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MUA Lip Boom

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Brand: Makeup Academy / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    5 Reviews
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      16.07.2013 22:42
      Very helpful



      A product worth trying if you like glittery lip gloss and lipstick all in one!

      MUA- Makeup Academy as I've said before are a brand tucked away in the corner of Superdrug one that you may not have noticed before as I personally didn't until I became a poor student. If you have no idea about MUA yet funds are low or you just don't fancy spending a complete arm and leg on make up then a tip for you is to get to know MUA...and quick. The brand is unbelievably cheap and has a great range of all make up and even a nail care range however in this review I shall focus on the lip boom lipstick.

      My sister as I'm a skint student decided to kindly send me some make up to Nottingham such as mascaras and this lip boom lip stick as she had found some deals when buying herself similar products. I personally am a huge fan of lipstick.. and love to try out different colours/shades and brands but a personal favourite colour is bold reds whether it be day to day or for a night out so my sister decided to go for the bright red lip boom for me as well as herself.

      A bit about the lipstick-
      The lipstick can be bought either online at http://www.muastore.co.uk/index.php/lips/lipboom or simply in your nearest Superdrug store. The lipstick I think at the time my sister bought it was brand new and is associated with Alexandra Burke as MUA created this lipstick with her and shes on the front of the cardboard packaging..this may make the product more appealing to some of you. The lipstick comes in 8 shades, personally I don't believe that is a great range of colours but MUA aren't the hugest brand so that may be why but the basic colours such as reds pinks and browns are covered. As you can see on the website if you did wish to do so http://www.muastore.co.uk/index.php/lips/lipboom. The lipstick is a wonderful price of only £3.00 which is unbelievably cheap I personally wouldn't even expect a lipstick this cheap even as a student. BUT the lipstick is not just a lipstick alone, it claims to be a four in 1 lipstick which can transform your lips and give them boom in four different ways (which I shall speak about later).
      Packaging and the lipstick-
      The product comes attached to cardboard with a picture of Alexandra Burke taking up most of the space. Then above this is the MUA logo which stands out in silver writing and then the lipstick itself with black cardboard covering the middle section and in large silver capital letters it boldy states LIP BOOM. I personally believe the packaging helps make the lipstick stick out compared to all other lipsticks but I believe it does have a cheap look but for £3 thats probably going to be the case.
      The lipstick itself is in my eyes in height very large and probably about the size of two normal sized lipsticks on top of each other is the best way I could describe it. But this is down to the lipstick not only being a lipstick but having other features. The lipstick is black in colour and plastic, not very classy looking but again what can you expect. One end of the lip boom is a clear section where you can see a shiny pink glittery colour (in my case) this is the lip gloss. On the other end is a small lip balm which can be pulled off and is a very dark rich red colour there is nothing in the product to apply this with but I'm guessing you would dip your finger into it and apply using your finger or perhaps use a small brush. You may be wondering where is the lip stick??? If you pull the middle section the lipstick pulls out of this little handy yet technical beauty product. The lipstick then twists up as a normal lipstick would. I would say the only issues I feel there are with this product is the size is a lot larger than other lipsticks and it doesn't particularly look very nice and looks quite cheap if that was to bother you.

      The lip boom product claims it is a four in one product...
      1. Lipstick alone for a matte look.
      2. Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.
      3. Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look.
      4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.

      I personally only really use the lipstick as I really do not like the stickyness of lipgloss and lip balm seems irrelevant. However for this review I have obviously tried and tested all elements of the product. Firstly the lipstick alone I believe is a beautiful rich but quite bright red colour and I sometimes wear it on a day to day basis but can also wear it on a night out if I wish to do so. I however have a small issue with the lipstick as it is very dry compared to other brands of lipstick and I believe it doesn't leave my lips feeling the best but what can you expect for a low price. I love the colour of this lipstick so a way I have come around this issue is simply applying a nivea lip balm before applying the lipstick then I find its easier to apply and my lips don't feel as dry. One thing I have recently noticed about this lipstick also is IT LASTS FOR AGES! It does actually last longer than other brands of lipstick I have such as GOSH and Avon and Barry M which makes this lipstick worth the buy especially for the price. I find I will apply it in a morning and it will still be there maybe a bit faded but by early night time.

      The lip gloss can be applied either to your lips with lipstick on or alone for a sheer pearl finish. The lip gloss as I said above has a glittery look to it which automatically puts me off as it reminds me of being younger and trying out make up thinking it looked alright. Now unfortunately for me who doesn't like the glitter look... this lipstick leaves a very glittery look. But if you like glitter then not to worry this lip gloss leaves you with a glittery yet shiny look and isn't too sticky unlike some lip gloss. Also the gloss has a great smell and reminds me of vanilla.

      The lip balm is very small and the website doesn't actually say what to use it for, I think its lip balm with a tint as it is quite sticky when you touch it. When applied to my lips I found it was quite sticky therefore again I do not use this.

      To conclude this lipstick may be large and dryer than others but I still believe its a great combo of lipstick and lip gloss in one for those that use both. It personally appeals to me due to the colour and the long lasting lip stick and also obviously the price but I can see why other people would enjoy this product I just really am not a big fan of lip gloss. But even if you was not to enjoy this product it is only cheap so isn't a huge issue. If you like lipstick and lip gloss with a glittery shine then get trying the MUA lip boom ladies.

      Thank you for reading my review, hope it helps.


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      04.07.2013 10:02
      Very helpful



      Worth a try

      When I saw a promotion on the make up academy facebook page where you could get 50% off your order I decided to take the plunge and order various products to try and as I have started wearing lip products more often than not I decided to try out the lip boom product which was being marketed as a new product at the time. This is my review of the product.

      MUA products are available to buy either in Superdrug stores or online on their website. As I used a facebook offer I ordered all of my items online and had them delivered to my home. According to the website the lip boom product was designed in collaberation with Alexandra Burke but I have to say this had no influence on my decision to purchase and frankly I was hoping that it wouldn't have anything on the packaging that would link it to Alexandra Burke to be honest! It is described on the site as something which is like nothing else on the high street and it was this that grabbed my attention to be honest! Basically this lip boom product combines lipstick on one end and a highlighting gloss on the other end which can be used alone or together to create dramatic full looking lips and so I have to say I was looking forward to trying it out! The product comes in eight shades each of which have a name and the one that I chose was called "bring it" and features a deep red coloured lipstick and a pinky red coloured gloss.

      The product came attached to a cardboard packaging which was bold and did feature a picture of Alexandra Burke pouting! We are told that this is a four in one product as they mention you can use the lipstick and highlighter alone as well as in combinations! The actual lip boom product is in a long tube which is probably about the same thickness as a lipstick but the same length as a lip gloss. It has a shiny black middle section with the lip boom name and MUA name in a silver coloured writing. One end of the lip boom tube has a deep red section at the end which you can pull off presumably for applying the product with a brush I think but this isn't something I would do. This colour is the same as the lipstick and so I do like that you can see straight away what colour you are going to be getting. The opposite end of the product shows quite a lot of the shimmering, glittery looking gloss highlighter product so again you can see what colour you are going to be getting.

      When you pull off the lipstick end of the tube you have got what is basically any other lipstick! It is a very deep red colour and I wouldn't personally wear this colour unless I was going out as it is really in your face and a bit too red for day to day in my opinion! The lipstick is easy to apply though and goes on nice and smooth but you do have to watch out for it smudging as it is such a vibrant colour it is very easily noticed if it does! It will transfer on to glasses and such like when you have a drink. You need to twist off the lip gloss end of the product and this can be used in various ways on your lips. If applied to the centre of your lips only it will provide a full volume look but I tend to prefer to apply it all over my lipstick as it gives a high shine finish and makes your lips stand out but I think the beauty of this product is that you can find the best way for you to apply it and spend some time experimenting with it. I do find that with the gloss on too it does transfer more than with the lipstick alone but this is something that might be different depending on how you choose to use the product yourself.

      The lipstick is very matte on your lips before adding the gloss and I do like how you can either wear it like this or you can add the gloss to create a super shiny finish. The lip gloss and lipstick both have a really lovely scent and it reminds me of vanilla and so it smells quite sweet! I think the colours in this range are good and there would probably be one to suit most people. What is good with this particular product is you have the gloss and lipstick in one handy pack and so you have less to carry should you take it on a night out with you.

      This product costs just £3 from MUA and so you aren't going to break the bank if you try it out and don't like it! I personally don't wear this as often as some other lip products that I have purely because I think the colour is best suited for when I am going out and that doesn't happen all that often for me! The product is good quality though and I would certainly say it is very good value for money and would recommend trying it out.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        11.06.2013 11:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        an ok lipstick and gloss multi purpose

        I love multi purpose products and as you can probably tell from my other reviews that I also love makeup. After reading some great reviews online about this brand I decided to check out the website. At the time these hadn't been out long and so were well advertised throughout the site. Here is my review:

        This comes in a black with lipboom in shiny silver print on the front. This writing rubs off really easily put the gloss and lipstick are more than secure in this. There is a lipstick and you pull out at one end and a pot of gloss at the other end. Unfortunately this packaging gives away that this is a bargain product.

        I believe there is 8 in the collection but I own these five:

        Its a situation

        These range from a nude, a very light pink right up to an almost black red.

        My least favourite is ok.com it is as you expect - ok. It is a very boring nude colour and the gloss that comes with it does nothing to liven it up. My favourite is It's a situation which is a nice vibrant red with a great glitter gloss. These are all very pigmenyed and even cheeky that is a very pale pink is vibrant enough with just one layer.
        These lip gloss is nice and glittery and although I wouldn't personally wear it on its own you certainly could do. Its works very on top of the lipstick.

        Formulation etc
        The lipstick is neither matte nor glossy and is somewhere between sheer and opaque. It has that cheap lipstick smell too particularly the lipgloss. The lipstick is fairly easy to apply and there is a full lipstick in the product. The lipstick does not withstand a meal and even with lipcote it does not keep its colour. This a shame as the colours are really lovely at first. This has to be reapplied so much it makes them really drying.

        Price and Availability
        These lipbooms are only £3 and can be bought from superdrug instore or online and also from the mua websites.

        These lipsticks are ok.com.


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          22.05.2013 01:01
          Very helpful



          wouldnt buy again

          I decided to buy this lipstick/gloss combo on the run up to Christmas last year, I really liked the idea of having the choice to create a number of different looks and thought it was quite reasonably priced. I picked up a berry darkish colour because I love these shades in winter and I thought it was a really pretty colour.

          The Lips Boom
          This is a combination lipstick and lip gloss, I think that this is quite a good idea as it is nice to have 2 colours that are compatible to play around with and get a range of different looks. The lipstick alone looks quite matte, the lip gloss goes for the more sheen look and when you combine the lipstick and the lip gloss to the middle of your lips, they look full and voluptuous or you can place both all over your lips for a really glossy and shiny look.

          I was really excited to use this product and when I bought it I decided to try out all the different looks to see what they looked like and decided which look would be suitable for which part of the day.
          I decided to try out just the lipstick first, it was simple enough to apply, then I added the gloss to the middle of my lips to give them the volumised look, this was a little fidgety, as I do not have a great hand or patience sometime so I could not get my lips looking even and perfect with it.
          Then I filled in the rest of my lips to get a more glossy look with much more ease, finally I wiped it all off and just applied the gloss and also found this quite easy.

          What I Thought
          The Lipstick
          I found that this lipstick on its own can be quite drying to my lips, and compared to other lipsticks on the shelves, I would rate this one quite low. One good thing about this lipstick is that it has quite good staying power, I do not really need to keep applying it when I wear this throughout the day and the colour does look quite nice on my lips. I find though that if I wear it for a few days, my lips feel really dry and need a bit of a break from it and some TLC with lip balm or Vaseline.

          The Gloss
          I wasn't really that impressed with the gloss in this combo, it does not really have a nice texture and I think it also has a really sickening smell. I found that when I did use the lipstick, I usually just used my own lip gloss, because I found this one was quite useless and did not really like the colour either. There is not really much staying power with this gloss, though I will admit that I did not really expect much for £3.

          Price and Availability
          You can buy this lip boom in Superdrug for around £3, I think I paid a little less for mine as it was on offer, which is always good, so it is good to keep an eye out for any make up promotions in Superdrug if you are thinking of buying this.

          I was quite disappointed with this lipstick/gloss combo, I think though that for £3, it may be more suited to teenage girls who want to experiment a bit with their makeup. The lipstick is ok and the gloss isn't really that great, but the price is very low and I think it would be good for a younger audience. Overall I would give this product 2 out of 5 stars.

          *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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          20.02.2013 20:02
          Very helpful



          A little bit disappointing

          My sister bought me the MUA Lip Boom, as it was a product I had mentioned I wanted to try. This product from the successful budget make-up brand MUA (make up academy) is a lipstick and gloss in one which, according to the packet can be worn in four different ways - but more on that later!

          The product is endorsed by X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and a picture of Alex is shown on the card which this product comes on. This endorsement does suggest to me that it is a product designed for teenagers and perhaps younger women, and being in my late twenties, I'm not sure I really fall into that category.

          The product itself is double ended with one side being a lipstick, the other being a 'highlighting gloss'. Like the standard MUA lipsticks from the £1 collection, the base of the lipstick end screws off, to give a small pot of lipstick which can be applied with a brush. I find this a bit of a strange addition in all honesty, but I suppose it means you are getting a bit of extra product for your money.

          According to the MUA website there are eight shades available, however my local Superdrug store only ever has two or three maximum and even the MUA website only has five of the eight shades in stock currently. I had to laugh that one of the shades is called 'OK.com', a phrase I remember Alexandra being ridiculed for using when she was a stand in judge on the X Factor, and proving she can laugh at herself. The shade I have is called 'Cheeky' and is a light pink lipstick with a slightly darker pink gloss.

          As the lipstick end of the product looks just like the standard MUA lipsticks, I expected it to apply like them too. Strangely I have found whilst the standard MUA lipstick I have is creamy and glides on easily, this one feels quite dry and almost drags on the lips when applying. I found by accident that it helps to put it in your pocket 10 minutes or so before use as that warms it slightly, although I acknowledge that this is not always the most convenient of solutions!

          The lipstick is quite a light colour and I have naturally fairly dark coloured lips, but it does give good coverage. The problem I have found is that it seems to wear off quite quickly leaving a sort of mottled look with darker patches, therefore I don't find the lipstick ideal to wear on its own. I think if this were a darker colour more similar to my natural lip tone, I could probably get away with wearing it alone.

          The second way of wearing this is wearing the gloss alone. The gloss is a slightly deeper pink and is very shimmery. The particles of shimmer are quite large making this more suited to evening time in my opinion, as it's a little too sparkly for daytime I think. The gloss goes on very easily using the sponge tipped wand and has a rather sweet, vanilla scent to it, yet no discernable taste. MUA suggest using the gloss this way will give 'a sheer pearl finish' and I have to agree - albeit a rather shimmery pearl. The gloss alone seems to last longer than the lipstick does, although there is some transfer if drinking and when eating it seems to disappear completely.

          Option three with this product is to apply the gloss over the top of the lipstick. I have tried this and find that it can look a little bit heavy on the lips with both products on there. I think the lipstick and the gloss swirl into one a bit and so I find myself using the lip gloss wand to sort of blend the two colours in and give a smooth, even finish. As I don't like heavy make up and find this look a bit OTT I don't often wear it this way.

          The fourth option given for applying this product, is to put the lipstick on as a base then dot the gloss into the middle of the lips as a highlighter. I must admit, my lips are quite full and I don't really want them further enhanced in any way, so I have never worn the product in this way.

          The Lip Boom retails at £3 and is available in Superdrug stores.

          Overall, I am kind of torn with this product. On the one hand, I found that the lip gloss part of the product was good, but on the other, I did not like the lipstick part as much, as it felt quite dry and wore off quickly. If I saw another set with a lip gloss in a colour that I liked I would purchase it, as I feel that the gloss alone is worth £3, but as a '4-in-1' product it does not work all that well, so I will only give it a very average 3 stars.


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