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Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish

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Brand: Nails Inc. / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2013 15:35
      Very helpful



      Lovely glitter polish but needs a touch more depth to it

      I currently own between 15-20 polishes from this brand. There are three things that I will confess I do in regards to using cosmetics as Im not make up person:

      1. Always use an eyebrow pencil as they my brows are non existent from the middle to the end. Without my eyebrows on, outside that is, it makes me feel like Im not wearing any underwear!
      2. Some form of product on the lip, whether that would be a balm, a lipgloss but not overally coloured as I dont do dry lips.
      3. Nail colour-makes me feel alive, more animated with my hands and abit more groomed compared to without.

      The 3D Special Effect polish I will review today is called Bedford Square, and I will explain the colour and look of it later...

      Who is Nails Inc

      Nails Inc are a British brand founded by Thea Green in 1999. Thea was working as a Fashion Editor at the time, and being able to see and use products, she felt that there was a gap in the market for high fashion, wearable and modern nail polish. She was fully aware also that modern day women loved their colour on hands and feet, but were squeezed for time, so there was a need for faster and easier to use products. This led to her opening her first salon on South Molton Street, London. This led to other salons around the country but more impressively salon stations in department stores, where they introduced express manicures for those busy ladies with very little time, but needed a pamper.

      The polishes/products are all named after street/places in London, which is very cute, memorable and reminds you its British!

      The products themselves and services are now available worldwide, and to buy their polishes, it can be done easily on the highstreet through places such as Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams or online through ASOS, QVC etc.

      They are one of the most successful nail bar chains in the country, currently performing treatments on around 10 000 customers.

      Their polishes are fashion based, but have such variety there is something for everyone in regards to colour, effect, texture.

      All of their polishes cost around £11.00-12.00 each.

      How is it packaged

      A simple 10ml glass bottle with a screw top lid with brush inside lid for application. It has the brand name and the type of polish it is on the front. On the bottom is the actual name of the polish.

      How to apply and what does the colour look like?

      When applying regular polish they suggest, after base coat has been applied, to paint two thin layers on, then pop on a top coat. Two thin layers allows you to build up the colour evenly and more importantly allows each layer to dry quicker and make it more long lasting. With this polish, still need base and top coat, but you can apply this more thickly. If you dont you may find you need to do more than two coats to get full coverage. Make sure after this first coat you allow it to be at least touch dry, or you risk dragging off the first layer and making it look streaky and patchy.

      This particular colour is mainly gold glitter type particles, but shot through with rose gold coloured glitter. The colour in the bottle is exactly what you get on the nail. When the light hits the polish it really shimmers, and for me the colour and the look of the polish is very grown up and sophistcated. I think it would go with any skin tone, and I would put this in my own labelled catergy, which is- a golden kissed autumnal colour.

      Afew points to make about this particular kind of polish...please make sure top coat is applied. Without it its a nice shiny colour, but with it, its much more glossy and more mirror like. Without it its far too dull and one dimensional. It provides full coverage so you dont need another colour coat underneath, but if you did and wanted to jazz an old manicure on, pop it on the top maybe with just one coat to allow original colour to shine through but with a glittered shine, or do two coats to completely cover original.

      So what do I think

      Firstly, this is a lovely colour and product.The glitter itself is ver fine, which is why is dries so quickly. Its easy to apply and smooth to touch even without top coat, not rough in the slightest but obviously has some texture to it. I think its a great glitter polish, but I wouldnt call it 3D specifically. The whole idea for me in regards to glitter is it should provide shine, especially when the light hits it but have some depth to it so it doesnt look flat.So to me all glitter polishes should in theory have some 3D feel to it.Obviously some will be better than others.

      In regards to the 3D issue, I think if the polish was a stronger and darker/brighter colour, the effect would be more striking.

      Glitter polishes on the whole are more forgiving on the nail than a normal polish because if the nail isnt flat e.g ridged, or you havent got the best technique in painting, then the texture of it can cover a multitude of sins. Now on the negative side, its not the easiest to take off the nail because as a rule of thumb they are more hardwearing compared to normal polish. Best thing to do is really soak some cotton wool pads with polish remover and wrap the nail with it and leave it on each nail for afew minutes them remove as normal.If like me, even if that was a struggle, use a softly gritted nail file and gentle file over the top of the nail.Just break the layer of glitter, it doesnt need to be removed and you shouldnt see any of the nail itself. then follow with the polish remover and cotton wool.

      Would I use or buy again? Yes I would, but in a different colour.Something more striking and eye catching. One of the things I hate about all polishes is they never last that long on me, regardless of whether its glitter, normal or some other effect. So I take that on the chin and deal with it, so I wouldnt be buying it again for longevity purposes. Nails Inc for me in regards to effects and textures are number one, and the colours are amazing. I would never buy one bottle on its own as its not cost effective, but would buy a collection of different colours, probably from QVC as when you work out the individual cost price per polish, most products work out at around the £5.00-6.00 mark if not less.

      Great range of effect polishes from this range, just choose the colour and effect then paint!


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      01.02.2013 09:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Better than a normal glitter polish

      This is a review of Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish Colour in Marylebone which is a glittery pink colour that I received in a gift set this Christmas. I was pleased because I love nail varnish (particularly Nails Inc) and anything new to try and had seen this (in another colour) being demonstrated on QVC and quite fancied a go. I daren't say how many Nails Inc polishes I own but I think I've got a large section of their range covered!

      The nail varnish is typical of all Nails Inc packaging with a lovely silver lid nad clear glass bottle so you can see the polish. The lid also has a label proclaiming the special status of this polish, in large letter it says 3D glitter. As mine was in a gift set with six other polishes, it was nicely presented in a box which was made to look like a magazine cover called "Runway Winter 2012".

      In use
      My first manicure using the Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish Colour in Marylebone was using the caviar base coat, a red colour called Tate and the 3d effect on top with an extra caviar top coat for good measure although the glitter has fast drying properties so top coat is not necessary with this colour. I noticed that this nail polish seems extra smelly somehow. It gave the nail quite a mattified finish I think which is a juxtaposition with the concept of glitter being sparkly but somehow this adds to the depth of the colour. I also tried the 3d glitter on its own and felt it was possibly the best glitter mani I have ever had! I was a bit messy on one nail but it was easy to clean up once the polish dried. Taking the polish off took a bit of extra work as with all glitters it can take some scrubbing but it was no problem to do this.

      My thoughts
      Marylebone is described as a pastel pink glitter on the Nails Inc website which is true if used on its own over a clear base coat. I think you get a much better effect when it is used over another colour and that can be a similar red or pink or a darker other colour, you can get loads of different outcomes using this 3d effect. I can see why this is called 3d as it has a lot of different sizes and colours of glitter in complementary colours. It gives it a galaxy feel with sparkle and depth that is very hard to achieve with other glitter polishes I have tried. Obviously the more you add, the better this look gets and I used a couple of coats to achieve the look I wanted. It went on thickly but dried thinly and I got a few days out of it before there was some shrinkage at the top of the nail.

      Singularly, the Nails Inc polishes are all £11 but the unit price comes down when bought in a set.

      Final word
      I think this glitter works well on its own, over colour or as nail art as a ring finger feature. Whilst it is expensive, it is the best I've tried and I was thrilled to get this as part of a set at Christmas (I got three sets of Nails Inc Products which was a surprise but I do love it!). I would love to try other colours in the 3D range but feel the pink is a great colour and possibly hard to beat in my mind. Highly recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Special effects nails are big news / Get your hands on these glitter-tastic nail polishes / perfect for a show stopping finish / Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish Colour's are like nothing you have seen before / They will provide you with fantastic glitter coverage and are your ultimate accessory / Shades: Bloomsbury Square: vibrant purple / Connaught Square: royal blue / Sloane Square: charcoal grey black / Due to monitor settings colours may vary slightly from actual colours /

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