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Nailene Hard Nails Nail Hardener & Cuticle Cream

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Brand: Nailene / Nail Care / Type: Nail Cream / Suitable for: Cuticles

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2010 19:51
      Very helpful



      A nail hardening product with guarantee but how do you know it works?

      Nailene HARD NAILS

      The product comes in a smallish pot attached to a car backing with a plastic , impossible to get off without scissors, cover. The instructions and ingredients are all listed on the back of the card which you have to cut off in order to access the small pot.

      On the white plastic pot you find a silver/grey lid with the product's name and then 'Professional Legendary Hoof Formula' also in black print. The pot is quite large but once you open it you realise that the bottom half is hollow and the product only fills about half the pot which is a bit sneaky I felt.

      The product is a white waxy cream that smells of waxy oil rather than vanilla which it is supposed to be scented with according to the orange flash on the front of the card. There is a hint, very slight hint albeit, of vanilla as you put the cream on your nails and massage it in.
      The cream is guaranteed to work in days to harden nails and hydrate your cuticles. I paid £1.50 for this from a small shop in Derby and in order to get a refund I would have to post the product and my receipt to a PO Box in California so I think they are quite safe offering this guarantee as it work cost far in excess of its original cost to post it. This is before you get to the hassle of writing a letter, driving to a post office and getting it all packed up.

      My nails have been in awful condition splitting down the nail and breaking easily so when I saw this guaranteed product with ''Professional Legendary Hoof Formula'' on the pot I thought this might solve my problems and it was only £1.50 so worth a try I thought. It was also a very small shop with one owner assistant and I felt having walked in there and looked around that I should buy something.

      According to the blurb on the card
      " Nailene brings the salon home to you with Hard Nails nail hardener and cuticle cream."
      The cream is enriched with protein and calcium which are meant to strengthen the nails as well as soften and moisturise the cuticles.
      You have to remove all nail products like varnish from your nails them massage a little into each nail and cuticle. They suggest twice a day for best results. The trouble is i wash my hands so often that I'm having to put it on about 6 times a day in the hope that some good is done.

      Mmm, that I'm not sure. I have been using it for about two weeks and while I have not broken any more nails I'm not sure whether this is because of the product or because the splitting weak nails are already fairly short now and therefore less likely to break at that length. I shall keep using the cream till it is all finished or until I have my nails done on Christmas eve anyway and then once I have no polish on I shall use it again but I'm not sure that I would rush out to buy it again on the streengthy of what I have seen so far.

      The card information warns that you should avoid getting it inj your eyes and if you do then rinse with water for 15 minutes.
      It also advises you not to ingest the product and to consult a physician if you do - so no nail biting after applying!

      A nail hardening and cuticle softening cream with virtually no smell that is really easy to apply and soak in very quickly with a simple massage. As I said my nails have not broken recently but I'm not sure they are harder and certainly not like a horse's hoof in hardness. I'm hoping that it is working but I have not really got a way of testing objectively the hardness of my nails. My cuticles are quite soft so I think it has softened those a little. It was not expensive where I bought it although I have seen it on line for £3 which could be more expensive once postage is added so I suggest looking around if you want to try it for yourself

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