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Neutrogena Makeup Correcting Stick

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2 Reviews

Brand: Neutrogena / Type: Concealers / Subcategory: Stick

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2011 15:58
      Very helpful



      Stick With A Cotton Bud & Water!!

      Now I dont know about other Dooyoo ladies but Im always cocking up my make-up. You would think after many years of applying various eyeliners and mascaras that I would be something of an expert at it by now but the truth is more often than not I make a make-up mistake. Often its something tiny like a small blob of mascara underneath my eyelashes or a bigger mistake like making my liquid eyeliner way to thick and it smudging or dotting everywhere. Now normally when I make an error like those I reach for the cotton buds and simply wipe the little mistake off and start again - but I found that tended to smudge the make-up that Id put on before (foundation, powder etc) so I decided to shop around for a make-up corrector that hopefully would ruin the make-up that didnt need correcting. The one I settled on was this 'Neutrogena Make-Up Correcting Stick' and I have to admit I only bought it because it was the first one I found on Amazon - to be honest I wish Id never bothered, this doesnt work any better than my usual water on a cotton bud corrector.

      Useful Information:
      Price: Around £2.50
      Stockists: Boots, Superdrug, Amazon ETC ...
      Other Info: This pencil can be used on both your eyes and lips for any liner or mascara smudges or bleeding. The corrector contains aloe vera and chamomile so its perfect if you have sensitive skin on your face and this promises to quickly remove ANY make-up mistake without leaving your skin feeling greasy or weighed down afterwards.

      The packaging and design of this pencil is very simple (and maybe slightly boring) but Ive found that fits in well with the Neutrogena brand. The box for this packaging is a simple grey and light blue in colour and the wooden pencil on the inside follows the same colour scheme. On the box is all the information you could need on the product - directions for use, ingredients, shelf life etc and there is also an additional address and website you can write to should you have any other questions or queries. The corrector stick itself looks like a very chunky eyeliner - it is in wooden pencil form and the tip is a creamy white colour - which looks oddly thick and greasy, not what I was expecting when I first opened the box. My first issue with this is that it is a complete nightmare to sharpen. I used this quite a lot when I first bought it (I wanted to see if it would work in different situations) so it became blunt quite quickly and even though I do have a chunky eyeliner sharpener it took me about 5 times to make this sharper. It just would sharpen - it keep flaking off and chipping - so I ended up wasting loads of it just to try and get it sharp enough to use, problem number one!!

      Using this is actually pretty simple in theory. You make a mistake and get a blob of mascara on your eyelid and then you draw the pencil over the blob and that should make it disappear. Now my main problem when applying make-up is that I tend to overdo it on the liquid eyeliner from time to time trying to even it out and thats the main reason I bought this as I thought it would give my liner a more clear and defined line. Using it is simple drawing over the blob or line you wish to remove is soft and doesnt hurt your skin and when the pencil tip is sharp it is very precise so thats good if you only want to remove a very small amount of make-up which is often the case with me. So applying and using this is simple - the bad news is it just doesnt work. The white colour oddly enough remains on my skin over the top of the mascara/eyeliner mistake which actually draws more attention to your error rather than getting rid of it so you do have to rub the excess white residue off for quite a while - which kind of makes this NOT simple and quick - the total opposite of what Neutrogena promise. Also this just doesnt get rid of make-up mistakes. Even after drawing over the top and rubbing this in a blob of mascara will remain on your face for all to see - this pencil doesnt even fade the mascara at all even with a lot of scrubbing and rubbing so its actually a really pointless purchase - a cotton wool bud with a splash of water on it is much more effective and loads cheaper!

      I dont think theres anything positive about this make-up corrector really - it doesnt work and actually ended up drawing more attention to the parts I wanted to get rid of rather than making my eyes look defined and mistake free. Its simply not worth the money - girls my advice is stick to the cotton buds and dont waste your money on this ineffective product.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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      05.01.2009 17:44
      Very helpful



      Not worth a penny, sadly

      Although I'm a Beauty Therapist by trade and adore make up I admit I'm not the most competent at applying it on myself. I'm prone to making mistakes particularly with eyeliner and mascara in particular! No matter how careful I am I'm often out and about and think oh my god what a mess which is why when I saw this in Poundland I thought what a damn good idea for someone like me! Not only can I correct make up mistakes with this at the time of doing them but also it's handy enough to put in my handbag and take out with me. I don't know about you but even if I get my make up looking as perfect as possible, halfway through the night I get smudged or I burst into tears for some reason and end up smeared and looking rough as hell. This to me seemed to be my new ideal companion!

      The Packaging....

      The 'pencil' comes in an off gold/bronzy coloured recyclable box with a clear plastic 'window' to the left of it of which you can see the pencil through. In white writing I'm told it is indeed a makeup correcting stick, it's by Neutrogena and that it 'corrects mascara, eye & lip liner smudges' and is clean & gentle, no greasy residue and at the bottom of the box I'm told the weight of the product (0.10 OZ, 2.8G). On the back I'm told little information (once again in white writing) about how to use it, ingredients are listed, contact details for Neutrogena are given and the recycle symbol is displayed. All in all the box gives off a quality feel and gives some confidence it will work purely by it's none nonsense appearance.

      Using It....

      Well firstly as I previously mentioned this is a pencil stick design. Long and a wee bit chunky the outside of it is a light goldish/bronze colour and the silver writing length-ways down the side of it tells me it is Neutrogena, Makeup Correcting Stick and around the back of the pencil I'm told the weight again, contact details are once again given and I'm told the product is made in Germany. The tip (when first purchased) is of course sharpened and it is white and a bit greasy looking embedded into very smooth and light wood. As you use it, it comes away from that wood and your left with a hole and that's when you need to resharpen it. There is clear longish lid that covers this that pulls easily on and off.

      Using it is simple enough, in concept. If you make a mistake with a blob of mascara where it shouldn't be or lip liner has gone on the wonk then you simply wait for those products to dry and wipe over with this stick and the mistakes are meant to vanish into thin air.

      Now the product itself doesn't smell at all. On contact with the skin it loses it's colour and sort of melts and becomes transparent and feels a little bit greasy (that feeling disappears though). It comes off the stick easily in a slightly liquid way leaving no visible lumps at all.

      However.... it doesn't work and I can't see how it could to be honest with you. It makes one hell of a mess. So say my crime is to get a mascara blotch. I find myself scrubbing hard to remove it with this stick. Not only do I need to rub really hard the mascara only budges slightly, gets all over the stick making the smearing problem worse and getting the stick in a dirty state meaning I keep having to wipe the stick off and re sharpening cos I'm losing the product and at the end of the day my face feels more grubby than simply getting out a cotton wool bud, spitting on it and wiping said mascara disaster away! lol

      Lip liner and eye liner that has exactly the same issues while trying to be removed by this and it's messy, time consuming and not worth all the effort. It really isn't simple to use and the taking it out with you idea is sunk because you need a pencil sharpener too in your bag!


      I really wanted this to work big time but I have tried and tried with this and whether it doesn't work because I only use really good quality make up or what I just don't know. Maybe it would work with cheap and cheerful make up brands. For me though I can't get on with it at all. The only thing I can say for it is that it doesn't upset my skin as it does contain an infusion of aloe and chamomile oils and it is dermatologically tested but having said that I really have to try scrubbing hard with this product to get any results at all which I really don't get anyway.

      Not recommended for me even at a pound a pencil. The product with repeated use needs sharpening alot and if you did like the results you could get with this you'd need to repurchase it quite often.

      As I said I bought mine in Poundland but I have seen it in T.J Hughes, independent chemists for £4.99 but online discount stores have it at about £2.00, though sorry ladies in my opinion this is not a miracle worker!


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