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Nars Douceurs de Paris Eyeshadow Palette

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Brand: Nars / Type: Palette / Subcategory: Eye Shadow / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2012 12:07
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      A great palette - highly recommended :)

      Nars Douceurs de Paris Eyeshadow Palette

      I purchased this palette a few months ago when the Nars cosmetics UK website was having a free delivery on orders over £30 offer. I have wanted to purchase this palette for a while as the shades look gorgeous in my opinion and Nars is a gorgeous luxury, high end brand. This palette is apparently limited edition but it has been listed and available to purchase from the Nars website since late last year (well this is when I first started looking at purchasing this product, so it was probably on the website even longer). This palette is also named 'the pleasures of Paris' palette, which is just an English translation of 'Douceurs de Paris' and the number of this palette is 9951.

      - Products description (from narscosmetics.co.uk)

      "A perfect amalgamation of delicate shadows, shimmering accents, and deep colours is brought to life in this breath taking eye palette. Sweep your lids with the earthy neutrals and floral hues of this enchanting collection. Dust the lavender and shimmering rose shades to brighten the eye, and layer with a delicate pearl sheen for ultra-femininity. Build colour for a more dramatic effect with the attention grabbing indigo or invoke a sultrier persona with the velvety cocoa or shimmering sooty dark brown."

      - About the product and packaging

      The palette contains six gorgeous eye shadows; it does not come with an applicator which is a good point in favour of this product in my opinion as I always end up throwing the little applicators away anyway. The packaging is black and sleek and the eye shadows inside look quite big and they are 1.4 grams each. There is a fairly large mirror in the lid and in this palette there are six eye shadows included - which have a range of finishes. The outer cardboard packaging looks really quite expensive and high end therefore aesthetically it would make a great present, in my opinion. Just looking at the packaging when it first arrived from France a few months ago I loved it. The packaging is all black apart from the 'Nars' printed on the front. The texture of the packaging is strange and it is only a feature of packaging/products from Nars as far as I am aware. The palette is plastic but it is rubberised which feels a little strange at first but I have a Nars eye shadow duo in Bellissima so I am used to the packaging. I love how the packaging looks and it has the number of the palette on the back along with the names of all of the eye shadows in the palette. There is a fairly large mirror inside which I like but I would only use it in case of a make-up emergency or for touch ups on the go/travelling. The only problem I have with the packaging is the rubberised coating, which is unusual and it makes the palette feel quite luxury but the palette gets dirty very easily. For example, just picking up the palette with the smallest amount of eye shadow etc on your fingers will transfer to the rubberised packaging. Overall, in my opinion, the packaging/palette looks and feels quite expensive and high end but it does get dirty easily and it will show finger prints/marks quite clearly. I would rate the packaging 4/5.

      - The shades and primers!

      There are six shades in this palette which include: Nepal, Fez, Violetta, Abyssinia, Demon Lover and Cordura. At first I didn't see how the shades Violetta and Demon lover (the two purple shades) would fit in this palette but they really do and they look gorgeous. The shades are all fairly neutral, in my opinion, and I would wear them lightly during the day and a bit heavier during the evening/night. Before I apply any of the shades I will apply a primer, I have tried using these shade a couple of times without a primer and the eye shadows crease within an hour or two if I don't use a primer. I have used these eye shadows with numerous eye lid primers such as: my smashbox photo finish primer, the elf shimmery primer, my MAC paint pot in the shade 'painterly', my Laura Mercier eye basic in the shade 'wheat' and my too faced shadow insurance. I find that with these eye shadows the Laura Mercier eye basic is awful! The too faced shadow insurance and the elf primer do not work too well either for me. The primers that I have used that work well with these Nars eye shadows include: my smashbox photo finish primer and my MAC paint pot in the shade 'painterly'. After I have applied my MAC paint pot all over the lid I will then apply the Nars eye shadows. I will review each of the shades individually as some of them are not as amazing as the others unfortunately. Firstly one of my favourite shades...

      *Nepal* (left, top row)

      In this palette the shade Nepal is a gorgeous light rose pink and on the Nars UK website this shade is described as a 'rose with shimmer'. This shade is a rosy pink but it does have some peachy undertones which do show through on my pale skin tone. Nepal has some shimmer but it is very small so instead of looking like glitter/shimmer on the skin this shade looks quite metallic and shiny on the skin. I think the micro shimmer in this shade makes it a more sophisticated and more work/formal occasion appropriate way of wearing shimmery eye shadows. On my skin tone this shade look gorgeous as it is a metallic (but not overly so) rosy peach with hints of gold but I think it would look even better on slightly tanned skin tones. This shade is really easy to apply; it is a fantastic everyday appropriate shade which I think makes my eyes look brighter and more awake. I usually apply this shade with my Avon double ended eye shadow brush and smudger or with my body shop eye shadow brush. I just pack on the shade with these brushes and I blend with a fluffy brush such as my MAC 224 or one of the front cover brushes that I received a front cover set last Christmas (the front cover brushes are really quite good for blending, although they can shed quite a bit sometimes). If I am in a rush or feeling lazy I will just apply and blend the eye shadow with my fingertips as these shades are so smooth and creamy feeling that they can be applied and blended with finger tips quickly and easily. Although I find that if you try to blend this shade a little too much then it can just almost disappear into nothing. The pigmentation of this shade is really great, it is not as fantastic as the pigmentation of a couple of the other shades in this palette but it is still really great. Overall, I love this shade I think it makes my eyes look brighter and the texture of this shade is so nice and smooth therefore it is easy to apply and blend. I would rate this shade 5/5!

      *Fez* (left, second row)

      This shade, along with the Nepal shade is a fantastic every day, fairly neutral shade. Fez is described on the Nars UK site as a 'velvety cocoa' shade. I would describe this shade as a medium golden brown with gold shimmer which makes this shade look bronze on my skin tone. This shade is great for everyday in my opinion but it can also be built up for an evening/night. The pigmentation for this shade is just amazing, the pigmentation and colour pay off are of the best I have used. I only need the tiniest amount on my finger tip or brush to get amazing colour pay off from this shade. I use this shade all over my lid, which is how I use the previous shade Nepal, and it looks amazing - I think it looks similar to a Burberry Eyeshadow called 'midnight brown' but I do not yet own the Burberry shade so I cannot be certain of the similarity. The shade is also gorgeous just blended into the outer corner of the eye lid and into the socket line too. This shade, along with the Nepal shade, is really easy to apply and blend and they both have a gorgeous smooth, almost creamy texture even though they are powder eye shadows. Overall, I love this shade and I think it would be great all year round, depending on how intensely you apply the shade and I would rate this shade 5/5!

      *Violetta* (centre, top row)

      This shade is the lighter of the two purple shades in this palette and it is also one of the two shades that I was not sure about as I do not really wear purple eye shadow at all. Also I did not see how this shade worked with the rest of the shades in the palette. In the palette this shade does look like a light lilac shade but on my pale skin tone at least this shade is a grey shade with purple under tones so in my opinion it is a lot more wearable than it looks in the palette. This shade is described on the Nars website as a 'smoky lavender', which sounds nice but as I have already said this shade looks grey with purple undertones on my pale skin tone. Violetta, along with the shade Demon Lover, are the only matte shades in this palette. I have been wearing this shade all over the lid as a base colour or on its own as it is really quite nice. The pigmentation for this shade is good but as it is a light shade it does not show up on my skin as well as some of the other shades. The texture of this shade is one of the nicest in the palette as it is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch therefore it applies nicely but I do find that it does not blend as well as the Nepal or Fez shades unfortunately. Violetta works well as an all over the lid colour but it can look a bit dull on its own so I usually use Abyssinia in the inner corner to brighten this shade. As Violetta is a matte shade and it is fairly ashy on my skin tone I have also used it a few times as a brow powder/shade. This shade works fairly well as a brow shade for me as it is ashy, not too dark and it is matte. Overall, I really like this shade, I didn't think I would but it is really nice. This shade reminds me of my 'concrete' eye shadow from Bobbi Brown but with purple undertones. Overall, I would rate this shade 4/5.

      *Abyssinia* (centre, second row)

      I think Abyssinia may be my favourite shade in this palette, along with Nepal and fez, as it is a great multi use eye shadow. This shade is described as a 'delicate pearl sheen' on the Nars website; a description I agree with. This shade is a gorgeous pearly, creamy colour which on my pale skin tone works really well as an inner corner/tear duct highlight, a brow bone highlight and on the tops of the cheek bones again as a highlight. Abyssinia also works very nicely as an all over eye lid shade and it makes my eyes look brighter and more awake, as the shade Nepal does. This shade does look fairly natural on my skin; it gives my skin a fresh, bright, revitalised appearance so it is fantastic as a highlight. This shade applies and blends really well and it is pigmented but it is not overly pigmented. I think if this shade was too pigmented then it would look too harsh as a highlight on my pale skin tone. Abyssinia feels smooth and soft like the previous shades mentioned but it is not as creamy as the others; this shade feels a bit more powdery than the other shades in this palette. Even though Abyssinia feels more powdery it does not look powdery on the skin; it looks fairly natural and subtle on the skin, which is what I want in a highlight. This shade lasts for a while on the skin and it wears really nicely. Overall, this shade is fantastic as a brow bone, inner corner and cheek bone highlight and I would rate this shade 5/5!

      *Demon Lover* (right, top row)

      This shade, along with the Violetta shade, is not one of the shades I thought I was going to like or use that much - but I was wrong. This shade is a deep purple shade and it is described as a 'deep indigo' on the Nars website. For me personally this shade is too dark to wear all over the lid, although others may use it that way. All of the other shades apart from this one and the shade Cordura I use all over the lid but for this shade I use it as an eyeliner. I take my MAC 266 angled brush or my eco tools angled brush to apply this shade close to the upper lash line to give the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. I was not sure whether this shade would work as a liner, as I thought it may look too purple but as this shade is darker on the skin than in the palette it works fantastically as a dark powder eyeliner. Although it could be used in the outer corner and socket line and then the shade on the skin would look brighter and less dark. This shade works really well as a liner and I actually prefer it to black currently as it is dark but with a hint of purple when used as a liner. Overall, I really like this shade, even though I wasn't sure about it to begin with but as a liner it is a great shade. I would rate this shade 4/5.

      *Cordura* (right, second row)

      This shade is one half of the Nars Cordura eye shadow duo, which I wanted to buy but I didn't need to now as the dark shade of the duo is in this palette - I think this is good if you don't have a lot of Nars eye shadows as I don't but if you already have a couple of the duos then you may end up getting a couple of the shades you already own in this palette. Cordura is a very dark brown with gold shimmer. The shimmer in this shade is bigger than in all of the other shimmery shades giving this shade a very slightly rougher texture. Nars describe this shade as a 'shimmering sooty dark brown' which I agree with completely. I really like this shade is a nice shade for applying and blending into the outer corner and socket line (crease) for an evening/night make up. I definitely wouldn't wear this during the day as it is too dark for me personally but it works really well as a liner, like the Demon Lover shade. This is a really nice versatile shade as it could be worn during the day if sheered/blended out well or as a liner and it could be used to create a gorgeous sultry smoky eye for an evening/night. This shade has really good pigmentation and I only need a really small amount of eye shadow to obtain a good colour pay off with this shade. Cordura is easy to apply but it is not that easy to blend sometimes, in my opinion. For example, if I apply my Laura Mercier eye basics primer then this shade I find that it does not blend as well. Overall, a great shade for a smoky eye or as a liner. I would rate this shade 4/5.

      - The shades overall and how well they complement each other, in my opinion

      I find that most of the shades in this palette complement each other really well but I find that the Violetta shade is a bit out of place in this palette and it only really works with the Abyssinia shade. Similarly I find that the Demon lover shade only works well with the Abyssinia shade, although Demon Lover shade works fantastically as a liner on its own. I find that all of the shades are gorgeous on their own, although I think that Violetta needs to be paired with Abyssinia to make it look a bit less dull and grey. I like using the shades Nepal and Abyssinia together and I also like using the shades Fez and Abyssinia together. I think that Cordura and Demon Lover work well as liners and Abyssinia works with all shades - as well as a highlighter. I do see how most of the shades work together but some definitely do not complement each other in my opinion - although other people may disagree.

      - Additional information (longevity)

      These eye shadows do not work at all really with my Laura Mercier eye basic primer; although in my experience this primer does not work well with any of my eye shadows, expect maybe my Revlon eye shadow quad. The smashbox primer works well with these shadows. Although I find that with my MAC paint pot in the shade 'painterly' these shades last for about 6 hours or so without creasing at all. Once these eye shadows start to crease there is no stopping them unless you remove them completely which is a bit annoying but the texture, shades and quality of the eye shadows is fantastic. I want to try the Nars eye shadow primer next as it is supposed to stop eye shadows from creasing almost completely!

      - Price and availability

      I purchased this product from the Nars UK website and it is priced at £37, which is not the most expensive palette I own (that would be my Dior travel palette at about $65) but it is not cheap and I did put off buying this product for a while. This palette as far as I am aware is only sold on the Nars website and maybe at Nars counters. Nars palettes can be found on asos.com but it is the Morden Love palette on asos. I would highly recommend this palette as it is a great way of trying Nars eye shadows - as it is a lot cheaper than buying the eye shadow as singles or duos! I really like this palette and I use it often as it is great for easy, everyday make up and I will definitely be taking this palette on holiday with me in august.


      *Compact, sleek packaging - would be great for travelling in my opinion
      *A great range of shades that are great on their own or some of them can be combined and used together
      *Range of eye shadow finishes/formulas - some satin, shimmery and matte shades
      *Great pigmentation and colour pay off overall
      *All of the shadows have a really smooth, soft texture even if they have shimmer in them
      *The shades apply really well and blend really well overall - when applied/blended with finger tips or brushes
      *My favourite shades include: Nepal, Fez and Abyssinia

      *Even with a primer the eye shadows crease after 6 hours, which is good but it is not great longevity - the shades cannot be used without a primer!
      *Packaging can get dirty and some dust/marks fairly easily

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992 - with photographs


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