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NYX Nude On Nude Eye Shadow & Lip Palette

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2 Reviews

Brand: NYX / up pallette / Type: Eye Colour / Subcategory: Eye Shadow / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2012 15:55
      Very helpful



      Ok, not a great buy though

      I have always loved the look of brand new make up palettes, I know they don't stay clean and neat for long once you start using them, but they pull me in and make me want to buy them all the time. When the new Argos catalogue comes out, thats one of the first things I look at, to see if I can justify buying yet another set. I use my daughter as an excuse a lot lol In all honesty she does use a lot of my make up!

      This was one of those impulse buys, I didn't need this but once it had been seen, my eyes and brain couldn't unsee it so it had to be mine. It was what I would class as expensive, £17.50 from Amazon. When it first arrived I was surprised at the size, the idea I had got from the picture was it was a lot bigger. I opened the horrendously brown lid, very 70's there, this is where the first problems occurred. It took a while to work out how to open the lid, it's a bit stiff and even though it stops it from opening and making a mess everywhere, I at least like it to open when I want to use it. It also took a while to work out how to slide out the bottom section to reveal the lip colours.

      While I was impressed with the array of eye show colours, they were accompanied by the dreaded applicators. The tiny brush for the lip colours is ok to use when out and about, I wouldn't use them for permanent use. The range of colours in the eye shadow section are great, there is a light section with peach/cream/white and light shades, great for base colours or highlighting. Mid range section which covers greys, browns etc and a couple of darker colours for definition and detail. They go on easily enough and don't crease or fade. There is not much fall out either and they blend easily too. Obviously because the squares are small it is a little tricky to get a big brush into the palette to use the colours, you either have to use a smaller brush or your finger which does work equally as well. The powder also works well if used wet, the colours hold and it applies well.

      I am not so taken with the lipstick/lip colours. They are bright and cheerful enough in their line, all pinks and reds with one brown tucked in at the end. The colours themselves are a little disappointing, but always the same with these palettes. The colours never come out the same colour as they are in their little squares. They are a bit washed out and gloopy for my liking. They make an ok base for other lipstick or just a coating on top of matte lipstick but in general I am not overly impressed with them.

      The eye shadows defiantly make up for the poor performance put in by the lip colour, not sure that makes £17.50 worth spending on it though. Ok for a gift for someone you like a lot but, would you subject someone you really like to the lip colours??


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      18.09.2012 10:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good, affordable make up

      This is a review of a NYX Nude On Nude Eye Shadow & Lip Palette I bought recently and have been using regularly. I love wearing make up and it makes me look and feel so much better but sometimes there just isn't the time in the day with an active nearly-two year old and being a tired 32 weeks pregnant, I have the choice of a quick brush of the hair and teeth before rushing out of the door but sometimes I like to just allow five minutes for a quick makeover and usually choose make up products that allow for a speedy application.

      The purchase
      I have lusted over the NYX Nude On Nude Eye Shadow & Lip Palette online a few times but wondered how true the colours would be in real life compared to the picture. I usually wear neutral or brown shades on my eyes, not very adventurous but it seems to be what suits me.

      To open the palette you have to really press your nail in to the compact to click open the fastening which I found awkward the first couple of times but it got easier once I knew I wasn't breaking the palette!
      In the palette are 20 different eye shadow shades and ten lip colours. With eyes, there are a nice mix of shimmer and glitter and matte so you can choose your look however you like it to be. For lips there are all neutral pink and brown lip colour shades described as a nude on nude look and there is bound to be a few shades that tick your box. It comes with a couple of brushes that are not great quality but will do in a fix or on the move, I prefer to use my own brushes when at home but do with most of my make up.
      There is a bit of a knack to opening the base of the compact to release the lip colours, which slide out from under the eye colour. This is good because you can leave it closed while you do your eyes and no powder fall out will go on to the lip colour whilst this section is closed.

      In use
      The eye shadow squares are quite small and so difficult to use with my normal sized eye shadow brush. It's not impossible but a lot easier to use with fingertips than a brush as it doesn't knock the powder all over the place. I find the shades easy to use wet or dry (I tend to use them wet with a cotton bud for eyeliner and a more concentrated long lasting look). There are a couple of neutral shades which provide the perfect base and there are darker and more dramatic colours for definition.

      The lip colours all come out quite sheer on me but you can build them up a bit if you want a deeper colour. They don't last long on my lips but I tend to use them as a base with a lip gloss over the top and I can re apply the lip gloss during the day when on the move. I don't like all of the lip colours and will probably not use some of them at all but I will at least try them in case they look better on the lip but for now I stick with the mid pinks where I feel safe. There is nothing in there that I would describe as truly awful colour wise for either the eyes or lips.

      Removal is easy with both eye and lip colours I have had no problems in removing them from my skin using my normal cream cleanser on an evening.

      My thoughts
      As with all pallettes they are nice to use when new but after a while start to look a bit grotty, especially with the lip colours when they are getting used up and the mirror gets smudged, there's nothing like new! The palette is quite portable I think, in that it all slides closed and will fit in an average (but not small) sized handbag. It comes with a couple of brushes that are not great quality but will do in a fix.

      Price and availability
      I fell lucky with my purchase of the NYX Nude On Nude Eye Shadow & Lip Palette in that I found it in my local TK Maxx all boxed and brand new and not swatched or touched at all. It cost £14.99 which was discounted from the RRP of around £30. I have seen a lot of these online at ebay and amazon for around £20 which seems a reasonable price.

      Final word
      I didn't really need this palette as I have a lot of make up and especially in the brown shades this comes in but it did appeal to me as something that is all in one place and compact and can be slipped in a handbag if on the move. I think it provides excellent value for money and the quality of the make up is good with decent staying power. I like all the different looks you can create with the palette and I think most of the colours will get used by me as they are all quite neutral. The lip colours were all good although I bought it more for the eye colours. The opening mechanism is a bit stiff but it does mean it won't open in transit or spill in your bag. I can see that this palette will be popular amongst many due to the great assortment of colour based on a neutral nude on nude palette.


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