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NYX Cosmetics One Night In Morocco

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Brand: NYX / - Eyeshadow / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Night Cream

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2011 16:13
      Very helpful



      A great palette! Recommended :)

      NYX Cosmetics One Night In Morocco Eye and Lip Palette

      I have been looking for a neutral eyeshadow palette for a while and I also wanted the shadows to be matte - as I don't have any matte eyeshadows. I saw this product an amazon and it is fairly expensive, but after having found this palette on ebay I have been using it everyday.

      *About the brand*

      NYX Cosmetics is an American brand and the products are described as professional quality. As it is an American brand it is not very widely available here in the uk - I have not seen this brand in any stores. NYX Cosmetics does not test their products on animals.

      "NYX Cosmetics used by make up artists, celebrities and style insiders world wide, features one of the widest range of product and colours available, launching over 50 new products and colours per month." NYX Cosmetics uk information site.

      Although while writing this review I found that NYX cosmetics do have a UK information site with a link to their UK online site - so you can order from there and everything is priced in British pounds (this set being reviewed is also available on their uk online store - link below).

      *Information about the product - Dimensions*

      The product dimensions are as follows: Compact: 3.68"W x 2.56"H x 1"D
Extended with the draw: 3.68"W x 4.5"H x 2.38"D.

      It is really quite compact, so it would be great for traveling - I am definitely going to be taking this palette with me when I go on my next cruise in august. It is fairly light weight too and it has a large mirror inside that fills the whole lid of the palette.

      *Packaging and the appearance of the palette*

      I quite like the packaging, it looks a little cheap (probably because it was) but it is simple and the text on the box is really easy to read. On the back of the box it shows the layout of the palette and tells you want products are where in the palette - although I think it is a bit obvious which items are eyeshadows and which are lip colours as they have very different textures.

      As for the palette/compact, I really like it. It is really small and it is quite light weight. It is small enough it fit into my small make up bag and it would be great for traveling - as I said I am definitely going to be taking this on holiday with me. It also has a large mirror that takes up all of the lid space, which would be handy when traveling - there are not applicators with this product thought.

      *What does the palette contain?*

      The palette contains a wide range of everyday make up items, that are suitable for day or evening wear. The set contains the following items:

      Eight matte eyeshadows (with a very slight shimmer)
      One nude/beige eye base
      Four plain sheer (no shimmer) lip colours

      The eyeshadows are in the top section of the palette, along with the eye base. The lip colours are in the pull out draw section under neath, which is easy to pull out.

      *Eye Base*

      Firstly, the eye base or eye lid primer. The ingredients are the eye base are as follows (I included a list of the ingredients as some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients in the product):

      Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Mica, Polybutene, Octyldodecanol, Bis-diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Ceresin, Titanium Dioxide, Cear Alba, Ozokerite, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Stearate, Synthetic Beeswax, Cera Microcristallina, Propylparaben, Methylparaben. May Contain: CI77007 (Ultramarine pink), CI42090:2 (FD&C Blue 1 Al. Lake), CI19140:1 (FD&C Yellow 5 Al. Lake).

      The eye base is a beige medium beige colour (It looks a lighter on photos online than it actually is). It is to be used before you apply the eyeshadows as a base - to help the eyeshadows last longer. One problem that I had with mine is that due to the transportation of the product some very small flecks of the black eyeshadow has stuck to the base. I just used it as normal as when it is blended the black very blends away.

      To use, all I do when I use this product is as follows: I make sure my face is clean and moisturised. I then take a small concealer brush and I swipe it in the eye base. You don't need a lot of this product - as a little goes a long way. I then sweep it over all of my eyelid - making to to get to the lash line as close as possible.

      I find that this product is really easy to blend into my skin, it does not leave any lines on my eyes - it blends perfectly and it can be applied really quickly and easily with a small concealer brush. It has a gorgeous silky smooth texture which makes it just glide onto my eye lids and it does not take long at all to apply and blend it.

      I find that when using this product my eyeshadows - from this set and from others - stay on a lot longer than they normally would. I find that with these eyeshadows in the set they last about 6 hours and they will not have creased really with this base.

      Overall, I really like this eyeshadow base. In my opinion it is comparable to urban decays primer potion - but it is a solid instead of a liquid formula. It is a fantastic base - it applies really smoothly, quickly and easily to my eye lids. It has a really nice silky smooth textures which makes it glide onto my skin and you only need a small amount of the product. It makes my eyeshadows last longer on my eyes and it just works fantastically.

      *Lip colours*

      I do not really wear lip glosses/lip colours too much and when I do I usually just wear a lip liner all over my lip or just lip balm. I have tried all of the lip colours and I quite like them. The colours include: a light pink, a dark pink, a orange and a dusky mauve colour. My two favorite colours are the two darkest - the dark pink and the dark dusky mauve colour.

      These colours are located in a pull out draw at the bottom of the palette and although they are covered I find that they get bits stuck to them really easily. Although apart from that point there are not other major negative points about these lip colours.

      The colours themselves are quite wearable - except the orange colour - although when applied the orange shade is just a sheer neutral colour, it does not show up as it is in the palette. The light pink shade is the same - it only shows up as a sheer pink colour, which makes it quite wearable. Although I would not personally wear them on their own, I would probably just put them over a lipstick or lip liner to makes my lips looks glossy.

      The two colours I like are the darkest ones. The dark pink (second from the left in the palette) is a really nice colour, although it does show up a lot lighter on my lips than it looks in the palette. The dark pink is a nice wearable colour, it would be good for day wear or to up over a lipstick to give your lips a glossy finish.

      Although my favorite of lip colour in the palette is the dark mauve colour (furthest colour on the right) and I would definitely say that it is the most pigmented lip colour in the palette. It shows up on my lips as a sheer dark(ish) dusky pink colour - it is glossy, it shows up well on my lips and it is a really nice shade.

      I do like these lip colours as they feel really comfortable on my lips, they do not feel heavy and they apply really quickly and easily. They feel quite moisturising - although I have to wear a good lip balm under neath them as they can emphasise any dryness and they can be quite difficult to take off if your lips are really dry like mine usually are. So I would definitely wear a lip balm under neath and I would apply them with a lip brush.

      Overall, I really like the lip colours. The orange and light pink shades are good for applying over a lipstick/lip liner as they are not pigmented really at all and they make my lips look glossy. The two darker colour are more pigmented and can be used on their own to give a slight wash of colour to the lips and to give my lips a lip gloss like finish. The lip colours are nice and they do last for quite a long time - if you do not east or drink - as they do transfer quite easily.

      *The eyeshadows*

      I use the eyeshadows for a range of uses such as: I use them as eyeliner on my eyelid (close to the lashes), I use them as eyeshadows, I use two of them as brow bone highlighters and I use one/two of them as eyebrow powders/colours.

      The colours in the set includes:

      A matte white with no shimmer at all
      A matte light/medium grey with not shimmer at all
      A matte black with the tiniest amount of shimmer that does not show up on the skin
      A warm dark grey with small shimmers
      (the bottom row) A gorgeous very shimmer beige colour
      A very dark matte brown with no shimmer at all
      A warm medium brown with no shimmer at all
      A sand/dark beige colour with shimmers

      *Top row of shadows*

      I use the matte white colour as a brow bone highlight, although it is very subtle. I would no really use it as a tear duct highlight/colour as this shade is quite powdery and it can look a bit caky if you use it in the tear duct area. It is good as an eyeshadow, as it makes a good base shadow and it blends easily so it does not look harsh or too white.

      The light/medium grey colour is a really nice colour. It has not shimmer and it has a nice smooth texture. It applies really quickly and easily. I use this shade as a shadow in the outer corner of my eye - as a subtle grey smoky eye - I then liner my upper lash line and it looks really nice. Although it can look a bit boring and unfinished if it is used on its own, in my opinion. It is really pigmented (as all of the shadows are) but it blends so easily.

      The black shade is one of the shades that I use almost everyday. I do not use it as an eyeshadow, although you could do that, I use it as an eyeliner. I use a small angled brush and I press it into the black shadow. I then just press the shadow onto my lash line (really close to the lashes) and carry on until I have lined all of the upper lash line (from near the tear duct area to the outer corner). It is really great as an eyeliner, it is a lot more subtle and more natural looking than a liquid or gel liner. It looks great with all of the other shadows in the set and it stays on my eyes really well. It is really pigmented (probably the most pigmented shadow in the set) and it is really great as an eyeliner.

      The next shade is the last colour on the top row, the dark warm grey colour. I like to use this shadow in the outer corner of my eye. I use the light grey first as a base for a smoky eye and then to deepen the colour I use this darker shade over the top to create a nice dark smoky eye. It is really easy to apply, I use a flat eyeshadow brush by ecotools and I push the shadow onto the outer corner and close to the upper lash line and blend inwards. Again like the other shadows it is really pigmented, it is not caky and it applies/blends so easily. This shade has small shimmery particles to it, so it is great for a smoky eye.

      *Bottom row of shadows*

      I use the shimmery beige (or the matte white) as a brow bone highlight, I use the shimmery beige as a tear duct high light - to make my eyes looks brighter and bigger. I also just the shimmery beige as an all over eyelid colour. I love the shimmery beige, it applies really quickly, easily and smoothly - it is a gorgeous shade and it looks really nice on my pale(ish) skin and when it catches the light. It is a great natural/neutral colour which is great for everyday wear.

      The very dark matte brown colour (second from the left) is also really nice - I use it again as a outer corner smoky eye shade or I can use it as a eyebrow powder/colour when I dye my hair to a darker shade (as I usually do dye it to a dark brown). It is pigmented and it applies smoothly and evenly. It is great as a eyebrow colour, it is great as a outer corner smoky eye colour and it can also be used as a liner - like the black shade.

      Next up is the warm medium brown shade and when my hair is a medium brown colour (as it is now) I use this as a eyebrow colour/powder. I use this colour and the very dark matte brown as eyebrow colour - I can use them separately or combine them for a customized eyebrow colour. This shade is great for my eyebrows, it applies easily and it matches my hair colour well. It has not shimmer which is great as you don't want shimmer eyebrows! It is also nice as a crease colour, a eyeliner (like the black and very dark brown shade) and it is also great to create a brown natural smoky eye look.
      Just one more shade, the sand shimmer shadow. I really like this shadow, as it is a great all over lid colour. It has a nice shimmery but noticeable shimmer to it and it is a great neutral everyday colour that works really well with the other colours in the palette. It is only a bit darker than my skin tone so it evens out the colour on my lids and it can be worn alone or it looks great with a black liner.

      *Overall opinion of the shadows*

      In summary, I love these eyeshadows, as they are really high quality, they are very pigmented, they have a good colour pay off (they show up well on my skin), you don't need to use a lot of the shadow as it is so pigmented and they can be applied so quickly and easily. The mix of mostly matte shadows with some shimmer ones makes it is a great everyday wearable palette. These shadows can be use for everyday and they can be altered quickly to take your make up into a more intense evening look.

      *Longevity of the shadows*

      I find that the shadows only las about two hours or so before they start to crease. But if I use the eye base from this set under neath the shadows they last a lot longer. With the base the shadows probably last about 6 hours before starting to crease a little on me. So for these shadows a primer/base is a must.

      *Taking of the shadows*

      These eyeshadows are not waterproof so they are very easy to take off. I just use my boots cucumber facial wipes or my lancome bi-facial eye make up remover and it removes all of the shadows quickly and easily - without having to keep rubbing my eyes with a cotton pad or facial wipe.

      *Overall opinion of the set*

      I really love this set, ever since I received it (about a week, maybe two weeks ago) I have been using it everyday. It is so wearable, it has a great selection of shades which are shimmery and mostly matte. It is great for day and evening wear. I love the eye base it really does make my shadows last for a lot longer and it just glides over my skin when applying it. The lip colours are ok, they make my lips glossy and they are good over lipsticks but they are not that great on their own - except for the dark mauve colour (last colour on the right in the palette).

      *Price and availability*

      I bought mine new and sealed from an ebay store and it cost me just under £6 for the set - and I got the last one, but it maybe in stock again now. It can be bought from amazon for about £20 and it can be bought from the nyx cosmetics uk online store for £16.95 (including 20% vat).


      Positive points

      *Small compact set - great for traveling
      *Large mirror and a fantastic range of mostly matte and some shimmer eyeshadows
      *Glossy lip colours
      *Very wearable everyday neutral shadows
      *The eye base is amazing - it really helps my eyeshadows to last a lot longer
      *Really pigmented shadows that apply really easily
      *A cheap set - if you shop around
      *Really surprisingly high quality products
      *The eye base just glides onto my skin and works so well

      Negative points

      *The lips colours and the eye base can get bits stuck to them fairly easily
      *The lip colours (especially the two lightest shades) do not show up on my lips
      *The palette can be a little bit expensive on some sites
      *It does not come with any applicators - but they are not usually that good anyway

      For more information - the uk nyx cosmetics online store link: http://www.nyxcosmeticsstore.co.uk/

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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