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Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat

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    7 Reviews
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      01.05.2015 01:11
      Very helpful


      • "greeat top coat"
      • "shiny nails"


      • none

      The Best Top Coat!

      I change my nail colour on a regular basis but not because they are chipped more because I like to change them depending on my mood, outfit, occasion pick any or all of the above.

      I am a stickler for using a base and top coat particularly as I often use dark nail polishes that can often stain or mark if not properly treated. My preferred top coat is the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar 45 second Top Coat. It leaves nails shiny with a professional finish and enriches the colour of the nail varnish. It is also touch dry in 45 seconds which can make painting nails on the go a lot quicker and easier! But remember it is only touch dry not completely dry so still watch out for any knocks or scratches.

      The beauty of this top coat is that it really does last as the colour remains highly polished and doesn't chip and is also Nails Inc bestselling top coat. The caviar extract of the top coat title conditions and protects the nails.

      I have yet to find another Top Coat that matches the Nails Inc product and I also have to admit that I use their Kensington Caviar Base Coat which I love just as much. The Top Coat costs £15 or can be bought in a duo pack with the Base Coat for £25. It can be bought online at the nails inc website or salons as well as other online sites like boots, amazon, Sephora and ebay among many others.


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      16.03.2012 10:23
      Very helpful



      A top quality top coat

      This is a review of Caviar Top Coat from Nail Inc. It is a lovely clear top coat that makes your nail varnish go super shiny for a salon look finish. I also use the Caviar base coat in case you were wondering about the title!

      My find

      I first discovered Nails Inc top coat from a Christmas gift set a few years ago that my husband thoughtfully bought for me. I had a few other top coats on the go from the likes of Sally Hansen and Seche Vite etc. so it was a while before I cracked it open but once I did I was really impressed. Whilst I tend to always use a top coat I had noticed in the past that sometimes they 'shrunk' the nail varnish on my nails and this was quite annoying, possibly due to quick drying technology in the product.

      Wet look

      With Nails Inc top coat there is no shrinkage, I am happy to report. But it really does achieve that wet look it is nice to have on nail colour, especially dark colours.

      Fast drying
      The best thing about the top coat is how fast the nail dries once it is applied, there really is no 'tacky' stage. Although nails will still smudge and dent without that few hours of drying it always takes so avoid zips and purses for a while after applying.

      Luxury item
      This top coat does work best when used with other products from the nails inc range, namely the caviar base coat and the caviar hand cream. You can tell from the name that they seem like really luxury products.

      The bottles match all the Nails Inc range with clear glass bodies and silver lids. I have an alarming number of these little bottles in my collection now... oh dear.

      My thoughts
      This is a special item and one I am pleased to own. I would miss not having it and use it virtually every time I give my nails a polish. Three swipes on each nail and it is covered with the clear top coat. I do think this helps the nail colour to stop chipping and wearing on the nail. It also adds such a lovely shiny finish to the nail it really is better than the other top coats I have owned and used. Finally I think it is a nail strengthener. I knocked my hand on a door yesterday and bare nails would have broken with the force of the action but it didn't even chip the polish I was wearing!

      Individually, the top coat costs £12 which is quite dear for a clear nail varnish, no matter how glossy or quick drying. When I say clear it is actually tinged with pink but you don't really notice this on the nail. I would reccomend you look out for offers where this product is included in a set to keep the unit cost down. It often comes with the base coat too which is good as they work well together.

      Final word
      I love the Nails Inc top coat and try to keep a sacred unopened bottle whilst I have one on the go. It is expensive but is one of the best top coats on the market and is always used if you ever have a manicure in store with Nails Inc. It can also be used on its own to protect the nail or just give your natural nail a shiny look. It can be hard to reach the bottom of the bottle once you have used most of the product the remainder can go gloopy but there's not a lot you can do about that once the air gets in to the bottle.

      PS. I don't think the picture DooYoo have chosen to go with this product is right. The top coat is clear with a pinkish hue. This picture is of the base coat which I have also reviewed, a slightly milky pink colour.


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      21.06.2011 12:07



      Expensive, but a good buy if your willing to spend this much.

      I love to change my nail colour and do it very frequently. Every time I paint my nails, I use a top coat to seal in the colour and to ensure the nail varnish doesn't chip away too easily.
      This top coat is a really great for doing that. It helps me to maintain my nail colour for much longer with just one covering of this.
      It is quite an expensive product, but I think that it is much more worthwhile to buy this one product than to buy lots of cheap ones which don't tend to work, and which don't protect your colour.
      It is also a very nice varnish for if you don't want any colour on your nails! It gives them a lovely shine, and makes your nails look well groomed without making too much of a statement, and is great to use if your going for a more natural look, or if you just want to protect your actual nails from chipping if they are quite weak.


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      16.03.2011 00:10
      Very helpful



      Worth every penny

      I normally buy OPI products but I had some vouchers for nails inc so decided to try the top coat which claims that it drys in 45 seconds. Normally I always rush painting my nails and end up smudging them, so anything that dries fast is worth trying in my books!

      The top coat comes in a very stylish looking glass bottle with a silver top. The top coat looks like a pale pink in colour, however it does go on clear.

      I painted my nails with 2 coats of purple nail varnish, and then applied the top coat (whilst the purple was still wet - not sure if you are supposed to do that but I did!)

      My nails did seem to dry very quickly, which was great and what I bought this for

      However, there was another surprise yet to come!

      Normally my nail varnish lasts about 2 days at most before it gets a chip. Well, my nail varnish lasted well over a week with this top coat on! Meaning that I get way more value for money (and it saves a lot of time and it means I don't look cheap because i've got chipped nails, like I normally do!)

      I now swear by this top coat. It doesnt matter what make of nail varnish you use, it works wonders.

      It makes the nail varnish last so much longer as well as making it look a lot more professional. I apply quite a thick coat of this and it looks like I have a gel on my nails, which makes it look really expensive looking.

      Even though I use this product a lot, There is still over 75% of the bottle left so it lasts a very long time

      Use this top coat it you want to make the most of your nails!


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      14.03.2011 12:10
      Very helpful



      A Great Way To Get A Professional Look To Your Manicure

      As you may know from some of my other reviews I am a little bit obsessed with all things nails, indeed all thing beauty and they say that to find you ideal job you should find what you love doing and get someone to pay you for doing it. I did train as a beauty therapist and luckily found some amazing jobs doing it and then I went into banking! Don't shout, im not a fat cat banker, not even a little pussy cat!, anyway I digress back to my review.

      The nails inc caviar top coat is my favourite coat, I have many favourite products and these do change from time to time as I discover new products but this top coat is still my favourite one.

      Who Are Nails inc? -

      Nails inc was started in 1999 by Thea Green who is described a British entrepreneur, Thea saw a gap in the market for quick lunch time manicures for busy women who didn't have the time to spend an hour in a beauty salon and so the 15 minute manicure was born,
      Thea opened 3 nails bars and now the nail Inc bar is in over 59 locations up and down the country and you will find that the Nail Inc brand is mentioned in most issues of many fashion and beauty magazines.

      The brand is becoming more and more popular and they often launch new shades and keep u to dated with the current fashion and indeed launch some shades in conjunction with designers for a season launch and these are usually a limited edition.

      There is actually a limited edition available now for the royal wedding! Yes I know its cashing in but the bottles have crystals on the top, Union Jack on one and sapphire blue on the other.

      Why Use A Top Coat -

      Some people think that a top coat is not really necessary but I think that it's a must for a few reasons.
      The purpose of a top coat is to seal the polish a bit like a wood varnish in that it seals and protects the polished nail and protects its from peeling and chipping and therefore makes your nail polish lasts much longer with having to touch it up or re do it.
      It also acts as the finishing touch to your manicure by providing a glossy look to your polish and a much smoother look and feel.

      How To Apply -

      Allow you nail polish to dry completely and then screw off the lid of the top coat. As the product goes on clear you don't need to be as prefect as you would be with polish, I always apply mine by painting each side and then in the middle to bring them together and this always ensures that I have covered the entire nail, I apply nail polish the same way only three brush strokes.

      You will notice straight away that the nails look very glossy and have a very smooth look to them, the best thing about this top coat is that it dries in 45 seconds and even when its dry the nails still have that glossy wet look that lasts for as long as you need it to.

      Every time that I wear it my polish lasts much longer and my polish very rarely chips and if I don't wear a top coat it will chip within a few days especially around the tips of my nail.

      How Does It Compare To less Expensive Brands -

      To be honest I have used many to coats over the years from the cheapest to the top end brands and while any top is better than none this one is my favourite and the reason is that you get such a glossy look from that lasts and the great thing is that it dries in only 45 seconds so it saves you plenty of time and you don't have to stand around waving your hands like a rather camp bird (feathered variety!)

      Because the top coat is quite think in consistency it gives your nails great protection and its almost as though your nails have an extra layer to them making them tougher, if your nails are quite weak and soft I think that this top coat is a must as it will make them much stronger and less prone to breaking and splitting as well as giving your polish a professional and glossy look.

      My Conclusion -

      Without doubt it's the mother of all top coats for me, it keeps my nails glossy and smooth no mater how long I have been wearing my polish and always gives them that professional look.
      My hands and nails do take quite a beating and having that thick Protective layer stops them from breaking and splitting.
      I know that its not the cheapest but you only need to apply one layer and as it makes the polish last so much longer it will last you a long time.

      Cost And Availability -

      You can find the Nails Inc brand on QVC, Department stores such as Fenwick's, John Lewis, House Of Fraser, Debenhams and Harvey Nicks.

      You can also purchase the brand online at www.nailsinc.com and there you will find that they have some good offers on and the limited editions are sometimes exclusive to the website.

      The current price on the website for the top coat is £12.00

      Reward Scheme -

      For £5.00 you can join the Nails Inc membership for 12 months and for that you get a free nail polish when you join, 10% discount on every order on the website and all the prices are shown with and without the discount.
      You also collect reward points that can used for discounts at the check out and you also receive a free gift on your birthday.


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      19.02.2011 21:42
      Very helpful



      Makes even cheap nail colours look good!

      I bought this as part of a two pack with the base coat from QVC. I had my nails done at a Nails Inc counter and was very impressed with the results of this top coat, it left my nails shiny and healthy looking so I thought I would get some for myself. I comes in a 10ml bottle which costs £12 you can get it in places like Debenhams as well as online at nailsinc.com. I have since found that it is cheaper to buy this in Boots they only charge £8.17 so it's definately worth shopping around.

      Nails Inc describe this polish as a super glossy top coat which gives a professional finish and is touch dry in 45 seconds. I love painting my nails but I always find that I smudge the polish before it's dry. Part of the appeal for me to buy this was the 45 second drying time. The nail polish is see through and has a pale pink colour. To use this it is very simple I apply two coats of my favourite colour nail polish and leave it until it to dry, once the nail polish becomes dry to touch you simply apply a single coat of Kensington Caviar to set the polish and add shine.

      After using this my nails were touch dry within the 45 seconds! This meant that I could get on with doing what I had to do without waiting hours for my nail polish to dry. The finish also enhanced my nail colour. I usually use either Nails Inc colours for a treat or Barry M nail paint.

      I would definately recommend this to give a professional finish, I have in the past found that my nails would look dull after 2-3 days when I have used cheaper top coats. This left my nails super glossy and very shiny for up to 5 days, it also made my nail polish last longer. This makes cheaper nail polishes last longer so is worth paying the extra for.


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      17.02.2011 18:50
      Very helpful



      A really great product - recommended! :)

      Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat

      I like nails inc products, especially the polishes, but I think this maybe my favorite nails inc product.

      *About the product*

      It comes in a normal nails ink nail polish container and the brush is the same as a polish one, it comes in a 10ml bottle, like their polishes. The colour of the topcoat is pink, but that does not affect the colour already on your nails. There is also a kensington caviar base coat too, that looks very similar to this product.

      *My opinion of the product*


      The colour of this product is a light see thought pink colour, I thought that it would change the colour of my nail polish when I bought it, but gladly it doesn't. Usually topcoats are clear/see though, but this one isn't, the base coat is also pink.

      -Application, how to use and tips

      I use this product after I have painted my nails, I chose the colour I want and first I apply a base coat (although not always) and then the colour. I then apply this product once the nail polish colour has dried well. I just apply this product as if it was a normal nail varnish and then let it dry.

      *Tip* I find that I can't really wait that long for my polish to dry, so I put my hands in cold water and wait for about a minute and then when I take my hands out of the cold water, my nail polish is completely dried. Just take care when drying your hands you don't want to rub off all of the polish!

      I find that if I try to apply this product too early after it has dried that it can some times take off some of the colour, which is not good and then this can transfer to the brush and then go into the nail polish container. This has happened to the one that I have and now I have a section of red nail polish at the bottle of the topcoat bottle.
      *Tip* Wait for about an hour or so before putting the topcoat on - even if your nail polish feels dry - as it can take off some of the coloured nail polish.

      Overall, the application of this product is really easy (as long as you wait) and one of the best things about this product is that it dries super quickly, the full name for this product is the kensington caviar 45 second topcoat as it does dry in that time frame (I find it usually takes about a minute or so to dry completely). Which is really great as it means that I am less likely to ruins my nails and it is less time consuming - as I don't have to wait around for it to dry.


      I love the results from this product, firstly It makes my nails look super super glossy, which makes them look like they have been done in a salon/nail bar (well, almost). I know that matte nail polish finishes or kind of 'in' right now, but I have never been one to follow the crowd, so I will stick to this product (I think it looks nicer than a matte finish anyway)!

      It also keeps my nail colour/polish on for longer, which is great, it probably keeps the colour on for about a couple of days longer than it normally would. It also decreases the amount of flaking and chipping that my nail polish would normally do. You could also probably just use this as a clear nail varnish too.

      *Price and availability*

      I bought this product quite a while ago and I still have quite a bit left, so it lasts for a while, and it costs between £10.80 and £12 from various stores and sites including their actual site (below) and it is also available from www.lookfantastic.com (which is a great site), amazon.co.uk and also john lewis. And it is nothing to do with caviar, Thank god! (just the brands weird names for products)

      Good points

      *Great high quality brand
      *Gives a fantastic glossy expensive looking shine
      *Makes my nail polish last longer than it normally would
      *Pink colour does not affect the colour of my polish
      *Dries incredibly quickly (in about one minute or less)!
      *Lasts ages too!
      *Very easy to apply

      Bad points

      *A bit expensive
      *Can take off some of your nail polish colour if the colour has not dried fully
      *smells horrible, but all nail products do!

      For more information: http://nailsinc.com/

      This review was written by me and it is also posted on ciao under my user name labellavita1992

      Thank you for reading my review


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