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OPI Chip Skip

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3 Reviews
  • Keeps my nail polish on for longer
  • Drys out nails which can be damaging
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    3 Reviews
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      19.07.2014 21:34
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Keeps my nail polish on for longer"


      • "Drys out nails which can be damaging"

      OPI Chip Skip - helps my polish last!

      === Introduction: ===
      OPI is a well known company that creates top quality, and high priced, nail polishes. They have several different things in their range, including Nail Lacquers, Gel polishes and nail treatments (e.g. Nail envy, and Chip Skip). This is a review for Chip Skip.

      === What does Chip Skip do? ===
      Chip Skip removes the oil from the nails, which helps give the nails a rough surface for nail polish to adhere to. It is especially good to use when applying gel polish in order to keep your manicure for longer.

      === Consistency and smell: ===
      Chip skip looks and has the consistency of water. I wouldn''''t recommend smelling it as it has the usual smell associated with nail polish.

      === Application: ===
      This stuff is easy to apply. Simply remove all previous nail polish then brush a small amount of Chip skip over each nail. You may notice your nail looking slightly dry, but don''''t worry, this is meant to happen. After you have painted your nails, put on some cuticle oil and some hand moisturiser to avoid damage to the nails.

      === Price and Availability: ===
      Chip Skip is available in a 3.5 or 15ml bottle and can be found primarily online or at stores that supply OPI polishes.
      The 15ml bottle is currently £11.98 on Amazon:[1]
      The 3.5ml bottle can be found for £12.99 in a set of small OPI nail treatments on Amazon [2]

      === Results: ===
      I find that Chip skip leaves the nails feeling quite brittle, so I would avoid using it all the time, if possible - for best results, use once a week. I have found that Chip Skip does help to prolong my nail polish, and can keep normal polishes on for almost a week, and gels for around 2 weeks without much chipping. This is due to the fact that the polish has a rough surface to adhere to.

      === Overall Opinion: ===
      Chip Skip is a must for anyone who does their own manicures, I do a lot of gel work (on myself, friends and family) and I have found that the polish stays on much better with Chip Skip on. I would recommend it if you are looking to prolong your nail polish, but remember that it does take the oils out of the nails, so use it sparingly, and always remember to apply some cuticle oil onto the nails after you have finished painting!

      === References: ===
      [1] http://www.amazon.co.uk/OPI-Chip-Skip-Preventor-15/dp/B005N9FU2Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405797952&sr=8-1&keywords=opi+chip+skip
      [2] http://www.amazon.co.uk/OPI-Nail-Polish-Lacquer-Treats/dp/B00GINUD50/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1405798403&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=opi+chip+skip+3.5ml

      Review also found on Ciao under the same username


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        15.01.2010 12:55
        Very helpful



        I wouldn't miss this out of my manicure!

        I recently got a request for a review of Chip Skip by OPI. So here it is! Chip Skip is a product that I have recently integrated into my manicure routine and I'm quite happy to recommend this product to anyone wishing to extend the wear of their nail polish between re-paints. I think it works, I'm not saying it's a miracle worker on it's own (as I use various other clever products to achieve a perfect finish on my nails) but I like to use it and haven't felt the need to search for a better version or abandon it at all.

        What is Chip Skip?

        Chip Skip is a nail plate dehydration treatment. Meaning it will dry the surface of your nails. Just the surface, not the entire structure and so if used correctly this should not make your nail condition any worse by 'drying out' your nails. It's a temporary effect and is meant to be used immediately before painting your basecoat or colour onto the nail. Nail technicians use similar products to improve the adhesion of acrylics to natural nails. Chip Skip essentially prevents nail polish from chipping... letting you skip the chips!

        Why do I need to dry the surface of my nail?

        Nail enamel / polish / basecoat will adhere better to a dry and preferably rough surface. If it adheres better then it's got a better chance of resisting chipping when faced with trauma such as knocks, bends and scrapes i.e typing frantically, hunting for keys in a handbag, everyday wear and tear etc. I think that Chip Skip helps with 'tip wear' where the polish doesn't exactly chip away but wears off at the tip of the nail. Though for this particular issue I'd suggest a good topcoat. (See my Seche Vite review)

        OK, so why do I need a 'rough' surface on my nails?

        Like any adhesive (glues, paints etc) nail polish will adhere better to a rougher surface. It's got more grip this way. So put down that 3-way buffer! If you buff your nails to a pretty smoothly polished surface with a buffer or one of those miracle shine buffers that give your nails a highly polished wet look - your nail colour will NOT stay put as long. Buffing your nails is for when you leave your nails au naturale without colour or maybe just a coat of clear polish. I recommend buffing with a buffer that does not achieve a polished finish (i.e the roughest surface on a 3-way buffer) and only just to even out the ridges and bumps if you have any and STOP there. You'll get longer wear out of your polish - I promise.

        Note: Over buffing of the nail plate will weaken it and then you will be in more trouble than you started with. So buff with care and caution!

        How do I use Chip Skip?

        So you've took your old polish off and maybe buffed out a few ridges here and there and filed your nails the way you like. You might have even applied a spot of hand cream, cuticle treatment or nail oil to keep your hands nice and nourished - that's good right? NO!! They'll hamper your nail enamel's staying power. Go wash them off!!! Avoid adding oil and other emollients to your hands before your manicure and when you wash your hands before your manicure try to dry your nails and surrounding areas thoroughly.
        Right... onto Chip Skip. Unscrew the cap, wipe off any excess on the bottle neck and brush onto nails. Not in great quantities, but not sparingly either. You'll see that the formula is the consistency of water and that as it's applied to the nail surface it appears to sink in and disappear. Your nail will then look dry and the creases where the nail meets the cuticle and surrounding skin will be oil and moisture free. This is important as it's these edges where nail polish can start to chip first (not just the nail tip) and it's because this is where little bits of hand cream and oil and other moisture like to hide. These products will definitely prevent polish or basecoat from sticking to the nail plate. So make sure to cover all of your nail with Chip Skip. One coat is all you need but feel free to brush more on if you feel you have missed a bit. The brush on Chip Skip is short and stubby, unlike regular nail polish brushes, to make it easy to get into these creases and also it doesn't need to hold the same amount of fluid within it with the consistency being much thinner than polish.

        What next?

        Go ahead and apply your basecoat/ridge filler or move straight onto coloured polish. You've got plenty of time so there's no need to rush. Your nails will stay dehydrated long enough for you to apply your polish without reverting back to their previous hydration level.
        I always recommend a short drying time between coats of polish and highly recommend a good top coat to finish the manicure (again - see my review for Seche Vite). I mainly use colours from OPI's range of nail enamels but Chip Skip is compatible with any brand of polish.

        When you've finished your nails and everything is dry and set - this is the right time to go ahead and apply moisturisers and nail oils etc. Sit back and enjoy your manicure!

        How much do I get? Where can I buy it?

        Standard bottles are 15ml like other full sized OPI nail enamels but you can sometimes pick up mini sizes in gift sets or sometimes they have the trial size available individually in department stores or dedicated beauty supply stores. I like to buy a lot of my manicure supplies from www.tailormadenails.co.uk and from here the 15ml size will set you back around £7. Though prices do vary store to store and it's worth looking around for any savings you can make on this product. I've been using my 15ml bottle for around 6 months and I've still got over half of the bottle left. So it's quite an economical product and even the mini sizes should serve you well for many manicures.

        I can't fault this product so I've awarded it a full 5 dooyoo stars. If you're enthusiastic about your manicures or just looking to get longer wear out of your favourite colour then invest in a bottle of Chip Skip.

        Thanks for reading this review - I hope it has helped you in your quest for the perfect manicure!


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          27.12.2009 04:03
          Very helpful



          dont bother

          being such a fan of OPI, i thought this is a must, as often my nail varnish chips at the tips of my nails
          so .. following the instructions, i applied this to bare nails, not allowing the liquid to touch my skin.
          what i found was that this actually dryed my nails out .. so much so i had to treat them over day, and night with oil to replenish
          on doing some home work .. this product, like others often used in the application of acrylic false nails etc .. this drys the nail, removing all the natural oils so the varnish lasts longer, or like with false nails .. helps the product adhear to the nail
          even so .. i didnt find it worked at all. the nail colour certainly didnt last any longer , i just ended up with dry nails, that took an age to get back into condition.
          so if you treasure your nails .. please dont bother


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        • Product Details

          Nail lacquer chip preventor / Just one coat applied to bare natural nails prior to base coat or Nail Lacquer helps prevent chipping / Recommendation: Patented formula keeps manicures looking beautiful longer /

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