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OPI Nail Laquer Shatter

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Brand: OPI / Nail Laquer / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Laquer / Suitable for: Nails

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    3 Reviews
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      27.05.2013 02:18



      Good but wasn't worth the price

      I purchased the OPI Shatter in turquoise a while ago from Sephora and it was 15 euros. I don't know what I was thinking, I usually don't pay that much money for a nail polish but it just looked so eye catching I had to buy it. I was excited to try the nail polish, so I put 2 coats of white on my nails, to give it a background to stand out from. Then I applied a coat of this pretty looking shatter polish. A couple seconds after it started to work and I was curiously watching it happen since it was the first shatter polish I ever used. It was actually really cool and it looked quite great on my nails. I am happy with the looks I achieved with it. It also dried pretty fast, I had no problem with chipping but I had to put a top coat on because I was quite worried about it chipping. The only thing I absolutely hated about this nail polish was the price I payed for it. It was just so ridiculous because in a drugstore I could have just bought a random shatter nail polish and it would have done the exact same thing for 10 euros less. The colour was kind of vibrant but nothing so special that it would make me want to pay that much money over and over again to use it. It was just another random nail polish I tried and overall it was good but not satisfactory enough to purchase again, mostly because of the pricing. Plus, I had a whole another adventure with this nail polish. A month after I purchased it, I kept it with all my other nail polishes. I am not sure if it is because it's a shatter nail polish but it completely dried out after a month of staying in the draw. I was fascinated. Now it is unusable, I don't know if I should have kept it in the fridge or something but if you are going to purchase this product, I suggest you be careful with how you keep it.


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      05.11.2011 02:14
      Very helpful



      A great product for nail lovers!

      Crackle paint has become a cult favourite for nail fanatics - so is it a product which can be easily used by an everyday consumer?

      Crackle Nail Varnish has become a popular addition to many nail enthusiasts' collections. It is a top coat which once drying, painted over an underneath colour, begins to split apart and reveal the colour beneath. This means that users can vary their different nail looks with the simple addition of one product. Nail leaders, OPI, have their own version of the popular paint which they name "Shatter Paint" and tell consumers "Our shatter range creates a matte "shattered" effect when painted over your nail laquer.". So why is OPI shatter paint one of the most popular of its kind currently on the market?

      *About OPI
      The OPI brand name stands for Odontorium Products Inc and was founded in 1981 by George Schaeffer. He founded the business after taking over a dental supply company which was previously owned by his Grandfather's cousin. He first produced a high quality acrylic based nail laquer which was sold to salons on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles. The popularity has spread from these salons very quickly and caused demand to soar. It still remains a family owned business despite its global success and prides itself on producing salon quality products with worldwide distribution. OPI has been endorsed by an extensive number of celebrities including: Lady Gaga, The Muppet, Katy Perry and most recently Nicky Minaj. The OPI website excites me more than any other cosmetic website. You can try on their HUGE range of colours onto different hand models and mix and match their various products to see how they look together. It is every girl's dream and I suggest that you pay it a visit (www.opi.com).

      *What attracted me?
      I purchased this product because my friend is a nail technician and she has often used this shatter paint when giving me a manicure. I have always loved the results that the paint gives and though there are cheaper alternatives to this I am too brand loyal to use any other. My friend also swears by the OPI range and fortunately holds a Sally's card which means that we can purchase beauty products at a discounted rate. This particular shatter paint was available on promotion and meant that we paid only £5 for a bottle - a considerable reduction on its RRP.

      The RRP of a 15ml bottle of shatter paint is £10.50. It is available in many different beauty salons and department stores - with John Lewis charging £10.50 the black/red/blue/ variety. As I previously mentioned it is also available at Sallys for £10.50 but you can benefit from discounts with a trade card. It is available from ASOS.com (black/silver) for £10.50 - I have also spotted that the navy shatter paint is only £6.95 so that is quite a bargain! There are various different companies offering the paint much cheaper online but I always think you should air on the side of caution as these are often fake products which are much less effective than the original product.

      One thing that I love about this product is the cute bottle that it comes in. The bottle is slim at the top with a paint effect on the silver stem which demonstrates the results that the product gives. The bottle is large and rounded at the bottle with the OPI label at the front. The bottle looks really sleek and stands out well amongst other nail products - whilst having a shape that is in keeping with the whole OPI range. The stem allows for a comfortable grip which is key when trying to keep a steady hand for applying the polish. As the brush is relatively thick this means that fewer strokes are needed for application - which lengthens your nails and is especially important for shatter paint. The lightweight feel of the brush means that you won't over exhort pressure on the nails and you will be able to glide along - ensuring even application.

      I first purchased the product when shatter paint wasn't so universally available and therefore OPI only had one shade (black). However they now boast a wide range of colours which I love - including a limited edition shatter paint specially for the Nicky Minaj range which I am highly excited about! The colours currently on offer are:

      ~ Turquoise
      ~ Navy
      ~ Silver
      ~ Blue
      ~ Red
      ~ White
      ~ Black
      ~ Gold
      ~ Pink

      The wide range of colours mean that you can make on-trend colour matches which will compliment whatever you wear. I am definitely a fan!

      The paint itself is quite thick (which is to enhance the effect) and it means that it can look quite daunting or low quality to begin with. However this is simply so that you only need one layer that will shatter - two layers will mean that the effect is ruined and you will just have a thick layer on top of your original colour. I do find that sometimes the paint can dry out because of the air and therefore the brush becomes rather clumpy and hard. When this happens I simply give the brush a wipe with nail polish remover. If I have had the bottle over 3 months it sometimes starts to dry out and congeal inside but you can combat this by simply pouring a small amount of nail polish remover into the bottle and shaking.

      Using the paint does take some getting used to as it is quite a pernickety process which requires good judgement and plenty of practise. It is like everything - the application is a skill and once you work it out you can use the product with ease. You need to get the amount of polish right:

      ~ If you apply too little: you will have a broken up look which simply looks like you have been wearing the polish too long and it is beginning to chip
      ~ If you apply too much: the paint does not shatter and instead looks as though you have quickly attempted to paint another colour over your nails which is slightly messy.
      ~ If you apply the paint in an even layer: then you will have the perfect shatter which will make nails looks patterned evenly and gives an ideal crackled effect.

      You should apply the paint over two coats of a contradictory colour which are completely dry. This means that I will usually leave my original colour for at least an hour before I apply the shatter paint. The shatter paint will initially cover this original colour and then within a minute you will see a complete transformation before your eyes. The paint will begin to split and reveal the colour below in an even fashion. The paint doesn't take long to dry - probably a maximum of five minutes. In order to achieve a high glossy finish which will last longer I then apply a clear top coat.

      The nail paint looks great and gives texture to your nails. I find that the paint will last at least 3 days without any signs of wear and the great thing is that even once the nails do begin to chip this doesn't look quite so noticeable as it is in keeping with the design of the nails. I do find that without a top coat this can mean that your nails are more easily chipped; however I would say that this is the same with most nail polishes.

      This is a great addition to your nail range and one that I will always use. I think that it is great that you can quickly add a twist to otherwise plain nails which, with some practice, is so easy to do. The wide range of colours mean that there are many needs which are catered for and you can add variety to all of your nail colours. It is a breath of fresh air for nail addicts. A great tip is to use a glittery colour underneath as it looks great contrasted against the matte shatter paint. OPI have done it again!

      Love Colleen


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        25.08.2011 19:21
        Very helpful



        Just wear chipped nail varnish and avoid this!

        I have a Capital Hair and Beauty trade card, so OPI isn't too expensive for me, (sorry I can't say prices - terms of the card!) therefore, it doesn't break the bank to try out new colours/ranges of OPI. After all this commotion about crackle nail polish I decided to try it out. I bought the royal blue one, simply called "Blue Shatter."

        The whole point of this nail varnish is to put it over another colour that is already on your nails. The crackle polish is matt but to make it gloss, simply apply a top coat over Shatter. OPI are the leading brand in nail lacquers, so you know you are getting good quality with them. However...this is not the case with Shatter. They have completely failed to deliver their usually high standards! The bottle is the same as every other OPI nail varnish, with a cheap plastic tag on it and a shatter effect lid. This disappointed me, they could have a least made it a bit different. After all, the polish itself is different! Now, I don't know if all shatter/crackle polishes are this rubbish, but this review goes for OPI.

        I was eager to try this as soon as I bought it, so, at a pub lunch I painted my friends nails. The consistency is interesting; it's like normal nail polish, with added water. I'm not saying it's watery, I'm saying it looks like there is water in it - almost like when oil separates in water. This may be how the shatter effect is achieved on contact with the nail plate, but it's rather hard to work with! I apply the nail varnish in the normal way, however it doesn't shatter. When I say "the normal way", I mean the way I was trained as a nail technician, two thin coats, not one thick one (otherwise lacquers will peel.) So, with the thin layer, nothing happens. At all. So, I apply another layer to the same nail and now it just looks like normal nail polish, just matt. It hasn't cracked at all.

        So thin layers don't work. On the next nail I paint it on thick (the way I used to before becoming a nail tech). It finally cracks - one big crack down the middle and that's it. My friend had bare nails, so now I understand why they tell you to put on top of other colour, because it looks lazy and messy without it. In all honesty, it looks like badly applied, old, chipped nail varnish. Not the quality I'm used to with OPI. Retail price for this lacquer is £10-12 which if I paid full price for, I'd feel VERY cheated. However, in all fairness OPI do recommended you have another colour underneath. So a few days later I trailed it on myself, with red underneath.

        And I'm still not impressed! Yes it looks bright and bold, but looks like I let a child apply it and chip it carelessly off. It doesn't crackle like it shows on the lid; it just looks chipped - if that! I honestly don't see the appeal in these varnishes; no one thinks chipped varnish looks good. So why does this?


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