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Oriflame Maxi Lash 3D Mascara

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Brand: Oriflame / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2013 19:40
      Very helpful



      Not one I will buy again

      I love mascaras and can't help myself when I find a new one to try out. While browsing through the oriflame catalogue I came across this 3D maxi lash mascara which promised 16x more volume I couldn't help myself. It is a reasonable price at £5.95 and I think I purchased mine on offer for around £3.The mascara comes is a simple 8 ml tube with the typical wand stuck to the inside of the lid. The mascara is a nice size so it can be held easily in your hand while applying it and the packaging is simple yet durable. It is only available in the one shade of black which is usually a little too dark for eyes.

      The thing that is different about this mascara is the applicator end. On opening the lid I found that it was actually a comb type applicator rather than a brush. The small comb looks very strange on first appearances and the small teeth of the comb look like they will have no effect what so ever on your lashes. Also as the whole applicator head is so tiny it looks like it will take you forever to coat all of your lashes rather than a quick application. I was a little doubtful that this mascara would be any good but as I had already brought it of course I gave it a go. On the top of the comp the spaces between the teeth are slightly bigger to use on your top lashes, and on the bottom of the comb they are slightly smaller so this side can be used on your bottom lashes.

      In use

      Upon opening the lid of the mascara and noticing the different applicator the second thing that jumped out was how thin the mascara consistency looked. It seems to be piled on the comb, and even with trying to scrape some away against the sides as you pull the mascara out of the tube there always seems to be too much left on the comb Then when you try to apply it to your lashes it sits wet for a minute or two you have to be careful not to smudge it by blinking. I was surprised that the comb did separate lashes rather well. They fall between the teeth so they are both pulled upwards and apart at the same time. I just find it very difficult to use. As it is so small it is great for getting to corner lashes as is the smaller comb for the bottom lashes. You have to hold it at a certain angle for it to actually work well otherwise it has no effect at all. Also as you have to run across your eye lashes a few times for any results it can be rather time consuming.

      It claims to boost volume which I find it does. My lashes look both longer and fully after using the mascara and there is definitely a notable difference. The problem is that no matter what this mascara looks like I have piled it on and it begins to crack through the day. It feels very heavy on my eyes and I can notice it sitting there all day until I remove it at night time. From a distance my eyelashes do look fuller and you can see a difference, but on closer inspections it looks lumpy and dry on my lashes. The staying power of this mascara is OK. It does last all day and when it comes to removing my make up in the evening it is still visible. The thing is through the day it flakes and falls beneath your eyes so you have to neaten your eyes up. It looks very warn and as it cracks I find it looks uneven and messy after just a few hours.

      You cannot build this mascara up at all. I find I can only add one coat of the mascara to my lashes as the results are rather clumpy anyway. If you were to try and freshen it up through the day with another coat you would just end up with spider leg eyelashes. The consistency is runny, yet sticky which really do not go well with delicate eye lashes. This mascara is waterproof but this is no good if it cracks and falls under your eyes anyway. It also makes it difficult when you come to remove the mascara, and I find I really need to rub at my lashes to remove the entire product with a makeup wipe. My eyes are very sensitive so after I wear and remove this mascara I usually end up with red blotches which is not a great look at all. This is the main reason why I no longer use this mascara.


      Unfortunately I found this mascara to be useless for me. It is very difficult to apply because of the smaller applicator brush and it being a comb rather than a brush. The consistency makes it difficult to apply without smudging, looks like you have piled it on with just one stroke across the lashes and I found it really difficult to remove. It does provide volume to your lashes but it also has a huge amount of problems that go with it. At £5.95 it is worth a try if you like comb applicators but I will not be purchasing it again. As it is Oriflame mascara it will need to be ordered online or through a representative.


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