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MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliner Pencil

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3 Reviews
  • Its a great product!
  • Nice range of colours
  • None for me at all!
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    3 Reviews
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      15.10.2013 16:35
      Very helpful



      'MUA Intense Glitter Eye liner Pencil' An OK eye liner but not one i would buy again

      'MUA Intense Glitter Eye liner Pencil'

      'MUA' (Make Up Academy) is a 'Superdrug' own brand, available in stores and on their official website (muastore.com). MUA are a cheap yet in my opinion a very good quality make up brand.

      I first purchased my 'MUA Intense Glitter Eye liner Pencil' from my local 'Superdrug' store for the bargain price of only £1. On my first time using the eye liner I found that the formula was very creamy and applied to the eye area very well.

      I love the packaging of this eye liner it is sleek and very thin which means it is the perfect size to fit into your travel make up bag. The eye liner also comes with a built in pencil sharpener which is built into the cap, which is another very handy feature of this product.

      MUA has a very wide variety of colors in their intense glitter eye liner range, which consists of six different colors: 'Sliver sparkles', 'Gold Nugget', 'Starry Night', 'Jade Jewel', 'Malt Chocolate' and 'Blue Babe'.I purchased two of them the 'Jade' and the 'Chocolate' as I thought these were the two colours I'd get the most wear out of, and they were. However there were three down sides to these eye liners the first was that neither of them were very pigmented which meant they did not really give me the look I would desire from such beautiful colors, the second problem is that they are not very long wearing as a result I found that both eye liners ran and cracker after about two hours of wear. The third problem with both of them was the amount of glitter in each colour, which was barely any, which was disappointing as I was expecting a lot more sparkle seen as the pigmentation was so poor.

      Overall I don't think I'd buy these eye liners again, although they are very cheap and have a nice formula, they do not have a very good colour pay off and they are not very sparkly and when they are applied to the skin what little color there is does not really last.


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      22.05.2013 13:08
      Very helpful


      • "Its a great product!"
      • "Nice range of colours"
      • Cheap


      • "None for me at all!"

      I'm going to buy them all whilst the offer is on!

      When it comes to using eyeliners they are something I will use every-time I put full make up on, granted that isn't very often these days for me cos I can't be bothered with all the faffing about lol.

      Because I don't use make up all that often, although I like to use decent stuff I don't like to pay the earth for it because stuff tends to go off or go dry and likes so I am always on the look out for bargains when it comes to cosmetics...unless its Max Factor which I really do like as a brand and will pay more out for particularly their foundations and pressed powders and blushers and the likes.

      Just recently I have found myself in Superdrug weekly due to seeing a stop smoking adviser in there and whilst waiting for my appointment or waiting for her to put together my nicotene replacement prescription I love to mooch around the store and quite often find myself looking at cosmetics and this is when I came across this MUA Glitter Eyeliner in 6 colour options available at the moment instore for just £1.00 each so I treated myself to 'Blue Babe'.

      Now these are marketed as eyeliner, however they can also be used as all over eye colour, lip liner and even lipstick according to the information I came across on the web about this product however I only use this as intended and as an eyeliner!

      The Eyeliner:

      The eyeliner is a thinnish pencil and the outside of it is the same colour as what you'll be using on yourself. The lid is see-through and slides on and off with ease and it has an integrated pencil sharpener within the lid for ease of sharpening too which I think is a really handy little extra for the price and it works ever so well. Down the side of the pencil we are clearly told what it is and who it is by, the colour is clearly given and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. Its a really nice looking pencil this one and you get alot of product for the money you pay....good value providing it is good right?!

      Using It:

      All you do to use this of course is frame the eyes with it. The pencil colour easily glides on the eyes without being too thick, clumpy or greasy and the base colour is rich, light silvery blue in my case with lots of speckles of glitter that comes off within the colour giving a really sparkly effect.

      This stays put all day long, is easy for me to remove with my usual make up removing routine and I was worried that the glitter would flake over time or simply sprinkle off where I didn't want it to but I'm more than happy report that really isn't the case with this and I have the option to go subtle with this or make it thicker and have more glitter on should I want to making this perfectly ok for me to wear daytimes or in the evenings.

      Like I stated earlier this pencil can be used in a variety of ways but I only use this in the way it is sold, as an eyeliner but if I was younger I would deffo give this a go as a lipliner and general colour!

      At the moment these are on offer on a deal of buy 2 get one free which works out at just £2.00 for 3 eyeliners which is truly an amazing deal!

      Available in colour options:

      Blue Babe

      Malt Chocolate

      Gold Nugget

      Jade Jewel

      Starry Night

      Pink Spark

      Available from Superdrug stores or from MUA.com or Google for them!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        31.12.2012 21:30
        Very helpful



        A low cost but good quality pencil for a subtle glimmer

        I accidently picked up one of Make Up Academy's Intense Glitter Eye Pencils, thinking it was one of their regular eyeliners. There is nothing on the outside of the pencil to show it has a glitter finish, unless you are luckier than me and pick one up with a bar code sticker that isn't across the word "glitter". When I got it home I realised my mistake, but as it cost me only £1 I wasn't too put out. The colour I picked up was "Jade Jewel", which looked nice from the outside so I decided to give it a try.


        The pencil is from the standard MUA range, hence the low price. They specialise in a range of budget cosmetics, which are exclusively available in Superdrug, as well as from MUA themselves online. I have used the brand's non glittery eye pencils before, and I really like them. I thought the quality was great for the price, even if they didn't last all day. I was planning to wear the glitter eye pencil for evening wear mostly, so it woudn't matter if it wasn't there for 12 hours.

        When I looked online to see what colours are available, I saw that MUA offer 7 glitter pencils. Three of those are web exclusives including the gold and silver ones. On the high street you can choose from pale blue, black and chocolate, as well as the green "Jade Jewel" that I chose inadvertantly. I associate jade with a lighter green colour, but my pencil is dark - what I would call forest green. I know that this suits my blue eyes - it was just the glitter bit I was less sure of!


        The pencil looks much the same as any other - and not noticeably cheaper in my opinion. It comes with a sharpener in the lid, which I find a godsend. It works well too, giving just the right "sharpness" to the tip in a twist or two without making the point too fine. There is no smudger at the other end, which is not an issue for me personally as I don't use them often. I did experiment with smudging this one and it does so evenly without a lot of effort but I don't really like the look when glitter is involved. If you are more of an eye expert, I am sure you could do better..

        The colour of the liner looked intense when the lid was removed, and I could see a quite a lot of silver glitter at the tip. I wasn't sure whether the glitter particles would be a shade of green but they aren't. It feels soft and creamy as you draw it along the eye which makes it comfortable to use. The pigment imparts to the skin quickly and I found that one sweep along was sufficient. With a lighter shade I might have built it up more but the green is strong enough for that not to be needed. The glitter pieces are tiny, and do not leave the pencil as you apply it. This means it is no more messy or uncomfortable than any other liner. It has the advantage over liquid versions in that you don't have to wait a long time for it to dry before you can bat your eye lids!


        The pencil won me over because the glitter is actually quite subtle. It isn't obvious unless someone is close to you, and it just catches the light as you move. I much prefer this to a more blingy look, although if I was younger I probably would have been disappointed not to look more sparkly. I think the underlying colour - green in my case - is strongly pigmented, so the overall finish looks good quality. The liner stays in place all evening which is as long as I need it for. It isn't waterproof but that fact hasn't caused me any problems.

        When it comes to removing the liner, the glitter particles stay behind when the main colour has disappeared. This mean it takes a bit more effort to get rid of, but it does go with a second wipe with a eye make up removal pad. I wouldn't have wanted to scrub away at my eye area.


        I would because it looks and feels good quality, but it actually costs hardly anything. I think if you want a very glittery look to your eyeliner, you may find the finish too subtle. It is perfect for me though, and the subtle look makes it seem more versatile. I would acually wear this during the day, and I never thought I would say that! It has sharpened well, and is wearing down slowly which makes it even more of a bargain. The pencils are available in Superdrug instore but only one shade is currently for sale on their website. MUA's own website does offer the whole range but you would have to add postage to the price.

        [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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