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Nail Harmony Gelish 4 Colour Kit

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Brand: Nail Harmony / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Gel / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2013 17:59
      Very helpful



      A gel polish that looks good and protects nails


      About two years ago the lovely girl who paints my nails introduced me to this wonderful stuff. I used to have my nails painted every six weeks or so but by the time came around for my next treat my nails were often broken and damaged. Since I have been having a gelish manicure my nails look good all the time and I only have them done every six to eight weeks.

      There are a number of these special cured varnishes or gels, Gelish is one brand and another is Shellac which I have also tried but not found to be quite as good as Gelish. Both of these applications are applied like a varnish so they do NOT extend your nails or get stuck onto your nails. They are far better than acrylic false nails as they don't damage the nail bed the way false or acrylic nails do.

      Both Shellac and Gelish are painted on like a nail polish but they both need curing with a specila UV lamp a bit like when you have acrylic false ones. They both require a few layers but the difference is that Gelish lasts slightly longer and is more resistant to acetone or nail varnish remover so if you want to paint a colour over the top then Gelish is the better choice.

      This does have to be cured under a lamp and because of this if you don't have a lamp and all the various layers then you will have to have this done in a salon or by a professional.


      As I said I have mine done regularly but only every six weeks or more as it costs around £20. As it costs around £7 for a file and polish I feel I get better value from my Gelish.

      My young lady first removes my old Gelish by applying a remover and wrapping the nails in tin foil. Once it is soft she then uses a metal implement similar to that for pushing back cuticles and the stuff comes off in sheets.

      Once the main stuff is removed she then trims my nails, pushes back the cuticles and files them to the right shape as well as buffing them so that they are smooth and ready to receive the Gelish.

      The first layer is a base coat which has to be cured under a UV or special LED lamo ( the LED only works with Gelish not Shellac). Next is the first layer of the polish which again must be cured under the lamp, another layer of polish or in my case one layer of white for my French polish, then a second white for French both need curing in between. I then have another layer layer and a top layer once again both cured. Finally I have the top coat which gives the shine.

      Once all this is done the young lady wipes my nails with an isopropyl alcohol. as this top coat leaves a sticky later which needs to be wiped away . She usually finishes my nails off with a brush painting some cuticle oil onto my cuticles to help condition my nails.

      I can use my hands as soon as the process is finished and not have to wait ages for the varnish to dry and set. I can get my money out of my purse and drive home knowing that my nails will still look just as good when I get home with no smudges or chips.

      My nails stay shiny and un chipped for the six weeks.

      My own nails grow underneath and yet are protected so I never have a break or split in my nails now. I can do the gardening and clean the floor and so much more and not bother with gloves to protect my nails. I come in , scrub them and they look as good as new again.

      By choosing French polish with the clear base I find as my nails grow I can buff the join and apply clear varnish over the top and no one can even see the new growth. This also works if you have a varnish the same colour as your Gelish colour.

      Gelish does not damage my nails and in fact has given them extra strength and stopped them splitting and breaking.

      Gelish gives me a good six weeks of nail protection and four weeks without having to do anything to my nails.

      Gelish have a huge range of colours around seventy I believe and of course you can mix and match with alternate colours or adding stripes etc if you are clever.

      I can type and not worry about damaging my nails or my manicure and I do type quite a lot, every day.

      Another bonus I have found is that varnish lasts much longer of the gel as the oils from my nails don't affect it. I can get a goo week out of a varnish application with no chipping at all providing I don't actually do any gardening or silly manual work like decorating.

      The Gelish does not stain your natural nails like some varnish does.

      It doesn't lift,chip or peel at all.

      If you want to remove the Gelish at home then all you have to do is soak your nails with an acetone remover. Dip cotton wool in the remover and then wrap that around your nail with tin foil and leave it to soak for about 1 minutes and it then will rub off or you can strip it with a cuticle pusher back implement gently so you don't damage your nail.


      They do suggest you wear gloves doing damaging nail type of jobs and apply a bit of nail oil daily but I NEVER wear gloves for doing jobs as I hate them . I do apply a bit of nail oil when I remember and lots of hand cream which also has benefits to the nails but that is all I do.

      The only other thing I do is file down my nails when they grow longer which means the white of the French polish does get a bit thinner but I sort that by painting over with a varnish of a colour of my choice.


      A wholehearted yes. It might seem expensive but in the long run it is an economy as I have nice nails all the time and only have them done every six weeks. Prior to finding Gelish I would have my nails done, they would last a week at most and then I would have to try and do it myself , my nails would break and look ugly and I would have them done every month with then looking awful for the last two weeks and breaking so that they didn't actually look good even after the new manicure.

      I will never go back to having normal varnish.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        18.12.2010 17:52
        Very helpful



        A fab product that actually does what it says

        I have always been one of these people who will polish my nails and will smudge it trying to get my keys out of my bag. Let's face it who has got time to sit for an hour or so to let the polish dry. I can also guarantee that no matter what nail polish I wear whether it be a high street brand such as Rimmel or a professional brand like OPI or Orly, the longest it will stay on my finger before I get a chip is 3 days. The problem I also have with standard nail polish is it does tend to stain my nails with a nasty yellow colouring which I cannot get out no matter how much I buff my nails or use lemon juice so it is just a case of either waiting for the nail to grow out or just cover over with a darker polish.
        If you have found yourself nodding along with my first paragraph then I think you are going to love me as I have just found an answer to all of these problems and this is with a new product called Gelish.

        *** WHAT IS IT***
        Gelish is a gel hybrid polish which was foundered by Danny Haile. It comes in a white nail polish bottle and is applied like a polish but acts like a gel. Each layer of gel polish is cured in a LED lamp which means there is no drying time. Gelish is soaked off rather than file off for removal. Gelish can be applied over the top of natural nails or false nails. Gelish was launched in the UK earlier in the year and has been pictured on many celebrities including Katie Perry and Madonna. I first heard of it in an article in the news of the world magazine.

        Gelish is not available for us as the public to buy as it is a professional treatment. It is applied the same as a polish. Cuticles are first pushed back to remove any dead tissue from the nail plate. Nails are then shaped and then the natural nail is buffed first to remove the shine from the nail plate. The base coat, colour and top coat is then applied having each layer cured in an LED lamp. Once this has all been done a sticky layer that is on the nail is wiped away leaving a dry shiny colour to your nails. All in all the treatment took just over half an hour and was relaxing with brilliant results.

        *Colour on nails last up to 3 weeks

        *Colour on your toes lasts up to 6-8 weeks

        * Dry Instantly

        *No damage is caused to your natural nails

        * No yellow discolouration to your natural nails

        * 48 colours to choose from

        *No chipping or peeling

        * Gives nails extra strength

        * Keeps its high shine the whole time.

        * Easily removed in 15 minutes

        ***My experience***
        I have two colours on at the moment, because the layers are cured in the lamp it means that you can over lap the colours. I have Red roses which is a very Christmassy red with Waterfield over the top which is a glitter. I cannot believe the feel of the Gelish even though it is a glitter it is so smooth not grainy. I have had this set on for 2 weeks and 4 days now and there is not a chip in sight. They are still as shiny now as when they are first applied. The only difference now is where it is a bold colour I have got a growth line at the bottom of my nails where my nails have grown so much. Although they are not false nails it does give your nails an added strength I have accidently knocked my nails backwards and although it still hurt like hell there are still no splits chips or flaking to my nail. I would highly recommend this product if you can find it as there are not many salons who are doing it at the moment and prices vary from £20-£60 depending on your area. I think the only people that would be best to avoid this are people who get bored of a colour too quick as it does last and also anyone in catering as it would be a shame to have to take it off to go to work! When I had my first set applied I only had a French polish as I was unsure if it was really as good as it said it was and I am one of these people that once my polish has chipped the whole lot has got to come off so I didn't want to go for a bold colour at first but now I know that it last I have started having more bold colours. The colours I have tried so far as well as the ones above are:-

        Black shadow (pure black solid colour not see through)
        Starburst ( purple)
        Bellas Vampire ( deep purple)
        Tiger blossom ( orange!)
        I have had Gelish on my toes as well and mine lasted 9 weeks. After this point i had to take it off not because it had chipped it was just half way up my nail and when wearing shoes my nails were beginning to dig in!
        If you wanted to take it off yourself, which I have done a few times I just applied cotton wool with acetone on each nail and wrapped tin foil around it left for 15 minutes and then just wiped away without causing any damage to your nails.

        So personally for me it ticks all of the boxes the price did put me off at first but when you see how long it lasts and how many comments you get on them you see it is worth it.

        This is my best find of the year
        Thank you for reading

        www.nailharmonyuk.co.uk this is the distributors website they have a salon locator on there if any of you are interested


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        Nail Harmony / Gelish the new nail polish which dries instantly and doesnt chip and last up to 3 weeks /

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