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Nivea Colour Shine Lipstick

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Brand: Nivea / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2008 13:23
      Very helpful



      A nice natural looking lippie!

      I was very surprised lately when I went shopping looking for a selection of new cosmetics and came across this Nivea lipstick. I for one didn't know Nivea did cosmetics and am used to the facial and body care products oh and the deodorant's of course but this was a shocker to me, so me being me I had to purchase this as I was intrigued to say the least!

      The Packaging....

      Matted silver, conventional lipstick in it's style. Pull the lid off to reveal the colour and twist the colour up and down to use it. On the side in dark blue writing I'm told it is Nivea 'beaute'. On the bottom of the lipstick on a silver sticker I'm told the manufacturer of Nivea is Beiersdorf, that it is colour shine, my chosen colour (in my case red grape, which is like a dark burgundy) and the number of the lipstick shade (in my case 73). All in all nice enough packaging and it is secure in your handbag etc.

      Using It....

      Colour in your lips. Simple? Well yes it is actually. It feels slightly greasy upon application and gives a nice shine but it's none sticky and isn't gooey and wet at all. At the same time it isn't incredibly dry and it glides really nicely and feels moisturising and hydrating and I like the way that occasionally I do get a touch of dry flaky skin on the lips and this doesn't cling to it at all.

      It isn't like a slimy lip-gloss and therefore it gives a nice shimmer rather than in your face bling. It feels very comfortable almost to the feeling that it isn't actually on the lips at all so it isn't heavy or fake feeling, you can just forget about it.

      I find with this I don't need any lip liner as the colour doesn't 'run'. One application and out the door gives you about 30 minutes wear but it evaporates and vanishes rather than transfers everywhere. Yes you do get a little transfer but only on to things rather than spreading around your face.

      I've found my best way of applying this is to apply, blot, apply, blot and this way gives me about an hours wear. I get no transfer and a little bit of shine because of the blotting but it does stain my lips well and looks very natural. Again it fades over time but you have to watch this because it doesn't come cleanly off. Every time I have used it using this method I have been left with naked lips but the outline has stayed on and that can look rather odd!

      If you ever have to remove it a dry tissue is all it takes and again this is simply done.

      After Effects....

      I use this often and I've found that with prolonged use the condition of my lips is wonderful. It's very kind and gentle and actually a joy to apply and wear. It's like a treatment as well as a colour! I've owned mine a good while now and hardly used any, so economical it is.

      The Drawbacks....

      Well there had to be some. The smell of this is really old fashioned and I can't work out whether I can smell it or taste it. It's really quite odd but not offensive and you do get used to this and it isn't a huge issue but it does smell old fashioned and cosmeticy.

      Availability is also an issue. You can find it online at really cheap prices and places like T.J Hughes but not in places like Boot's and Superdrug or large supermarkets, it's pretty hard to find! I can't find a list of colours anywhere or any partcular stockists. Look out at markets and bargain bins in stores is my top tip lol


      A really nice lipstick to use. Application is easy and it feels very pleasant on the lips and for someone as fussy me that says alot! The only problem with it is I'm not completely thrilled with the longevity. Half hour of a nice shimmery colour is not enough and then about and hour after going to the effort of trying to make it stay put makes me feel a little cheated! I've tried several ways of trying to get this to stay put and I've given up I can't. However on the upside this is so nice and easy to apply I really don't mind reapplying it! Recommended providing you don't mind having to keep applying it!

      I paid £2.00 for mine in T.J Hughes and thats around the price you should expect to pay for it.


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    • Product Details

      Gives your lips a fresh and transparent touch of colour with a brilliant finish /

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