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Molton Brown Take Cover Face Concealer

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Brand: Molton Brown / Type: Concealers / Suitable for: Face

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    1 Review
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      26.06.2009 10:28
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      A blemish concealer pen from Molton Brown.

      I'm always on the lookout for a bargain and love finding one. On a recent visit to a discount shopping outlet centre I managed to pick up a couple of bargains in the Molton Brown shop. Now I don't normally tend to buy much from Molton Brown, largely because I think it's very over priced, but on this occasion I was quite happy to fill up my basket. Molton Brown began in 1973 when the first shop was opened in South Molton Street in London, hence where part of the name comes from. They advertised themselves as being an individual and natural brand which was quite a novelty in the 1970s. The first products were actually handmade upstairs above the shop and this really led to a take off in sales. Molton Brown can now be found in over 70 countries worldwide and within many department stores and emporiums within the UK. Their products include hand lotions, moisturisers and shampoos. Prices for the range are typically quite high and range from around £10 upwards with a lip gloss costing £11, a 300ml bottle of shampoo costing £16 and a 30ml facial moisturiser costing £29.

      The Take Over Face Concealer comes in a silver double ended pen with the brand name engraved on the side of the pen. The pen comes in a light brown and pale beige coloured box which seems to be the trademark colours of Molton Brown. The pen itself is about five inches in size so about the same length as your average pen although it has a slightly thicker diameter than your typical pen. The centre of the pen has more of a matte silver effect to it while the two ends of the pen are a shiny silver giving quite an expensive and luxurious image to the product overall. The concealer itself is fairly runny in consistency it would seem, similar to a body lotion and doesn't really have any fragrance to it at all. My concealer is in the shade of walnut which is quite a deep beige colour; it also comes in macadamia which is a paler colour suitable for paler complexions. These were the only two shades available when I bought mine and according to their website these are the only two shades they make. They also do an eye concealer which comes in a single shade and looked very similar to these concealers.

      To access the concealer simply remove the lid from one end of the pen to expose a small, clear coloured brush and twist the opposite end to release the liquid into the upper end of the pen and into the brush. Dispensing the concealer is really easy, the brush applicator on the end means you never need to touch your face with your fingers which avoids the spread of any bacteria. As you can twist the opposite end of the pen in very small movements it means that huge blobs of concealer are never released so you can easily control how much you use. I find it's best to twist one end of the pen about ninety degrees clockwise and this releases ample amounts of concealer to cover a couple of spots. The colour of the concealer doesn't really seem to match my skin tone, it's quite a bit lighter, but when I apply it and then gently massage it in using the brush the colour doesn't seem to matter. It feels quite light on my skin and is absorbed really easy as well, there's no greasy or oily residue left which is good as this would only encourage any spots to grow from the moisture.

      The overall effect of the pen is pretty good; it definitely makes any spots less noticeable and does this without making my skin unnecessarily dry or greasy. As for whether it covers them completely well sadly it's not a miracle worker but by using this and my foundation on top most spots appear much less noticeable if not invisible. It's main selling point is that it contains bisabolol, an extract of camomile and candeia which will actively reduce blemishes and redness. I've found it's a good way to mask any blemishes or redness but when I remove my make up those red blemishes are often still there! It costs £16 for 24g of this concealer which is really quite expensive, you could pick up a Boots Number 17 concealer for under £4. I luckily managed to get mine for £3 which was a bargain price and at that price I'd certainly recommend it and give it the full five stars. However due to its normal retail price I really wouldn't recommend buying this, yes it is good but it's not good enough to warrant the rather steep price tag of £16. My advice would be invest in a cheaper concealer that probably does just as good a job... or find a cure to getting spots full stop!

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      A lightweight oil-free concealer which also reduces the appearance of redness and blemishes /

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