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MUA Trio Eyeshadow

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4 Reviews

Brand: MUA / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    4 Reviews
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      22.05.2013 19:10
      Very helpful



      Good product, cheap price and allows you to achieve a really subtle but pretty look


      This is a trio of eyeshadows from make up academy or MUA. The product claims to compliment eyes with a shimmer effect and also last for hours. There are 7 different trios available. As you may have noticed from another review I'm not really an eyeshadow person but I needed a subtle pink to go with an outfit I had bought and I appreciated this trio because it also included a little diagram on the back on how to use to product (I'm not exactly brilliant with using 3 shadows at once).


      The packaging I must admit is a bit of a let down, most eyeshadow trios come with small strips of the shadow in a case but this trio has each shadow in a circle shaped dome, at first I didn't really like this but I got used to it. The package is a large circle shape, the lid makes the front of the package and is see through, on the top it says "MUA - Make Up Academy - Professional". The back of the packaging is black plastic. There is the name of the eyeshadow trio, in my case "pink sorbet" and there is also a list of ingredients. Also visible is a small diagram of an eye and three instructions to use the dark shade to define and line, use the mid shade to blend and use the light shadow to highlight.


      These eyeshadow trios are currently available in Superdrug for £2.50.


      For somebody who doesn't wear eyeshadow very often at all I was very pleased with this little trio. The shadows all compliment each other very well which means it's easy to build up the look described in the small diagram on the packet.

      The shadows are all very shimmery too which I like because it adds a nice effect for a night out, I wouldn't really wear a very shimmery shadow in the day time to be honest. The light pink shade is perfect for highlighting under the brow bone and the pink used for the majority of the eyelid is also very nice, strong but not overpowering. Finally the purple(ish) shade used to add definition works perfectly against the pink without looking silly. Sometimes using too many shades of pink etc looks a bit "barbie" and doesn't always suit brunettes but I feel this set works well together and is very subtle and pretty.

      The eyeshadow swooped on very nicely with my eyeshadow brushes although I would say you'd need to apply the shadow a few times if you wanted a more intense look as the pigmentation isn't as strong as the description suggests.


      In terms of staying power I feel this product performed extremely well for the price. I've used No7 shadows that have faded during a night out but this trio stayed put all night without fading and I was also happy because I didn't experience any fallout throughout the night.


      A reasonably priced, really nice eyeshadow trio, I really want to try the Innocence shade next!


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      22.05.2013 10:51
      Very helpful



      A premium eyeshadow at a bargain basement price

      I fancied a bit of a treat the other day and as I am a bit skint I decided to check out the MUA range in Superdrug as I had read good things here on Dooyoo. In the end I opted for the trio of eye shadows but decided on the merged trio version which are new and sparkly and although they are 50p more than the normal variety to my mind it is 50p well spent.

      ***The packaging***
      To me it actually looks like I paid a lot more than £3.00 for this eyeshadow. It comes in a plastic pot with a closeable lid which closes tightly and you have to release a catch to open which I like because there is less chance of it opening in my makeup bag and going everywhere or getting messed up. The eyeshadow itself consists of three domes which look shimmery and you can see that the colours are blended as they look multi-faceted. It has a gold/bronze colour, a purple/gold/brown colour and a white with flecks of gold (I tend to use the brown and white most as the gold one is a little orange for my skin tone but that is just colour selection).
      The one thing I don't like about the packaging is the applicator - it has a one thick and one thin side with a plastic circle between the two holding it together but because it is so short it is just fiddly to use and the disc is in no ways big enough to hold. Therefore, you will need another applicator or brush t apply this (or of course you always have your fingers).

      ***The product***

      I have to say I love this eye shadow - it is shimmery and slightly glittery but not in a too obvious way and I have been wearing it at work and it doesn't look over the top. At first the pigment of isn't that bold (but that has a lot to do with the stupid applicator) but with the right brush etc it is buildable so you can get a nice colour to your eye shadow and still have a really nice shimmer. It also applies nicely and goes on smoothly and doesn't feel gritty (I find that some cheaper shimmery eyes shadows can feel quite gritty). Another plus point is the fact that the shimmer stays put on the eye and doesn't spread all over the face which again can be a problem with some shimmery shadows.

      In terms of staying power I seem to get a good eight hours out of this shadow (and that is without a base) although I will say that the colour fades before this leaving just a shimmer but that looks quite nice and it doesn't melt down the face in this time.


      At £3.00 in Superdrug this eye shadow really is excellent value for money and I will be purchasing more from this range in future as I was really impressed with it. However, I am knocking off a star mainly for the silly applicator.


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      04.05.2013 11:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A brilliant product

      A few months ago I saw an offer through facebook where MUA were offering 50% off orders over £30 as a result of gaining a certain number of followers. As such I decided to place an order and treat my sister and I to some new products. Some of the products have been a hit with me whilst others haven't really inspired me! One of the items that I bought myself was the trio eyeshadow and this is my review of it.

      The eyeshadow comes in a round tub which features a black plastic base and a clear plastic top part which has a hinge and so lifts up to expose the trio of eyeshadows. Each of the three eyeshadows is a little round dome with a little space in between each of them and there is also a small eyeshadow applicator included in the set but I personally don't like to apply eye make up with those and so mine has yet to be touched! What is great is on the back of the packaging there is a little diagram which shows you where best to apply the different coloured shadows to your eye and this can be particularly helpful if you are wanting to experiment with your look or just create a smoky looking eye I think. We are told that this eyeshadow trio can be used for twelve months after it has been opened which is about standard for this kind of product.

      The trio eyeshadow comes in seven different colour schemes and you can have a look at those online on the MUA website or in store in Superdrug where their products are stocked. I bought the trio eyeshadow with the name chocolate box which as you would expect is a trio of brown coloured eyeshadows. In the set we have a really dark coloured brown, a mid brown and then a golden, orangey brown as well. The colours all have quite a sparkling but subtle shimmer to them and really compliment each other well.

      I find that when I apply these eyeshadows to my eye that it clings nicely to the brush and I don't have to rub my brush over it too much to get a good amount on there. The colour goes on to my eye lid really well and I find that the colour is really pigmented and catches the light well. Although there is a subtle shimmer to the eyeshadows it isn't too in your face but it is noticable and I personally think it makes my eyes look bright. The three colours compliment each other well and I tend to use them differently depending on my mood. Sometimes I want to build up quite a smoky looking eye whilst other times I want something light and natural. This eyeshadow trio allows me to be able to create both looks with just one set. I tend to use this for day to day wear mostly as I opt for browns then and it lasts well throughout the day but is easily removed at the end of the day with a make up wipe.

      So the price of this excellent quality, lasting eyeshadow trio? Just £2.50 and I really have to say that I have tried other ranges that aren't as good as this that have cost me up to three times as much as this one! Obviously as I got this on offer as well it only really cost me £1.25 and it is so brilliant! These have been used most days really and they are still in perfectly formed domes! They are soft when they go on but don't crumble in the packaging and keep their shape perfectly. I cannot recommend this product more really and I will certainly look to buy more when this one either runs out or just needs replacing.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        22.12.2012 14:01
        Very helpful



        A great trio of eyeshadows

        After my somewhat disappointment with the Collection 2000 trio of eyeshadows which after my last attempt of applying and blending resulted in the trio being thrown into the bin I knew I needed to find a decent and suitable replacement as I found the grey/black shade of colours but I didn't want to spend a fortune just in case it turned out to be another dud.

        After browsing in Superdrug I came across the MUA or Make Up Academy range which I had seen before but never tried any of their products which was not an intentional snub just never needed anything when browsing previously. I did end up buying a few of their products, one being the MUA Eyeshadow Trio which I bought in "Smoke Screen" although I could have quite have easily bought several shades as they all seemed very nice.

        == The Trio ==

        MUA Eyeshadow Trio is of course made up of three mini eyeshadows which are meant to compliment each other. They have been specifically designed to be long wearing once applied but at the same time being incredibly soft and durable with the added touch of shimmer to give a lovely metallic type hue once applied.

        == Packaging ==

        The trio comes in a circular case which has a black base and a clear lid which features the MUA font logo together with product name in silver. On the base it features the product name, ingredients and contact information for MUA. The case should be sealed by a little clear plastic tab at the side and once removed to open the case you just press in the little black button and the case lid will pop open. It does come with an foam ended applicator which sits just above the shadows.

        == Smoke Screen ==

        A classic shade combination is white, grey and black and this is exactly what Smoke Screen is. You can clearly see the shimmer in each of the small round globes of eyeshadow and each colour does of course compliment each other very nicely.

        == To Use ==

        Now I tend to blend my eyeshadows using my finger tip as I find it much easier method than using an applicator especially once which can be a bit tough on the skin but of course this is down to personal preference. Although the MUA Eyeshadow Trio comes with an applicator I don't tend to use it although it is a decent size for application and it is double ended.

        I only use this trio to give that lovely smokey look and it isn't hard to achieve. You simply apply the lightest shade as a base on the eyelid (in this case the white), then apply the middle shade (grey/steel silver) in the inner corner and then to finish use the darkest shade (the black/very deep grey) and blend gently going out to the outer corner of the eye.

        I do find these eyeshadows incredibly easy to apply, they are quite soft so ideal for blending with each other and the powder used isn't overly fine so you don't get a lot of excess when applying so no extra powder on the apple of your cheeks or in the case. I also find them incredibly easy to blend with my finger tip and it doesn't take much to give a lovely smokey look without looking like you have a black eye!

        The trio seems to be of very good quality despite its low price and I have found that it is gentle enough on my skin as some cheap eyeshadows can cause a bit of irritation but this doesn't at all. It is also incredibly easy to remove, a simple wipe with a make-up wipe or cotton wool pad and it has completely been removed.

        == Overall ==

        For the price I really can't find any fault with it. To get the smokey look you do need to apply quite a bit of the base colour to get it firmly onto the eyelid as it can obviously be quite pale so you do need to build up the colour but the good side to this is you can apply as much or as little colour as you want. The result is lovely as it does have a subtle shimmer which is a nice touch. For me though I can easily give it 5 stars as it has done the job I want and needed it to. A high recommendation from me!

        == Product Information ==

        Brand: MUA
        Price: £2.50
        Shades: Numerous
        Availability: Superdrug, MUA website


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