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Boots No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder

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    5 Reviews
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      26.11.2014 18:59
      Very helpful


      • "Lasts well"
      • "Good value"
      • "Good Quality"


      Good quality powder at Hight Street prices

      This No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder has been my face powder of choice for a couple of years now. Previously I used Clinique but I find this powder to be equal to it in quality, but substantially cheaper at £10.50. As it is part of the No 7 brand from Boots, there are also often offers to be had such as ‘three for two’, discount vouchers from your shopping, or (as I had last time) a free gift with a purchase of two items. This makes it even better value, and worth keeping an eye on.

      The packaging has changed from the pictured version and now has a clear base (with holes in the top to shake the powder through) so you can see easier how much is left, with a dark brown lid with the logo indented . I think it makes it look a lot more modern and more like a premium brand than a high street one. It comes with a puff for application but I prefer to use loose powder with a brush as I am applying on top of foundation and find the gets grubby and unhygienic too quickly.

      There are four shades available and I always use translucent. Again, as I apply on top of foundation, I don’t need the colour. Mostly I use it to help ‘set’ the foundation to make it last better, and I am satisfied with how well it does this (it could be better, but then I could also not spend half the day resting my face in my hands).

      They claim that this gives a light reflecting, flawless finish. I have to admit I am not entirely sure what they mean by ‘light reflecting’. It certainly doesn't make my skin look dull and it looks healthy, but how much of that is down to this product and how much is my light foundation or is natural, I really cannot say. I give a light dusting and the product does not clump, and does give a flawless look. However I would not expect it to conceal blemishes, I would be looking at a different product for that, but it can help keep my skin tone looking even and make my foundation last longer.

      Overall I think this loose powder offers excellent value, as it is a very good product that is easy to apply and lasts well.


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      02.09.2013 14:44
      Very helpful



      A great loose powder product from the No7 range.

      I have purchased quite a few items from the No7 range in the past and have found that nearly all of them have been really good. I purchased a small handful of items from the range a while back, with this review outlining my experiences of the "No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder."

      The Loose Powder is from the No7 range of make-up and skincare items, which is exclusive to Boots as it is one of their own-branded ranges. The No7 Powder is presented in a plastic tub that is 20g in size, and the normal purchase price for this is £10.50. You can purchase the powder from the No7 counter in larger branches of Boots, or online at their website at www.boots.com, where postage costs will usually apply. (Info correct as @ September 2013).

      The Perfect Light Powder is available to purchase in a variety of four shades: Translucent, Fair, Medium or Dark, with my powder being the lightest of this choice - the Translucent colour.

      The packaging for the Powder is quite contemporary and modern, with something of a 'chic' image being observed, I think. Whilst very similar to the item shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here, the shape of the tub itself is now more oval than it is round, with the inner tub and its contents looking identical to that shown. The tub is in two parts, with the top part basically being the lid which has a sort of shiny, 'chrome' look to its grey colour, and features the No7 logo embossed on the top. Removing the lid is very easy to do, and it 'twists' or screws off quite easily in just a few turns. I have never experienced any issues or difficulties with opening or closing the tub, even though I suffer with the strength in my hands as a result of reduced mobility.

      Removing the lid reveals the tub itself, and this contains a little powder puff within it, although this is basically just a high quality sponge, that is very dense in its fabric/material. There is a little 'band' going over the top of this circular puff, to enable you to hook a finger onto it for ease of use and application. I do feel that the puff enclosed in this particular product is of a very high quality and is far superior to that provided in similar products from rival brands.

      The loose powder can be dispensed through the inside of the tub which is covered by a sort of plastic cap that is covered in small holes, allowing the loose powder to be 'shaken' through these holes and 'gathered' with your powder puff or brush. I do find that this design allows this loose powder to make considerably less mess than other, similar items that I own from rival brands that are quite messy to apply even when a small brush is used; most powdery products can be quite messy to apply in my experience, so I am grateful for any adaptation to such products' packaging that may allow for a little less mess during use.

      Whilst the little sponge included within the powder's tub seems to work quite well in attracting the powder to its foamy surface, I do find that applying a powder like this one works better (for me, anyway) when it is applied with the use of a powder brush with soft bristles. I have used the little puff, but I do find that it is quite 'dense' and for me, this means that it attracts rather too much of the powder to its surface for some of the areas on my face. To explain, I find that some areas of my face need considerably less powder than others, such as around my eyes for example. When using the powder puff, I find that it is more difficult to 'control' the amount of powder being applied to my face, and so I prefer to use a brush for this task. In an emergency, or when in a rush, I have used the powder puff to apply the powder and of course it is possible that other consumers (perhaps those with perfectly smooth, unblemished skin) may find the puff to be more suitable for their requirements, but for me, the product just works better with my powder brush, so this is how I tend to apply it for the most part.

      The powder's texture is very fine, and I find that this allows it to be applied very easily, with it blending effortlessly on top of my foundation, its thin, light consistency allowing it to 'sit' on top of the foundation or tinted moisturiser without smudging or marking the already-applied foundation. This is a crucial point for me, as whilst I will occasionally wear powder products alongside 'lighter' products such as concealers, there are other occasions where I will chose to apply a powder product (loose, or otherwise) on top of tinted moisturisers and foundations, and so I do like my chosen powder product to be adaptable enough to cope with either method of application and wear. Alas, my last loose powder product was not, and it felt considerably too 'heavy' to be applied on top of some foundation products, but the No7 Perfect Light Powder sweeps over the skin with ease - irrespective of whether a thin layer of foundation or some other facial make-up product already sits there or not, and I like the versatility offered here.

      The Powder's 'Perfect Light' name rings true as it is applied, thanks to it's thin, light texture, but I am reminded again of this aspect of the product once I have finished applying all of my make-up. There is nothing about the powder that feels heavy at all, nor does it feel like it is 'smothering 'my skin, and this is particularly apparent when I am wearing the powder without foundation underneath it; it has even been the case where there have been a couple of occasions where I have forgotten the powder has been applied to my face at all! Also, I like how my skin feels as though it can 'breathe' through a hefty application of this particular powder; not only does this FEEL more pleasant, but I'm sure the end result looks considerably less 'caked' than some other powdered offerings I have in my collection.

      In terms of 'shine control', I find the No7 Perfect Light powder works remarkably well at combating any patches of shine, although I admit that this is not a huge problem for me personally. Nevertheless, my t-zone will always require an additional 'sweep' from the powdered brush during my make-up application routine to ensure all problem areas are well and truly covered. When this method has been adopted with the No7 powder, I have found that said areas of shine remain completely 'matte' throughout the day, with only minimal 're-touching' being required. In actual fact, I have found this aspect of the No7 powder to be a huge improvement than that experienced from the other two loose powder products that I have in my (extensive) make-up collection, and considering one of these other powders cost almost double the price of the No7 alternative, I think this result is rather impressive.

      Thanks to the light, fine texture of the Perfect Light Powder, I find it works very well with my troublesome, spot-prone skin, so I have experienced less spot outbreaks than when other make-up and powders are worn instead. I'm not sure why this is, but the ingredients and texture of the No7 product seem to work in harmony with my skin, rather than battling against it, which seems to be the case with some other brands that feel a bit harsh and ultimately 'heavy' on my delicate skin. Whatever the reason, I find the No7 Powder seems more suited to my own skin, and this result in itself is probably enough to warrant a future repurchase of the product from me.

      Whilst I am on the subject of my problem skin, I do think it is worth mentioning that I have never experienced any irritation or aggravation to my hyper-sensitive skin, and so I do recommend the product as being completely suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin. This 'sensitive-friendly approach' has been experienced with any other product I have purchased from the No7 brand in the past too, so I do feel that the brand is particularly gentle and considerably less 'harsh' than some other brands available. The product boasts that it has been formulated with "Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5" and it also claims to be "Hypo-allergenic" so I do feel somewhat reassured about this product's suitability for my own troublesome skin.

      Taking everything into account, I don't have any negative points to report when considering the No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder, and I do really recommend it, particularly for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive or spot-prone skin, as this powder is considerably more 'gentle' than most others I have tried and I do personally feel that this is where this product excels.


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        30.06.2013 23:04
        Very helpful
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        a lovely powder

        I have been trying out quite a lot of different foundations and face powders recently. I have been suffering a bit of acne on my face and it has proven to be very stubborn, I have been looking for a nice make up that isn't too heavy, but will conceal a bit of my scaring and cover up the redness.
        I decided to try this powder because the Boots No.7 make ups were buy one get one half price and I was buying their foundation and decided I might as well give it a go while there was money off.

        Colours Available
        You can buy this powder in 4 different shades, translucent, fair, medium and dark. For my light skin tone, I decided to buy the fair one. I found that this colour matches my skin quite well and it blends in with my foundation really nicely.

        This powder comes in a little pot with a lid on top of it, the lid has holes in it that allow only a little bit of powder through at a time so then the powder won't make too much of a mess or be used up too quickly.
        There is a nice soft powder puff supplied with this make up, however I don't really use it as I prefer to apply my powder with a buffing brush as I find it blends better for a more natural look.

        What I Thought
        I found that this powder looks really nice when I have applied it to my face. It is very easy to apply and it does not take too much to create a nice matte look and get rid of any unwanted facial shine that I have around my nose, cheeks and chin.
        Also I found that it created a bit of extra coverage of my acne and it also seems to absorb any oil I have on my face, which seems to be helping me with breakouts compared to other face powders I have used in the past.
        This powder has really good staying powder, I find that when I have put it on in the morning, it lasts until bedtime and I usually don't have to touch it up during the day.
        This powder has Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acidi in it which help care and protect for your skin and also keep it hydrated. I personally haven't seen any difference in my skin as yet, but it is nice to know that my skin is getting some extra nourishment.

        Price and Availability
        You can buy this powder exclusively in Boots for £10.50. I think that for this powder, this is a very good price as I have been using it for a few months and I still have quite a bit of powder left. Even though this powder is more expensive than some other brands, it lasts for a long time and is very good quality so it is still very good value for money.

        I really like this powder, it looks really nice on my skin, is easily applied and blends nicely with my foundation to make a lovely colour. I will definitely buy this powder again and overall I would give this powder 5 out of 5 stars.

        *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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          09.09.2012 00:23
          Very helpful



          Let loose and let this work its magic!

          Do you ever have that annoying thing happen to you? You will be on the train in the morning and notice in the reflection on the windows or door when it goes in a tunnel that your forehead and nose are shiny! This happened to me the other day as I had forgot to apply powder before I left the house! I then had to try and apply some whilst jostling for my place on the packed tube. The inevitable happened - it got shoved out of my hand a landed in a cloudy mess. In my lunch break I popped down to Boots with my £5 off voucher at the ready to find myself a new powder. I've always been a fan of the pressed version but I decided it was time to let loose! I purchased the No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder for a bargain of £6 where it should have been £11 without the voucher for 24g - pretty good deal I think!

          The packaging attracted me to it first, as with all No7 products - they look so classy, elegant and expensive! This powder pot was not exception with a round matte black pot with just the gold logo of No7 wrote on the top. On the bottom is a sticker with the ingredients including Vitamin E to nourish your skin and make it appear younger looking. Once you twist off the lid you are greeted with a cute little white powder puff - something I was very pleased to see because if you forget to take a make up brush with you when you go out, you know you have a little helper inside the pot! When you take the puff out the product is underneath, it looks very soft and almost like sand or flour.

          There are 4 shades to choose from, when buying setting powder for my make up I always go for the 'transparent' or 'translucent' version as it does not add any colour to your foundation and makes it look more natural rather than you having two colours on your face! However if you want to wear the powder on its own as a foundation then there are skin toned shades to choose from although I would advise priming your skin beforehand as it will prevent any dry patches from being accentuated. The shades available are:

          Translucent - This shade will not add an colour to your foundation, just create a veil over the top to control shine and help it last longer. Having said that if you have dark skin it may not be appropriate as it has a very pale base, I would recommend on of the other shades below.

          Fair - This shade has a tiny bit of colour to it but would suit fair complexions perfectly with a bit of blending. Wearing over the top of your foundation it sinks in and becomes part of it after a few hours wear.

          Medium - This shade has a lovely golden sheen to it and could double up as a light bronzer, perfect for olive to medium skin tones.

          Dark - The darkest shade of this range with a lovely bronze hue to give a warm summer glow to your complexion.

          Because it is a loose powder be careful when opening the lid as if it has been upside down or knocked around in your bag it may be a little messy when you open it up - so just be careful how you store it. Although the lid and packaging is sturdy so it won't open in your bag, if your worried that it will just tie a hair bobble or elastic around it to be extra safe. There are two ways to apply it, the first is using the little powder puff that comes with it - once you have applied your foundation, simply dab it into the powder and tap off any excess back into the pot then press over your T-Zone and where you would like to erase shine. Then you can blend it out and over the rest of your face with a brush. The second is using a small powder brush, dip it into the powder and sweep over your face to create a matte finish. You do not need to use a lot of this powder as it will look cakey and too over done if you do! I like to only apply mine to my T-Zone as I think it makes it look a bit more natural and that's the main place I get shiny patches!

          I really would recommend this powder as it is so easy to apply, a great little compact with a handy powder puff thrown in for good measure! I think I prefer the loose powder to pressed since using this as it glides onto my skin and makes it look more smoother and more natural, it also keeps my make up in place for hours on end so I don't have to top it up as much and waste it! No7 you've don't it again!


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          10.06.2012 15:55
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          good for foundation wearers

          No7 is a Boots own brand which offers a wide range of cosmetic and body products.

          ~Perfectly Light Loose Powder~

          No7 have quite a varied selection of face powders and liquid foundations on offer. Perfectly Light is essentially a loose powder which is designed to 'set' your foundation in place and allow to to last a little bit longer.

          'Light diffusing loose powder for a perfectly flawless, radiant finish' - Boots website.

          This loose powder is hypo-allergenic so suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. It is also fragrance free. The idea is to apply your foundation and apply this loose powder over the top to reduce potential shine. It can be used through the day to absorb excess shine. This loose powder is available in four shades :


          This powder is enriched with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 to condition the skin. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin.


          This loose powder isn't exactly compact for keeping in your handbag in my opinion. The powder is presented in a large, chunky black pot complete with a temperamental lid! Inside the pot, there is two layers. The first layer holds the little powder sponge which is included. This layer can be screwed off to reveal approx 20, fairly large holes. The loose powder sits underneath this layer and needs to be sifted out to use.

          ~Price and Availability~

          Each compact holds 24g of loose powder. It can be bought from your local Boots or by visiting www.boots.com. This powder is priced at £11.00. It is worth noting that No7 regularly run promotional offers such as £5 off vouchers and 3 for 2 allowing you to obtain an extra discount. Don't forget to collect your advantage card points!

          ~My Opinion~

          I regularly purchase No7 products when they are on offer. A few months ago, I entered a competition on the No7 facebook page and won. I selected this loose powder as my prize as I actually thought it would be similar to the No7 Mineral Loose Powder that I already owned. I didn't realise at the time that the two products have different purposes as one is a foundation powder and the other is a setting powder! I have used it anyway.

          I have shade translucent which is the lightest shade available. I am glad I chose this shade as I don't Iike heavy foundation or dark foundation so I would have no need for a darker coloured loose powder! Anyway, whilst I am not overly fond of the chunky packaging, it does offer a secure haven for the powder. This is essential as there is nothing worse than dropping a small compact and for it to split and send powder flying around the room. This compact has been dropped numerous times and remains intact thankfully!

          ~Powder Me Up~

          This loose powder is best applied over liquid foundation. I am not a massive fan of liquid foundation but I do use it a really light liquid if I need a bit more coverage than what a powder foundation would offer me. I have also used this powder over a tinted moisturiser and alone on my skin so it is fairly versatile. I have never been keen on the sponge applicators which come with powders as I find them quite unhygenic. The sponge provided is quite small but soft and durable. I simply prefer to use one of my many brushes I own. I clean these regularly so had a fresh brush for first using this powder.

          This loose powder is fine but not too 'dusty'. It is just the right consistency to apply without being too heavy. Translucent is a light shade which is perfect for light skin tones like my own. It is perfect for those who don't want anything too noticeable on their skin. Once my liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser is applied, I usually have a small amount of shine. This is often down to an overload of moisturiser as I need to apply a lot prior to applying foundation thanks to my awfully dry skin.

          The best way to apply this powder (for me anyway) is to dip my chunky brush in dispensed powder and blow off any excess before sweeping across my entire face. The powder does feel incredibly light on my skin and not at all harsh. It can be applied in no time at all and blends in with my skin tone and any foundation I have applied with the need to apply extra or blend it with my fingers. This powder sets nicely and reduces any shine. It doesn't leave my skin feeling clogged or with any extra colour - it simply evens out the foundation I have on. If applied to bare skin, it reduces shiny parts and evens out my skin tone giving a fresh, understated glow. Other make up can be applied over the powder and I prefer to apply my blush after this powder.

          Longevity is good. I have noticed my foundation lasting a lot longer without going patchy. The overall finish is good and the powder is extremely gentle on my skin whilst leaving my skin matte. It is natural. I wouldn't say it hydrates it but it doesn't agitate my dry areas in any way. I am not majorly fussy on applying this later on in the day to reduce any shine but if it has been a really hot day, it does help to brush a small amount on to keep foundation from 'sliding' in the heat!


          I don't use this everyday as I prefer my other powder which acts as a foundation. It is beneficial for when I wear liquid face products or for when the weather is warmer. 24g will last me for over a year as only a small sprinkle of powder is needed for full face coverage. This is a good product and is well priced in my opinion - even better if you get it for £6.00 with a voucher promotion. I would recommend if you wear liquid foundation and get shiny parts (oily skin mainly). It is a good product.

          Thanks for reading :)


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