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MyFace Lil' Bling Nail Chromes

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Brand: MyFace / Type: Nail Polish. / Suitable for: Nails & Face

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 11:58
      Very helpful



      Nail polish in chrome

      I'm not really adventurous when it comes to nail polish. I usually just opt for clear nails but won 9 Lil' Bling nail polishes so I have been trying to match my nails with my outfits. Lil' Bling nail polishes are a range from myface.cosmetics. They're not quite the ordinary nail polish though as they are gorgeous chromes in a great range of colours which leave my nails looking like they were dipped in liquid metal. When they catch the light they colours are enhanced with rich silver and gold tones.

      I own Bellbottom Blues, Sp'ice'y, Purple Haze, Caribbean Queen, Diamonds & Pearls, Gilt-y, Silver Screen, Morococo and Crystalline Green. They are currently priced at £5.99 available exclusively from Boots and the myface website where they have introduced a few more colours.

      Each of the nail polishes comes in a 15ml bottle with a thickish brush so it is quick to apply but because of the consistency I do need to watch overlapping the brush strokes and running it evenly off the end of my nail or the polish will gather a little thicker. It may look a bit messy before it dries but it does smooth out. It's also really important to start with a good base. If I have ridges on my nails they really show up with these polishes so they have to be buffed. The polishes dry really quickly (less than a minute) and again because they are thick I can get away with just one coat. I think I'm most disappointed in Guilt-y because I was expecting a rich liquid gold but it's the thinnest of the Lil' Bling's so needs two coats. I don't tend to wear a top coat but it does help protect them from chipping at the tips and gives them that extra shine.

      With regards to chipping I can easily get a week out of two coats with minimum chipping at the tips but I'm generally just sitting at the laptop so they're not very likely to get much damage. When it does chip it's only little bits rather than the whole lot peeling off but if you pick at them larger flakes can come off. Where I find most nail polishes fail is when I'm washing my hair but as long as I've covered the full nail over the tip they don't chip as easily. If I've got it on my toes it lasts far longer with very little damage. E.g. after 10 days of wearing Crystalline Green on my toes in which time I've worn peep toe heels running around the city and been on a good 6 mile walk where my feet got soaked, only 3 nails would really need a touch up (I think a base coat, 2 coats of Bling and a top coat really help it last).

      The brushes are too big to easily do nail art but I would recommend buying nail art tools if you want to get creative. I love using these nail polishes on the tips with a clear nail but the brush supplied doesn't make it easy. With Silver Screen they can look like French tips until the metallic silver catches the light. Gorgeous!

      These polishes won't be for everyone. I do find some of the colours hard to wear at times if I'm wearing the solid colour on my nails because they are very bling. Bellbottom Blues (blue), Purple Haze (purple), Caribbean Queen (turquoise), Silver Screen (silver) and Crystalline Green (green) I'd say are more for going out or special occasions whereas Guilt-y (gold), Morococo (rose gold), Diamonds & Pearls (white), and Sp'ice'y (brown) are more neutral so a bit more wearable and well suited for autumn.

      Removing the polish is easy enough. I tend to soak a cotton wool pad/ball then hold it on my nail for a few seconds before rubbing them. Caribbean Queen is the only one I find that will stain my nails if I don't have a base coat on but as long as I've got all the polish off I find the colour fades when washing my hands.

      One of the things I do like about this range is myface.cosmetics also have a matching range of eyeshadows although this idea is only really good in theory. These are priced at £9.99 each but I have to say I'm quite disappointed by them. They are very bling because they contain a lot of glitter but the shadows are just not well pigmented at all so the colours are very pale which is a little disappointing compared to the nail polishes.

      I do think these nail polishes however are well priced. I don't think I'd have spent the £54 that the 9 I have would have cost - I may have bought one or two though. Comparing them with other brands, Revlon polishes come to over £6 for 14ml, Rimmel £2.99 for 8ml and OPI £10.50 for 15ml so £5.99 for 15ml is a good price. The colours are gorgeous and longwearing.


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