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ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara

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Brand: ModelCo / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      12.07.2013 23:39
      Very helpful



      Happy to wear this and buy it again in the future

      I received the Model Co Lash Xtend in a Lip and Lash duo set for my birthday earlier this year. It was from a good friend who knows my taste and thank goodness the mascara is black as I don't like colours or even brown mascara, just black for me please!

      Even though the mascara is really good, it is possibly the packaging which makes this in to an awesome product. The reason being that there is a mirror on the side of the mascara tube which helps enormously when applying this make up as it can be used for close up work. In general, it's a fairly plain black tube which is square with rounded corners (aka squoval). When you twist the lid, you can see the brush which is quite skinny and fairly standard as mascara brushes go.

      In use
      I sometimes find new mascaras a bit wet and messy to use and prefer them when they go a bit drier, but this one is just the right amount of wet and the brush comes out fine every time, not overloaded but enough to coat your lashes. The colour is standard black and one I am very happy with.

      My thoughts
      I can use this as an every day mascara, using a couple of coats to get the right look. It dries pretty quickly and withstands a normal day or night's work or partying. You can build it up to get a more dramatic look as it dries quick so it doesn't get too sticky or messy. I did the shopping channel trick of just making up one eye with this mascara to compare the proper before and after look and I can definitely say it was a marked improvement. Removal was also easy with a cotton pad and eye make up remover. I have had no adverse effects during the few weeks I have been wearing this mascara.

      This costs £16 on the Model Co website, clearly it would have been cheaper in the duo kit and probably even more so that it was from TK Maxx but on a whole the Model Co products are quite premium in price and quality.

      Final word
      For the plain packaging I was surprised at how good this mascara actually is. I have a few items from the Model Co range now and I have found them all to be of a high standard. This mascara is the right colour and consistency for me and I will definitely look out for it again for a future repurchase. Happy to use it and buy it again. Love the mirror on the side of the tube too!


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      01.07.2013 23:25
      Very helpful



      Mascara that offers even coverage and good staying power

      I don't have the time or the inclination to wear much make up on a regular basis but the one item that I wear everyday is black mascara. I am always on the look out for bargains and special offers so I was pleased to spot that Glamour magazine was giving away beauty products with a recent issue. I picked up this ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara as a free gift for the £2 cost of the magazine (although, in all honesty, Glamour magazine is little more than a collection of adverts and not something I would buy without the freebies!)

      I hadn't heard of the ModelCo brand prior to obtaining this mascara but it appears to be positioning itself in the market as a premium brand, certainly based on the selling price of this mascara. A quick online search reveals sites such as Boots, Very.co.uk and the ModelCo website selling this for £16 (although the tube featured is pink whereas mine is black.)

      Without knowing the pricing, I would have actually believed this to be a pretty cheap product based on the design of the tube. It has a rectangular shape and a slim mirrored element across one side which just looks a little 'try hard' and something that I would associate with a bargain product from the pound shop rather than a premium quality brand. I must admit that I have used the mirrored side on a couple of occasions, when I haven't been able to get to a mirror, so it has actually come in useful.

      The brush applicator itself also seems pretty short and basic but it performs its basic function well by sliding easily in and out of the tube, without lots of excess mascara building up around the edge. There is only a very faint (clean) aroma from the mascara on initial application but this soon fades and is no more distinctive than other brands of mascara that I've used previously.

      ModelCo describe this particular mascara as having an 'innovative formula' and, as the name of the product suggests, they also claim that this can extend and lengthen lashes, thanks to the inclusion of tiny fibres. I can't say that there is any visible difference in the mascara either on the wand or after application. The only time that I've really noticed that there are lots of individual fibres has been when I haven't washed this off thoroughly the previous night. I would recommend being more vigilant than I am and removing this every night as it does feel pretty uncomfortable in the morning and I find the fibres collect in the inner corners of my eye and can be quite irritating.

      I have found this mascara to be easy to apply, with a consistency that coats my lashes smoothly and evenly without any clumping, even over my fine lower lashes. I do tend to rub my eyes quite a lot throughout the day but, fortunately, this mascara is pretty impressive with its staying power and does not smudge or flake, even after several hours at the office.

      Removing the mascara (which I would recommend for the reasons listed above) is pretty straightforward. This formulation is water resistant rather than waterproof so I am able to wash this off easily with warm soapy water, without needing to scrub and without any soreness or irritation.

      I'm not convinced that this mascara, for all its claims, does anything particularly noticeable in terms of lengthening or thickening my lashes. Nonetheless, it offers good, even coverage and staying power and I am pleased with the overall natural look that I achieve with this mascara. Whilst I wouldn't make a special effort to source this particular mascara in the future, particularly at its full sale price, I would happily purchase another poor quality magazine in order to obtain another 'free' tube!


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        30.06.2013 18:09
        Very helpful



        An okay mascara from Model Co.

        ~*~*~ Model Co - Fibre Lashxtend Mascara ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is a mascara from Model Co. It is has lash fibres inbuilt within the glossy mascara to give your lashes a false lash effect from every angle.

        ~ Why did I buy it? ~

        I didn't buy this product directly and at a massive £28 for one tube I can't see me splashing out that much ever but I got this free with the July 2013 Glamour magazine. There was a choice of different make-up products to choose from and I ended up buying two of the same magazines to get two different product, one was this mascara and the other an eyeliner (review to follow).

        I am not one to miss a freebie and I particularly like make-up freebies as I know I will use these. Despite having plenty of mascaras in my make-up case already, I think a girl can never have enough mascara to choose from!

        ~ An impressive freebie or a flop? ~

        Since getting the magazine a few weeks back I have taken to using this mascara on a daily basis. So I would have to say this was a brilliant freebie to get, the magazine only cost me £2 and I read that too so this really was a good freebie for me.

        ~ Packaging ~

        This came in a thin cardboard tube like box which was quickly put in the recycling.

        The mascara itself comes in a squared tube which is mainly black. On the front is the manufacturer and product name in silver and hot pink font. I wouldn't say that it looks like a particularly expensive product from simply the look and I feel that it could have had a bit more wow factor.

        Turning the tube around you can see a long thin mirror is set into the back of the tube, this is a nice touch and means you can touch up your mascara on the go with ease.

        It's nice and easy to open and the lid housing the mascara wand on the other end. The wand is a traditional type bushy wand which I do tend to prefer. There's no scary spikes just a nice gentle brush!

        There isn't much else to mention about the packaging as it's rather bland, but the mirror is a great idea.

        ~ Fluttery lashes or clumpy panda eyes? ~

        Despite this being marketed as LASHXTEND I don't see much difference to others I have used, I do have a firm favourite in my mascara collection which is my L'Oreal Volume Million mascara, and this Lashxtend is very different to this.

        I think it is more suited to day use really as when I do my eye's for a night out I like them to be quite dramatic and this, no matter how much I build it up just doesn't get my lashes as I like them.

        It feels barely there when on but does give lashes colour and does my them appear fuller and longer but I don't think it has the false lash effect at all.

        It is nice to wear and doesn't clump at all.

        The Model Co website has this little blurb on the bottom of the description for this product -

        Why you need it:

        Creates incredibly long, high impact lashes.
        Inbuilt lash fibres create false lash effect.
        Clump-free, non-flaking formula.
        Water resistant.
        Easy, no-mess removal.

        I disagree slightly with the first and second sentence as I don't feel it does do either of these for my lashes. It is certainly clump free and I haven't noticed it flaking at all. I have worn it whilst being caught in the rain and it stayed put so yes water resistant and it is very easy to remove. I use facial wipes and this seems to get rid of it with ease but the site does mention that it can be removed using warm water without getting panda eyes, I did notice after a shower my face wasn't streaked with black so again I agree with the easy, no mess removal status.

        It does define your eyes and is noticable but I just can't see the false lash effect at all.

        ~ Would I buy it again? ~

        Priced at £28, no I wouldn't buy it again but I would buy a magazine offering it as a freebie again. I just can't justify spending £28 on this mascara nor any other mascara for that matter.

        I don't think it is as good as it has been made out as for me, like I have already mentioned, does not give me the impact I want with my eyes.

        ~ Overall ~

        I do like this mascara but I don't think it is worth the high price tag. It is nice to wear and rubbing my eyes does not produce massive smudged black eyes. It feel light and is easy to apply. My lashes don't clump together and look pretty nice, it also leaves my lashes feeling smooth and soft with no stiffness.

        Again, repeating myself, I don't feel that it does give a false lash effect but it is still a decent enough mascara.

        The colour I have is black and as far as I am aware that is the only colour available.

        ~ Where can you buy it from? ~

        As I have said I got mine free with the July issue of Glamour so if you want to try it yourself at a low price try and hunt it down. The magazine cost me £2.

        Otherwise go to www.modelcocosmetics.com where it is available for £28.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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