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Oriflame Giordani Gold Festive Bronzing Pearls

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Brand: Oriflame / Type: Bronzing

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2013 19:31
      Very helpful



      putting on my festive face

      ~Festive Bronzing Pearls~

      These Festive Bronzing Pearls are part of the Giordani Gold range available from Oriflame.

      These bronzing pearls are slightly smaller than the regular bronzing pearls offered by Oriflame. The pearls are designed to be used on your cheekbones and decolletage to create an 'intensified glow'. Oriflame claim that these pearls will leave your skin with a silky finish.


      These bronzing pearls are presented in a stylish gold compact. Inside, there is a round mirror, a sponge applicator and a substantial amount of coloured pearls. The compact can be recycled once empty. The compact is also presented in a golden coloured box. I personally like the design of the compact. Not only does it look good but it feels sturdy and secure. I have had no issues with the flip lid dislodging in my handbag.

      ~Where To Buy~

      Each compact contains 25g of face pearls and can be bought from an Oriflame rep or from www.oriflame4me.co.uk. The current selling price is £9.95.

      ~My Thoughts~

      When it comes to my face, I mainly use make-up on my eyes. I am not keen on heavy make-up on my face but occasionally use a face powder. I do, however, like to apply some form of blusher or highlighter to my cheeks. I favour face pearls and own a few different brands of face pearls. I have been using a lot of Oriflame products recently and these Festive Bronzing Pearls have proven to be a worthwhile purchase for me. At £9.95, they aren't extortionate either.

      I don't like really dark bronzers as I have quite a light skin tone but these bronzing pearls seem to be the perfect shade for those with slightly paler skin in my opinion. The little sponge applicator provided is soft and durable. I do wish there was a seperate compartment for it within the compact but given how slimline it is compared to my usual Avon face pearls, this isn't practical so the applicator sits directly on top of the pearls. The mirror is a good size and fit for purpose. There are lots of little pearls inside the compact and they appear to be of a high quality.

      I have applied these bronzing pearls with the sponge applicator and also with my own brush. I do find the included sponge to be easy to use and it does apply the product evenly without feeling scratchy against my sensitive skin. I do prefer to use my own blusher brush to apply it though but this down to personal choice. I tend to do this with all my face pearls. The bronzing pearls are a mix of golden brown and a lighter beige sort of shade. I like this arrangement as I find that if the pearls are all the one shade (and normally quite dark when it comes to bronzers), then the colour can be a little too heavy on my skin.

      Applying this bronzer is so easy. I have dry skin so ensure my skin is moisturised beforehand and I either apply some fine powder all over my face or simply apply this bronzer directly on to bare skin. The sponge applicator should be lightly rubbed over the surface of the face pearls to encourage some of the colour to transfer on to it. This is so easy and quick to do as the face pearls give off a light, powdery substance very easily. One or two sweeps across my cheekbones is perfect for my paler skin tone. The colour can be built up on skin very easily and the powder feels incredibly light on my skin. I haven't experienced any irritation from using this product. I have also used this to highlight my neck and shoulder area - it is so versatile.

      I love how my skin looks after applying this bronzer. It is marketed as being a festive bronzer and I do feel that it is perfect using during the colder months as one may prefer to use a deeper bronzer through the Summer to give a more tanned appearance. A light coating of this bronzer across my skin is ideal for day to day use. I have applied extra if going on a night out and find that it is so easy to build it up to achieve the desired strength of colour without it looking silly on my skin. It blends into my skin and highlights it well. My cheeks and other areas of skin are left with a warm, light golden glow which looks good and suits my skin tone. There is a very slight shimmer to the colour which is mainly evident if the light catches the colour at a specific angle. It isn't glittery or cheap looking.

      These bronzing pearls leave my skin soft to the touch and the colour looks good in my opinion. I love how they simply give my cheeks a bit of colour and stop my skin from looking as pale. At the same time, I love how the colour isn't so strong that it makes me look like I have applied lots of heavy bronzer. The intensity of the colour is noticeable on my skin but in natural way. I don't really feel the need to apply a base powder beforehand as I am happy to wear this on its own as it covers up imperfections on my skin. I have been impressed by this bronzers longevity. It remains noticeable on my skin nearly all day and any remains are easily removed with some cleanser or a cosmetic wipe.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      I cannot personally fault these bronzing pearls. They give me the desired look and are easy to apply as well as being longlasting on my skin. They give my cheeks a warm, golden glow and also highlight my neck and shoulders well. I am happy to use them for general day to day use and also if I am going out on a night out. I consider them ideal for giving my skin a lovely glow through the festive season. Each pearl within the compact seems to hold a lot of powder. I have used these bronzing pearls on numerous occasions and the results have been equally as impressive with each use. I can't see them running out any time soon and I would happily purchase another compact when the time comes to replace them. They are worth the cost and come highly recommended by myself.

      Thanks for reading :)


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