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OPI Dry & Brittle Nail Envy

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Brand: OPI / Suitable for: Nails / Contents/Size: 15ml / Type: Nail treatments

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    4 Reviews
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      03.05.2013 17:02
      Very helpful
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      ~*~WHAT IS IT ~*~

      Proven Nail Envy technology in a moisturising formula that also protects with antioxidant Vitamins E and C - no more snaps, splits or breaks


      It is slightly expensive, usually between £15- £20 for a 15ml bottle.
      I got mine on Amazon.

      *~*~HOW DO I USE IT~*~
      The box recommends putting 2 coats on, then 1 more coat a day for a week. You then remove it all, and start again. You can use it as a top coat.

      Smells quite strong. Expensive.

      ~*~ STACYS OPINION~*~
      After many years of acrylic nails, and Shellac nail polish my nails were ruined. They would break constantly and were really so soft and bendy.

      There are several types of nail envy that you can buy, depending on the issue you are having. I chose dry and brittle.

      The nail envy is like a normal nail polish - screw off lid and black brush.

      My first thought when I used it was "Phew" as it smells strong. Much stronger than normal nail polish.
      It doesn't look very dramatic on your nails - looks like clear nail polish. It dries in reasonably quickly, and isnt too thick to apply.

      I followed the instructions for a week, and didn't notice much difference. I was starting to think I had wasted my money, however I persevered. After 2.5 / 3 weeks though my nails looks as good as new.
      They were longer, stronger and better than ever. They were no longer snapping off all the time, and bending when I was trying to open cans of soft drink etc.

      Once my nails were healthy again, I started using it as a base coat under nail polish as well, just to make sure my nails were strong. You can use it as a top coat over nail polish, but I find the best results are when its applied directly to my nail.


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        27.10.2009 13:16
        Very helpful



        give it a go!

        I have been a nail biter since my first teeth came through as a child, and a real serious nail biter at that. Its discusting and I found myself constantly hiding my hands away so that people didn't see them. I have tried lots of times to grow them but due to the years of abuse they grow through weak and bendy. I found that id spend ages nurturing my new nails only for them to bend and break with the slightest knock. I'd always end up disappointed and defeated and give up, convinced that I would just have to accept that I was never going to have natural nails to be proud of.

        I was watching QVC one day and OPI came on, the lady was talking about nail envy and was saying how wonderful it was (which is what you would be expecting her to say) it looked expensive and like just another 'miracle' product so I turned over. However a few weeks later my boyfriend proposed to me! I was so over the moon I can't begin to describe it, but when that subsided I was left with the dread of knowing that everyone was going to want to see my ring... my hand... my horrid nails! I had a stunning ring but I knew people were going to say 'ewww, look at your nails'.

        As soon as we got back I ran down to our local beauty salon and begged for help, my nails were so short that the lady wasn't prepared to apply false nails as the nail bed was not long enough to stick them on to. She suggested a few weeks of 'OPI Nail Envy' and I remembered seeing it on QVC, but was in no position to argue, I needed nails quick. When she asked for the £18.25 I couldn't believe it! I was aware that I wasn't really going to be clued into how much nail paraphernalia was going to cost, but this seemed ridiculous. But again, I kept telling myself I wasn't in the position to spend time shopping around.

        There are several different 'Nail Envy' formulas that you can buy depending on the nail problems that you have, they include soft and thin, sensitive and peeling and dry and brittle. I chose the soft and thin formula as I find that when I do grow my nails they tend to grow through very bendy and tare rather than snap off. They also did nail colours with the Nail Envy formula of your choice in them.

        The product comes in a white box with a cut out section on the front so that you can see the bottle inside. The box clearly shows which formula is inside as well as a little description of what the product is. 'Dry & Brittle Nail Envy contains moisturisers and antioxidant Vitamins C and E. Designed for those nails that just seem to break too easily, its purpose is to strengthen dry and brittle nails. Works best as a base coat in actual contact with the natural nail, but can also be used as a top coat over nail lacquer.' The bottle inside is 15ml of clear varnish with the standard OPI black screw on lid with a nice thick brush on the end.

        Inside the box are the instructions which suggest that you should start by applying 2 coats of the Nail Envy followed by another coat on top of that every other day. After a week you take the whole lot off and start again. So off I set to apply my first 2 coats. The first thing I noticed was that the product does smell really quite strong! Even though I am now more used to the smell of nail varnishes, it is still stronger smelling than most normal varnishes. The Nail Envy went on well though, not too thick and gloopy and the brush was of a good quality and just the right size meaning that the product was easy to apply. It dried fairly quickly and although it is clear it gave my nails a lovely sheen. My nails were too short at that point to tell if the product had hardened them at all but I can now state that with nail envy on my nails do feel stronger than without. I also find that it acts as a sort of nail consealer; it really hides any knocks or flaking that has occurred.

        So, what did I think?... nothing for the first week, it seemed like a lot of money and work for nothing. My nails didn't seem longer at all! I did persevere though and I'm so glad I did. By the end of the second week my nails were noticeably longer with no chipping or peeling, they were still too short to bend but I was more optimistic. The 3rd and 4th week were also positive, my nails were starting to look more healthy and I think they were growing faster too. By the 7 th week I was so proud of my nails, I know 7 weeks seems like a long time but my nails really were in a dreadful state. In that time I had no breakage or chipping or peeling. By nails felt much stronger and looked great even without anything on them.

        I have now had lovely nails for about 6 months, people comment on how wonderful they look and people often ask if they are fake (my fault for wearing them too long, just because I can). I can honestly say I haven't kept up the rigorous regime of every other day application; I tend to just use Nail Envy as a base coat if and when I paint my nails. I was a bit worried that as soon as I stopped using Nail Envy exactly as stated on the instructions then I would lose my nails, but this really hasn't been the case, they have stayed strong, long and healthy.

        I really am over the moon with my nails now, I don't spend a lot of time tending to them but they look great. I'm positive that OPI Nail Envy has played a massive part in the success. The product may be expensive but lasts a surprisingly long time, towards the end of the bottle I did find that the product went a bit gloopy, but still usable. I'm now on my second bottle and have recommended it to lots of friends and family. I really thought that my nails were beyond help but OPI proved me wrong. I recommend it to anyone who is needing help with their nails.


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          18.11.2008 01:32
          Very helpful



          I really do like it!

          I have this in Lincoln Park after Dark, which is a dark wine purple bordering on black without just being cheap looking black.

          This is my winter polish. I love it!
          The color is beautiful and deep, and the brush is great. The polish lasts 5 days, at least! I get compliments every time I wear it, mine came with the new pro-wide brush, which I prefer.is a It's a very, very pretty nail polish if you are into darker colors.

          And i also like the fact that it doesnt have any shimmer or glitter in it, so it can be worn with almost anything really!

          A lot of my friends have this color too, so i can say i think it looks good on most skin tones

          I hope they never discontinue this
          I get my OPI varnish from Sallys, i believe it is £9.95 without the trade discount, £4.95 with discount!


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          30.06.2006 00:59
          Very helpful



          My nails are now long and strong.

          I first heard about OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener on the QVC shopping channel a few years ago, and since then have read a lot of good reviews and thought about buying some and trying it out but was always put off by the price.

          Qvc are still selling this stuff at £14.00 plus £2.45 post and packing, which I think is a ridiculous price to pay,
          so when I saw it selling on E Bay for £7.50 I thought this is my chance to try it at bargain price.

          And so when my OPI Nail Envy arrived I could'nt wait to try it, but even after hearing how good it was I was still a bit dubious as to it working on my nails........

          There are 5 different Nail Envy treatments to choose from.....

          Soft & Thin
          Dry and Brittle.
          Sensitive & Peeling and Matte.

          I bought the original Nail Envy which covers all of the problems above (just to be sure!) and is also maximum strength formula with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Calcium.
          It comes in the same type of bottle and brush as nail varnish (15 ml) and is applied in the same way.

          I have no problems growing my nails and can get them to grow pretty long, and they actually look very nice and in good condition the problem I have is they are really soft.

          This causes them to bend and break easily when they reach a certain length and I'm left with some long and some short nails and then I end up having to cut them all to the same short length which is so annoying!!!!

          On first using the Nail Envy I prepared my nails as I would when applying nail varnish....trimming and fil-ing ect,
          then following instructions applied one coat and when dry a second coat followed by one coat every other day,
          then after doing this for one week remove all of the Nail Envy and begin the process again.

          It's really easy to apply just as you would nail varnish and has a nice easy texture and goes on nice and smooth,
          it does'nt take long at all for each coat to dry and the ORIGINAL formula that I have dries to a clear high gloss making my nails look really healthy and shiny and still looks good at the end of the week after all those layers!

          It sounds a bit tedious having to apply it every other day but when you see the results it's worth it,
          even after applying the first two coats my nails felt a little stronger and with every other coat applied it builds a layer of strength to the nail,
          but remember this is'nt a cure for weak nails it only strengthens them for as long as it is painted on your nails and as soon as it is removed your nails are back to how they really are.

          I've been using Nail Envy continuously for just over two months and my nails are a lot stronger and longer than usual and it is definately down to Nail Envy, and as I said when it is removed completely after the one week I can see my nails are weak and soft until I re-apply again.

          The product itself goes on as a clear varnish and is very easy to apply, to me it smells jsut like nail varnish and I can only really smell it if I hold it right under my nose!
          after two months use it is still a good consistency and has'nt gone gloopy or tacky.

          I have only ever used this product on it's own but it can be applied before or after nail varnish with the same strengthening results.
          Comes in a nice little box and bottle with easy to follow instruction leaflet.

          This is the best nail strengthener I have come across and I would recommend anyone with weak nails to give it a try, it gets a 10/10 from me.


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        • Product Details

          This is the maximum strength formula for dry & brittle nails with moisturisers and antioxidant Vitamins C and E / OPI Dry & Brittle Nail Envy is a unique target formula that aims to intensely moisturise the nail to its very core / It strengthens natural nails so you'll get beautiful looking, strong nails / Try it and see what a difference a coat makes /

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