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ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss

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Brand: ModelCo / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    3 Reviews
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      20.07.2013 16:33
      Very helpful
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      A sticky, gloopy and unattractive gloss.

      No word of a lie I had this product free in a magazine. I hope I am not the only one when I say this, but when I get items free in a magazine I examine them and 9 times out of 10, it goes in the bin. This is a product I personally wouldn't wear, but kept it just in case.

      This product apparently comes in different shades but my shade is extremely light. It is of a peach colour and when I put it on my lips is see through. The main thing I don't like about this product is that it contains a lot of glitter that shimmers. When the product dries and you find yourself re-coating, your lips are covered with this glitter and it is horrible to get off. It is also very thick and gloopy. When you bring the applicator stick out of the tube you get a long droopy line dripping off the end of the stick. It reminded me of melted cheese when you pull it apart. Again this is another downfall of the product. Also, only a little of this product needs to applied to the lips because again its extremely gloopy. The only thing I like about this product is the scent. It is light and fruity. I know now why this product was being dispatched for free in magazines. I image the sales rate of this product is low.

      The product is said to be light reflecting at this is quite correct. The gloss is very shiny but when light is on it you see little flickers of white on your lips. The ModelCo industry is all about glamor. If this product is meant to be part of this institution goal then it is very far off, because I didn't feel very glamorous in this product. The gloss itself is light peach with a lot of glitter and fruity scent. The casing itself is made out of a long plastic tube with a black plastic lid with the branding name inscribed. There is also a mirror on the front of the tube. Mine hasn't scratched up yet, but I imagine carrying it around in your bag would.

      The retail price of this product currently stands at £12.00, but as I mentioned before I got mine free with a magazine. I don't think I would recommend this to anyone, not even if it comes free in a magazine like mine did.


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        14.07.2013 15:15
        Very helpful



        Nice for some but not for all

        I haven't purchased a lip gloss in absolutely forever! I would frequently buy lipglosses from the Philosophy brand as I was familiar with their products in general, and I found that the glosses were a great quality, gave a great look and shine to the lips and the taste and smell was amazing! Don't quite have the money to buy those at the moment. So I was quite happy to find this product came free with a magazine I purchased afew weeks ago. Having a rough idea of the cost of product like this lipgloss, I knew buying the magazine was far cheaper than buying this product on its own so I thought it was a bargain! Checking online this product retails for around the £11.00 mark.

        How is it packaged

        It comes in a long and thin plastic clear slightly rounded at the edges rectangular tube. The lid is black with the Model Co logo on it. When you unscrew the lip, the applicator is attached to it to apply the product on lips.On one side of the tube, there is a thin and long mirror to assist in application of product.

        On the bottom of the tube it says what the shade of lipgloss is in very small writing, which is Strip Tease. It does mention what the shelf life is once opened but its so small I cant read it!

        How to apply

        Place product onto the lips if and when required, using the inbuilt mirror as a guide.

        How would I describe the colour?

        In the tube, it looks like a peachy pink with a hint of warmth to it. Its shot through with very small and fine iridescent particles in it which makes the product only very subtly sparkle.

        How did I find application?

        Application was very easy. The wand used to place product on lips was just the right length. The handle ( lid ) was a good chunky shape and size so easy to hold and allowed steady and comfortable application. The tip of the wand was cut at an angle, so this allowed it to follow the shape of my lip and provide even and smooth coverage. The tip of the wand looked and felt as it was made of some form of sponge material, that was soft on the lips, and picked up enough product to place on my lips, but not too much were it would get overloaded.

        The mirror on the packaging wasn't needed. Nice touch, but Im fairly competent at putting lipgloss on, but I can see how handy it is though.

        Texture of gloss wasn't too gluppy or sticky, just the right consistency.

        I didn't feel I had to keep reapplying it throughout the day. A good few hours past when I thought to myself I could do with another layer.

        The thing that I loved the most with this was the fragrance- it smelt exactly the same as strawberry Chewits! Sweet, fruity slightly energising confectionary, which for me is a lovely touch but maybe not to everyones liking. No taste I could detect from the gloss. Shame,as I wouldve like to taste Chewits throughout the day!

        How did I find the look?

        Depending on how you look at this, but this colour lipgloss will not suit everyone. On my lips, there is no colour what so ever, just a glossy looking sheen. Why? Because this couldn't have been developed for all skin tones and colours. I am of mixed background, many skin tones that are naturally ' tanned ' or darker do require make up to be more pigmented. So having a pale, peach coloured gloss isn't going to give me any form of colour. It did make my lips look supple,moisturised, shiny, but that's about it. A touch of sparkle thanks to the particles in the gloss, but for me there needed to be more to compensate for the naturally dark colouring of my lips.
        My guess is, the lighter or pinker in colour your lips will be, the more you will get the pink/peachy tones of this gloss. The darker? You will get shine.

        The only alternative I can suggest if this gloss doesnt provide any form of colour is layering. A nice, decent pigmented lipstick underneath and this on the top would be a good trick, and would stop this gloss having the function of being more of a clear lipgloss/lipbalm product.

        Would I go out and buy this? Probably not. Not faulting the product itself because its nice and easy to use, but if I wanted just shine or even throw in a touch of sparkle, I could get that from some fantastic lipbalms out there for well below the £11.00 cost of this. The packaging for me is quite standard, although functional, but not memorable or special. Application nice but the look I get is boring and safe. The thing that I love the most is the smell-and Im sure there are some out there that smell similarly or are as equally mouth watering. Im not going to complain as this was a free product and I use it to make my lips look shiny, but not for me. The points Im giving it reflects the fragrance, longevity of wear, shine and ease of application. The colouring is a very individual thing but has got to be reflected in my score.


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          12.07.2013 23:26
          Very helpful



          Nice lip gloss, I enjoy wearing it.

          I received a tube of Model Co lip gloss in the shade 'Strip Tease' as a gift for my birthday from a good friend. The detective in me immediately sussed the source of this item was TK Maxx (their price stickers are super sticky so I can always identify items bought there!). The lip gloss came in a set which also included a mascara in black. These are two items I am never sorry to acquire more of, being something I use daily I am glad to have spares. Model Co is a brand I am familiar with having used their lip and cheek stain to great success. I find their products high quality and a reasonable price generally.

          First impressions

          The first thing I noticed about the Model Co lip gloss was the colour, a peachy neutral and not too much glitter in it. Secondly, the packaging. What first appeared to be a standard tube, fair enough on the large side but with a screw top lid and a sponge applicator; then I noticed a mirror on the side of the tube (also one on the mascara, review to follow) which was just the right size for checking application and discrete ways for a quick application. It took me a few months before I actually opened the pack, mainly because I already had a few lip glosses and mascaras on the go and I do like to keep products sealed and new until I am ready to use them to prolong their shelf life.

          In use

          The lip gloss is easy to use, although with a full tube I noticed a strand would sit between the bottle and brush as you pulled it out so this could cause a bit of a mess around the neck of the bottle. Lip gloss is generally a bit sticky so I was not unduly surprised by this. The gloss glides on evenly and makes a nice neural finish with a glossy sheen that is just right without transferring too badly if you drink from a cup straight after applying.

          My thoughts

          I am quite taken by this lip gloss, and it does seem to be one that I pick from the many that I own, mainly thanks to the mirror, I know I can quickly grab it and apply it without having to do it 'blind' and it's also good if you are wondering after lunch if any food remains around your mouth! So in terms of that, it is definitely a multi tasker. The fact that I choose it often speaks volumes that I actually prefer it above many of the other makes I own. The only thing I am not too keen on is the sponge applicator as I find they can get a bit grubby when used over lipstick or other colours and they can be difficult to clean. It doesn't really matter that much but it does irritate me a bit but this is quite a standard brush for lip gloss which I am used to seeing on a lot of brands.


          Model Co products are not cheap. This lip gloss is £12 on their website but as mine was a gift I can't say what it cost in TK Maxx.

          Final word

          I like this lip gloss and the mirror that comes with it and importantly the shade (strip tease) is just right and will suit most skin tones I think. I often use mine over a lip gloss or more often a lip stain as it enhances the lips without making them too over the top. This is a fairly new brand to me but I have to say I am quite impressed with it. I am not sure how much is in the tube as the sticker on the end is tiny but it is a fairly large tube so should end up lasting me a few months. I will probably make the excuse to go to TK Maxx to see if they have any more in stock although you can buy this online direct from the Model Co website. This was a present I was happy to receive and use and I think it is a great idea to include a mirror on the side of the tube, a girl can never have too many mirrors and this makes it an essential piece of kit in the make up weaponry kit.


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