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OPI Nail Envy Original

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Brand: OPI / Contents: 15ml / Suitable for: Nail

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 21:22
      Very helpful
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      Strengthens and conditions.

      I have quite long nails, they are in a good condition and are quite strong. They do break and crack sometimes as most people find they break a nail when they least expect to break one and not at a time which is always the best time, like when you are going to a wedding or somewhere special. I had been watching QVC demonstrating this product for a very long time before I decided to finally buy it and give it a try. I bought it as a duo pack of this nail Envy and another OPI product, which is an oil.

      This product is designed to help weak and brittle nails. This product contains a formula which contains protein and calcium to help strengthen the nails and help to harden and not break so easily. My nails are quite strong but they do tend to break around the sides, when they do break along the edge it means they lose the shape and don't always look the best until they have grown again. I have found this product has helped my nails to not break so often and also strengthen them a lot more than other brands.

      The Envy comes inside a transparent glass bottle, the bottle is quite chunky and it has a really nice top which has quite a long handle which is really easy to hold and to get a good grip and twist the handle to open the bottle because it is quite chunky too. The wand isn't a long one considering the bottle is quite chunky, I was actually surprised how short it was when I first saw it. I thought the wand would be a long one but it still works really well and no problem at all. I think the wand looks shorter because the handle is quite chunky too but it works really well and cleverly designed in my opinion. I find the handle is really comfortable to paint my nails. The brush is really nice and has long, soft bristles. The bristles are also quite long and they brush over the nails perfectly and cover the nail area really well. The brush also does feel nice over the nails.

      The product has to be applied with 2 coats when you first use it. Then one application every other day for a week. After the week has lapsed, it can be fully removed and then repeat the same method for another complete week and so on. It has to be repeated in this way to work, if you miss a coat one day, I think it is fine to just apply a coat when you remember and then just complete the other days. It soon becomes a habit and routine.The varnish is very easy to remove with a regular nail varnish remover.

      If you want to apply a favourite coloured vanish over the top, you can apply it after the 2nd coat and then just apply another coat of the Nail Envy on top of the coloured varnish. When used with a colour, this products seals in the colour onto the nails, it helps stop it from chipping. If you just prefer to use this product as a clear varnish, it does give a really nice glossy shine to the nails. I like it used both with a colour and just as a glossy clear one too.

      This product I was very sceptical about when I first saw it and watched how it worked for nails, but when I actually tried it, I was amazed how much longer my nails actually grew and didn't break so easily. I have found when they become really long, the ends of my nails do break a just at the ends of my nails. I then just use a nail file to smooth the edges and my nails are in a nice condition again. I have long nails and they are quite strong, but this product has certainly helped strengthen them much more than any other product I have actually used so far on my nails.

      I am really impressed with this varnish, it works a treat and I am really happy and pleased with the results it has for strengthening the nails. If you have a problem growing your nails and are looking for a nail product that will help them grow faster and healthier, this one would be ideal. It isn't too expensive for the work it actually does. I would never buy a product for my nails at this price without knowing more about the product. Like I said earlier in my review I had watched it over and over again on QVC and although it can appear to work on the television advertising, it doesn't mean to say it works well but from my experience it has for my nails. My mum bought some after I had painted her nails with it, her nails are much shorter than mine and not in such a good condition and this product has helped her nails grown really nicely and she too is really pleased with the results.

      One thing I will say with this product is that you really do have to have some patience. The nails do take a good 6 weeks or so to become much stronger and the longer you use it, the better the nail condition becomes. So be really patient when you use it, the results will appear in time.

      For a 15ml bottle it cost £19.50 from www.qvc.co.uk, where you can buy both the Nail Envy and the Avoplex Oil. Well worth the price in my opinion. you can also buy it from Boots, just a single bottle and it is priced at around £19 and a much more wiser choice to buy from QVC to have 2 bottles of this brand.
      After I bought it, I did spot it on Amazon for around £10 a 1 single bottle, much cheaper but if you want to try it without the oil product, but the double pack from QVC is a good buy. Best to shop around for this one. I have seen it on Ebay too and priced at different prices.

      I love this product, it is worth every penny and excellent value for money and quality. Pleased I bought it for my nails. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to buy a product to help strengthen nails. Fabulous for weak, cracked nails. It also contains protein and calcium to help harden the nails. My nails are much stronger now and although I thought my nails were already strong, I am amazed how much stronger that actually are since using this product.

      It is available in both a glossy finish or a matte. I'm not too keen on a matte look for my nails, so I bought the glossy one.

      A good gift idea for Christmas or a birthday too.

      Also on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        15.08.2013 12:45
        Very helpful



        Tackles peeling / brittle nails, strengthening, nice clear gloss

        I love to look after my nails but hate paying salon prices, I'd rather have nice products and do them myself. Because of this, I like to experiment with products such as strengtheners etc. I had been using products from the Sally Hanson range to strengthen my nails, until I came across the Nail Envy range by OPI.

        Already a fan of OPI, I just hadn't seen this particular range of products before, all aimed at providing strong, beautiful nails. The Nail Envy range has six products within it (all varnishes), each with its own problem target areas. I have stuck to the all in one original formula which provides maximum strength, but the other varnishes include:

        For Sensitive and peeling nails;

        For soft and thin nails;

        For dry and brittle nails;

        For healthy maintenance and,

        Matte formula.

        The #1 salon brand OPI really knows its stuff and these products actually deliver what they promise. Working to strengthen nails, the nail envy varnishes also double up to provide protection from staining, which is inevitable with over using of colour. I have found my nails are not only stronger since using Nail Envy, but that they are also healthier and look healthier too.

        I went through a stage a while ago of having shellac on my nails and they were absolutely ruined afterwards. They looked awful, and I don't know why I even had them on, however with the help of various nail products (the majority of which are from OPI), including Nail Envy, my nails were soon back to looking healthy and strong.

        Nail Envy (even the original formula) prevents peeling (something I always suffered with), cracking and splitting nails and the nail will grow harder and longer with OPIs Hydrolyzed Protein and Calcium formula. Aside from working as a strengthener, it does an expert job as a base coat, and I have occasionally used it as a top coat too, however this is wasting it really and I only do this if I am without a proper top coat (The Rapidry Top Coat by OPI is one to look out for, as is the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat which dries in well under a minute). For best results you need to apply two coats of the strengthener before applying a colour (it provides a clear glossy finish so can be worn on its own for a simple healthy look).
        If budget allows, invest in the OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil which adds extra shine and nourishment to the nail, making your nails look like you've stepped straight out of a salon.

        The RRP is pricey at around £18, but I picked mine up in TK Maxx for £8, and it can also be bought on Amazon for just under £9. A must have product.


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      • Product Details

        Strength is beauty, and OPI delivers strong, beautiful nails with it's line of Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengtheners / Available in six custom formulas, developed to meet every need /

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