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Natural Products Lip Balm with Olive Oil

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Brand: NPW / balm / Type: Lip Oil / Subcategory: Balm / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: regenerates,

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2009 22:58
      Very helpful



      A quirky lip balm.

      Winter has started and my lips now have to get used to the harsh cold wind and then the complete opposite of blasting hot heaters, especially in my office. The complete contrast of having toe cold and then hot air bounce of my lips tends to make them dry and I hate dry lips. So I always have a multitude of lip-gloss and lip balms all over the place. In general, I always try to take care of my lips, them being a rather prominent feature on my face they deserve some TLC. I have already tried and reviews the Natural Products hand cream and although it was pricey it was an amazing product. After rummaging around a little boutique shop for my mums birthday I found they had a collection of Natural Products and I couldn't help but treat myself to a little something. So, the lip balm it was!

      ** Natural Products **

      This lip balm is from the brand called Natural Products. To be honest I didn't know much about them until I bought their hand cream lat year. After researching the name, I originally only found one website that sells their products; www.npw.co.uk. However, very recently I have also found that amazon have added this and that the beauty section of www.ASOS.com also sells a couple of their quirkier items, such as the Christmas pudding lip balm!

      Natural Products are a unique little brand that sell fun, pretty things from beauty items such as soap and creams, to candles and travel essentials. All the stuff they sell is brightly coloured and eccentric; things that really catch your eye and make you just want it! (If you are one of them impulse buyers I advise you not to check out the website as you will want to buy something!) It is pretty obvious from the brand name that all their creams and beauty items are from natural sources and include natural ingredients. Helping to protect you and the planet. How very thoughtful!

      ** Natural Products Lip Balm with Olive Oil **

      As I said above, this little lip balm was an impulse buy from a boutique shop near where I live. It cost me £4.95 for a 14g tin, which I know sounds rather expensive but it is along the same lines as other brands that use natural products. Although to be fair, if I was actively looking for a lip balm, I think the price would be put me off this one. But as it was an impulse buy, at the time I was obviously just blown away by the charm of the little tin.

      This lip balm claims to protect and repair the lips. With all natural beeswax, Olive oil & paprika oil it advises it can be used daily to help maintain moisture levels in the lips. Just what I need with this hot and cold beating my lips get every day! I usually find that some lip products although they add instant moisture, I find that after a while they actually begin to dry out my lips. But with balms that only use natural products they usually seem to balance the moisture a lot more effectively. I hope this does the job.

      ** The Hand Cream Packaging **

      So I admit it, the packaging gets me every time. It is just charming! I should be over this by now but I can't resist the temptation. I love the whole 'shabby chic' look of beauty tins. It just makes me think of what the old Victorian lotions and potions must have looked liked years ago on ornamental dressing tables. I love the vintage look of things and this modern lip balm in a vintage tin is just lovely!
      The silver tin screws on and off easily and the label on top is the Natural Products brand colouring. A stunning cream and red design with a blue handwritten style design that broadcasts the lip balm. The packaging looks really original and attractive. This is why it caught my eye.
      I must give you a slight word of warning, the tin itself isn't as secure as I would like, so you might find that every now and again if you haven't fitted the lid correctly, it can easily slide off. I am not a fan for having things in my bag covered in lip balm, so I tend to leave this in its own compartment in my bag or ensure the lid is on as securely as possible.

      ** What is the hand cream like to use? **

      When you first open the lid you are greeted by a firm looking light peach coloured was. But when you rub your finger on the top you find it almost melts at body temperature. This is brilliant as it spreads so well on the lips. It almost turns from a wax in the tin, to a gel on the finger and then a soft cream on the lips.
      It is quite thick so you don't need very much and it instantly relieves dry lips. It gave my lips instant moisture and they felt instantly pampered. My lips didn't feel suffocated like other balms do; I didn't feel like they were covered in gloop or tones of gel. Just a nice soft balm which sat there perfectly. I found the balm didn't sink into the lips, but acted as a barrier against the elements which cause dry and chapped lips. It didn't rub off as quick as I thought it would and even an hour later if I rubbed my lips together I could still feel a slight salve on them. Even when the balm had completely gone of my lips they still felt soft and soothed. The lip balm really did what I needed it to do. It instantly gave me moisture when I felt my lips getting dry and it made them feel extra soft.

      In terms of working as a barrier against the hot and cold, it was wonderful. The balm added great protection and really stops my lips being affected by the harsh atmosphere. The beeswax in the balm protects against the cold wind and harsh heat, the olive oil is what hydrates and moisturises the lips and the paprika oil stimulates the lips to help rejuvenate the skin. The paprika also adds the hint of colour to the balm. I was also impressed by the subtle fragrance of the balm. It has a soft sweet smell. I assume this is a nice mix between the paprika and beeswax. Although, it almost has a soft lemon smell! Very bizarre!

      After using this every day for a week or so my lifts are definitely softer and even after having a fight with the flu, still haven't become sore or dry. It really works as protecting your lips from the things that damage them and it works well! It also adds a hint of shine to your lips which instantly makes them look more attractive and instantly improved.
      I had a look on the ingredients list, just to check this was as natural as it claims to be. I was relived to find out that the only other thing this lip balm contained was some good old conditioning vitamin E!
      A brilliant lip balm that does exactly what it says it will; protects and hydrates and stimulates.

      ** Last word **

      This quite simply is a brilliant lip balm, that really protects the lips without drying them out having to coat them in anything thick and sickly. It smells nice and the small charming tin will last you for ages! I still think that £5 is on the more expensive side and although I love the product it really doesn't have any reason to cost so much! I will use this until the tin is empty, but I won't be buying it again. Purely because for £5 I'd like to try something else from their Natural Products range.
      If you do have sever chapped or dry lips, especially in winter then I 100% recommend this to you. I also suggest it to people who prefer to use natural products or those who find some lip balms with fragrances etc too harsh. This balm really looks after the lips in every way possible... the only thing it can't do is kiss you back!!

      Thank you for reading. x


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