquid to be quite thick compared to other nail varnish I have used in the past and this thickness formed a nice smooth, even looking, clear layer on my nails.

      Once applied the varnish takes about 2 minutes to dry, but around 7(ish) to form a more protective hardened layer. I find this time really seems to drag so I tend to paint my nails while watching a film so I don't notice the time so much. Once dried the varnish is totally clear and looks really shiny. At this point there is no sign of the UV reaction that I was unaware of...

      OMG... My Nails are Purple!
      The morning after I first used this varnish I was walking through town when the sun was shining nice and bright, it was at this point I looked at my phone but got distracted by the fact that my nails were shining at me in a lovely UV purple shade, my initial thoughts were OMG what happened to my nails overnight and until I looked closely it looked like it was my skin underneath had turned purple, but I quickly realised it was actually the varnish and thankfully not a skin reaction! Upon returning home I read the bottle and had a little giggle at my dipsyness as it was quite clear from reading the label that this was clubbers nail varnish and designed to react in UV light.

      Deciding I quite like this effect, I have continued to use this nail varnish and particularly liked when I walked through an area in the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam which had some UV lights and when I looked at my nails they were glowing green as if they were glow in the dark!

      Lasting Effect?
      I find that if I apply this varnish on a Sunday evening it is quite resilient and will easily last until around Thursday with only a few chips. Saying this my nails don't really come under much abuse these days and most of the chips occurred on the corners from typing on the computer. I think for hands which get more abuse a 2nd layer may be necessary or more frequent application required.

      Removing the nail varnish is no problem at all and I find it comes off really easy with a simple nail polish remover I got from the pound shop years ago and a cotton wool ball.

      A 7ml bottle of Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Disco Tech Top Coat is available from Boots for just £1.99. I think this is a pretty reasonable price for something which for most people will probably last ages if they decide to only use it for clubbing or special occasions.

      Would I Recommend?
      Having worn Miss Sporty Disco Tech Top Coat as a protective layer for my nails, I would recommend it for this use as my nails are getting chance to grow nicely now and do feel a bit tougher with the protective layer. I would also recommend this varnish if you are going clubbing or have a special occasion you'd like to 'glow' for as after seeing how funky it looked under the UV lighting at the Heineken Brewery I think this would be ace for a night out!

      Thanks for reading :)

      **Also on Ciao! under username gingelou (with UV pictures)


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