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Nails Inc. Designer Matte Finish Nail Polish Colour

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nails Inc. / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2015 23:05



      Wonderful coat for the nails.x

      Oooohh who thought of this little beauty!

      I so love the effect of this on my nails and need more.

      Love the way this brand names the nail varnishes and this is called WESTMINSTER BRIDGE.
      This is a top coat to apply to the colour you are wearing and totally transforms it.
      I not one for these fads that come and go or do anything radical with my nails. I like the clean, classy look of a red or black coat and go wild in the summer with other colours, what I mean I don't like dressing them up, then this came into my life via GLOSSYBOX and it was one of the best samples I think I've tried.
      I honestly used to think these were gimmicks but it actually worked.
      I was wearing black nail varnish when I tried this and in just one application of the brush it transformed my nail into a very polish, professional, matte look finish.
      I think the strongest look was with the pink nail varnish I wore for a party and oh my goodness I love the matte effect it created.
      It was quick to dry and I found that it was stronger than the paints they sell! It helped my nail varnish not to chip at all throughout the day or night.

      This is a little pricey however at £15, but for the quality this is very good. If I had not tried this as a sample I doubt I would have but now I need to have a matte look in my makeup case ready. I guess you could say the GLOSSYBOX worked!


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      28.04.2013 15:42
      Very helpful



      I would recommend

      This is by far my favorite Nails inc product i have bought. I picked this nail varnish by chance as i was looking for a product which turned my shiny nail varnishes matte. You can either buy a coloured matte nail varnish or matte top coat. I decided on the matte top coat so i could use all my different coloured nail varnishes, not restricting me to just one colour.

      The nail varnish comes is a matte glass bottle, which looks fogged up, with a silver lip. The nail varnish on its own is kind of a murky clear colour and is a thick consistency. The brush is of an average size, enabling you to paint you nails in an average of two or three strokes.

      I started off painting my nails the shiniest colour i had which was black. I wanted to paint them with a really shiny coat so i could really see how shine changed to matte. I left my nails to dry completely then applied this top coat and fell in love with the result, it completely took all the shine out of my nail varnish. Where the top coat is quite thick a protects the colour underneath it take quite a few days before it begins to chip.

      Overall i am so pleased i picked the matte coat and not the matte coloured nail varnish as it works so well and i got so much more use out of it, enabling to pick the colour im in the mood for and then turn it matte. I think the matte top coat is pretty good value for money at £12 as like i said you can use it with many nail varnishes. I would definitely recommend this product, i am so pleased i bought it.


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  • Product Details

    Nails Inc. Designer Matte Finish Nail Polish Colours are a unique fashion accessory / They paint on glossy and dry matte / Nails Inc. Designer Matte Finish Nail Polish Colours dry ultra fast, making them quick and easy to use at home or on the go / Do not use a top or base coat as this will affect the matte look / Shades: Heathrow is a chic classic camel shade /