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MUA Undressed Palette

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5 Reviews
  • cheap
  • Nice selection of colour
  • cheap quality packaging
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    5 Reviews
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      20.01.2015 21:51
      Very helpful


      • cheap
      • "Nice selection of colour"
      • "highly pigmented"


      • "cheap quality packaging"

      lovely and cheap, excellent quality

      Having watched many beauty gurus rave about the urban decay naked palette I decided to look for a cheaper dupe and found that many people had tried this. Wondering if the hype about this palette was true I decided to give it a go as 4 pounds isn't a lot to part with compared to the 30 odd that you need for urban decay.
      When this arrived the packaging does feel cheap, it's actually quite hard to open and it feels as though the plastic top is going to snap when you open it. It comes with a sponge applicator, however I prefer to apply my eye shadows with a brush so have no use for this.
      I switched the colours onto my skin firstly to see how they matched to the urban decay palette and in all honesty they are a very close match.
      Next I wanted to see how well they blended and how well pigmented they were. When applying the colours they blended very easily and the colours themselves are highly pigmented, even the paler shades which I actually use as a highlighter on my face instead.
      When applied to my eyelids these shadows stay put and need very little retouching, even on my oily skin.
      It's easy to create a variety of looks using this palette and it has become one of my staples in my make up bag.
      This palette is very good quality for the price, you just can't go wrong with 4 pounds. The only bad bits about this is the cheap quality packaging but that was to be expected and you do get quite a bit of fallout from the palette when using a brush so you just have to be careful, otherwise I will definitely be stocking up on this palette.


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      21.02.2014 18:16
      Very helpful



      A great palette that I would be lost without.

      I picked this palette up for the same reason that probably around 99% of the other people that own it picked it up- as a Naked palette dupe.

      Urban Decay's Naked Palette retails at £37.00. Obviously, that's quite pricey, especially if you're not sure that you're going to get your money's worth of use out of it, so after seeing the Undressed palette by MUA (or Make Up Academy) doing the rounds on beauty blogs as being a pretty good dupe, I decided to pick it up.

      The Undressed palette comes in at £4.00 for 12 shades.

      The shades consist of :

      Top Row (L-R)

      A bone matte shade
      A shimmery light champagne shade
      A light warm matte brown shade
      A shimmery deeper champagne, slightly bronze shade
      A matte warm toned mid-brown shade
      A shimmery gold shade

      Bottom Row (L-R)

      A shimmery khaki shade
      A shimmery neutral brown shade
      A shimmery pink toned mid-champagne shade
      A shimmery cool toned brown shade
      A shimmery black shade
      A shimmery gun metal shade.

      These align near exactly to shades in the Naked Palette.

      They are all very pigmented and the shades are pretty true to how they appear in the pan.

      The texture of the eye shadows in the Undressed palette are lovely. They feels very buttery and soft an apply nicely to the lids without any tugging.

      They blend together nicely to create different eye looks.

      All of the colours work together and so it is impossible to go wrong with colour choice if you are wanting to for example, add a different colour from the lid into the crease.

      They are long lasting and even more so when applied over the top of an eye primer. I find that I can get at least eight hours wear from the shadows without a primer though.

      In terms of application, the palette does come with a double ended foam sponge tip applicator which does a basic job but I prefer to use my Real Techniques eye brushes that come in a starter set of five.

      The packaging isn't hugely exciting, being made up of black an clear plastic but it does the job of housing the 12 little gems that are inside.

      The Undressed Palette from MUA is a really versatile little piece an would make a great edition to anyone's collection- pro or just starting out.


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      12.02.2014 10:34
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great alternative to more expensive palettes

      I bought this over a year ago, as I read on various beauty blogs that it was a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. At £36 for the Urban Decay palette was too expensive for me, so I decided to give this a go at only £4.

      * Application *

      After buying this palette, I keep using it time and again. The colours are very well pigmented, something which is often lacking in cheaper makeup brands' eyeshadows and the colours are very well thought out with lighter colours for the day time and darker colours for the evening. I have found that because the colors are so pigmented, it is important to tap off any excess powder on your eyeshadow brush as otherwise you end up with a very powdery finish. I doubt you would get this with the Urban Decay shadows, but with a difference of £32 between the palettes, this is something I can live with.

      * Packaging *

      I wish I could say packaging wasn't an important feature of any makeup purchase I was making, but that would be a lie. This is probably why I am tempted so often by Benefit products, as they have beautiful packaging. I like the packaging of this product because the clear front allowed you to see all the shadows inside. However, after only a month of using it the plastic front came off and thus was very difficult to store. I couldn't put it in my makeup bag because the powder would go everywhere and the same on my makeup counter. I came up with the solution of attaching the front with an elastic band, but I doubt I would have to do this with the Urban Decay one. I have found this is not just a problem with this MUA palette, but with all of them I have ever owned (I have three).

      * Price *

      This is the big draw of this product. It is only £4 for 12 eyeshadows, which is a steal in itself, but compared to the Urban Decay palette, that's a huge difference of over £30. I don't own the Urban Decay Naked palette, so I can't compare the textures of these eyeshadows, but I'm so happy with this one I don't feel the need to buy the Urban Decay one, which must mean it's pretty good.

      * Conclusion *

      Overall a great budget product. I have recommended this to lots of my friends and they all love it. I just wish it was available in more Superdrug stores. It always seems to be sold out in any of the stores near me and I had to buy in online but this allowed me to pick up some other MUA products. I'm taking a mark off for the packaging as although a very reasonable product, I do believe that the packaging should be good in cheaper products too.


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        02.12.2013 22:47
        Very helpful




        I received this MUA (MakeUp Academy) eye shadow palette for my birthday earlier this year. I had also bought it for Christmas as a stocking filler for my mother-in-law.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        The MUA range is available at Superdrug or online at www.superdrug.com.
        You can also buy it direct from MUA at www.muastore.co.uk.
        The palette costs £4.00, which I think is amazing value.
        From 30 reviews on the Superdrug website the palette gets an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars and the reviews that gave it 4 stars have not made any negative comments about it.

        ~ Appearance ~
        The palette is available in a few different colour ranges and the one I have is called Undressed. The colours in it are shades of brown, bronze and gold. There is also a double ended sponge tipped applicator, which comes with this palette.
        The palette is laid out in two rows of six circular eye shadows. Each individual eye shadow is about 2cm in diameter.
        The palette has a black plastic cover with a clear window at the front showing all 12 colours.
        'MUA Makeup Academy Professional', is written in silver metallic lettering below the clear window.
        The palette is quite thin at less than 1cm tall and its 14cm long by 7cm wide so it is quite a handy size and would fit in any of my make-up bags with ease.

        ~ Colours ~
        I love this palette. The colours are great.
        There are three matte colours in the palette; a cream colour, a light beige and a darker beige. There are nine shimmery colours; a shimmery cream colour, three shimmery gold colours, a shimmery khaki colour, two shimmery brown colours, a shimmery black colour and another very dark shimmery colour, which is between grey and blue.

        ~ In use ~
        I have used all of the colours in the palette, but I have my favourites.
        My usual going out look would be to wear the cream or shimmery cream colour just below my brow bone as a highlighter. I then use a lighter gold shade in the inner corner of my eye and then blend it to a darker gold or bronze colour on my the outer corner of my eye and then I use the dark brown colour on the crease of my eyelid.
        I find the black and dark grey/blue colours are good to emphasise your eyeliner, but I must admit they are the two colours that I have used least often in the palette.
        I find that the eye shadows are quite pigmented and they transfer onto my skin very easily. The matte colours are slightly more difficult to transfer onto my skin. I find that using primer before applying the eye shadow helps to make the colour appear more vibrant.
        I tend to use a brush to apply the eye shadow, rather than the sponge tipped applicator provided as I prefer to use a brush, but I have tried the sponge tipped applicator when I didn't have a brush to hand and it also does a good job. I'd say using the sponge applicator produces less fallout.
        There is sometimes a bit of fallout and there is a bit of shimmer left on my cheeks, but it is easily removed with a cleanser or wipe. I certainly wouldn't be tempted to leave the shimmer on my cheeks as I personally don't think it is a good look.
        Once the eye shadow is on it looks great. The shimmery colours are not transparent at all. They are bold, but don't look over the top as the colours are fairly neutral. The eye shadow is good quality, the pigmentation is great and the eye shadow stays put all day without any sliding or creasing and it does not wear off or fade. Even on the odd occasion I have rubbed my eyes forgetting it was there, the eye shadow has remained in place.
        I think the eye shadow is very good quality and being quite pigmented, it could easily compete with more expensive brands such as MAC.
        The palette has been compared to Urban Decay's Naked palette, which has similar shades, but costs just short of £40.00 and I think the eye shadows are a smaller size in the Urban Decay Naked palette.
        I have been really impressed with this palette. The quality is excellent for the price and it makes a lovely little gift that won't break the bank.
        I'd say that this is suitable for women of all ages including teenagers and it would make a lovely stocking filler.


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          01.07.2013 10:21
          Very helpful



          A bargain palette

          As I was searching online for the Urban decay naked eye palette to purchase as a treat for myself I came across several posts about this product, the MUA pro palette undressed from Superdrug. It has great reviews and everyone was saying it was a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay palette. So I had a choice, I could spend around £35 on the Naked palette or take my chances on the £4 Superdrug dupe, I decided to go for the dupe since at £4 it was an absolute steal.

          I love this palette and cannot believe that it only costs £4.

          As you can see you get 12 shades. This includes both matte and shimmer shades. The shadows glide onto your eyelids so easily and are really creamy. The pigmentation is great especially on the shimmer shades which catch the light beautifully. The colours can be built up to look as bold or as light as you like without looking over the top as they are quite neutral.

          The shadows are long lasting as well. I can put them on in the morning on a primer base and they will last all day without any creasing, which for 33p per eye shadow I think is amazing.

          I have found that it is easy to create a variety of looks with this palette as the colours are universal both for evening and night time wear with the matte and shimmer shades. They also work well to create smokey eyes as the colours blend well together and can be built up to create a very professional look. I have found that wearing a more neutral smokey eye makes a nice change from the original silver, black smokey eye.

          This is a gem of a product and one which is now a staple piece in my makeup bag. When I have used it up I might try the Urban Decay palette just because of the hype but then again this does the job perfectly and is everything I need in an eye shadow set. If I was to recommend one beauty product that I have tried in the last year this would be it.


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