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NYC Smooth Mineral Pressed Foundation Powder

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Brand: NYC / Type: Foundation / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2010 15:05
      Very helpful



      A 50/50 Opinion.

      Im not to sure why but my friend bought me round my birthday present a few days ago, nothing sounds weird about that though right? Except my brithday isnt until the end of April so I havent got the fainest clue why she gave it me now. Anyway because she had given it me so early I wasnt going to wait until my brithday to open it so I did and found that it was an NYC Facial Set. That included a liquid foundation, concealer & this powder foundation which I really appreciated because Im always looking to try out new foundations and I was pretty intregued to see whether these would work or not. To be honest Id never really tried out any of the NYC range before, Ive always looked at the display in Boots but because of the inexpensive price tag I assumed that the products would be pretty low quality but because this was a gift I decided to try it out anyway. I hadnt wasted any money!

      Useful Information:
      Makers: NYC
      Price: £3.99
      Stockists: Superdrug, Boots Etc..
      Product: Pressed Powder Foundation

      Now after looking on the NYC website Ive found out that this only comes in three different shades. Natural Light, Natural Medium & Natural Dark which isnt the widest range but it should be enough for every person to find one that suits and compliments their skin tone. She personally chose me the Medium shade because she felt that matched my skin tone the most and it would leave me with orange marks or tide lines!

      Now as this is meant to be a powder foundation you dont need to apply your usual liquid/mousse foundation underneath because this is designed to give you the full coverage that your normal foundation would.

      Now I was really doubting that a powder would be enough to give my face full coverage alone but I was determined to try it out and hopeful that it would work so I got on with applying it.
      I just got my big powder brush and swept it accross the powder and then applied all over my face using soft circular motions and trying not to put to much on!

      Then just make sure you have blended it all properly and that you have no stray flakes linegering on your face or no orange lines.

      The Results:
      The results of this were decent enough but it didnt work that great on me. I found that it didnt really give me great coverage, didnt even out my skin tone and it didnt cover any lumps or bumps! I dont have the worst skin in the world but Im not flawless either so I need a decent foundation to make me look good and this just didnt. I do reckon this would be great for people who have really great skin but just want a tiny bit of coverage but for normal skin expecially dry skin I think the resukts would be the same as mine. Disappointing.

      Also this had a slight shimmer/glittery look to it which looked a bit silly when I applied it all over my face because it didnt exactly look subtle. Having said that though I reckon Ill use this as a bronzer or a cheek blusher because of the slight shimmer and I think it will look much better when its used like that. So I recommend that rather than using this as a full foundation Id use it as a cheek shimmer or bronzer over the top of your normal make up.

      Overall Opinion:
      This just wasnt good for me. On the other hand I can see the appeal for other people with btter skin than mine so to those people I highly recommend this product. But if your like me, and I assume most women and girls are then I think you need and expect a bit more coverage from your foundation. Ill stick to my normal foundation from now on thanks! I have 50/50 opinions on this product. So I kind of recommend.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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      07.12.2009 12:41
      Very helpful



      NYC Powder

      I recently bought this from my local Superdrug for £3.99 in a Natural Medium shade. I had bought a few NYC stuff previously and most of it seemed OK to me. As I am trying to cut down on my spending especially on expensive make-up, I thought this would be perfect, considering I usually pay around £9-£11 for my foundation powder. This foundation powder come with a soft Kabuki Brush, which is a short but thick bristled brush. My face was clean and moisturised and I was ready to start using this foundation powder.

      The Packaging
      The packaging is not something out of the ordinary, but I do like the black frame it has rather than most which are clear or tan coloured. The packaging, I would say fits in nicely with the NYC branding. The foundation powder opens as you would expect it to open. Nothing special, just does what its supposed to.

      The Product
      This is a face foundation powder and as a bonus (even though England does not get much sun) contains Sun Protection Factor 10 (SPF10). Whats more, what made me more tempted to buy it was that it is oil free and fragrance free. This product comes in natural light, natural medium and natural dark. Quite unoriginal naming but hey I guess it works.

      The Application
      When opening the little compact, the foundation powder looked so pretty , which had a slight glisten to it. I took the little brush that came with the powder and started the stroke the powder with it. I looked at the brush, which clearly had picked up some powder. A good start. I slowly swept the brush across my face which gave a nice look actually. I continued the whole process until my face was covered in the powder. It actually looked OK. It gave a nice even look although at parts you could very much tell I had powder on. I think this is because I suffer with dry skin! Probably not something I can blame on the powder.

      The Price
      At £3.99 for a foundation powder that is easy to apply and gives a good even finish, I would definitely say it was not a bad price at all! NYC are doing really well lately and my make-up bag seems to be collecting one of their products each week! If the price is right they say. I say that this price is right.

      Overall Look & Opinion
      I was happy with the finish that this product gave me and thus I would give it a 5/5. I was happy that the price was less than half of how much I would pay for my foundation powder but also how it gave a really nice finish. I was truly happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to cut down on spending and especially on make-up. You will get the same effect for less than half the price. Isnt that something everyone needs?


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    Even and brightens skin tone /

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