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OPI Designer Nail Varnish

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Brand: OPI / Type: Nail Varnish / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2009 12:47
      Very helpful



      This polish is absolutely wonderful and I can not wait to get the next colour, 100 out of 100.

      OPI Designer Series in Couture

      I have only been wearing coloured nail polish in the past few months, before then I was a clear nail polish girl but after I saw OPI Designer Series something came over me and I had to have one.
      Designer Series in the OPI range is more expensive than their other collections, this is because this collection in infused with real diamond dust to give the polish its sparkle.

      My nails have always been quite long and I have always took care of them so why not have coloured nail polish to my collection instead of boring clear polish? It seemed sense, but now my nail polish obsession is costing me but for a very good reason.
      OPI are one of the most popular nail care brand in the UK. OPI was founded in 1981 and has never looked back since. They we're the first nail brand to focus and limit sales and products for the beauty professionals only. They are passionate in care and product quality, what they say their products will do it will do and that is what lives up to the OPI name.
      OPI have been seen on many celebrities and endless of glossy magazines.
      That is why I choose OPI and I will for a long time to come.

      I first saw the designer series on their web site www.opi.com and I went searching the web for swatches of the colours, the one I had my eye on was a colour called Couture.
      Couture is called a shimmer rose and it really is. In swatches this colour looks amazing but in real life this colour is outstanding.

      I am happy to say I purchased this polish for £8.00 each for 15ml from Beverly Beaute http://uk.beverlybeaute.com where a lot of nail technicians go to purchase their polishes where as if you go to Lena White http://www.lenawhite.co.uk who are the official distributors for OPI charges £16.75 each for the same polish. This is a saving of £8.75.
      If you are going to purchase from eBay please make sure it is the real deal as there are a lot of fakes on there.
      As soon as it arrived from Beverly Beaute I couldn't wait to try it and I just painted a bit on my nails to see what it is like, wow it's amazing the colours are great but I didn't want to spoil it so I decided to take it off and give myself a manicure that night.

      Before you apply any nail polish you need to make sure your nails are in relatively good condition, otherwise it doesn't matter what polish you apply if your nails and surrounding skin are in a terrible state polish won't make a different and you're shortening the life of the polish on your nails.

      Here are some facts about your nails.
      Nail growth occurs between 0.5 and 1.2mm per week, toenails grow more slowly. It takes around 6 months for a nail to replace itself and 12 months for your feet.
      Your nails grow all the time but slow down as you get older.
      When you are ill your nails suffer just as your hair and skin.

      When I started my manicure I made sure all polish was removed and there was no grease on the nail bed.
      I applied a base coat to all 10 fingers and immediately after I applied my polish. The brush itself isn't like other nail polishes, which are round this brush is quite short and more flat this is great for application and to get the fan effect while painting. The fan effect helps to create a smooth, clean professional finish. Be careful when painting your nails not to touch the cuticle, simply place the brush onto the nail and push up this way you shouldn't touch the cuticle. If you do flood the cuticle gently remove polish, if it is left the cuticle can't breath and the polish doesn't look professional looking.

      This polish just seemed to glide so smoothly over my nails with little effort, start in the middle with one coat and a coat either side of the nail being careful to leave a tiny free margin at the side. It looked great with one coat but you could see a second coat would make all the difference.
      Once I had painted all 10 nails I went back with a second coat and did the exact same. Afterwards I applied my fast drying top coat and then applied a quick dry oil, which I left until it was dry. My nails are very shiny, almost looking glass/wet looking and looks very professional.

      Remember to always apply polish thinly instead of thick.
      The colours in this polish are wonderful, when its dark or your nails are in a shade the colour does look like a rose in colour, but take it into the sun or light and this is where the magic happens, because this polish is infused with real diamond dust it is sparkly in a shimmer kind of way and not at all glittery. The different colours come to life and you can see the rose colour with a hint of peach, blue, purple and silver. It is not defiantly a colour you would not have come across before nor will you again unless it is made from OPI.

      I have found this polish to last a good 7 days and more if you really take care of your hand and nails by applying a cuticle cream/oil and hand lotion every day. Especially when your hands have been out of hot water.
      It is very easy to remove and leaved no residue behind and no staining.

      In the designer series there are 19 colours in total but unfortunately Beverley Beaute don't do them all. If you find your nail polish chip and peal it can be due to a number of reasons including:-
      * Flaking nail plate
      * Grease on the nail that wasn't removed via nail polish remover
      * Basecoat wasn't used
      * Polish thinned down with to much solvent
      * Applied nail polish too thickly
      * Top coat not used


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