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MUA Magnetic Nails

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  • interchange designs
  • Fab effects
  • Bit thick
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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2014 18:33
      Very helpful


      • "interchange designs "
      • "Fab effects"


      • "Bit thick"

      Fun effect polish!

      I have several brands of magnetic nails, I adore the looks the magnets make on the polishes.

      About the product ....

      Magnetic polishes are like regular polishes to use but the polish contains some iron in it and when you hold the magnets above the drying polishes the magnets pull the polish up and create a pattern in the polish.

      The MUA polishes come in a round glass bottle with a black cap, the cap has a magnet fastened in it and a lip on the front of the lid. On the front of each of the polishes is an image of what pattern the magnet on that bottle creates.

      To use ....

      The polish is used very similar to a normal polish, you simply apply a first coat and leave it to dry then apply a second coat to the nail and wait around 10 seconds to let it dry a little. Take the lid and turn it upside down so the magnet is above the wet nail, this is where that funny lip comes into play! Place that on the finger before the nail and hold the magnet above the nail for around 30 seconds. Do not let the magnet touch the nail, after 30 seconds lift the magnet away and there will be a pattern in your nail. You can not top coat the polish because to makes the pattern go funny.

      I find all magnetic polishes are thick, MUA ones are no different so they can be a little hard to apply the two coats without it getting clumpy.

      I find these have about a 48 hour wear on them for me before I get the occasional chip but they are fairly hard wearing as a whole.

      Sadly I do not remember what I paid for these, I have had them over a year now and as they are not in fashion they no longer sell them but I think they were around £3.50, I bought them from Superdrug. There are other brands that still make these fun polishes though!

      Summary ....

      A fun effects polish, I think they look really fab especially for Christmas. I love the fact you can buy different magnets and use a different effect on each nail.

      While the polishes are think they do last for a few days with just a little chipping.

      My only sadness was I never found a vibrant colour in these polishes they are all dark shades, my fave MUA one is a dusky pink colour.


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      03.12.2012 23:01
      Very helpful



      Marvelous Magnetics from MUA.

      ~*~*~ MUA Magnetic Nails ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      These are a new addition from MUA. They are magnetic nail varnishes which come with a magnet built into the lid, when used correctly you are able to form patters across your nails making nail art an easy thing to accomplish.

      ~ Magnetic Nails? ~

      For those unaware as to just what this does I will explain -

      You paint the nail varnish onto your nails in the usual manner of adding a thin first coat and letting it dry. After that of course it is time to add the second coat and this is where things need to be done differently. Unlike some of the other magnetic nail varnishes the magnet on this one cannot be removed but it does have a finger rest that you can clip off if you don't like it.

      Okay, the second coat. This has to be done one nail at a time and the painting and magnetic process needs to be done at the same time, no waiting for it to dry!

      Add a second coat of nail varnish and then as soon as you have finished flip the brush over to the magnetic side and hover it above your nail. You need to hold the magnet pretty close, as close as you can manage without actually touching the nail, hold it there for 10 - 15 seconds and remove. You should now be able to see a pattern has formed on the nail. Repeat this process for each nail and wait to dry before adding a protective top coat.

      I had trouble with this at first, I just couldn't get the magnet to work and I thought it was a dud or just simply didn't work so I twisted and turned the top and rubbed the magnet over with nail varnish remover (just in case) and then I tried it again and I am glad to report it works just fine.

      ~ The Range ~

      This is a newly introduced product and as such there isn't much in the choice of colours at the moment. I do hope they introduce more as I do think these are really effective and they work!

      Available now are six different colours, these are -

      Kings Road - Circle
      Leicester Square - Circle
      Mayfair - Squiggle
      Park Lane - Squiggle
      Piccadilly Circus - Circle
      Regent Street - Squiggle

      As you can see, next to each colour I have put either circle or squiggle and this is the pattern that the magnet will form on the nails.
      I opted for Kings Road which is a grey sparkly colour and I am wearing it now on both my fingers and toes!
      I also really like Mayfair which is a sparkly blue colour and Park Lane which is red and I think I will be buying these soon.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      I bought mine in a 3 for 2 Superdrug offer but they are priced at £3.50 each.

      They are available from Superdrug stores or online at -


      I think the price is brilliant now that I have got it working!

      ~ My Thoughts ~

      At first I have to say I was bitterly disappointed with this. No matter where I placed the magnet it wouldn't work, I even got my hubby to let me paint his thumb nail to see if I was doing something wrong on myself but still nothing was happening. But I sat there on night watching the telly and messing around with my nails when I decided to have a look at the magnet on top of this one. I turned it and poked it then wiped it over with a bit of nail varnish remover and decided to try it again and I was pleased that whatever I just did made it work!
      At that point I had painted my nails a whole array of different colours and added this to a few of my nails. But at the moment I have my toe and finger nails painted in this and I have to say that they do look amazing!

      The colour of this is a pale shimmery grey, dotted around are tiny sparkles which I guess are the magnetic particles. After hovering the magnet above my nails I have now got attractive dark grey curves and circles on my nails. My thumb nail has a perfect circle pattern consisting of four circles and due to the angle I held the magnet other nails have half circles or curved stripes! I have added a clear top coat over the effects and this has kept the nail varnish chip free for two days now and it is showing no signs of wear at all despite me having gone on a crazy cleaning spree in the kitchen yesterday afternoon where I stripped out every cupboard, cleaned and re-arranged it all! And I cleaned up the garden too which saw my taking down the trampoline just in case it decides to blow away! So in all I am impressed with the longevity of this nail varnish and the effects are super!

      I do think it requires a top coat though as it isn't totally flat and could catch on things and the top coat makes them really shine and makes the most out of the patterns which look almost 3D!

      I am impressed with this and will be shortly buying more in the range. I do think these are more suited to the shimmery colours they have as the patterns really stand out.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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