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Nails inc. Piccadilly Arcade

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  • Emerald city
  • glitter polish is harder to get off
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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2014 22:17


      • "Emerald city"


      • "glitter polish is harder to get off"

      I love this green glitter like it was a pet of mine!

      I bought this polish after seeing a demo on QVC I knew that I just could not live without it. Painted on top of a glossy black coat this polish had so much depth to it I couldn't wait for my order to land.

      The nails inc brand is one I am extremely familiar with. I have a drawer full of them! I love the quality and ease of painting with them plus their quick dry. I think I have over 100 Nails Inc if you count the minis too I would easily go over that!

      I know nails inc full size are expensive at £11 each. I have bought some from the counter like a birthday pink and black taxi, both shades I wanted then and there and couldn't wait for.

      Otherwise I shop at TK Maxx and QVC to buy the bigger value ridden sets and this is how I got this green. I should not watch that channel it is seriously tempting on nails nights.

      As I mentioned, I paint this over a black coat. It comes out generously and thickly yet dries quite fast and it is nice to get enough on so the black still shines through. The black base deepens the emerald green in fact I just would not wear this polish on its own, it needs the dark base to reveal its true colours!

      I think this is quite hard to get hold of, it's a special effect one, with the nail jewellery badge but does come a bit cheaper if you buy it in the nail jewellery set.


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      09.06.2013 19:50
      Very helpful




      Ive never really been someone who has been into make up. Some aspects of it appeal to me, some don't. Ive tried applying some products when younger e.g eye shadows, eyeliner and I end up looking worse rather than better. Too much hassle for me so I stick to the natural look. What I wont stick to in regards to the natural look is nail polish/lacquers, as this is where I have some fun being expressive, creative and I generally enjoy these products. I bought this particular polish in a set with 3 other items form QVC last year for just over £21.00 ( not including p and p ).

      Why did I buy it?

      I remember watching one of the models on QVC putting the polishes on, and I was so struck by the colours and effects I just had to buy it! I know Nails Inc polishes retail at £11-12.00 each, so when QVC put sets together they are always great value. Previous to this I had bought and used other Nails Inc polishes, but they were more flat colours, not any that had some form of effect to them and thought this was a very interesting look.

      How is it packaged?

      This particular polish is slightly different in look compared to the other Nails Inc polishes.It comes in 10 ml size and has the same shaped glass bottle and lid that houses inside the brush to paint the product on, but the lid is a light metallic green colour with the word ' Emerald ' on it, which signifies the colour and the effect.

      On the front you have the ' Nails Inc ' logo but underneath the phrase ' Nail Jewellery ', which is what the polish will appear to look like on the nail.

      On the back is the company contact details.

      How to apply

      This could be applied on its own ( after base coat and underneath top coat ), but to get the full effect you really should have a base colour underneath and then apply two coats of this polish. In the set I received, it came with a black polish that I applied after base coat ( one coat would do ), and then this one on top twice once dried. It paints on like a normal polish, but has a high content of deep emerald green coloured glitter in it so you can be alittle more generous with application. I would suggest not to make it too thick as it will take longer to dry.

      What do I think?

      The fact you have to put a base colour on underneath can be an extra step you think you cant be bothered with but it's a must as it brings this polish to life and really gives it depth, so alittle patience is needed. This polish goes on very easily. Its important to make sure its dry between coats or you can drag the product off.
      It goes on easily. You don't need to make the layers really thin, but if you do it does make it dry quicker and you can build up the coverage with your next coat quite easily. As mentioned, you can be alittle more generous in application than a normal flat polish so either way application technique doesn't have to be fantastic. Main thing is don't drown the nail or its going to take longer to dry.

      Once complete the effect is stunning. Nails actually looked bejewelled. The glitter in the polish are all slightly different sizes so it makes the polish look multi faceted, ultra shiny as the light catches it from every angle and slightly 3d in look as theres so much depth to this effect. Its very striking and this is one polish I always get comments on because its not a typical glitter polish, its more than that its an actual effect. The polish looks nice in the bottle but looks enchanting on the nail.

      All polishes for me tend to last a maximum of 2 days, no more and generally a lot less. This is the case for this one. Ive excepted this is obviously my nails, as I have used many brands before and I have prepped my nails, adjusted the thickness/thinness of my coats, tried different top coats etc so I think its just me. So I didn't expect this to be long lasting. It's a good thing I like to change my polish regularly as I get very bored!

      Downsides are if it chips you cant just paint the bit that's missing with the polish, as chances are the base colour has gone also. So if you paint the base colour, then this polish you may just get away with it. But abit too much fuss for me, Id rather remove and start again rather than making it look messy.

      Also, when you have to remove it-takes forever and feels like hard work as most glitter type polishes do.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would-but I wouldn't pay £11.00 per bottle, I would buy this as a set as it works out much cheaper. This polish is one of my favourites because it makes my nails look amazing and very different. Not one for someone who doesn't want to be noticed or wants something plain, as this makes your nails into a show piece.


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    • Product Details

      Nails Inc. Piccadilly Arcade Nail Jewellery Polish

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