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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

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8 Reviews
  • Texture
  • Good coverage
  • Cost
  • Doesn't last as long as expected
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    8 Reviews
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      01.09.2015 16:58


      • Texture
      • "Range of skin shades to choose from"
      • "Good coverage "


      • Cost
      • "Doesn't last as long as expected"

      Fantastic foundation which is good for blemishes.

      This foundation is one of my favourite products I have bought. I have oily, spot prone skin and found that the coverage was excellent for what I need. A friend however who has normal even skin found the coverage too much (too heavy) and found the foundation dried her skin.
      I got the foundation in Medium 3 in Stromboli which has a yellow undertone. Although the yellow may not be for everyone, I found the shade perfect for my skin as I have a slightly olive complexion.
      I bought the foundation from Selfridges in Manchester and paid around £32. The staff working at the Nar's kiosk were very helpful and gave good advice on choosing the right shade for you.
      I don't mind the price too much as I feel I am paying for quality, however I thought the foundation would last longer than what it did. It lasted a few months, however I didn't wear it every day. I also wear concealer so didn't put a lot of the foundation on as I didn't solely rely on it for coverage. After saying this however, I would definitely use and buy the foundation again, and have recommended it to friends and family, who have mostly been equally as pleased with the results.
      The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump action so is very easy to use. I did however find that the bottle is not as easy as some other brands to carry round and fit in a small makeup bag. The lid especially (which is in a rectangle shape) I find took up unnecessary space. I emptied some product into smaller containers for my make up bag.
      After saying this however, I would definitely use and buy the foundation again, and have recommended it to friends and family, who have mostly been equally as pleased with the results.


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      09.04.2015 21:19
      Very helpful




      I first wanted to try this foundation because I have heard such great reviews about this product and I really do not mind spending a lot of money on a product if it is going to be good quality. There is a very good range of colours and it matches my skin perfectly. It gives a medium coverage which is nice. It really helps to perfect and conceal all of my redness and discolouration on my face while I would still say some of it still remaains. This foundation feels very lightweight and blends into the skin very nicely and mimics the texture of naturally flawless skin. It doe not look too foundationty like other ones that I have tried and even when you look closely it is not too noticeable. If I apply a second layer it gives a very good amount of coverage while still looking natural. I don't think that this makes my skin look too dewy and it isn't like a BB or CC cream as it does set. It has a beautiful satin finish and it has light reflecting properties. It fells very comfortable on my skin so it is great for everyday use. It lasts a good 4-5 hours before I need to do any touch ups. For a more sheer, natural amount of coverage I use a beauty blender to apply this and if I want more coverage I will use a brush or my fingers to blend it into my skin. The only thing I don't like about this foundation is that it doesn't come with a pump. I really like the simplicity of the packaging though and the glass bottle makes this feel luxurious.


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      16.02.2015 16:55
      Very helpful



      Good NARS Foundation but not worth the money

      She NARS sheer glow foundation gets a lot of great reviews and is spoken about a lot. This is what boosted me to buy this foundation in the first place, along with the fact I had recently run out of my current foundation and wanted a change. I heard that this foundation was great with fantastic coverage too. This foundation is quite a lot of money as it it high end. You could buy around 5 Rimmel foundations for the price of one of these!

      I loved this when I first tried it but since then I have had a love hate relationship with it. Some days I'll put it on my face and it will look amazing and I absolutely adore it as it can look so flawless. However other days, I just think it looks way too matte and unnatural looking, I feel like this foundation can look like a little bit much. I do like it having said that I just think for the money ( around £33) you can get much better foundations. I think it is good but it is not the best hut is very expensive. This is supposed to be for dry skin but I don't feel although it is suitable for dry skin. When ever I have any dry skin on my face it will cling to it and show it up even more. I know people who have very oily skin who like this foundation a lot though. It all depends on your skin type, but this foundation is very expensive just to try out. I would test this foundation in by store before purchasing it.


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      13.02.2014 18:24
      Very helpful



      Great product, worth all the money at £29 it is so worth it. Looks natural on my skin.

      I love this foundation so so much! It is amazing. It glides on my face providing a lovely medium coverage (it is build-able) and gives such a dewy finish!

      I get the best results (and most compliments) blending this in circular motions using a real techniques expert face brush (superdrug £8.99). However I do find it takes a while to blend. But that doesnt matter as it gives such a lovely finish.

      At £29 this foundation is very pricey, but it is all worth it as it looks natural on the skin and a little definatly goes a long way!

      A good high street dupe for this is loreal true match in consitency, although the shades are slightly different as the loreal ones seem to have a more pinky undertone. Wheras the Nars one have slightly yellowy undertones.

      A lovely, lovely product worth all the money and all the youtuber hype!



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      10.09.2013 14:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      I am a major beauty junkie. I have tried nearly every beauty product out but one make I had never tried out was Nars, despite trying out most of the other premium beauty brands. I often watch YouTube videos and people always claim that Nars is 'amazing' and one of the best beauty brands out there. My friend who I just came back off my holiday with had the 'Sheer glow' foundation but as she's so fair her skin is pretty much luminous I couldn't try it out.
      So I decided to order the Nars sheer glow foundation and a bronzer from the website and try it in my colour. I determined my colour by watching my favourite make-up artists 'pixiwoo' on YouTube. Nick on there wears 'Santé fe' and I always match the same colour as her, so it was fairly easy for me to pick. However, I did check on Google images the shade and various people had posted themselves wearing it (top tip) so I could tell if I was a similar colour.

      What does Nars say about the 'sheer glow' foundation?
      Nars claims that the foundation is 'glowing' I suppose pretty obvious with the name, and gives a natural finish. They also say that it is a buildable coverage, this is useful as you can wear it more natural in the day and build it up on an evening if you are going out. Nars state that the foundation has skincare benefits, which brightens and leaves skin hydrates, leaving it feeling soft and bright. The foundation is designed for normal and normal to dry skin types. They claim on various occasions that it is hydrating and contains powerful anti-oxidants that protect against damaging free radicals and also has turmeric extract, which improves skins radiance and tone.
      Also the foundation is fragrance free, which I particularly look for in a foundation, as I hate foundations that smell, but also they can be quite drying.

      My opinion
      Well firstly, I was quite surprised by Nars claiming how hydrating the foundation is, because I don't think it is hydrating enough. I do have dry skin I must admit and I guess someone with normal skin would find this foundation find in terms of hydration but for someone who has dry skin I definitely recommend moisturising before hand, I had to as my skin looked quite flaky without it, not to the point of been extremely noticeable, don't get me wrong, but it was noticeable close up.

      Coverage- absolutely buildable, I like a fairly good coverage foundation and I definitely could build on that and cover all my flaws. So as far as coverage goes- I cannot fault.

      Glow- I love the glow, it does make your skin look very radiant without been oily (clearly as I needed to wear moisturiser) but this can't always be a bad thing as I liked the fact it didn't feel like It was going to just wipe off my skin.

      Staying power- probably one of the long lasting foundations I have, and yes I do think it is down to the fact it is quite matte despite the sheer glow, it lasts all day for hours on end... I'm beginning to wonder if I can really fault this foundation other than maybe not been moisturising enough.

      The packaging is lovely; it comes in a clear glass bottle with a black lid and the logo of 'Nars' on the bottle. The fact it is clear, makes it easier to know when it's running low. However, the downside of this packaging is that it doesn't have a pump action lid, which makes it harder to get the product out of the bottle, however, I have found that when I do tip the bottle to get the foundation out of it, it doesn't pour really fast and too much comes out, like my Estee lauder 'double wear', this one comes out nice and slow and doesn't scare the living day lights out of me when it pours out!

      The foundation is £30.50 for 30ml. I did think it was extremely expensive when I bought it, but when I realised how little I needed to use (a little definitely goes a long way) I could see that it would probably last me a lot longer than a foundation I'd buy for £20-£25 so all in all it might not end up been the most expensive option.

      How do I apply it?
      Well as I mentioned before, I watch 'pixiwoo' on YouTube (major fan) and I just watched how Nicki applied it. She used a buffing brush from her sister's range (real techniques sold at most boots stores) so I used the same one and found it amazing to apply the foundation. Buffing brush means I can work it into my skin and build the foundation up. I also recommend if you don't want to apply with a brush using your finger tips, using your finger tips can be a great way of applying foundation as the foundation warms up in your skin and makes the product work a lot better.

      Absolutely love this foundation- I am a Nars convert. I definitely can see why there is a big hype with Nars products now, as I really, really love this foundation. I would give the foundation 5/5 if it wasn't for them claiming how hydrating it is for dry skin, if they didn't mention this I would because for someone who has extremely dry skin they might buy it thinking its moisturising enough for their skin, when I don't think it is. However, with moisturiser for my skin it works lovely and I do love the results.
      Great work Nars!


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        25.08.2013 19:22



        Beautiful product that looks amazing and enhances natural beauty : )

        I love this foundation! When I first used it I could have cried with happiness at finally finding my perfect foundation. It has taken years and thousands of pounds (i'm not exaggerating) for me to find this. After trying most of the premium brand foundations I had settled on the Double Wear Light however I always longed for the dewy look that I see so often in the magazines. After researching for hours I purchased Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji. When it arrived I was impressed with the packaging and the swiftness of the delivery time. I also got a little freebie! The foundation comes in a glass bottle which made me a little nervous as i'm a total clutz however the glass is very thick. Theres no pump which is a little annoying but you can buy one on the Nars site for an extra £3.00.
        The foundation is a liquid and easy to apply. It gives a nice even coverage easily and because its quite light it goes on very smoothly. For the first few seconds it almost looks powdery however it soon changes to a nice dewy effect. The best thing is it really doesn't look like you have much makeup on however the colour and texture of my skin looks a million times better and all of my blemishes are well covered. I use the foundation with concealer to cover a few scars I have but you can't tell I have concealer on as the foundation blends with it perfectly. The only downside is that I find after about 5 - 6 hours it starts to wear off but even then it doesn't go patchy like a lot of foundations do.
        I can't rate this product enough, it really is worth the hefty £30.00 price tag.


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        27.06.2013 12:35
        Very helpful



        Expensive product that actually manages to be far better than cheaper alternatives.

        Ask me my three main priorities when it comes to my morning makeup routine; foundation, foundation, foundation.

        Naturally, I've been through a fair few (story of my life, I feel like I add that disclaimer to the beginning of every makeup review).

        Mostly I stick with 'drugstore', aka your high street brands found in Boots and Superdrug. Maybelline serve me well, as do Rimmel. I'm always on the lookout for THE ONE, and occasionally I venture into the scary high end makeup counters, try my best to avoid the ever annoying sales ladies and splash the cash on something a little more upmarket. A few review ago I told the story of how my purse got burnt with the regrettable purchase of Mac Studio Sculpt, but this is a very different tale.


        Lets see some of the things Nars has to say (not too many though, that's cheating):

        'A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage that immaculately evens skin tone. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, it leaves skin hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother. Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves the skin's brightness and texture.'

        Supposedly hydrating for normal to dry skin types, with antioxidants (BUZZWORD ALERT!!), this aims to make the skin radiant, bright and soft. Sounds good! I have mostly dry skin and words like 'glowing', 'luminous' and 'radiant' are generally the ones with the right texture for me. Nars also make a 'sheer matte' foundation which is the opposite - to mattify oily skin types.


        Being a bit 'high end', this can only be found in some department stores like John Lewis, House of Fraser, boutique style places like Space NK, online on their website and also the ASOS website.

        Personally I went to Space NK, a terrifying shop which is full of expensive beauty products I can't afford and snooty sales assistants who know it. Unfortunately the stores tend to be very small and very empty which makes avoiding them difficult. Before I knew it I was being colour matched against my will, incorrectly I might add, the shade which the woman said was 'perfect' was in fact frighteningly orange. This comes in over 20 shades (subject to individual availability I imagine, unless you go through their site) so getting the right shade shouldn't be a problem unless you have an Oompa Loompa fetishist smearing warpaint all over you. Had to be assertive, had to put my foot down, shade 'Mont Blanc' selected and taken to the till. Here's where it gets crazy...

        THE PRICE

        £30.50. I do not kid. HUH?? For 30mls of facepaint I had to fork out £30????????

        Excessive question marks highlight the disbelief of a poor student who of course handed over the money nonetheless. No wonder I'm always broke.


        Well to start, I should discuss the bottle. It looks very nice, all sleek seductive glass and velvety black plastic lid, it definitely looks, and feels, upmarket. However, WHAT IS THE BEEF WITH PUTTING A PUMP ON THE BOTTLE? I swear, no expensive foundations do this. Or if they do, they charge more. My £7 Maybelline foundations can afford to put a pump on the bottle, so can you. Hmmph. Of course I suspect sneaky tactics at work here, because the obvious problem with this type of bottle is that you have to pour it out, and inevitably pour out way too much, and even though you TRY to pour it back it, the wastage is done. Runs out faster, have to buy more, Nars win.


        Quite a thin consistency, as 'glowing' foundations tend to be, this spreads and blends easily with fingers, which is what I use. Can't tell you much about a brush because I never tried it. Also, because it's thin and easily spread, you don't need all that much to cover your face. The initial look isn't quite 'sheer' but I wouldn't call it medium coverage. For that, I tend to apply a second layer, and this foundation builds up beautifully to get the required coverage.

        MIRROR TIME!

        Well don't I look lovely. The colour was perfect, the texture I would call 'satin', and the overall effect was rather lovely and porcelain, but with dimension and without completely masking the texture of my skin. It definitely fulfilled its promise to smooth out the skin, and while I would say sheer is pushing it, the effect is definitely glowing, although more of a candlelit, soft glow than a dewy summer skin glow. I'm very impressed. Honestly, I don't think I've ever liked the look of a foundation on my skin so much.


        So how does this wear throughout the day and crucially, does it survive the acid test of the night out? In daytime, I would say it lasts well, without needing my usual 5pm touch up. It doesn't settle into pores, doesn't start to slick off at oilier parts of the face, and survives a bit of day to day face-touching and rubbing. It's not a 24 hour foundation, but most of the ones that say they are are lying anyway.


        Usually products with this sort of satin finish don't survive a night out without heavy powder touch ups, thankfully that is not the case with this. Not only does it survive, it looks just as good at the end of the night as it did at the beginning (usually the only part of my makeup that does...) and no excessive powdering is necessary, bar maybe down the sides of the nose where I get most shiny.


        The claim is 'non comodegenic' which I think means doesn't clog pores, and certainly I didn't experience any breakouts when using this.

        If you like SPF in your foundation, it doesn't have it. I have no idea what it would look like layered over a sunscreen.

        They also claim that it will improve the look of your skin through evening out your skin tone. Well it doesn't do that either, but honestly I think the idea that a foundation can improve your skin is utter baloney. You are covering your skin with a choking layer of chemicals, I don't think any amount of fancy antioxidants are going to prevent that (especially as adding antioxidants to your skin is just a massive marketing ploy anyway, they don't do ANYTHING).


        Price - ouch. Was it worth it? Maybe, if you can afford it. I truly believe it far outperforms cheaper foundations in look and in wear. Unfortunately when my budget got tightened luxuries like this had to go. It was a sad day.

        Look - I CAN BE PRETTY!

        Wear - performs well with minimal effort.

        Packaging - god damn that bloody pumpless bottle.

        Repurchasing - I used to, but no more due to aforementioned poverty.

        My mark: 9/10


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          26.04.2013 16:03
          Very helpful



          A good foundation but it isn't sheer and it doesn't glow.

          Being a lady of maturing years make up has become increasingly of interest to me since I entered my fifties. Foundations in particular have a high place in my list of products that I wear to enhance what little is left of my youthful complexion! I have tried so many from the high street from cheapies to the high end offerings, and everything in between, and what I have come to see is that price doesn't always determine quality. It is often the finish that I am seeking that guarantees good results. I dislike the made up look, and seek natural looking products that impart a youthful glow, rather than matte powdered effects, and so it was with high hopes that I purchased NARS Sheer Glow foundation many months ago, and here are my thoughts on this rather pricey foundation.

          NOT CHEAP
          Retailing for around £29 this is a high end foundation, and can be purchased online from NARS themselves, in which case your parcel will arrive by courier from France. Alternative places include John Lewis, and also HQ Hair stock NARS products so it is well worth shopping around to compare prices. As this is an expensive product going to a NARS counter would be preferable, as then colour matching can be achieved avoiding costly mistakes.

          As I always mention in my reviews reading customer comments over at make-up alley.com is a really good idea, especially for foundations, as you will be able to follow threads that will highlight experiences with shades and so on. I did my research and discovered I was in the shade "Santa Fe" which was a perfect colour match for my complexion, which is NW 20 in MAC make up charts, a reference that is often used to help with shade choices.

          The first aspect that I noticed about this foundation was that it was presented in a rather classy looking black box, and the foundation itself was in a glass bottle with no pump dispenser. This I subsequently discovered is an extra cost, and so one I would recommend, as otherwise dispensing is a messy affair and can be wasteful if too much product comes out in error. I see this as a real negative as for the price I would expect a pump to be standard.

          Now with the name Sheer Glow you would expect the foundation to be luminous and glowing, but it is absolutely not that- IT IS NOT, and so the name is also very misleading, It is a medium coverage foundation that is essentially a semi-matte finish, and I am not the only person that has found this. I recently discovered that the famous Goss make up artist from You Tube feels the same, and so no- don't buy this if you want to look like Jennifer Lopez, as it isn't going to leave that dewy glowing appearance so associated with the summer beach look.

          Application is very easy - you can use a brush or fingers, and either way it is simple to blend, and it has good long lasting qualities remaining flawless throughout the day. I have normal to dry skin and it suits my skin fine, but NARS say this is for all skin types, so it is certainly a good all round foundation. You will be able to achieve a medium coverage with this foundation by building it up, and there is a good shade choice, so colour matching to your shade should be easy. NARS claim that this product excels in improving skin tone, evening it out, and of course this attribute is so important today as we are bombarded with high end companies claiming to make our skin look picture perfect. Does it?- to an extent yes it leaves the skin with an overall flawless canvas on which to apply blush and other enhancements, but it doesn't excel over other high end foundations in this regard.

          NARS also claim that there are skincare benefits contained within the formula that nourish the skin on a daily basis, and impart a brightening appearance over time. In particular the foundation contains anti-oxidants and turmeric which are thought to promote the well being of the complexion, especially with regard to damage by free radicals. I have to say that I have not noticed any benefit to my skin with regard to this, but on the other hand it has not left any kind of sensitivity or dryness, and it has been effortless to remove at the end of the day with normal make-up remover. The foundation itself is fragrance free, so if you are not a fan of floral scents this foundation may well be one worth looking at.

          NO SPF
          Another important point, which is either a positive or a negative depending on the purposes of the use of the foundation on any given day, is that the product has no SPF so does not protect skin from the sun at all. However for photography it is ideal, as there is no flash back which can result from high SPF in foundations. If you are going to a wedding for example it would be a good choice.

          In conclusion I would say that this is a good foundation that imparts a semi matte finish, and which is ideal for photography, but not for prolonged skin exposure to sunlight such as holiday use. I think the lack of pump, together with the misleading name, makes me less impressed, as for almost £30 I think consumers should be aware of the type of finish they can expect with this product, and should be able to dispense it with ease. Being a glass bottle the product looks stylish, but it is not ideal for travelling as it could easily break.

          This is a good foundation - just not as described and so to judge it fairly you have to group it with other semi-matte products, and as such it is not outstanding in this category but is a solid performer. Would I re-purchase?- oh no absolutely not but mainly because it is not the finish I prefer or expected- I have much better than this now - Illamasqua Skin Base for one, but it is a good quality product and it certainly has its followers and will provide a good coverage - just don't expect to look like Jaylo!

          This review will also be published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278


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        • Product Details

          Nars Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation 30ml / a glowing / satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage / Replete with skincare benefits and the Nars Complexion Brightening Formula / skin is hydrated / more luminous / softer and smoother / Used daily / Sheer Glow Foundation improves skin brightness / radiance and texture / For normal to dry skin types / Minimizes visible discoloration / Brightens and clarifies overall skin tone / Improves skin luminosity and radiance / Hydrates for softer and smoother skin / Dermatologist tested / Non-comedogenic / Dry/ normal skin / Medium Coverage / Satin Finish / Hydrating.