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Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter Colour Collection

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Brand: Nails Inc. / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Nail Colour / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2012 14:46
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      Five out of five stars

      Nails Inc Autumn and Winter colour collection

      I first tried Nails Inc nail polish a couple of years ago at one of their nail bars in Glasgow city centre when I was stuck waiting on a friend that was running very late. At the time I decided to treat myself to a little pampering and have a professional add some life to my rather dull nails not realising that I would form a long lasting love affair with Nails Inc nail polish. Ever since then I have been a huge fan and I do own quite a few different shades of Nails Inc nail polish. In general I find the nail polish to be long wearing, chip resistant and with a good top coat the colour can and does last for ages before you need to take it off and reapply it. Also I love that Nails Inc have a huge selection of modern, funky and classic colours available.

      I received the Autumn and Winter gift set as a surprise little present and I have to say that Nail polish of any kind is always welcome but I do love Nails Inc that little bit more. The gift set looks great even unopened and comes nicely showcased in a box with a clear front panel allowing you to glimpse at the lovely colours inside. Also unlike a lot of other Nails Inc gift sets this Autumn and Winter set comes with four full sized (10 ml) bottles rather than the mini sized (4 ml) bottles of varnish that you usually find with a lot of the other Nails Inc gift sets.

      So let me get started talking about the colours you get. Nails Inc describe the collection as an assortment of amazing russet and tobacco shades inspired by the latest AW catwalk collections. Also keeping with Nails Inc's rather quirky way of naming their varnish colours, all of the nail polish shades in the Winter and Autumn collection are named after London Stations. Furthermore, these colours are also all limited editions so if you like the look of them then hurry up because they won't be around forever.

      The colours included in the Autumn and Winter set are:

      Charring Cross

      The Charring Cross nail polish is a lovely pure red colour that when applied looks bright and glossy. Definitely a favourite of mine and a definitely a stand out colour, it's bright, bold and very hard to miss. But then who doesn't like a strong red colour and in my opinion it's a fun shade to wear on your toes to give them a bit of glamour in the colder months.


      The Paddington nail polish is quite a difficult colour to describe, it is certainly a grey tone but it's more like a slightly Khaki grey and although it goes on quite dark I love how the colour goes with a range of outfits. It is easily one of the most versatile colours in the collection because it can be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion you would want to wear it for. I have so far worn this colour on many nights out and then still worn it to work without feeling the colour may be out of place.

      St. Pancras

      The St. Pancras is another classic winter colour and is a another red shade but a much more brown-red than the Charring Cross varnish. So far the St. Pancras colour has been the shade that I have worn the most out of the collection and I am sure I will continue to do so all winter because it is a lovely slightly warm tone that still looks bold, but in a much more subtle way than the Charring Cross nail polish and personally I love reddy tones.

      Frenchburn Street

      Finally the last colour in the collection is what Nails Inc describe as a russet cream, it's more like a brown and to begin with I wasn't overly keen on the colour. But it has grown on me and although I haven't worn this shade as much as the others I do like it, it's more unusual than the other colours within the collection and I have had several people comment on it.

      With all of the colours above I would recommend using a good base coat before applying the varnish because the strong colours can and will possibly leave a stain on your nails after you remove it, as I have had to learn the difficult way.

      From experience I have also found that with all Nails Inc nail polish and not necessarily just these colours that you really need to apply two coats to get the best look. But if you are in a huge rush you do get a good and mostly even look with just one coat of the nail polish. After one coat of nail polish your nails will be touch dry in about a minute and then properly dry after five or so minutes.

      Also as with nearly all the nail polishes I have tried the nail brush is attached to the lid, the brush is pretty basic. But then what more would you want? The nail polish is very easy to apply and doesn't take long to dry. However, I would recommend using a good quality top coat because in my opinion that can and will make a huge difference to how long your nails look beautifully finished. In my experience if I am in a rush and just apply a couple of coats of the polish it will last a few days looking perfect (depending of course on what you are doing with your hands) but that time of looking perfect can almost be doubled with a good top coat that can stop as many chips and cracks from appearing.

      Now for the major downside, there is no getting around the fact that Nails Inc nail polishes are all expensive and usually retail for around £11 for a typical sized bottle (10 ml). Yes, I think that the nail polish is probably a tad over priced but the quality and choice of colours keeps me going back to time and time again to Nails Inc. However, buying some of the gift sets can work out immensely cheaper because for example this Autumn and Winter collection typically retails for around £25, whereas if you bought all the colours individually it could cost you £44. Also if you do fancy this nail polish set or any other it is often possible to sometimes pick certain colours or collections up on Amazon or other beauty sites for slightly cheaper.

      To sum, I really like this set and I have been wearing all the colours for a while now and I am sure I will continue to do so. And although Nails Inc nail polishes are on the expensive end of the spectrum I do find that the quality and choice of colours available just can't be matched.

      The Autumn and Winter Nails Inc gift set gets a full five out of five stars from me, it is a wonderful collection of lovely colours that I will wear time and time again.


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    • Product Details

      The Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter Colour Collection 2011 includes 4 limited edition glossy shades inspired by the catwalk / Russet shades were everywhere this season with red a runaway stand out for the season / Nails Inc. loved the bold bright red shades that they spied at Prada and the romantic red/russet colours at Gucci! This collection includes the most amazing pure red and a deeper red brown shade covering all angles of the trend / The 4 shades are named after famous London Stations / Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter Colour Collection 2011 contains: Nails Inc. Charing Cross Nail Polish Colour 10ml: pure red gloss / Nails Inc. Paddington Nail Polish Colour 10ml: deep khaki grey / Nails Inc. St Pancras Nail Polish Colour 10ml: deep glossy chestnut / Nails Inc. Fenchurch Street Nail Polish Colour 10ml: chic russet creme

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