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Oil of Olay Advanced Radiance Cream Foundation

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Brand: Oil Of Olay / Type: Foundation

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2010 11:31
      Very helpful



      Good foundation but has problems with transfering

      When it comes to putting make up on I can be a little cack-handed so I love anything that can make the process a little easier and if its also cheap its all the better. Looking around on the website Fragrance Direct I found 28ml jars of Advanced Radiance Olay foundation for £1.99. Its probably not the best idea to buy Foundation over the internet as you cant really be sure of the colour however given the fact that the foundation is such a good price, I wouldn't feel too bad if it wasn't suitable.

      There are currently 6 choices of colour available
      Classic Beige- Peachy colour
      Creamy Natural- More yellow toned
      Creamy Beige- Medium tan colour
      Buff Beige- strange almost Grey colour
      Classic Tan- Darker tan colour
      Natural Beige- pink toned beige

      I was going to describe my colouring as sallow but looking on the internet and finding that it means 'Of a sickly yellowish hue or complexion' I think that may be a bit of a harsh description of myself. I am quite pale, but not pinky pale or white pale, I would say I have yellow undertones (uh oh, maybe I am Sallow!).
      As you can imagine it is quite hard to get foundation to match my skin tone as they are usually either too pink or to white. Well anyway I chose Classic Beige and although it maybe ever so slightly too pink for my skin tone I don't think it is very noticeable.

      The foundation comes in a little frosted glass jar which feels quite hefty and has a blue screw plastic lid. If you tip the jar over, the foundation does end up in the lid but I don't mind this as I have slightly long nails and when I dip my fingers in the jar, the foundation can sometimes end up under my nails, so its actually easier for me to take it from the lid.
      The lid has a silver label on it that has a sort of iridescent rainbow shine with advanced radiance restorative cream foundation written on it in a navy colour. It also says that it contains a glucosamine complex which according to Olay has many different uses such as plumping skin, protecting the skin and creating a smoother surface. A label on the side of the jar also says that the foundation contains SPF 10.

      I put the foundation on using my fingers, I am not sure if this is the correct way to do it but I find that is what suits me. I dab my finger in to get a blob of it and I find it has quite a thick consistency and that it doesn't drip. If I can get away with not putting too much on then I wont, so most of the time I use an amount close to the size of a 10p piece. I dot it over my face and then start to rub it around. I find that it covers any redness well, it covers light blemishes and gives a good base to cover any spots. I find that if I have dry skin that it will cling to it, which doesn't look too nice, so I try and make sure that I don't have any before I put the foundation on. As I am not completely convinced the foundation is exactly the right colour for me I take extra care around my jaw line because its really awful when you realise (always too late) that you have a noticeably different colour head to the rest of your body!

      When I first started using the foundation I felt it had a really lovely smell a little bit like some sort of fruit jelly (don't worry your face wont smell like trifle as the scent doesn't last) but now about two or three months later, the sweet scent has faded completely and it smells like any ordinary foundation.

      I would say my skin is a little greasy but I don't find that this foundation makes my face greasier, maybe because I wear it quite lightly. When wearing it I would probably powder my face about once every 5 hours.

      There are a few bad points to this foundation, the worst being that on occasion I have found that it can transfer, something that I am quite conscious about and leads me to give people rather tilty headed hugs for fear that I will print my face on their clothes. My boyfriend turned around too fast the other day and swiped me across the face with the bill of his baseball cap and I was a bit embarrassed to see that his baseball cap made a very effective make up remover!! Although saying that, on days where I am not assaulted by baseball caps I dont have to reapply the makeup as it lasts all day.
      Another problem is the availability of this foundation. The cheapest place that sells it is fragrance direct, and from what I can see the only other places that sell it are The Cosmetic house and eBay.

      So although this foundation has advantages, its cheap, doesn't give me spots, is cheap, gives good coverage and I am not sure if I mentioned this before but its actually very cheap, I think I will continue my search for a good foundation and use this until the pot finishes (it lasts about 3-4 months). This is mainly because of the annoying transfer problem, as I would prefer to pay a few more pounds and know that my make up is secure than save money and wonder what unusual shaped smudges I will have on my face by the end of the day.


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